Happy Anniversary!



Hey! Is that a black guy in my bedroom?

My wife has a fantasy… she shared it with me.

I guess I could have never asked you…we have been married 19 years and I hadn’t asked you before now.

You could have denied yourself and said: ” No I don’t I am happy I really don’t have any fantasies. “…but you didn’t and told me.

When I asked you if you had a fantasy and you said that you had a dream of two men in bed with you.

What kind of guy would you like and you said ethnic…and I said like Greek, Spaniard, or Italian? You said black. It must have been a little leap of faith that I wouldn’t feel threaten by hearing that. You are a big girl and you know what you like, I am happy you shared it with me.

In the adult entertainment business three way scenes are popular and mostly feature two women and one man. That is a nice scene and erotic, but I enjoy the three ways with two men and one woman with the woman has the center of attention. If you would have asked me my idea of a third partner I would lean toward Spaniard or Italian probably because that is what I look like. In MMF 3 way the men would have to be comfortable around each other in a sexual scene. I think I can do OK with that considering some of my kinks.

Powerful black men create a strong erotic presence in adult movies with white woman. They are tall and fit and usually are cast for the size and strength of their cock. It is a powerful visual impression the length and girth. The way it swings in front of the man and creates a strong phallic sense. Some women are drawn to it as cock worship, and they want to kneel in front of it and take it in their mouths. Some are drawn probably to the idea that is too big for them, struggling to fit the cock head inside their tiny white pussy, but none the less they are drawn to it.

I think you probably would like both ideas… Two men and the attentions you would receive in all the openings of your body. Me licking and nibbling your pussy and clit while the big black man fills your mouth with stiff black cock. I could lick and suck on your clit tip like you enjoy while you lick around the big black helmet on the end of that long stiff prick. You could suck both cocks at the same time and get the feeling of being used like a sexy little white slut, alternating between black dick and brown dick.

Would you suck on the black cock while your husband rims your ass?… I think you would like that too. I enjoy licking and sticking my Ataşehir escort bayan tongue up inside you as far as I can reach and hearing you moan with a mouth full of dark man meat would make it exciting for me too. Sometimes you take a finger or two up inside your asshole when I lick it, would you like to have a black cock inside your pussy hole and me sticking my cock slowly inside your ass?… A double penetration… switching off in and out like pistons in a car engine… I think you might like that too.

In this fantasy I think about your black lover man dumping a big load of cock cum inside your lovely pussy hole. A big cream pie made by another man… I would like to clean it up for you. I would enjoy you forcing me to lick your cunt clean of all that messy cock cum from your big black lover. Thick, creamy, and salty like mine, but much more in volume… Just gushing out of your open engorged pussy hole. So much volume that I can only keep up with some of it coming out of you and the rest dribbles around my mouth and down my chin.

You say to me:

” My little cream pie eater are you happy now?… mouth full of cock cum from another man?”

You rock back in forth and loosen the load so it flows out of you.

“Clean me up really good for some more fucking and sucking time with our new black friend”

“Lick it all out of the inside of me and clean up around my pussy lips too”

… as you grind your hips down and force your cunt over my entire mouth. I can hardly breathe and smell through my nose pussy juice and cock cum together.

In the process of cleaning up your little white pussy hole you begin to get aroused again… you want more sex, more attention.

“Mhhh… the way you are licking my cunt and clean out my cream pie is making me horny for black dick again… I am looking at and stroking this big black cock while you lick me clean. “

“Look at me stroke this thick cock… I can barely get my hand around the base…I want it back inside me while you watch him stretch me open with this thing”

The black man in the three way is beginning to get aroused again too, but not fast enough to satisfy you. Would you make me get him hard for you?… Would you make me take black cock in my mouth and prepare him for your cunt?

“Suck that dick and get it up for my hot cunt I need more big black dick!”

You tell me to: “Lick the pisshole like you tell me to do for you…lick up and down that long black shaft”

“That Escort Ataşehir is it lick around the dick head and slowly take more in your mouth you cock slut…my husband is a good little cock slut for me… yes?”

