I’d Like You To Meet Eva


Sandra and I had been engaged for a month. In that time, I’d moved in with her and found hot, horny happiness day after day. Jenny was upset that I’d left her, and had cried non-stop when the day came for me to leave. However, after seeing her walking up our old driveway arm in arm with two tall, suntanned, muscular guys as I was driving past one day…well, I figured she was ok. Hell, I even toyed with the thought of calling her up 10 minutes later, knowing how hard it would’ve been to maintain a conversation with a cock or two in her mouth. I’d explained the situation to Sandra, and that I was a little frustrated about Jenny and her fast-healing emotional structure. Sandra’s answer was to kneel in front of me, unzip my fly and start slowly jerking me off as I spoke. “Is she on your mind, that little bitch? Then why not shoot your sticky load over my face. That’ll make you feel better.”

I was just about to comply, and was indulging in a great fantasy of taking a Polaroid of the moment, of my cum streaked across the side of Sandra’s face, into her hair and mailing it to Jenny, just to illustrate how her mother was more than adequately replacing her, when the doorbell rang. “Shit. That’ll be Eva. She’s come to go over a contract. Sorry baby, but you can save it for later can’t you?”

I smiled. “Of course I can.”

Sandra stood and adjusted her clothes. She was still in her work clothes: tasteful dark beige business skirt, dark stockings and cream blouse which she fussily tucked in, causing the fabric to strain over her chest [Jesus, didn’t all the guys in the office ogle those massive tits?] with shiny black stilettos. She arranged her dark hair as she walked to the door, and I reluctantly pushed my semi-hard cock back in my trousers. “Eva? Is that you?”

Sandra opened the door and giggled, and leant forward to greet her friend, who stepped in. Eva was very pretty: as tall as Sandra, with a classic jet black cut, quite short without being a crop, her sleek fringe just touching her arched eyebrows and framing a pale, lovely face, her eyes a striking aqua blue. She seemed to have come straight from work, dressed as she was in an immaculate navy blue outfit, her trousers set off by some great black shoes, similar to Sandra’s but not as tarty…a high heel however.

Eva offered her hand which I shook, and had time to register a great manicure, her nails a deep red, to match her lips. She smiled warmly. “San tells me so much about you. It’s great to meet you.”

“Likewise. Make yourself at home.”

Eva strode in, took off her coat and draped it over a chair. She folded her arms and stood admiring the room before offering me a smile. “This is a lovely place, perfect for such a lovely couple.”

I laughed to myself: does she mean Sandra and me, or just Sandra’s massive chest? I wondered if Eva had been amazed by them as well…

* * * * *

A few days after Eva’s visit, I was driving home. Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort The night we’d had had been excellent, Eva sharing our sense of humour, and many bottles of wine had been consumed. We’d said goodnight to her at approximately 2.30am, and I’d faced work with a heavy head the next day. I now reflected on her character: she was sharp and incisive, her wit had enthralled me all evening, and I loved how she almost seemed to intimidate the often cocky Sandra. How they’d met was still a mystery…I assumed it was through mutual professional channels. I hoped we’d see more of her. How soon that was to be was quite a shock, however.

I parked the car in the garage and made my way to the back door. It was later than usual, about 7.45pm, and I assumed Sandra would know I was held over at work and wouldn’t be worried. I entered the house and made my way through to the living room. To my surprise, I saw a dark head of short hair from behind the couch which I immediately recognised as Eva’s. Was she watching television? I was just about to greet her when I walked around the couch. The girls registered no surprise. Eva simply smiled warmly up at me.

Eva wore a tight black long-sleeved top and sat trouserless on the couch, her long, pale legs spread wide, still wearing her black high heels. I quickly noticed that her breasts were big, easily a double D, and quite pendulous, and that she was bra-less. What took me longer to appreciate was the area that Sandra now administered the most attention: Eva’s large cock.

Sandra was perched on the couch on Eva’s right, leaning over and engulfing Eva’s cock in her mouth, all 8 inches, leaving it slick with saliva as she sucked it slowly and steadily. Sandra was in another business suit, sans her coat, her blouse partially undone exposing that immense cleavage. She wore no bra, so at least 5 inches of the fold under her left tit was visible. Her dark hair was swept back in a ponytail, her firm ass outlined by her tight brown skirt. She had one hand on Eva’s balls, fondling them and playing with them as well as the area of skin underneath, so perfectly shaved. The other hand caressed Eva’s cock shaft in time with the steady passings of her wet, hot mouth, making small, sucking, slurping sounds. Sandra finally saw me from the corner of her eye and gazed at me.

I knelt down to get a better view. “Oh, oh, uh, uh, mmph, uh, oh, uh huh” were the sounds Sandra made as she sucked Eva’s big cock, next to some soft grunts, smackings and the occasional swallow of pre-cum. I had had no idea that Eva was a she-male, or anything else than a striking, glamourous woman…and I didn’t care really. Sandra withdrew her mouth from her cocksucking ecstasy, and looked at me, still stroking Eva’s rod, a strand of mixed saliva nd pre-cum still attached to her bottom lip. I knelt down and edged forward until I was between Eva’s legs. I looked up at her, at her big, drooping tits which heaved with her excited breathing, and watched as she passed her tongue over her ruby red lips, uttering a small “oh yeh, suck me”.

