A Practical Decision


Steve’s college application process had been stressful enough. He didn’t need this now.

“There has to be something you can do,” he said. “I can’t afford to live in an apartment, and it’s too late to accept another college.”

“I’m sorry, but every dorm slot is full,” the voice over the phone said. “We can put you on the waitlist.”

“Please, you have to find something. I can’t just wait in limbo, missing classes until someone drops out to make room for me. Give me a closet or something.”


Steve waited a second, but the lady on the other end stopped.

“Well what? Is there something?”

“There’s only one room with an open slot, but…”

“I’ll take it!” Steve cried.

“It’s in the girls’ dormitory, and you’d be rooming with a girl. Actually, never mind.”

“Boys and girls room together all the time!” he cried. He regretted his wording-“men and women” would have been better-but he pressed on. “I can handle it. I’ll be on my best behavior. No issues from me. I need this,please.”

The lady in the housing department at his new college sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Fine. You’ll get some paperwork with information on your accommodations in a few weeks. See you in the fall.”

She hung up.

Steve breathed a heavy sigh of relief. It might be awkward at first, but college kids were mature, right? They’d make it work.

It was a long summer of anticipation.


It was the day of his move into his new dorm room, and Steve was sweating with anxiety. He wasn’t just meeting his roommate, but going into an impossible situation. The girl he was rooming with had been given no choice in the matter. What if she hated him just on principle, because of the situation? He’d played a million scenarios out in his mind, most of them hopeless, and just hoped now that whoever he got as a roommate was at least tolerant. That’s it, just a life of relative peace would have been more than he could ask for.

All Steve knew about his roommate was that her name was Rebecca. They hadn’t changed her out for a guy in the interim since his frantic phone call. He presumed that she must know his name as well, which would give away his gender. She probably already hated him.

He hesitated outside the door, holding his key just outside the lock. The hallway was full of girls glaring at him as he’d passed, with pink luggage and flowery designs.

He took a deep breath, then entered.

A girl looked up from the book she was reading and saw him.

“Steven?” she asked.

“That’s me,” he said.

“That explains some things,” she said. “I had a bet going with myself whether you were a girl with spiteful parents or a guy.”

“Did you win?” Steve asked.

“No,” she said. “I refused to believe the college would be so asinine.”

“They overbooked the male dorms,” Steve started, but Rebecca cut him off.

“I don’t blame you,” she said. “This is going to be weird, but let’s try to make up for their stupidity by making it work. Do you want help unpacking?”

Steve nodded gratefully, and got his first good look at his new roommate as she stood up. She had straight black hair in a ponytail with bangs that came down further at the edges of her face. Her creamy skin was speckled with occasional light freckles. She wore a tight teal t-shirt and black yoga pants that hugged the curves of her legs. Her breasts were big, probably good C cups, and the way the shirt hugged them from all sides gave Steve a quick twang in his penis that made him realize this was going to be harder than he anticipated.

She walked past him and bent over to pick up some of the bags he’d dropped to get the door, showing her round cheeky ass through her tight pants. Steve could see the slightest bulge from between her legs, but she stood back up before he had a chance to get a good look.

He pulled his head out of the gutter and picked up some of his own bags to help. They chatted as they worked together, getting Steve’s clothes into his assigned dresser and his sheets onto the bottom bunk. Becky, as she said she liked to be called, had already taken the top one.

They’d kept the chasing light during the code. Once they were done, Becky came back to the elephant in the room. “So, how’s this going to work?”

Steve glanced over at the small private bathroom they had in their dorm room. There was barely enough room in there to stand without straddling the toilet or going into the nearly as cramped shower. “I guess we change in there,” he said.

“Mhmm,” Becky agreed. “We’ll try it.” She went back to reading, leaving Steve to look for his own entertainment.

He started looking through his bag for his laptop, but paused to look at Becky again. She was really pretty, he thought, and had a great body. It was curvy, just like he liked, none of these stick girls with nothing to grab. He’d had a few girlfriends through high school and that was one important lesson he learned. Girls were better off soft beylikdüzü escort and supple than angular and hard. Becky was right up his alley.

