Shemale Seduction – The Surrender

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I cannot remember what drove me to it. Cruising bars for sex had become a habit. Success can do that to you, but even steady success make you yearn for something different. I looked at her from across the bar and acknowledged her stare. She definitely looked hot and hungry, with eyes that seemed to size me up as a meal. I was about to approach her, when, surprisingly, she got up and approached me. We chatted for a while and downed a few drinks. The last one went to my head, so I turned down her offer to buy the next.

“Hey have a couple for me.”

And undid the top few buttons of her blouse. Not willing to turn down an obvious offer, I finished a couple more.

The next few minutes were a bit hazy, as I was close to drunk. She guided me out of the bar and down the street into a nearby alley. Too stoned to protest, I allowed her to take control. She pushed me against a wall, lifted my arms over my head by my wrists, covered my mouth with hers, and began to french me deeply. I was shocked at first, and made a half-hearted attempt to push her away, but she was surprisingly strong, and frankly, I was in such a happy stupor that I relaxed and let her take control. The kiss was long and deep, seemingly lasting forever. She worked her lips and tongue over mine with a level of expertise new to me. I enjoyed my surrender and allowed her to toy with and tease me at her pleasure. Her body moved against mine, and I enjoyed the feeling of her breasts pressing against me, and her hip bone slowly grinding onto my hardening cock. The sensation was intoxicating, but then I was already xslot near drunk.

The kiss and slow grind continued. Deep inside, I knew that if it continued I would cum in my pants, but somehow I couldn’t force myself to shift my position or even try to slow her down. She knew what she was doing. She seemed to sense when I was near cumming and would ease up just enough and watch me squirm and pant, then resume. I thought that I would burst when she pulled back, while still holding my wrists firmly.

“You’re almost ready baby. I’m going to enjoy taking you.”

Hell, the way I was feeling, she could take me anywhere and anyway she wanted. She spun me around to face the wall, undid my belt and pants, and pulled out my throbbing cock.

One of her hands began to stroke it, while the other squeezed and massaged my balls. Again, she showed how easily she could control me, bringing me again and again close to cumming, but laughing when she eased up and held me back. I felt dizzy, and not from the alcohol. I began to enjoy her control over me, wanting her to make me cum, while feeling ecstasy when she held it back. She pulled me away from the wall and allowed my body to rest against hers. With one hand, she unbuttoned my shirt and slid down my shorts, while unfastening her clothing and letting them fall to the ground. It was then that I felt her cock. It was sliding along the crack of my ass, wetting it with precum.


I tried to shout, but before I could get the word out she had turned me around and began to French kiss me again. My xslot Giriş weakness was apparent. Her ministrations had made me so susceptible to her that my shout turned into a deep moan as her tongue flicked and encircled mine. Her hands grasped both of our cocks and stroked them as one.

My hetero mind still resisted, my hands trying to grasp her shoulders and push her away, but her mouth and hands won. My eyes rolled back into my head and body began to respond in kind. We stepped out of our clothes when she guided me back against the wall. Once there, she lifted my thigh with one hand and pulled my cock up with the other. Bending her legs slightly, her sharply angled cock slid under mine and found my arse, the tip touching and rubbing it.

“P..please don’t.”

I say. She flicks the tip of my cock and rubs my precum over its head slowly.


“Please …don’t.”

I stammer again. Her hands reach behind me and spread my cheeks apart, then, manoeuvring her cock again, press against my now quivering arse.

“Say again.”


I moan. Obligingly, she begins to push while pulling my ass forward. She slides in slowly, allowing my lost virginal asshole to accommodate all of her 9 inches. She raises and lowers herself into and out of me repeatedly, as I gasp and moan. I am totally absorbed by the sensation, and begin to move towards my first anal climax. It triggers when she cums in me, crying out as she does so. My arms lie limply to my sides as she shudders into me again and again.

My head xslot Güncel Giriş is spinning. I have never felt so full and satisfied, yet weak. She moves me to a trash can and bends me over it. There is no pause or seduction this time. She plows into my ass harshly and begins to fuck. I grunt with each stroke till she cums again. When done, she pulls out and flips me on my back. My arms and legs hand down limply, my cock harder than it has ever been and throbbing. Her face bends over mine.


And begins to kiss me again. One hand slides down my chest, over my abdomen, then grasps my cock and begins to slowly stroke. Her mouth fucks mine as she strokes me. My mind struggles. I need to cum badly. Very badly. She repositions herself and places her head between my open legs. Rising up slightly, she surrounds my cock with her mouth, sliding until the tip goes into her throat. Her mouth is better than any pussy I have ever had, and easily the best blowjob as well. She sucks and slides slowly, applying strong suction and pressure as she rises and sliding her tongue along the bottom of my cock as she nearly swallows it.

It isn’t long before my hips betray the imminence of my explosion.


She says. My hips arch high as I cum, and she grips my asscheeks and inserts a finger before it falls back down. She finger fucks my ass as she sucks, making me cum again before I fall limp. I weakly open my eyes to see her grinning broadly while looking down at me.

“I got you now, baby. But, one more assfuck will make it complete. No going back now.”

I nod weakly and lift and spread my thighs. She places them over her shoulders, grips and raises my dick and balls, and slides in again. All that I was before fades away with each stroke, replaced by what she wants me to be.