My mouth is full and I can only mumble my agreement: “Mhhhh…yes”

I take him slowly into my mouth … as deep as I can… he is bigger than me and the thick shaft starts to gag me a little.

The black man is engorged again and ready to mount you…he gets behind you and lies back so I can see a front view of black cock sliding inside your stretched pussy. You have a slight grimace on your face as you try to slide down on that thick monster. You are biting your lower lip while you try to accommodate him, but I think I see a little bit of a smile in it too. You finally wiggle down onto the last 3-4 inches and let out a …ahhhh…and utter the words:

“Gawd!… yes it feels good”

You lie back on him and I am looking at your clit and outer pussy lips stretch around his big black cock and I can see the bottom of his thick veined cock and heavy long hanging balls.

You call for me…

” Get up here, between our legs and lick my clit and keep my pussy wet…this big black stud is stretching me open and I need you to keep my pussy juices going. “

” Look and lick my clit. see how big it is when I am excited from black dick…lick it for me… lick my little clit cock for Mommy”

I crawl up between your legs and feel the strength in the black mans legs and see his cock slide inside your pussy like a big steel shaft… glistening from your cunt juices. I start to lick your clit, sucking on it like a little cock, just the way you like and you moan in approval. The tip of my tongue touches the bottom of that thick shaft as it slides in and out. I start to explore the cock shaft and your clit at the same time both of you enjoy my attentions. He shaves his balls like I do for you and the feeling of those balls banging against me as I struggle to satisfy both of you is a new sensation. I enjoy the smell of pussy and cock together and lose track of time until I hear both of you starting to come together.

You say:

” Lick us harder we are starting to come… lick my clit and let me cream all over this fucking thick black cock!”…you like the taste of cock in my pussy don’t you?… don’t lie to me”

“Lick us both you little cock and pussy slut!!…you like the taste of cock in my pussy don’t Ataşehir Rus Escort you?… don’t lie to me”

“Look how this black cock is filling me up with dick…lick us both until we cream!”

“Lick my pussy make me come!!”

“Oh fuck lick my pussy make come all over this big dick inside!”

“Yes… yes… just like that yes… mhhh… yes keep going…mhhhh!!”

You come first and hard, so very hard I think you might pass out from the feelings, but you are still horny too from this group fuck and you have one more erotic twist to relish on your husband for this little three way. You have come but the big black dick inside you is still pumping away… he is close and lets you know and at the very last second while I still lick clit and cock you force his fully engorged cock head into my mouth. It surprises me and I am not ready for it, but take it and can hear your giggles of lusty joy in my ears just has he erupts in my mouth. It feels like buckets of come and I cannot pull away you hold my head in place. I can swallow most of it and the rest dribbles down my chin. I can feel him slowly very slowly go soft in my mouth and I linger on the sensation of just have you, my wife, make me take a hot black load in my mouth.

You say:

“Suck it all… take it all in your mouth …you like it like that don’t you?”

“Mhhh…so very big…so much come”

I feel like I am going to gag on it.

“You look so very slutty to me now… with that black cock in your mouth come creaming out the sides. “

” Now you know what it feels like to take a big load!”… you look like the Cheshire cat while I clean myself up.

Both of you slump and relax in contentment and I still have a hard on needing release. You call for me to bring it toward you mouth.

” Your three way idea made me so happy… let me finish that stiff prick off in my mouth so we all can relax”

After the things I have seen and things I have done today it doesn’t take long for me to shoot a full load into your tender mouth. You take it all and look straight into my eyes and I can see the pure contentment in you, you are satisfied with this sexual adventure.

As we often do we both slip into a content little nap and our black friend dresses and kiss you softly on the forehead as you sleep. I look up at him and mouth the words thank you for both of us and slip into that lovely post sex sleep with my lovely wife, you.

Thanks for sharing one of your fantasies with me.

Hopefully the DVD and toys will help you live it out a bit and I would love to be included to fulfill it with you.

Sometime in the future I might say again: “Hey! Is that a black guy in my bedroom?”

And you might be able to say: ” yes and he looks happy to see us!”