Chemical Romance


This is my first story, and I’m happy to have it done. It was simply a passion project for me and I wanted to share it if I could. Some elements were influenced by another writer on this site, Dongstar. If you enjoy this in any way, check out his work.


“Oh crap I’m going to be late!” Cathryn muttered in a quiet yell. Gathering her belongings in her purse and grabbing the keys to her car, she bounded out the door and piled into her sedan.

—-Even in a world where futas exist, albeit rare, Cathryn stood out like a sore thumb….or like another protruding body part. Most futas were well endowed, certainly beating the average male in size. Cathryn was a unique case though, with her well-endowed genitalia having unusual properties. Mainly it was the proportion of her member and posterior to how recent her last “release” was. While satiated it hung about two-thirds the way to her knee, but it grew much larger the longer between releases. Another distinct feature of her genitalia was that she did not have any testicles, however, the amount of juices she stored up was proportionate to the size of her already supple bottom. She didn’t experience any pain from sitting down, it was quite the opposite. When aroused, sitting could, unfortunately, stimulate her more, or be the cause of the arousal in the first place. And while difficult to manage, she found ways to make due. Today, however, she did not feel so lucky.—-

Both the day before and the day before that she had not relieved any pressure at all. On Saturday she wanted to see how it would feel to go a day without masturbating and then go all out Sunday. However, Sunday she had a prior engagement with her family she had forgotten about. She was in shock when she saw a post online from one of her family members Sunday morning and barely had enough time to get ready. When she returned home afterward she was incredibly tired, as it took up most of the rest of her day. Needing rest for work tomorrow she decided she would try to just manage her member until she got home the next day.

Now it was Monday. Now she was driving to work. Now her bulging cock was threatening the integrity of strength in her pants.

Luckily using a trick she discovered that worked for her, using ice to make her cold, she subsided her massive morning wood and hoped she would be able to make it through the day safely. She arrived at the chemical distribution plant she had started working only three months prior, took a deep breath, and began to face her day.

Cathryn rushed in hoping she wasn’t late. Coming up to the main reception area, she looked at the clock as she knew she had to rush in and couldn’t stop to find her phone in her purse. Luckily she had eight minutes before she was supposed to clock in. With a sigh of relief, she found at least one thing that made her day easier. Cassidy, the secretary that normally works in the front of the building, is quite the busty woman and consistently wears blouses and shirts that show off her chest all too well. Cathryn, instead, found a male intern sitting in her place. She recognized him as the new intern for the summer that had been hired somewhat soon after she began working there.

“Oh hello darling, how are you?” he asked her.

“Hello there, I’m doing fine, had a bit of a… hectic last couple days, but managing. Where’s Cassidy gone off to?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard? Poor thing, she got in a car accident over the weekend and broke her left arm. She’s taking time off until she’s better.”

“That’s horrible! I hope we can do something for her.”

He mentioned, “Yea I was thinking some people from work could pitch in and get her some flowers or something.”

“That would be a great idea, keep me updated on that!”

As she walked away, with the intern calling out “I will, just don’t you go breaking anything too!”

For a second this made her worry about breaking the material in her pants, but she felt mostly confident after the day had started off easily.

Although small amounts, she had some files for ordering some supplies she needed to fill out. As she sat down at a desk, the woman in the desk in front of her began to talk to her about the receptionist.

“Hey Cathryn, did you hear about Cassidy?”

“Oh yea Alexa, I hope she’s doing alright. I talked to the intern filling in for her, he said we should all get flowers for her.”

“That sounds great! Let me know when we get that together. Ugh but for now I have to fill out all these forms. It’s so long and hard…”

Although there was no lust or teasing in her tone, Cathryn couldn’t help but take notice and glance down at her trouser snake at the utterance of “long and hard”. This snake that she feared might attempt to escape the cage that was her pants.

Hearing Alexa complain about her work (and finding a chance to go flirt with the cute coworker), one of the accountants, Audrey, passing by poked in attempt to help her (and in addition, herself.)

“Hey Alex! You got some paperwork that’s troubling you?”

“Yea, görükle escort bayan I hate this type of work.”

“Ha, that stuff is my specialty, here let me see that pen.”

