The Cowboy Ch. 03


I raced toward my house so that I could get my thoughts out about the day in my journal. While I was online, I decided to leave a message for him through the online messenger.

> I must say that today was an absolute blast, and I have not been kissed like that in a LONG time. You made it very hard for me to decide to leave! Anyway…call me when you get home so I know you’re safe, and I look forward to doing it again sometime! 😉

I shut down the computer and took off my over shirt. The lack of a bath and the afternoon’s energetic proceedings left me feeling sticky and dirty. I ran the hottest water I could stand and pulled my hair back. Pouring a little lavender bath salt in the tub and swirling it around, I reached around my waist to pull up my shirt when my cell phone beeped with a voicemail message. I was puzzled, since the phone had not rung. I smoothed my shirt back down and ran to grab my phone. Checking my messages, I was greeted by Mike’s sultry, husky voice.

“Hey, it’s Mike. Sorry my phone shows up as private…it’s a company phone. I was just calling to let you know that I’m almost home. Should be there in about 20 minutes. That’s it. I just wanted to say that I had a REALLY good time, and DAMN you’re a good kisser. Alright, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

I broke into another face-splitting smile, and quickly dialed him back.


“Hey Mike, it’s me. I just got your message. I don’t know why, but my phone never even rang. That’s really odd,” I told him.

“Oh, it’s ok. What are you doing?”

“Well, I was just about to take a bath, and to be honest, I’m grinning ear to ear about your message. You know, you’re not a bad kisser yourself, my dear!” I rambled.

“Oooooooooh….a bath…..ya naked yet?” he asked me, laughing wickedly.

“Not yet, but I can be,” I teased. “Hold on a sec.” I set the phone down carefully and pulled off my clothing one article at a time. I made sure to drop each piece on or near the phone just to torment him. Picking up the phone again, I asked him if he was satisfied. He assured me he was, and sighed heavily into the mouthpiece of his phone. I asked him if anything was wrong, and he convinced me that he was only dreaming of what it might be like to see my body, if not bathe it himself. I told him he was a dirty man and laughed heartily.

He was stuck in traffic, so I told him he’d better get both hands back on the wheel. But before I let him go, we both felt the need to mention again how electric the kiss had been. He told me he’d never been that turned on before in his life by simply kissing, and praised me for my oral talent. Smiling, I again told him that it takes two to make a kiss spectacular, and I was impressed. I also let him know about my personal rule about not kissing the men I had been with outside my marriage. He was shocked, and told me how honored he was that I had allowed him to kiss me.

I hung up smiling yet again, and stepped into the tub. The water had cooled slightly, but it was the perfect temperature. I slid down, letting my hair fall into the water, and leaning my head against my bath pillow. I breathed in the fragrant air inside the bathroom and finally began to relax. I was amazed that one man could have me as tense as I was in such a short amount of time. My husband was the only other man that had ever been able to do that to me.

I bathed myself slowly, indulging in the scents and sensations. When I had finished, I wrapped myself in my softest towel. Grabbing the laptop from my desk, I laid gorukle escort down on the couch and covered myself with my chenille blanket. I allowed myself to dry slowly and warm up with the aid of heater I had recently turned up. Soon, I was so comfortable and relaxed that I drifted off to sleep. My nap was short lived, however. I left the television on and it woke me up. I watched a movie I had never seen before…The Graduate. The sexual tension of the day immediately hit me with the force of a wall of water, picking me up and carrying me away with the undertow. I spoke to a friend of mine online for awhile, to get perspective on the movie and to calm myself. It worked well until the movie ended and my friend signed off to go to sleep. Then I was left alone with my thoughts once more.

