Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 02


Dex and Twins at College


I was on my back when I gradually came awake and became aware that I had a raging woody tenting the bedclothes. I opened my eyes to see that the room was dark but the gray light of pre-sunrise was trying to invade the room around the drawn curtains. Without glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand to my left, I guestimated the time based on the gloomy light at the window. I know that cloud cover could greatly throw such estimates off but I went with my guestimate and looked to my left at the clock. I smiled to myself as I was only ten minutes off. Not bad.

I glanced down from the clock to see June, lightly snoring with her head scrunched deep in her pillow facing away from me. Her body was in a fetal position. Her warm, naked butt was pressed against my left hip. I felt a pressure on my throbbing woody. I didn’t need to look to my right at Julie. I knew where she was.

I lifted the covers. There was barely enough light to see Julie grinning at me around my rigid cock. Her lips were locked around the ridge of my knob as her tongue lashed the pebbled, spongy skin. I groaned softly when her tongue slashed across the ‘spot’ at the base of my glans and she softly giggled from my reaction.

Julie pulled her lips off with a slight ‘pop’ and grinned as she whispered, “Good morning big brother. Your dick is extra hard today. What kind of dream were you having? Was I in it?” I thought for a moment and I couldn’t remember having a dream. All of her questions were rhetorical and Julie went back to work trying to be quiet so she wouldn’t wake June and have to share.

Julie began jerking me off as she suckled my knob but she abandoned that because it made too much noise. She pushed her lips down my shaft and I dropped the covers and autonomously pushed my hips up at her. She quickly adjusted her position and pushed down as my cock moved into her throat. Then she quickly bobbed her head up and down to throat fuck my cock before she had to pull back to breathe. She had learned that move from watching our Mom, who is a great ‘throat-fucker’.

My muscles seized and I whispered, “Oh fuck girl.” I thought I was going to cum but it stopped and retreated when she stopped dead with half my cock in her mouth. She held motionless for several seconds and then pulled her mouth off. The covers lifted and Julie whispered, “Shit. That was close. Don’t cum yet. I want you to fuck June awake.” She smiled and nodded.

I looked to my left again to see if June was stirring and she was still gently snoring. She hadn’t moved a muscle. I slowly and gently pulled my body away from her so she wasn’t connected to my hip. Julie spit on my cock for lubrication and used her mouth to make sure my cock was sloppy wet. She pulled off and nodded at me with a huge grin on her face.

I turned slowly onto my left side and Julie released my cock. It slapped down on the mattress making more noise than I wanted. Julie snickered and followed me around so she could watch. I had no delusions about how far I would get before June was startled awake. I figured that the moment my cock touched her, she would come awake yelling, “What the fuck.” Or something like that.

I positioned my body so that the first and only part of my body to touch June would be my cock. As I closed in, I lifted my sloppy cock with my right hand and aimed it at the target at the top of her thighs. With her knees pulled up in a fetal position, this would be easier. I adjusted my angle of attack and slid further down the bed. My knob was closing in. Julie snickered at what was about to happen.

Moving ever so slowly, I very lightly touched my cock to the area just forward of her anus touching both upper and lower thighs. There was no way of avoiding her thighs. I was certain that would be it before she came awake but she didn’t stir. I held my position for several moments before pushing forward. My knob disappeared but it wasn’t inside her yet. I continued, millimeters at a time.

Julie had a front row seat and she reached forward and gripped my cock at my balls and made a slight adjustment and then she quietly snickered and whispered, “Perfect.” She was trying to speed things up by pushing on my ass but I resisted her efforts, which wasn’t hard since I had a hundred pounds on her.

I rocked my hips forward and my slippery cock slid into the cradle formed by her labia. June still lightly snored and hadn’t moved at all. I adjusted my position again and rocked my hips forward and I felt my knob enter June’s pussy. She stopped snoring and I just froze. So did Julie. After more than a minute of nothing more from June, I pushed forward again and I could feel her pussy close over the ridge of my knob. I was technically inside June’s pussy. I stopped there and held my position for a long time.