She stood up, and his eyes were drawn between her legs. She wore tight yoga pants, and they hugged all her curves, especially her vulva. He made out a beautiful mons pubis beneath the fabric, and the seam gave just the hint of the line of her slit beneath, he tore his eyes away, afraid that he’d be caught staring, and tried to look busy with his laptop.

“You up for some lunch?” Becky asked. “I’ve been here a day already, so I can show you around a little.”

“Sure,” Steve answered. Leave it to him to be the awkward one of the pair. He thought that he could handle this, but after gawking at his roommate twice already, and she hadn’t even done anything to provoke him, he wasn’t so sure.

Still, he stared at her ass as they walked down the hall to the stairs. It swayed back and forth as she moved, perfectly round under the black cloth. They lived on the fourth floor, and the building had no elevator, so they had to take the stairs down to the ground level. Becky showed Steve briefly around campus, then they ate at the cafeteria where the food was mediocre at best, and the tables were dirty. Steve was mostly an introvert, so he expected to be spending a lot of time in his room rather than out and about, but it was still good to get to see everything.

They chatted about all sorts of things. Steve had traveled across the country to go to this school on the east coast, some no-name division 3 school in upstate New York. His uncle had gone here, and was the first person in his family to get a degree. Now Steve was here to be the second. Becky was from the area, and went here because it was convenient. Her family lived about an hour away, so it still made sense for her to dorm rather than commute. Plus, she said she was looking forward to the college experience, which just wouldn’t be the same without living on campus.

Steve’s major was still undeclared; he had until the end of his third semester to settle on something so that he could start some more focused coursework. Becky had already chosen a math major. That wasn’t in Steve’s wheelhouse, but that’s why there were so many degrees to choose from, right?

After their excursion together, they returned to their room, where Becky went back to reading her novel and Steve finished setting up his laptop and wrote an email to his parents telling them about his first day. He left out the details of his living situation, being in a girls’ dorm with a busty, curvy, pretty female roommate. He didn’t outright lie, though; he just left it vague. Best not to lie to your parents, he found. The web would just get more and more tangled until you got caught in it and the truth came to light.

“So, uh…what do you usually wear to bed?” Becky asked, out of nowhere.

“Usually whatever I was wearing that day, maybe I’ll take off my pants or shirt…oh,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” Becky agreed. “Maybe shorts and a t-shirt?”

“Yeah, let’s do that,” Steve said. “I’ll go get changed.” He dug around in his closet for a comfy pair of gym shorts, and he was already wearing a t-shirt. He took the shorts into the bathroom to change. This was his first time in here specifically to try to change his clothes. He knew it was small, but now that he was trying to maneuver around he realized just how small it was. He had to sit on the edge of the tub just to have room to get his pants off, and it was still cramped. This bathroom must have been a closet in a former life, he thought. After a minute, he managed to find a configuration that worked and pulled his shorts on over his boxers, then left the room.

Becky was already wearing a pair of shorts, her yoga pants strewn across the back of her desk chair.

“I figured it was safe to change while you were in there,” she shrugged.

Steve realized that if he’d been a little bit faster, he would have been able to see Becky in just her panties. She had to have known the risk, but decided to go for it anyway. Or maybe she just realized how cramped it was in there and knew Steve would take longer than she would. He just laughed it off.

It wasn’t quite late enough to go to bed yet, so they each entertained themselves a while longer, until Steve was the first to call it quits. He’d just flown in that morning, and the travel had taken a lot out of him. He lay on his bed, on the bottom bunk, and closed his eyes. Becky climbed into the top bunk a short while later. Steve faded in and out of sleep, mostly being awoken by the sounds of Becky tossing and turning above him. It persisted for at least an hour, but then Steve fell asleep and didn’t wake again until morning.


Steve was up before Becky, and figured it would be a good time for a shower. The bathroom had one of those stall showers, where there was just enough room to turn around in place, with the water coming out from overhead. It reminded bolu escort Steve of his visit to Europe, where the hotel had something similar. It was certainly different from the high-pressure, spacious shower he was used to from his parents’ house, but college was all about adjustment. He did the best he could, dressed in the cramped space, and went back out into the dorm room proper.