I moved the computer to the coffee table and lightly ran my fingertips over my warm flesh, creating goose bumps everywhere. I knew that I couldn’t get any sleep while I was still so worked up, so I started to work my magic with my own talented fingers. Suddenly, I was distracted by the familiar message sound coming from my computer. I glanced at the computer screen and saw that it was my husband. This is great, I thought to myself. Now I had my chance to tell him about what had happened. He always got so excited when I told him about my dates. I told him that I had allowed Mike to kiss me and that his kiss had turned me on incredibly. My husband laughed at me, saying that he’d never quite understood why I could give my body away for another man’s pleasure and not kiss him. He must have heard how excited I was by the way I was talking, and suggested that perhaps I should go out with Mike again. I assured my husband that I was prepared to stick by my promise and not sleep with another man until after he returned home, but he insisted that I should go out and have one last round of fun. With his blessings, I could hardly contain my excitement. He had to leave to go back to work, and I was immediately dialing Mike’s cell phone. We made small talk for a couple minutes. I think he was a little surprised to hear from me. I had just finished writing a quick entry about my husband’s green light.

We talked about his job for awhile, how much fun we’d had together, and how much we’d like to get together again. This inevitably led the conversation back to the kiss, and how much each of us was dying to see if the other was as good in the bedroom as the kiss led us each to believe. I told him that I had written a diary entry about him and how turned on he had made me. I laughed mischievously and told him that I was about to make his patrol that much more difficult. I heard him draw a breath sharply and let out a painful sounding moan. He told me to stop doing that to him, because it was hard to adjust while he was in uniform, sitting in his car, with a large belt impeding the natural angle of things. He groaned pitiably as I told him that I hadn’t bothered to dress after my bath. It sounded as if he were being tortured when I let him know that I had been caressing myself and imagining that my hands were his earlier in the evening.

His curiosity got the better of him though, and soon that dirty cowboy was peeking through his careful professional demeanor. As his interest grew, he asked me if I had been using just my hands or if I had any toys . I told him about my large pink vibrator, and that I could really tease him if he were up for it. He sighed heavily again and told me I was killing him, which just made me smile that much more. altıparmak eskort bayan I pulled out a small bottle of mint flavored lubricant and squeezed a few drops onto my toy. I jumped as I teased myself with it and the contrasting cooling sensation of the lube against my hot skin shocked me. My stunned whimper of pleasure was echoed by his grunt of agony. I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes and have that sexy cowboy in my room watching as I performed for him.

“God, you’re so sexy…” he drawled into the phone. “There are so many things I could do to you if I were there right now…”

“Like what?”

“I’d love to see that sexy ass, maybe suck on your nipples, play with your pussy…”

“That sounds wonderful darlin’. Keep talking to me…I like it when you talk that way,” I whispered to him.

“Well, I’m not really good at phone sex…haven’t really done it before,” he said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about it sweetheart. I just want to hear your voice while I play. Maybe you can convince me to come see you at work some time soon!”

“Mmmm….I love how your voice is getting deep and scratchy. What are you doing?” he asked me.

“Well, I put a little mint lube on my little friend here, and I’m teasing myself with it. It makes this wonderful cooling sensation when it touches hot skin….ooooohh….” I moaned.

“God I wish I could taste you right now, feel your skin and touch you all over. I had to pull over so I could listen to you and not get in an accident,” he said, sounding slightly strained. I told him to sit back and listen to me, and help me get off with his voice and his suggestions.

I balanced the phone next to my ear on the pillow so I could still hear him. I had only been teasing myself with the toy up to that point, but with him listening, I slowly pushed it inside me. I almost screamed with the pleasure. Having been wound so tightly throughout the course of the day, I felt as if I were finally allowed to taste bliss. I could hear him trying to contain his excitement and frustration. His moans were all that I needed to encourage me. I moved my hands faster, feeling the delicious friction forcing my pleasure to build up inside my fiery, overheated core. The combination of hot and cold was driving me wild, as were the noises he was trying to cover in an attempt to hear me better. Faster…harder….deeper…I was choking on ragged, shallow breaths as my entire body responded to the urgent need for release. The bed shook, my breasts shuddered with the unseen tremors that wracked my body, muscles knotted, throat strained, crying out, and then the explosion…. My back arched so severely that it came up off the bed as I screamed, all my muscles tensing and releasing, tensing and releasing as my climax ripped through me. I could hear him still, stifling his own cries in order to hear mine. I laid back on my pillow, dripping sweat and completely drained of energy.

