Moved On 05: Real Tears


Sarah had quite a day. After being over cooks Bread Making table for the strap then being sent to Mr. Browns office for a spanking, who then said he wanted to inspect her to make sure her Father had completed his side of the agreement of her employment by strapping her, surely nothing would ever compare.

She had a great time with the boys and she laughed all the way home by the way Tom had told Mr. Brown her dog had died and only got her a light spanking instead of a real hiding.

Sarah knew she was in for a beating of Father so showered before handing the note to her.

She did right to be worried about her Fathers reaction, he took her to his woodshed, stripped her and hung her from a cross beam, using the shackles the boys used when they were suspended.

She had seen the boys up there many a time so she knew she was in for an all over body whipping.

She was left hanging a few minute, enough time for her2 elder brothers and sister to come in and give her as many spanks on her bottom, tits and pussy as they could before Mother and Father arrived.

Father went to undo his buckle when Mother gave him the 5 tailed whip, she rarely got involved, she had enough on her plate avoiding his belt herself, but felt Sarah needed a good shake up.

He started on her bottom, how the thongs danced over her skin, each leaving their own imprint. Stray thongs hitting her most inner, secret places.

Her legs, both back and front were also given plenty of time.

Father moved to her front and marked her belly like a tattooist would fill in his picture with lash after lash, then her young titties took their turn, now that did make her shriek then tits, a dance of the thongs over her pussy and inner thighs looked like the end of Fathers masterpiece, he was indeed a Master of the whip.

He spent over half an hour covering every inch of her body some parts more than once.

“You will stay up for one hour, and let that be a huge lesson to you Sarah, and tomorrow you will apologise to every one the best way you can.” He did not expect an answer but knew she had heard.

She hardly heard him through her tears and the worry of what the boys has planned, recalling her bringing her friends in to wank them when one of them was strung up.

As if by magic her 2 brothers and 3 friends arrived.

They fingered her pussy and bummy hole and squeezed her sore tits.

One pulled over a couple of straw bails and rammed his cock in her mouth, they all took it in turns, it was nothing new, she had been forced into sucking her brothers and their friends off for years.

Her sister brought in a carrot from the garden, complete with its green fern, she pushed it between her legs to lubricate, then gently eased it up her bottom, “Look guys, Sarah has grown a tail.”

The boys had all cum, one or two twice, either in her mouth or over her body or both and their fun had finished.

Her sister climbed on the bales, “Now baby favorite sis, this will be the first of your daily chores from now on?”

“You will come into my bed at 6.00 every morning and suck me to a cum.”

“And if I don’t?”

Her face was slapped, and slapped and slapped, “Ok yes I will, promise.”

“Oh did I mention a daily spanking from me, our brothers or Father, and you know how easy I can make it happen.”

She lifted her hand to slap her again, “Yes, yes I agree.”

“Now, make me happy girl,” She rammed her face onto her pussy and bucked her face till she cum.

She got off the bales and picked up Fathers cane and gave Sarah 10, “Just so you do not sleep too heavy and miss my sucking.”


Sarah Tipobet was polishing the wooden banisters on either side of the main staircase, Mr. Brown was just opening his office.

He noticed she was moving rather slowly.

Good morning Sarah, my office at 10.00 am and pop down and ask cook if she can spare me an hour or so at 2.00pm when lunch service is cleared.

“Good morning Sir, I will ask cook if I can attend and tell her you need to see her at 2 o’clock Sir.”

“Ma-am, Mr. Brown has asked if I can be at his office at 10 this morning?”

“Yes you can and I hope he tans your hide again girl. Well was there something else?”

“Yes Ma-am, he wants to see you at 2.00.”

“Get on with your work Sarah or you’ll be over my bread table again.”

5 to 10 and Sarah knocked on Mr. Browns door.

“Come in, ah, Sarah just giving young Tom here a reminder that a works time start at 6 in the morning is not what time Tom?”

“22 minutes past Sir.”

“So how many cane stripes am I giving you Tom?”

“22 Sir,”

“How many did we get to?”

“14 Sir.”

“Look how the cane leaves an immediate reminder Sarah, so when Tom sits he will think, I must be at work at six prompt.”

“Hold tight, these last 8 are to be given to make the point of punctuality is painless.” Mr. Brown cut them down with plenty of force and had Tom in tears.