Suddenly, June pushed her ass back at me shoving my cock all the way inside. June turned her head to me and said, “Well, for God’s sake. Are you going to fuck me diyarbakır escort or not?” She started fucking me instead, rocking her hips forward and back. I joined her motion and Julie came up on my thigh so she could see better.

June muttered, “Fuck. What a way to be woken up in the morning. Jesus you’re big this morning. Is that from a horny dream or from Julie’s blow-job. Julie and I both laughed and I picked up the pace as June began moaning. She pulled her knees tight into her chest to give me more access.

Several minutes later, June burst into her orgasm as her body went rigid from neck to toes. I kept right on going and June screamed. I could feel her pussy pulsing on my cock and that sensation was what pulled me up to my climax. I kept pumping my hips at her and she relaxed as she let a long groan come from her lungs. It was a sound of total contentment. She went limp.

Julie was pulling on my hips and said, “Don’t cum in her. I want to drink you all up.” I quickly contemplated my options and complied with Julie’s request. I rolled onto my back, pulling my cock from June’s pussy who groaned again as I came free.

Julie was instantly in position between my legs and buried my sloppy cock in her mouth. She throat-fucked me again and that was it for me. Julie had enough experience to know that I was about to cum, so she pulled back to the ridge and began a two handed, counter-rotating hand-job to finish me off.

I blasted her mouth with a huge amount of cum and her face scrunched up as her eyes pinched shut, squeezing out tears that had suddenly bloomed. She refused to pull off as she struggled to swallow. Her hands never slowed on my cock and another huge shot exploded into Julie’s mouth. She forced open her eyes and gave me a look of, ‘Sorry about this.’ She was forced to let my cock go and cum blasted out of her mouth into my pubic hair and stomach. The third shot blasted her in the face at the same time. A fourth shot hit her in the face as she struggled to swallow the first two shots.

June had turned to watch and she burst out laughing at Julie’s dilemma. She said, “Nice job, Julie. At least you left some for me.” Julie swallowed what she had left and pushed her lips back over my knob in time for the last two shots. Tears ran down her face as she grinned around my cock. She stayed right there until she was certain that I was done.

June worked her way down the bed and began slurping up the cum on my stomach. Julie kissed the cum off my shaft and balls and then her attention went to the cum on her face. June helped with that as she began licking cum from her sister’s face. That turned into passionate kissing and I knew where this would lead. I broke it up saying, “Come on ladies. We have to get ready for classes.”

June and Julie’s passionate kissing subsided and slowed to short pecking kisses on their lips. Julie giggled and said, “Later?” June vigorously nodded her head and we all scrambled out of bed to start our day.

We ate breakfast together in the school cafeteria before we split up to go to classes. The twins were in the same classes. We refrained from public intimacy to avoid making a spectacle of ourselves. I wished them a ‘great day’ and headed for the Math and Science quad, which consisted of four building for classes and labs.

Sometimes, the twins and I met at the cafeteria for lunch but not today. It was Friday and my weekly Power Lab course could easily go into lunchtime. There were twenty-five students and you had to wait your turn on the machines. This was my toughest course.

After my last class of the day, I headed over to the gymnasium to workout before heading down to the Lacrosse field to watch the twins’ practice. There was no game today. I was thinking about Coach Mandy and before I got through the front door of the gym my hard-on was in full bloom.

I jerked myself off in a bathroom stall and then dressed in my workout clothes and headed for the weight room. I was allowed to use it until the football players took it over after practice. I worked up a lather and my muscles burned. When I heard the commotion in the hall, I went back to the locker room to shower and dress. When I exited the locker room, I nearly collided with several cheerleaders making their way to the women’s locker room. I looked them over to see if any of them was Molly or Bethany. The last one accidentally, on-purpose bumped into me and dragged her left hand across the crotch of my pants. My cock instantly reacted. I’m sure that the cheerleader’s intent was to hit and run but she reacted to my cock pushing back and she stopped and held her hand right where it was. She gazed up into my eyes expecting me to flee in embarrassment and a year ago, I would have done just that.

