The Weather Girl Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story. Chapter 1 has me being shown by my best friend, Robbie, the kink his family enjoys.


Betty Bucher, Robbie’s mom, a stunningly beautiful woman is the Weather Girl on our local TV station. Behind the scenes Betty is the matriarch of her family and runs the show in more ways than one.

Jim, Robbie’s father, a successful and powerful attorney by day is a submissive toy to Mistress Betty at night. His duties demand him to provide all sorts of services including toilet.

Last but not least is Robbie’s bitch sister, Carol. A beauty queen who turns on the charm during pageants and for those drooling over her, and turns into a whining, demanding asshole at home.

On top of it Carol is really Betty’s sister as Robbie found out on his eighteenth birthday as Carol made him lap her juices from her panties and suck on its brown stained panel.

Now living in Chicago, Carol returns home to play her role as family camera-man and as the other Mistress.

I was a surrogate member of the family growing up and I watched the “haves” of society live.

After high school Robbie went on to Princeton and I went into the Air Force to earn money for my college. Always synching my leave time with Robbie’s college breaks, we exchanged stories of life and sex. Mine were of the exotic kink found around the world and included doms and trannies.

Finally in our early twenties Robbie unlocked his family’s secrets to me in order to take our friendship to a level of man-to-man sexuality. It worked but I was made to promise to keep his family’s secret a secret.

We pick up the story with Robbie and me starting our second round of pleasure prior to his family coming back from the airport with Carol.


Robbie knew he was breaking family rules with exposing all of this, but his lust for me and my stories made him take the chance.

I thought about it and told him it made sense. I smiled and said, “I’m glad you did this, because I was beginning to think your life was so vanilla. I wondered how I would ever get you to cross the line. Little did I know you blew by the line.”

I paused and looked around, especially at Jim’s picture with Betty’s shit in his mouth which, for a reason hidden in my brain, was bringing my cock back to life. “Man, this is kinky” was all I could say. Looking over at Robbie I asked, “So where do we go from here?”

Robbie looked at me, smiled and said, “They won’t be back for at least another two hours.” He then lowered his mouth onto my cock and began to suck…..

Robbie finished me off the second time without wanting his own satisfaction. He explained his first load was enough to clean his tubes and give him staying power for the Mistresses return, but a second load might prevent him from providing “cum on demand” as they required.

For the rest of the 10 days of break and leave, Robbie and I were inseparable…in more ways than one. Besides taking care of ourselves, we were even able to get a few three and four ways in with local talent introduced by Carol. The girls were former beauty contestants who just loved being loved by both men and women.

Robbie and I laughed after some sessions, “So many holes, such little time.”

Robbie even tried to get me to remove my body hair but I explained my Air Forces buddies would be unmerciful to any such thing and my final year would be pure hell. I did promise to remove it after I was discharged as it made skin to skin play so much more enjoyable.

Carol although still a bit bitchy turned out to be okay and really took an interest in my life.

I practically lived at the Bucher’s. Jim and Betty (I was told to drop the Mister and Misses since I was an adult) showed much the same interest Carol had, especially when I told them stories of my travel to exotic places (thank you Uncle Sam).

Once Carol even asked if I did anything kinky while I was there. Jim and Betty gave a half chuckle rebuff to Carol but the whole family waited for my response.

Knowing what I knew about them and my promise to Robbie, I pretended to be embarrassed but added, “I’ve had some unusual experiences but I don’t think they’re the kind of thing you really want to hear about. Plus it would probably ruin my clean cut reputation here at the Bucher’s.”

Everyone gave a few cordial chuckles but I distinctly caught Jim, Betty and Carol exchange glances and slight grins. I looked at Robbie and he gave me a quick wink of “nice job” without being caught by the others.

When the day came to return to base, the Bucher’s all said good-bye with an unusual amount of affection—hugs and kisses which lingered a bit too long. Carol told me if I ever get to Chicago, I have a place to stay. Jim and Betty held me in a three way hug. Betty’s hand was just above my belt line and Jim’s nearly on my ass.

They both said, “You’ve always been part of the family. Please come back when you’re out of Ataşehir Olgun Escort the Air Force.” I thought of the possibilities.