Audrey came over to the left of Alexa and leaned in front of her to her right hand to take the pen from her hand, covertly allowing her to take a peek at the small amount of cleavage Alexa had showing.

Alexa was sitting down at her desk in front of Cathryn’s as she did this, so when she leaned over, her rear was bending out quite a bit, and Cathryn couldn’t help but take notice.

Audrey’s grey pencil skirt was stretched tight while doing so, and it showed off the work at the gym that Cathryn had heard her talk about before. Her thighs showed no sign of flab and her firm butt was firmly trying to poke of the material.

A shiver went down Cathryn’s back as she felt an ache down below. She was concerned while watching the taking of the pen, but as soon as Audrey stood up, she snapped back and tried to find something else to do.

However this proved hard as Audrey, after looking at the forms set them back down on Alexa’s desk and bent over once again, probably getting another peek in, and making Cathryn wonder if she was teasing her.

—-There had been a time before when Cathryn needed relief at work, and luckily found a bathroom that was empty. She desperately tried to finish herself off with her hands as quickly as she could in a stall. However, right as she felt she was getting close, Audrey had walked in. Cathryn noticed just a second late so that Audrey heard the smacking sound of her hands against her flesh for a second. Cathryn, waiting for her to leave, stuffed her now huge member in her pants, but it seemed like she was taking ages and Cathryn didn’t feel like she could hold it much longer as the pressure from it being trapped in her pants actually felt good. All she could do was rush out of the bathroom as fast as she could, and she thought she saw Audrey’s eyes catch the bulge in her pants.—-

Because of this event and Cathryn knowing how much Audrey loved to tease and flirt, she couldn’t help but think she was doing it on purpose.

Audrey’s thighs, hips, and perky butt were putting even more of a strain on her skirt now. And with both her and Alexa focused on the paperwork, Cathryn was free to stare and couldn’t help but do so.

Cathryn looked up and down her legs, even noticing her stretched calf muscles and then up to her thighs. She couldn’t help herself after not having masturbated recently. And soon the ache between her legs became a throb and she began to get stiff everywhere. And similarly to Audrey’s skirt, her pants began to become stretched by her becoming erect, and her already somewhat swollen rear began to swell more. This compounded itself as her trying to sit comfortably in the chair only stimulated it more, giving little bursts of pleasure and making her get slightly bigger.

She tried to distract herself again, getting on her computer and opening a spreadsheet she had been working on the past week. However, her pent up sexual tension kept her looking over every few seconds. She was almost embarrassed by her inability to stop being excited, but it was quite rare for her to go long without masturbating, and this was the result. Soon a drop of precum squeezed its way out and she noticed the wet mark on her pants.

“Great”, she thought, “Now I’ve done it.”

She couldn’t wait for Audrey to leave, as she had no ways of relieving herself or leaving the room without them noticing her huge trouser snake and swollen butt, or worse, her pants ripping when she stood up.

A couple seconds later Alexa paused Audrey

“Hey I’m sorry I’ll be right back, I REALLY have to go to the bathroom, I feel like I’m going to burst.”

At the utterance of these words, Cathryn’s member throbbed again and another, larger, drip of precum stained her pants. Luckily though this meant she was leaving and Cathryn might have a chance to escape if she could distract Audrey.

As she left Audrey said to herself “Boy I hope that girl can figure this out because I can’t be helping her every time she has paperwork.” and with this, she turned around and began to walk towards Cathryn.


Cathryn was a bit intimidated and immediately pushed her chair forward so her erection was hidden by the desk.

“Oh Cathryn I’m sorry, I completely ignored you when I came in to help Alex.”

“Oh well… don’t worry about it!” Cathryn said hurriedly, “I have work too, still chipping away at that huge spreadsheet that needs to be in tomorrow.” She desperately hoped this would keep Audrey from bothering her so she wouldn’t get more excited….She was wrong.

“Dear me, you girls are helpless, do you want me to help you too?” Audrey knew something was different with her it appeared that Audrey had made it her mission to tease her and find out what it was.

“I’m fine don’t worry! I don’t have much to go.” As she did this while looking at altıparmak eskort Audrey, her erection couldn’t help but throb again and this time she had to use her hand to keep it from bumping against the desk.