I then leant forward, took Eva’s throbbing cock, and lowered my face, opened my mouth and welcomed the saliva-slick, circumcised head into my mouth. I felt it’s massiveness in my mouth, throbbing gently, and within a few seconds of going even further down on her, realised that Eva could cum in my mouth, and that the salty bitterness of her cum would be so wonderful, coming from such a beautiful, pale brunette, with such a big cock. Soon I was sucking steadily, as Sandra rubbed my back, and then turned her attentions to Eva. When I next looked up, Sandra had exposed Eva’s large breasts, and was licking and sucking her pink nipples with much enthusiasm.

Sandra stood and wriggled out of her tiny, lacy black thong to hastily sit next to Eva, whereupon the girls embraced each other and started to kiss voraciously, completely oblivious to anything but the force of each other’s slippery tongues in their mouths…Eva reached into Sandra’s blouse and cupped one huge tit, and seemed to be shocked by it’s size and weight. She pulled back the blouse so she could inspect Sandra’s nipple, certainly one of the largest she, or anyone, would have seen. Eva was very turned on…I could tell by the immensity of her erection in my mouth, now even fatter.

“God, look at your tit, you nasty bitch! It’s massive! I have to have it!”

With that, Eva ran her fingers through my hair and then gently increased the pressure on the back of my head, causing me to suck her cock deeper, which I responded to with pleasure. She then leaned over and kissed Sandra’s nipple and languished her pink tongue all over it’s huge, dark brown expanse, making it glisten. Sandra opened her legs wide to expose her perfectly shaved pussy and spread her lips, running one finger inside and then up, slick, and over her clit repeatedly. “Oh god, fuck me Eva!” she moaned.

“Not yet, Darling. I think we should consider your boyfriend here.” She sat up and looked at me coolly.

Eva gestured to me to come closer. I withdrew her cock from my mouth, it then fell to one side, throbbing steadily. I stood, unbuckled my trousers, and stepped out of them, along with my shorts, and removed my shoes and socks. My cock stood out hard, almost painfully so. I sat between the ladies, my cock even harder, deep red with expectation.

At first, I indulged in long, salacious tongue-kissing sessions with Eva…her tongue longer and her mouth wider than Sandra’s….for such a glamourous woman, she was certainly ravenous, almost to the point of being perversely so. As we kissed, I wanked her big cock, and fondled her nearly hairless balls. Sandra meanwhile continued where she had left off, in the same position, except this time sucking and tonguing my prick steadily as I pushed my hand through her dark hair, occasionally grabbing a handful firmly and pulling it, forcing her head up and down…this was an insanely hot scenario.

“Oh, now I need to have my cock in someone!” said Eva. “Mmm, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me,” begged Sandra.

Sandra took her mouth from my cock and sat back, looking up at Eva as she rose and walked around to face her. Sandra lifted and spread her long legs, one over the arm of the couch, one over me. I turned to watch, ran my hand down Sandra’s inner thigh and down to her shaven pubis. Eva knelt down between Sandra’s legs, her cock level with Sandra’s pussy, and I witnessed the incredible sight of Eva, pale and beautiful, with large, pendulous tits, slowly insert her big cock into my girlfriend’s shaven pussy, then picking up speed, Sandra moaning loudly. I wondered how long this obviously intimate relationship had been going on…of course I was jealous, but if this was not the most intoxicating, most illicit sensation, this jealousy, I don’t know what was. I loved how the girls seemed oblivious to me.

Some suggestions came quickly to my mind as I jerked off, one after the other…I could suck Eva’s tits, or maybe grease her asshole up with vasoline, and fuck her as she fucked Sandra. Or perhaps I could whip Eva’s ass raw with a cane I knew was upstairs. I could video the whole scenario, paying close attention to Eva’s cock as it slid in and out of Sandra’s willing, wet pussy…the suggestions were almost too much, and just as I felt I’d cum out of sheer exasperation, the solution came…Eva was nearing climax, her back arching, her ruby red lips back over her white, clenched teeth, her face a picture of pure ecstatic intent, her nipples hard.

“Eva, let’s cum on her together!”

I stood and took a position to Eva’s left, wanking steadily. Eva withdrew her cock and also stood, and put her arm around me, also wanking to maintain the level of pleasure she’d attained so far. Sandra sat forward looking up at us expectantly, one hand wanking her clit, the other massaging a giant nipple…Eva turned her face to me, opened her mouth, panting heavily as she neared orgasm, and we kissed quite hard, our tongues working together…it was too much, and I ejaculated heavily, my hot, white jets streaking and slapping over Sandra’s upturned face. With an “oooooooh oooh uh uh” Eva joined me, her cum shooting out in thick, thick torrents, joining and mixing with my semen, absolutely drenching the hapless Sandra’s face, and outstretched tongue. Still Eva came and came…”God, she’s like a racehorse!” I thought.

After her testicles were finally drained, and Sandra had obediently sucked and cleaned both our cocks with her mouth, moaning gently, Eva smiled down at her. Casually, she massaged the cum into Sandra’s face, really rubbing it in. She turned to me.

“She really is a wonderful friend, and so willing. I think we could all have fun together again…that is, if you don’t mind having a little she-male mistress as well as your big-titted wife-to-be?”

“Of course not,” I said. “Two cocks are better than one.”