Sarah saw first hand Tom’s cock growing and growing, no wonder it would not go in her mouth she mussed. But she hoped to try again later that day.

“Cock touching the wall Tom, when it slackens you may dress and leave.

Now Sarah, did your Father send me a note saying he had punished you?”

“No Sir, I did not know he had to.”

“Its part of the agreement of you employment.”

“Please sir, if your not squeamish I could show you he had.”

Straight into the trap thought Mr. B.

Toms chose a corner to make her well visible, he cock stiffened as she undressed and hit the wall again.

“Looks like you will be there all day Tom.”

“Hope so Sir.”

Sarah removed her dress and provocatively removed her bra, a cup at a time, then a thumb at each side of her knickers to wriggle out of them.

She stood naked and placed her hands on her head.


“Wow indeed Tom.”

Mr. Brown walked towards her and hugged her softly, she wept from the love shown. “Tom, ring your Mother and ask her to come to my office at once, and bring her lotion.”

Tom dressed, “May I hug you Sarah?” Mr. Brown went back to his desk. “Wow Sarah that is some hiding, are you ok?”

“Thank you Tom, yes it was and I will feel better at 6.00 tonight in the old dairy trying to get your cock in my mouth again.”

“Hope it all works out for you Sarah, see you later.”

Mrs. Brown arrived and soon had Sarah over her knee, and rubbed and soothed both back and front. “How often do you get this sort of punishment love?”

“To be honest Ma-am only had it a couple of times in my life, one of my brother maybe 2 weekly, my elder sister never.”

“But we are all over the kitchen table a few times a week for his hand or belt, particularly me Ma-am.

“You may dress and go about your chores.”


Abi was writing a letter to a local newspaper in support of the papers stance on people dropping litter on the floor

Lee was tapping the table with her fingers.

Abi gave her a stare.

She tapped more.

“That’s it Abi down the corridor with you to MaMa’s, just say you have annoyed me all morning, Tipobet Giriş could she give you something to make you concentrate.”

“Like a book Abi?”

“No a spanking, now go, and if she is not their go next door to PaPa’s.”

“Really Abi?”


Lee went for a pee, came back in and put clean knickers on, leant over and kissed Abi on the cheek “Love you very much Abi,” and walked out of their rooms. Abi never answered.

She sighed then cried all the way to MaMa’s door, she did not have to knock, MaMa heard her.

“Whatever is the matter little one?”

PaPa came into MaMa’s lounge, “Now what have you been spanked for Lee?”

Lee could not speak, PaPa lifted her up, put a foot on the stool, flipped her over, lowered her knickers and spanked her hard.

“Next time I ask you a question I should get a reply or you get spanked, understand Lee?”

She did not answer, “Over the settee arm Lee. naked.”

Lee stripped and went over MaMa’s settee arm and PaPa removed his belt and he whipped her lower back and bottom.

He went to the door and opened it, she pulled herself up, “MaMa take her place.”

MaMa stripped naked and took up Lee’s place and PaPa whipped her too, Lee looked back as PaPa lowered his trouser zip, took out a cock as big as Bens and began to pound MaMa, her cries turned to moans as Lee closed the door.

She left her Knickers and bra on the floor as she just put her dress over her shoulder, she walked past their room, down the staircase and into the garden.

It was turned 2.00 when MaMa knocked and walked in, “Hi Abi, thought I would bring back Lee’s underwear, she left them on the floor when she stripped for PaPa’s belt, after he had spanked her I might add.”

“Where is Lee MaMa.”

“Well I am not sure, I had to take her place over the settee when she got up so never even saw her leave my sitting room.”

“Oh were you naughty MaMa or was it one of the times PaPa just wanted you over?”

“No Idea my love nor have I any idea why Lee came to my room, all I can say is she was distraught beyond belief.”

“She was annoying me as I wrote a very important letter MaMa so I sent her to you for a spanking.”

“Really my dear, you need to prioritise your actions, you know she worships the ground you walk on?”

She began to walk out of the room, “As I do her MaMa. Oh MaMa where can she have gone, I’m so worried?”

“And you have every right to be worried, I will tell PaPa she is missing immediately.”


Knock Knock, “You wanted me Mr. Brown?”