“Oh ok”, Audrey fake sighed, “Well have you checked out the intern at the front desk? Ooh he is cute, and he has big cute butt.” she joked at Cathryn

Trying hard not to think about butts at the moment, Cathryn replied, “He’s nice, I talked to him on the way in about Cassidy and getting flowers for her.”

Audrey, however, had noticed her hand move and became increasingly interested. “Well, are you absolutely sure there’s NOTHING I can help with?”

At this, Cathryn’s face went cherry red, although she couldn’t tell. Audrey gave a smirk, and before the fantasies of Audrey’s beautifully sculpted legs and ass on her body could form, Cathryn quickly thought of a way to get out of this situation

.”Uh, um, actually I have to do some lab work after I work on this some more… um, could you go through to the supply room and get these things for me.”

Although lying, Cathryn rushed to write down the names of a few chemicals and some equipment on a post-it note with one hand while the other remained holding down her growing beast.

“Hmm, well I guess Alex will be a while, so I could fetch these quickly.” she said this with a tone of voice that seemed like she didn’t want to, but was simply hiding her true intentions.

She then turned and went through the side door in the office that connected it to the factory and lab areas of the building.

As soon as the door shut, Cathryn made her move, careful when standing up that she didn’t manage to rip her pants. However, her cock was poking out as far as it could in her pants and her butt felt confined as well. She knew she had to make a run for the nearest bathroom, no matter who was inside.

Running as best she could, although due to her partially holding down her erection she was half-way hobbling, she went from the back of the room where her desk was to the front door where Audrey had come in through.

When she was just over halfway there, the door to the lab rooms opened and Audrey peeked her head out, completing her plan from before. “Hey Cathryn, I just wanted to check cause I can’t read it correctly, did you need 2 or 3…” At that moment she saw Cathryn walking fast towards the door. Cathryn, being in front of her did not see her and seemed not to hear her, so Audrey decided to sneak up behind her and give her plump bottom a squeeze. As she did so, Cathryn was surprised but it also stimulated her in such a way that made her freeze. The hand keeping her bulge down sprung up and let it protrude out as far as it could. Audrey saw the sizable thing in Cathryn’s pants which extended just past her knee.

“Holy crap… what is that?

Cathryn was shocked, “Um…Uh…. you see..” She was worried about Audrey thinking she was a freak

Audrey however, was not shocked or scared, in fact, she was fascinated. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“Is…Is that a?… Is that real?”

Cathryn was trying to find words “Oh gosh, I… I’m sorry, please don’t tell anyone, I’m just having some…trouble…”

Audrey began walking over to her, and a bit apprehensive, Cathryn turned to her and backed up against a desk where her butt rubbed against it and sent another shiver up her spine.

Audrey got up close to her while still looking down at it.

“Holy crap that’s huge, so is it real?”

“Well yes but…”

“Do you use it?”

“I mean…”

“….Can I touch it?” Even for a woman as outgoing Audrey, this was a bit much, and although not shy, she was still taken back by it.

“Oh uhhh… I’m not sure if that’s the best ideaaoohh…”

Audrey had not listened to Cathryn and had placed her hand halfway down the monstrous thing.

Somewhat to her surprise, it was quite warm even through her pants, and she could feel it throbbing.

Cathryn got a huge surprise as well, Audrey’s hand had sent a shockwave of pleasure all throughout her body. She tensed up as her cock began to pulse and a large glob of precum flowed out of her tip. All the pent up energy she had was trying to release itself.

Her eyes rolled back as Audrey began to lightly squeeze her cock which now made it begin to grow to its full size. And combined with the pressure on her butt she felt like her pants might…


Nothing had ripped out of her pants but the fabric around her huge erection and butt had ripped in a way that made it look like extremely stretched out leggings

“Oh crap my pants. Well, they were a goner anyway.”

Audrey, gasping, saw how much she had gotten herself into. “Shit I’m sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen. I just… got enticed by it”

“It’s ok… I did too, that felt good. Do you think you could help me get these off though? I have an extra pair at my desk in case something happens.”

“Oh nilüfer escort sure yeah, least I can do”

Audrey began helping her get her belt off, which stimulated her and almost made her want to touch the growing lump again, but she refrained seeing as this huge thing wasn’t being easily dealt with.