Robbie gave me a hug and a quick lip to lip kiss which stunned me but drew “Oohs” and chuckles from the others.

“Anything we should know about?” Carol chirped.

“Hey, he’s like my brother,” Robbie added and slipped an envelope into my back pocket.

The parting was a bit sad as I knew this was going to be a year of very big changes. How big I couldn’t imagine.

As a senior returning for his last semester at Princeton, Robbie already had job offers and had accepted a position with a California firm and would not be returning to the Philly region. On the other hand, I would be returning home to attend the local university on my GI bill while living at home with my parents. Unfortunately a few tragic events struck both Robbie and my families.

Within three months both of my parents passed and Jim died from a stroke. I was able to get an early discharge from the Air Force to take care of my family matters before starting school. Both Robbie and Carol called and asked if I would check in on Betty. I told them I would but inside I felt a bit perverted because I knew who Betty the Weather Girl really was because for the last six months I had stared at the Polaroid images contained in the envelope Robbie slipped into my pocket.

Betty was an incredible beauty. Age agreed with her as it was nearly impossible to find a wrinkle or crease on her face (or body). Seeing her dressed in her signature black latex cut out bra with her pierced nipples protruding was hot, but it was the crotchless latex panties with a stream of her golden piss pouring into Jim and Robbie’s mouths which always caused the explosion of cum from cock. Betty was a woman I longed to service. Now she was alone and I felt guilt about my lust for her. I still lusted for her and simply decided to live with my guilt.

Back home and free for three months before school started, I had much to do to wrap up my parents affairs. Being one of six was a real pain as my siblings all wanted their fair share. I put the house on the market and it sold quickly. Since it was free and clear the proceeds netted each of us a cool hundred thousand. My parents had some investments which added to the inheritance but what blew us all away were the savings bonds. It was like a fetish my parents had for them. When everything was liquidated we each had close to a quarter million. Thanks mom, thanks dad….but you should have treated yourself better.

Not knowing where I would eventually wind up after college but still needing a place to live for fours years (it wasn’t going to be a dorm room or frat house…..I wanted my privacy) I rented a three bedroom town house with a two car garage and a private entrance opening onto a very secluded patio. I figured to use one bedroom to sleep (and fuck), one for an office to study (and surf the web for smut) and one as a spare bedroom (for guests????). I quickly set things for living and school: rich and supple leather furniture with a modern edge; California king poster beds for the sleeping quarters (and potential attachments) with matching dressers; simple plasma screen wall units with DVD players; a Bose home system which provided quality sound without the blaring; a “kick ass” computer system with every add-on you can imagine—high speed cable; scanners, CD and DVD burners, cameras—both still and motion, printers, etc. (ready to surf—school work only mind you!); kitchen and dining room sets with great dinner ware and all the appliances; first quality linens and towels; and tasteful lighting and wall decorations.

The only thing missing from my new place were clothes. Just leaving the military, the civilian ward robe was sparse. And unknown to anyone, I kept my promise to Robbie about my body hair.


The day I was discharged from the Air Force I went to a local salon (I was stationed in the greater Miami area) and had all my body hair removed with the exception of my head. I pre-booked and selected an upscale salon catering to the wealthy, figuring they would have seen it all. I approached the counter and was greeted by an attractive, tanned older woman. When I told her my name she looked into her book and said, “Yes, here we are Douglas Kieffer—total hair removal.” Looking at me she asked, “All of it?”

“All of it,” I replied, “with the exception of my head of course.”

Glancing at my crotch she smiled and said, “Which head are you referring to?” lifting her eyes to mine.

Returning her smile I said, “The one on my shoulders.”

“I see,” she continued, “there is a substantial charge for the total treatment.”

I explained I was cash flush just being discharged from the Air Force and was preparing for my new life. She gave me a sexy, lusty smile and a look which stirred a response from my cock. “Very kinky,” she uttered in a low husky voice just loud enough for Ataşehir Sarışın Escort me to hear. We squared away the bill and then looking me in the eyes, she said, “My name is Olivia, please come with me” and took my hand and led me to a private room near the back of the salon.