I gazed back down to her eyes with a slight smile on my face and manually flexed my hard cock against her hand. Still locked on to my eyes, she ran her hand around on my crotch to assess the dimensions. Then she lost her nerve and dropped her gaze and pulled back her hand and stepped to the side to continue her trek to the locker room. She looked back at me and smiled before pushing her way through the locker room door.

At the other end of the hall, the door blasted open and slammed against the cinderblock wall. Molly walked down the hallway in her cheerleader uniform and grinned when she saw me at the men’s locker room door. I waited for her to walk to me. She stopped a couple feet from me and said, “That was an experience wasn’t it?” I assumed that she meant yesterday’s three-way with her mother. She said nothing more about it. Then she leaned in and looked around to see if anyone could hear and whispered, “How would you like another completely different experience right now?

She must have seen my pants jutting out with my erection as she walked up and she looked around again and then pushed her right hand onto the outline of my hard-on. She said simply, “OOOOhhhh, this in nice. Who is this for? Anyone particular or do you always have a hard-on?”

I chuckled at her question and said, “Pretty much the latter.”

Molly grinned and said, “Well. Are you up for some fun?” I nodded and pushed my hips forward against her hand cradling the outline of my cock. She flashed a wicked grin and stepped back and raised her right hand and gave me an index finger-wag that said, ‘follow me.’ I adjusted the position of my cock in my pants and followed closely behind Molly.

She led us past the men’s and women’s locker room doors on opposite sides of the hallway to a utility closet on the side of the women’s locker room. It was long and narrow. The only light was near the door illuminating many pieces of equipment that I ignored as I passed by them following Molly all the way to the back end. There was nearly total darkness back there and I accidentally kicked a short wooden stool against the wall. Molly shushed me in the darkness and I whispered, “Sorry.”

The only light was from the dim light bulb at the door, which had little effect back here. Molly turned on the led light on her cell-phone and aimed it at the wall to our right. A vent with little light coming through was at the top of the sheetrock wall between two wooden studs. Below the vent was a string hanging from what looked like a rubber sink plug around two inches in diameter. It was about four feet off the floor. The string was mounted to the wall on one end and to the plug on the other. There was another plug two feet below that one, with the same string and mount. Molly pushed the top plug and it fell out of the hole on the other side of the wall. There was an audible ‘thunk’ as the string went taught. She said, “Take a look.”

I went down on one knee to do as she asked and I couldn’t immediately figure out what I was seeing. The room I was peering into was mono-colored and the wall shined with the bright overhead lights. I finally figured out that the walls, floor and ceiling were all the same colored tile. My guess was that I was looking into a shower room. I stepped up on the stool and peered through the vent. I could see most of what was, in fact, a shower room. No one was using it at the moment but I could hear water dripping steadily onto the floor.

Molly took the string at the mount and pulled the plug back into place. She pushed the lower plug to show the same configuration. It didn’t take much imagination to figure out that someone had strategically made these holes with plugs to conceal them from inside the shower room. Molly whispered, “The plugs are the same color as the tiles and they’re nearly impossible to see unless you know they’re there. That’s the women’s shower room and it’s going to be full of naked cheerleaders pretty soon. We’ve had a lot of fun with someone we think is the maintenance guy. Who ever it is, his cock is half the size of yours? I’ll be curious to see who thinks yours is too big. Probably Bethany.” I chuckled and wondered if Bethany would take another crack at my cock. Perhaps she’d learned something since last time. I know I had.

Molly unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. It was pulsing with anticipation. Our eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I could see her guide my cock to her lips. I softly groan when she pushed her lips on and started jerking me off with her right hand while her left fumbled with my balls. She giggled around my shaft as it pulsed hard in her mouth.

She pulled back and said, “When they come in, just stick your cock through the top hole. The bottom hole works good for fucking doggy style. My cock jumped when I thought about that. Molly turned and left turning off the light at the door. Then she looked back around the door and said, “By the way, when everyone is done and leaves, you have to put that cock into the lower hole. Don’t forget. Okay? Oh yeah, pull the plugs back in place when you’re done.”

I said, “What am I waiting for?” but she was gone already. The only light now was from the vent and it was dark.

I jacked on my cock to keep it at maximum size and waited. My heart hammered in my chest. It was pretty warm in the closet and I unbuttoned my shirt to cool down.