“You better not have left a mess in there,” Becky said. “I hear guys are pigs in the bathroom.”

“I’ll try to be extra clean for your sake,” Steve said. Becky pushed past him with her towel and change of clothes and entered the bathroom for her own morning shower.

Steve sat at his desk to double check his schedule for his first day of classes. He was going back and forth between the crude map supplied by the college, a satellite map on the Internet, and room numbers on his schedule to try to figure out where everything actually was. Becky’s tour the day before had covered common areas, but not the actual educational buildings. He didn’t know he’d ever manage to remember where to go for each one.

“Steve!” Becky called from the bathroom. “This is embarrassing, but I forgot my shampoo. It’s on my desk. Would you grab it for me?”

Steve heard the shower water running, and glanced over. The door to the bathroom was cracked just a little, enough for Becky to call out through it. He glanced at the desk and saw the shampoo straight away, grabbing it and bringing it over to the bathroom door.

“Here,” he said, his eyes fixated on the gap, that slender window into the bathroom. Was Becky naked in there already?

Her face was peering out from behind the shower curtain, and one of her arms extended out to grab the shampoo. She snatched it quickly and then pushed the curtain shut, leaving Steve with a whirlwind of visuals to interpret. Had he caught a glimpse of her breast as she reached out? He wasn’t sure.

“Thanks,” she said, bringing Steve back to reality. He pulled the door to the bathroom shut, not wanting to linger trying to catch a glimpse if she was paying attention. He couldn’t focus on his schedule anymore, though. He saw some kind of skin, but whether it was her arm or part of her side or actual side boob was too difficult to say for certain given how brief the glimpse was.

It was probably nothing, he thought. She would be careful enough not to let anything slip, especially since she’d specifically called him over there. She finished up her shower in a few minutes and came out dressed in jeans and a low-cut top that showed a bit of cleavage. The jeans were tight around her ass, and Steve had to actively avoid staring at it as she wandered around the room, finishing her preparations.

Steve and Becky didn’t have any classes together, so he spent the day meandering about campus, meeting new people in some of his own classes and seeing what kinds of crowds gathered in the different commons areas in his downtime. One of the girls he met, a petite thing with small breasts and wavy red hair named Kaitlyn, lived on the same floor as him, he found. He told her excitedly about the coincidence, but she gave him a disgusted look and broke off the conversation after that. Right, he realized, not everyone knew about his situation yet.

He didn’t come back to his room until after dinner, exhausted from the busy day. Becky was already there, back in yoga pants and a t-shirt for the evening. They exchanged greetings but mostly kept to themselves, each beginning on their respective assignments from class.

“I’m going to head to bed early,” Becky said at about nine. “I didn’t sleep well last night, so I want to get some extra rest.”

“No problem,” Steve said. “I can use this lamp so we can turn off the overhead lights.”

Becky climbed into her top bunk while Steve flipped the appropriate switches to darken the room. He went back to his desk.

“Steve?” Becky called from her bed.


“There’s…one more thing. I, uh…well…”

“Still too much light?”

“No, that’s not it. Back at home, well, I always slept naked. Last night I tried it with clothes on, and tossed and turned all night. Would you…mind…if I…?”

“Oh, no,” Steve said, his mind barely able to comprehend the request through the immediate attention his penis demanded just at the idea of it. “I don’t mind at all. You can sleep naked if you want. You live here; you should be comfortable. I will just, uh, turn around.”

“I’ll be under the covers, silly. I just thought it would be, you know, respectful to let you know.”

“Yeah, no problem,” Steve said,turning back to his desk, which faced him away from the bunk beds.

He immediately gave up hope of being productive again that night. The thought of Becky being naked in the same room as him, even under her covers, flooded his mind. He heard a rustling from the bed that could only be the sounds of her undressing, right now. He kept his eyes fixated on a spot on his desk, because he knew where bursa escort they’d venture if they were allowed to wander.

After a few minutes, he heard gentle snoring, and risked his first glance over. Becky had laid her clothes, bra and panties included, on top of the tall dresser next to her bunk. She lay on her back, with the sheets pulled up to her neck,revealing nothing but her head.