With the belt off, Cathryn unzipped the short zipper as far as it could go and attempted to pull the pants off. But this proved useless, her swollen butt and bursting erection were too large for the small waist of the pants.

“Oh crap they’re stuck.” Cathryn worried

Then Audrey saw an opportunity “Here let’s both try.”

“Ok, but you pull I’ll pull at the front and you pull at the back because it won’t stimulate me as much, and I don’t know how much I can take without it getting worse.”

“Not as much? Do you get off when your butt is touched?”

Cathryn, hoping not to waste time told her it’s complicated and to just pull for now.

They tried desperately but there was no avail. Each tug and pull simply rubbed against her more and aroused her further. The fabric was running along her shaft tightly and Audrey’s hands tugging kneaded her big butt more, a sensation she had never felt before but was worried of how good it felt.

“Oh, ooh, stop rubbing my butt so much.” The massage of Audrey’s hands was incredible, even back there. Her cock pulsed a few more times, grew further, and more drips came out of the head.

“Well, it’s kind of difficult not to since the fabric is so tight and now you’re bending over.”

“I can’t help it, it’s so big I have to bend over to keep my leg straight.”

It had definitely become a great thing. It extended down slightly over halfway between her knee and foot, and it had become nearly as thick as her calf. The head was as large as a peach and oozing out sizable beads of precum.

“Ok”, Audrey stated firmly, “One more final pull alright?”

“Oh… ok.” Cathryn was a tad worried but knew she had to get these off one way or another.

“One, two, Three!”


With a valiant effort, they tugged hard at the pants. But that not being the reason they finally ripped off, the sensations of their last efforts on Cathryn’s lower half caused her bulge to grow slightly larger still and rip through the pants.

Now they laid shredded and torn on the ground with what was left of the left leg drenched.

Cathryn was left shivering with the pleasure of the incident. She couldn’t believe how good she had felt, especially the new feeling from Audrey kneading her butt.

Her butt had exploded out into Audrey’s face as the pants had ripped and nearly caused her to fall backward.

“Damn that’s an ass to rival my own!” Audrey seemed to have enjoyed the experience, especially getting up close looks on both sides of Cathryn.

“Fuck this thing isn’t going to go down… I need to find somewhere to take care of it.”

As she said this, she grabbed the extra pants she did, in fact, have at her desk and began walking around it.

But Audrey stood in front of her, “Or someone….” she smiled playfully with lust.

Seeing this massive thing had for some reason overwhelmed her, she loved the shape and the smoothness she was now fully able to take in. Cathryn, not being able to put on the other pants was standing there in her shirt and a pair of lime green panties which was pushed completely aside by the overwhelming member that protruded out from her.

“Uhh.. umm what?”

“Maybe I can help you relieve that pressure huh?” she again said with a sinfully playful attitude

Cathryn’s mind suddenly jumped to the image of her massaging her butt again and using her hands up and down her shaft.

Her cock twitched at the thought and Audrey teased “Hehe you can’t hide that, c’mon tell me you don’t me all over that huge thing.” She said with a huge smirk on her face

Cathryn couldn’t stand it any longer, she did want her desperately. “Oh geez… gosh it felt so good when you were tugging.”

“Oh my I’m glad you liked, but I want much more than that now.”

Audrey touched the tip of her shaft with her index finger, pushed down, then let it slide off so that her cock bounced up like a spring.

With this Cathryn’s eyes rolled back with pleasure, she had never been touched by anyone else before but now that was all she wanted as another glob of precum dripped out.

“My, my, you sure make a mess don’t you.” Audrey loved to tease and she continued to do so as she rubbed her palm down from the head to her base. She lightly ran it up and back down, pausing to squeeze slightly at the base. Audrey then moved over to put her other arm around Cathryn’s lower back to support her as she glided up and down her impressive piece of meat with her hand.

Being enveloped by these sensations, Cathryn’s legs tensed up and she held onto the desk behind her, glad Audrey had her arm around her. Her breathing got deeper and louder, much to the enjoyment of Audrey, and she let out small moans when her tip was stimulated or base was squeezed.

The wetness Audrey had before became more abundant, staining through her panties and letting one droplet run down her thigh. Her nipples became hard as well as pressing up against Cathryn to stoke her caused her chest to rub against her.