The room had a very soothing atmosphere with a bit of a clinical touch to it. In the center was an examination type table with stirrups and leafs attached to it. It was covered with a padded, leather like, water proof material to provide comfort. The tile floor was slightly slanted from the walls to the center where a drain was located under the table. Above the table was a stainless steel water system with numerous shower heads—both stationary and on hoses—along with flexible hoses with various nozzles. The hot and cold water faucets were solid and piped into the system to make it completely overhead without any obstacles around the table. To the side of the table was a service cart containing bottles of lotions, oils, scrubs, gloves and various implements for pampering the body. The rest of the room was nicely decorated with fern trees and soft, warm appointments with soft lighting. The ceiling was painted like the evening sky —almost twilight. The temperature was pleasant which made the room very sensuous. I understood why a substantial amount was being charged.

Olivia pointed to a changing area behind a four panel screen of tropical prints. “Take off all your clothes over there. Jennifer will be your technician and will join you in a moment.” Olivia let my hand slip from hers and started to leave the room but not without deliberately gliding her hand over my ass. “Enjoy,” she said in her husky voice. I looked as she left the room and swear she licked her lips as she gave me one final glance.

Removing my clothes, I stood behind the screen naked and waiting. Hearing the door open and close, I was greeted by a very pleasant voice, “Yoo-hoo Douglas, are you here? Are you hiding from me?”

With a slight chuckle I replied, “I’m back here” and walked out from behind the screen. Standing in front of me was a very stunning woman. I guessed she was Latino being in the Miami area and the fact she was tanned with dark black hair. She wore a tropical print halter top and a matching sarong wrap around her hips. Her breasts seemed to be a full B-cup. Her lips and nails were painted with a luscious shade of red. My dick started to stir.

She smiled, extended her hand and said in a pleasant voice, “Welcome, my name is Jennifer.” As I shook her hand, she placed her other hand on top of mine and smiled. “Let’s get you face down onto the table.” I was glad because I had a feeling my cock would be standing straight up in a few minutes.

Jennifer positioned my face into a very comfortable cradle which allowed speech and easy breathing. My arms were then positioned onto two extensions which made it very sleep like. My legs were positioned on either side of the table with the feet just hanging off the end. “So Douglas, Olivia tells me you are going to have a total hair removal process correct?”

“That’s correct,” I replied.

“Interesting,” Jennifer went on as she moved around the room preparing, “not many men have this done. I don’t know why, because the feel of ones body without hair is one of the more erotic feelings. It’s not like we need body hair for warmth like the cavemen. Clothes have been around for centuries. You’ll enjoy this and I’ll give you pointers and tips on follow on care.”

The sounds of the gentle rolling surf came from various speakers in the room. The sound was low, soothing and unobtrusive to conversation.

“Two more things to do before we start,” Jennifer added. “First, I like to work naked as the water and effort tend to moisten my body and cause my things to stick to me. I find it uncomfortable. Would it be okay with you if I removed my clothes?”

“No problem,” I replied not trying to show too much excitement. Too bad I was on my stomach. I wanted to see Jennifer’s body. At the same time as I felt my cock harden, I knew being face down just might be the best thing at the moment.

“Now for the second thing,” Jennifer stated. I heard a latch being opened and felt the legs of the table open from my hips exposing my ass to the warmth of the room. The air on my ass caused a bit more hardening down below. “I need total access to your body in order to get all the hair.” Then I felt a trap door below my crotch fall open and warm air flooded my groin. My cock instantly swelled from the lusty breeze enveloping it. Without a word, Jennifer’s had took hold of my rock hard cock and balls and gently positioned them in the opening. “Sorry,” she said in a sweet, apologetic tone. “If I would have asked, it usually causes embarrassment. I find it better to apologize rather than to ask for permission. Now we can start.”

Moving to the head of the table, Jennifer started near my neck and with a soothing massage. She explained Ataşehir Şişman Escort each step. A massage loosens the skin making the hair roots open for a deeper, longer lasting removal. I listened but kept thinking about her pussy only the width of the face cradle from my face. I could see her legs as she moved: Tanned and slender with painted toes the same color of her fingers and lips. My body was scrubbed and oiled and lubed and washed again, re-lubed and sprayed. This was heaven. My cock was losing its stiffness as I was floating into the luxury of the process.