“Yes indeed Cook, I have the results of your yearly appraisal:

Food – Very Good

Cleanliness – Very Good

Punctuality – Excellent

Attitude – Very Good

Staff Comments – Very Good.”

“Thank you Mr. Brown, will that be all?”

“I am afraid not, only one excellent , not good enough, looks like you need a reminder of your values, stand and strip?”

“But really Mr. Brown, you surely don’t mean I’m to be spanked like a cheeky scullery maid, I’m almost 40, not a child.”

“An almost 40 year old who has just earned 10 extra cane stripes, anything else you want to say?”

He had spanked cook many times in her early 20s and the odd time in her 30s but the pain she had caused poor Sarah over a broken cup was inexcusable.

She had looked after herself and carried her years very well. He had her stand, hands on head, shoulders back and arched back. He examined her with his eyes, firm tits, the pinkest or perky nipples, pretty flat tummy and a very tidy muff cover.

“Now Tipobet Güncel Giriş cook, you will mount the ladies frame and I will help you settle,” she began to move, “When I tell you” he slapped the top of her leg.

“I will be giving you 10 of my belt for each low score, so 40,and the 10 extra with the senior cane for answering back, I wish to ask would you like to go over my Knee for a warm up spanking?”

“She had calmed and now accepted her fate, “Yes that would be very kind Mr. Brown, I accept.”

They moved to the spanking stool and Mr.B. adjusted his cock to lay on the left. Cook noticed and smiled, but waited for instruction. He tapped his knee and cook draped over,he could not help but comment on her unblemished bottom.

“You look after yourself very well cook, its been a while since I saw such an unblemished bottom, how often does your husband spank you.”

“Rarely, I am very good so don’t need it?”

“And maintenance?”

“Again hardly ever.”

Mr. B. spanked her till his hand hurts and she turned crimson, she was sobbing but not distressed. He rubbed her bottoms nerves to prepare for the belt. “Stand.”

She composed, “Thank you Sir.”

They walked to the ladies horse and he helped her into the upright stirrups. He opened her pussy lips so the holding clip and pussy pole nestled, “Is that comfortable cook?”

“Yes Sir,”

“Hold the bars at each side.”

She heard his buckle undo and felt the first of the 40 to lick her bottom, she took all very well.

He let her settle and helped her down.

“Hands on the desk, step back and lean forward.”

When she was set he gave her 9 perfectly spaced stripes, “Brace for the last, WWHHOOSSHH CCRRAACCKK diagonally across the rest.


You may dress.

As she dressed he spoke to her, “A couple of things, all your 3 below stairs staff gave you Excellent for all 5 questions, maybe a little more leniency on your part in future, Sarah was whipped all over her body yesterday from her Father for breaking a cup!”

Ask your husband to call in and see me, I want him to take control of your punishments again and I want a weekly log of them and also your maintenance on a Sunday will be inspected by me on a Monday morning in here, and if I am not satisfied, I will add 10 with my cane.”

Cook took it all in and was told she could go.


Abi was beginning to get distraught, its 6.00pm and still no sign of her best friend Lee.

At the same time Sarah was on her knees in the old dairy as Toms cock enlarged in her mouth, they planned to put it in slack and let it swell as she massaged his balls.

Cook was talking over dinner to her husband, who was the head groundsman of the house. She told him of her day and stripped to show the marks and explained all Mr. Brown had said. he told her to stay naked.

PaPa and MaMa had just rung the police to report Lee missing giving as many details as they had with them being the last to see her.

Abi wanted to involve all the staff and organise a search party of the grounds.

Tom cum, a bit in her throat, a bit on her face and lots on her tits. she just needed a little more practice.

Cooks husband told her to clear the table and bend over it, he removed his belt an covered her back and bottom with his own marks.

PaPa and MaMa called for Abi as they had visitors in the hall, it was the police.

The officer spoke,

“At 2.05 this afternoon a young lady was taken to Victoria Hospital by ambulance after she was involved in an accident crossing the road from a flower shop she had just been in.”

Abi was in shock, she could not speak.

PaPa asked the question, “How is Lee officer?”

“I am afraid she is in a coma Sir, and not expected to live through the night Sir, she has multiple injuries, I am so very sorry.”