Steve got his own taste of restless sleep that night.


He woke to the sound of rustling sheets and squeaky bedsprings again. After a minute, Becky slid down off her top bunk right next to Steve, who lay in the bottom one.

Her bare legs were the first thing that came into view, and Steve got excited. Maybe she was still naked!

Her ass slid over the edge, and Steve saw that she had put her panties back on. He was simultaneously disappointed that he couldn’t see it bare, but happy to get to see it with just panties. It jiggled just the right amount as she landed on the floor, round but firm.

She scurried across the room to the door to the bathroom, grabbed her towel, and stepped inside. Steve could also see the back of her bra as she moved across the room. He was wide awake now, with a semi-erect penis longing for attention, but it was probably best to pretend to still be asleep.

By the time she exited the shower, she was already dressed. Steve’s day was a blur as all he could think about was hopefully a repeat performance tomorrow. He went to a few classes and was mechanically taking notes, but his mind was elsewhere the whole time.

He ate dinner at the main cafeteria with Becky, then they headed back to their room for the evening. Steve didn’t dare bring up her little display for fear that she would never repeat it again if she knew he was awake.

Again, as usual, he admired her shape, her perfect curves in her tight clothes, this time imagining also what she looked like beneath the layers of cloth. He knew now that her skin was creamy white all over, not that he had any reason to doubt but having seen it for real was better than just presuming the obvious. He looked at her face again too. She was pretty, for sure, but he never taken the time to notice. She was his roommate, and he’d been trying to think of that as almost sacred and chaste, but that was a losing battle to begin with, and only more difficult now with what had happened this morning. Becky’s face was gorgeous, with big blue eyes, outlined perfectly by the right amount of dark makeup to contrast her skin. Her freckles and perfectly white, straight smile lit up the room whenever Steve was accidentally funny enough to get her to laugh.

Steve needed to see her naked. She had been careful so far, though. For all her revealing actions, there had never been any real risk of Steve seeing anything too naughty. He wondered how he could get more. The practical answer, of course, was that he couldn’t. Becky wouldn’t be the first girl he had a crush on, that he pictured naked in his mind’s eye over and over, but never got to see for real. She wouldn’t be the last. But for now, hoping he caught any new glimpse was fun, and she’d never know.

“You into board games?” Becky asked.

“Uh, sure,” Steve answered. “Why?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit of a geek. I brought a few games with me that I had no one to play with at home, hoping I’d find someone here.”

“Like Monopoly?”

“No, silly. Real games. Let’s try one.” Becky pulled a box out of her wardrobe and began setting it up. It was called Dominion. Becky laid out a whole bunch of different piles of cards, with only a few cards per pile. The rules were more complicated than games Steve was used to, but it was pretty strategic and not too bad once he understood it.

Becky sat cross legged on the ground, which served as a pretty damning distraction to Steve’s chances. Becky mercilessly crushed him, in fact. Still, steve didn’t mind, because he got to spend half the duration of the game admiring her pussy mound. He even thought there was a hint of her slit, a minor camel toe, through her yoga pants. He couldn’t be sure because of the way the shadows were cast, but in his mind it was there and he could barely rip his eyes away to take his turns.

“I thought I got it, but apparently not,” Steve said after the game.

“It’s got more to it than you realize,” Becky said. “I’d love to teach you the strategy, though. I really would love to have some competition.”

“I can see why you’re a math major now,” Steve said. He thought about the view he got while playing. At this point, pretty much any activity with Becky was welcome just for a chance at a glimpse of her curves. “I’m game. Just not tonight. One more day of classes tomorrow that I need to get some sleep for.”

“Okey doke,” Becky said, putting all the cards back in the box. Steve watched as she bent over to put it back at the bottom of her wardrobe, the shape of her breasts outlined against the wall as she turned sideways. He longed again to see beneath. There was something special about seeing someone naked who you never expected to. Porn stars were no big deal, because you expected to see everything, but seeing Becky was his deepest fantasy right now. Each little tease was more exciting than a thousand porn videos.