Moments later, there was a ruckus in the shower room. I stepped up on the stool and looked down through the vent. Eight or more pretty hot girls came into the shower room in towels and promptly hung them on pegs across the room. They were hooting and hollering just to hear the echoes bouncing off the tile surfaces. The shower heads came on and the sound of water rushing through the pipes above me was deafening.

I took the top string in my fingers and eased the top plug from the hole and lowered it until the string went taught. I pushed my cock through the top hole. I was glad that the wall was made of sheetrock with thin tile on the other side. If it was cinderblock, there wouldn’t be much of my dick showing in the shower room.

I had to bend my legs a little while standing on the stool but off the stool the hole would be too high and I wouldn’t be able to see what was happening through the vent. Nothing happened for a few moments and then a scream erupted that echoed around the room. I pushed my cock further into the hole and looked down. Molly had arrived and was the one who screamed. She pointed across the room at my cock and then there was total chaos. The echoes in the room made it impossible to hear what was being said but no one grabbed onto my erection.

The girls formed a semi-circle below the vent and then settled down. One of the girls said, “Fuck. That doesn’t belong to the maintenance guy. It’s huge.” Being the team captain, Molly stepped forward and curled her fingers around my shaft and began jerking on it. Several of the others began snickering and giggling. Some of the girls backed off to make room for others jockeying for position so they could get a close-up view of what Molly was doing.

Molly turned toward the group and said, “It’s awful hard. Try it.” The more adventurous ones came forward and took turns jerking on my cock like Molly had been doing. Then two at a time were stroking my cock. The giggles continued as a couple of the girls that had moved to the back began fondling each other’s pussies and tits and finally pulled each other into a passionate embrace.

Molly stepped back and inconspicuously looked up at the vent and sent an air-kiss. I smiled to myself as one of the girls pushed her lips on my knob while others used their hands. Four of the girls were working me over, including Molly, while two were on the tile floor in a sixty-nine. Two more just stood back and watched as they fingered themselves. One of them was Bethany.

Molly and another girl took up positions on either side of my protruding cock and pushed their lips to the side of my shaft and coordinated their motions up and down my cock from the tip to the tiled wall. A third girl pushed her lips over my knob and drilled her tongue along the ‘spot’. I groaned hard as a fourth girl grabbed the sides of the head of the girl on my knob and began driving her lips up and down my shaft displacing Molly and the other girl.

The girl on my shaft started awking with her mouth wide open and then began gagging. The others laughed and the girl forcing her mouth on and off my cock released her and then took her place. She had some cock-sucking skills and took about half and then pulled back gagging too.

Molly stepped in to take her turn and I smiled to myself as I knew Molly was going to show them all how to deep-throat. I was trying hard to hold off to savor this experience but Molly’s throat-fuck was too much. Molly knew I was going to cum and she motioned vigorously with her hands for the others to come in close. All four of them circled Molly and as I thought my head would explode, Molly pulled off my cock just as a rocket of cum exploded from my cock. Molly took all of that shot in the face to the howling laughter of the others. One by one the other three moved into position to receive my subsequent blasts. One took it in the face and on her tits and the other two put their lips over my knob and took it in their mouths.

One of them turned to the others and pushed the cum out on her lips and then collected it with her tongue and then did it all again. Bethany stepped forward and kissed the girl displaying her load and it was obvious she was sharing.

Molly stepped in and finished off the last two shots in her mouth and made a big show of swallowing it. The others began hooting again and pumping their fists. Then a more adult voice yelled out, “What’s going on in here?” Molly positioned herself in front of me and I pulled my cock back from the hole and pulled the plug back into place.

The girl that had taken a couple shots of cum in the face and chest meekly said, “Nothing Coach.”

A fully dressed woman, who was not much older than the girls and was smoking hot with a blonde pony-tail poking straight up off the top of her head appeared and moved along the opposite wall. She looked at the girl who spoke up and after a quick moment said, “Really Jeannie? That wouldn’t be man-jizz all over your face and boobs, would it.” The girl went beet red and ran from the shower room.