“Wow!” came the breathless response from the other end of the line. “That was amazing…”

I laughed almost hysterically at his simple, honest response.

“God, I wish I could see you right now,” he complained.

“All you have to do is ask me to get on the web cam,” I teased.

“I thought you didn’t show yourself on cam…” he retorted.

“I don’t show myself to strangers. They could better spend their time making plans to see my goods in person than begging to see it all on camera,” I stated irritably.

“I know. I remember nilüfer eskort bayan reading that on your profile. I’m technically still a stranger though. You didn’t show me your goodies today in person, so why should I expect you to show yourself on cam when you told me you hate being asked to see tits?” he taunted. All the while, I could hear that he had finally left whatever place he had parked for the duration of my performance and was revving that poor car’s engine as high as it could possibly go.

“You driving now? Where are you going?” I asked him.

“You offered to show me tits on camera. I’m going to get on the computer! I’ll be there in just a few minutes…” he laughed.

I pulled on some sleeping pants and a tank top and wandered lazily into the kitchen to turn on the computer. I listened quietly as he drove, cursing Dallas drivers not so inaudibly under his breath. Chuckling to myself, I signed into messenger and sent him a note.

> I’m invisible.

A moment later, he responded.

>>Hey sexy lady.

We chatted on the phone as he watched me on my camera. For once, it was my turn to let that sly Cheshire grin steal across my face.

>>Hey, show me your tits baby!

I could hear him laughing on the phone as he watched me smile and slowly arch one eyebrow. I stood up and quickly ripped off the tank top, centering my still flushed chest in the camera’s view. He then requested to see the toy he’d heard bring me so much pleasure. I turned around and laughed, and shocked him by sliding my pants off and stepping out of them as I walked to my bedroom to bring back the toy. When I sat down in my chair again, I was amused to read his message.

>>Holy shit! You’re naked!

I shut him up by sliding the toy between my lips and licking it while looking into the camera at him. His moan was very loud and strained.

>>Damn, I wish that was my cock and not a toy! You’ve got me so horny it isn’t even funny.

> Are you as talented with that tongue on nipples?

>>OH yeah. God, you look sooooooo sexy.

> Hehehe…I love hearing you say that.

>>Well, I love saying that. God, you look so sexy! You have a beautiful smile…and seductive eyes.

> And you have the fucking hottest lips I have ever kissed!

>>Why thank you 😉 Right back at ya. You’re such a tease.

> Remember this: I am a tease. But I deliver.

>>Wow…naked. You are so sexy!

> So are you!

>>Well, I’m also hard. And a hard man is good to find. Lol!

> Hehehe!

>>I thought you’d like that one.

> Looks like I found one. Errrrr….you found me anyway.

I showed him my blue rose tattoo again, forgetting he’d seen it earlier in the day.

>>I saw that one already 😛 And you don’t know how hard it was for me to not start kissing your neck this afternoon.

I moaned again, and smiled devilishly. I told him through the phone that I definitely thought a visit to his place of business was in order. We made plans for me to drop in on him that same night. He asked me to read him what I had written about him in my journal. He chuckled when he heard the amusement and arousal in my voice as I read my thoughts aloud. I clicked on “NEXT”, forgetting that I had written an entry about my husband’s green light. I said green light and laughed, and then figured I would surprise him with that fact the next night.

>>You look tired.

> I am tired. I should probably get some sleep now.

He made a kissy face through the messenger and bid me goodnight. I hung up with him and walked back to my room, turning off all the lights as I walked. I didn’t bother to dress again as I slipped under the covers completely nude. I thought to myself how memorable this encounter was proving to be and smiled a wicked smile as I drowsily drifted off to sleep.