“You need to stay relaxed for this next process,” Jennifer whispered into my ear. For the first time I felt her body as her breasts glided across my arm. Her nipples were hard and they traced a line up my arm. My cock responded instantly. “I’m going to do your anus. If you tighten up, hairs will remain in the folds. I will help you relax. The process will probably give you a very hard erection. Don’t be embarrassed. It is natural and actually helps in the removal of the hair on your front.”

Hard erection! My dick was like a telephone pole now. Boy will she be surprised.

A warm ointment was applied to my ass. Jennifer’s hands massaged my cheeks with her hands alternately moving up and down my crack. It was wonderful. Her efforts became concentrated on my crack and then to the general anus area. Her thumbs massaged my bud and I felt it tighten. “Relax,” she said, “Enjoy the feeling.”

I closed my eyes and thought of her thumbs on my anus. My dick hardened and my sphincter relaxed. I felt her nail start to snake into my hole. Jennifer told me she needed to clean this area.

More ointment was applied and I felt her finger penetrate me. It was heaven. “Hmmm,” she mumbled as if talking to herself, “a bit obstructed.” A warm finger like tube replaced her finger.

“You’re going to feel a slow rush of warm enter you. Try to stay relaxed. I’ll help.” Jennifer rubbed my back, ass and sides as the fluid entered me.

I was starting to feel full and groaned. “Just a bit more,” she said and I felt her hands massage my lower back. The flow stopped. Jennifer continued massaging and I felt the tube exit my ass. “You’re going to feel a need to expel. Don’t fight the feeling, just let it happen. I will reposition the table to help the process.”

I felt smooth belts being applied to my arms, legs and across my back. Then the table started to tilt and my feet slid into stirrups. I wasn’t completely upright but Jennifer was correct, I felt a big urge to expel as I was moved into position. Jennifer was standing behind me. Her hands were extending up my back and making pulling motions towards my ass. Her breasts and chest were pushing into my lower back and ass.

“Let it flow,” she purred, “Let it flow.” She continued this as if it were a spiritual act.

I felt my ass open and I said in alarm, “Here it comes.” I was afraid the fluids would splash her. Jennifer continued and moved her breast to my upper thighs directly below my anus and pushed her body into mine. The warm fluid mixed with my shit streamed from my ass unto her chest. Wave after wave poured onto her. My head was spinning and my cock convulsing. Jennifer just seemed to purr.

“We need to do this three more to make sure the area is completely clean and free of hair.” Jennifer’s voice lost its gentleness and cracked with lust and hunger.

Each time I expelled I could hear it splashing on her tits and body. Although I couldn’t lift my head to see, I was fairly sure Jennifer was masturbating herself as the shit loaded fluid streaked down her body and onto her pussy and legs. I became sure of it on the final cleansing.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Jennifer panted. Her body was shaking on my back and legs. She pressed so hard against me and a final “Yes” exploded from her throat. Her body went limp as the final drips from my ass subsided.

Things were silent for a few moments. I heard Jennifer expel air from her lungs and move towards the faucets. I heard water pouring from a shower head and then felt its warmth spraying across my back. Jennifer lowered the rack to its horizontal position and turned on the fixed shower heads. The warm rain falling onto our bodies was washing away all traces of what just happened.

Freshly composed, Jennifer released the straps and said, “Your back is all done. Now turn over slowly and let’s get work on your front.” Turning over, my dick stood up like a ship’s mast. Jennifer said nothing.

Moving to the head of the table, Jennifer started the same massage process as she did on my back. The difference was this time I could see her body. It was free of any tan lines and simply beautiful. My cock remained hard as I looked at her breasts and pictured my shit splashing them as she masturbated moments earlier. Not a trace of my essence was found.

It was cool to see my hair glide off my body. The oils and ointments being applied made my skin feel silky smooth. Only my groin area was left to cleanse.

Jennifer stopped and moved to the head of the table. Standing next to me with her hand on my chest, she looked into my eyes and asked, “Now tell me why you are removing all your hair.” Her hand moved on my chest lightly and her fingers played with my nipple.