X-C Stories: Teacher Trouble Ch. 01


“Good morning beautiful!” Jay felt a warm kiss on his lips as he stirred awake. He blinked a few times, still in that daze characteristic of waking up from a night of heavy drinking. After his eyes opened properly, he watched a well built, middle-aged Caucasian man walk away from him, his semi-hard cock dangling while his pert asscheeks made their way out the door.

“What the fuck!?” he thought to himself, springing upright on the bed and throwing the covers off himself. That’s when he realised: he wasn’t in his normal body. Right now, he had big, perky tits; an hourglass waist; a thick, round ass… and a pink pussy. The events of the night before slowly started streaming back to him, but he was still in shock and denial – it was surely just a dream! He frantically shuffled on the mattress, trying to come to terms with his body right now; his naked, female body. He pulled his hand off the bed and realised they were damp; the sheets were soaked. He looked down and saw that most of the wetness was centred underneath his ass, which triggered another realisation… that his thighs felt sticky, and so did his stomach and chest.

Thoughts raced through his mind: “No way, no way! That was just a dream, right? Right!?” He tried to shake his head violently, as if it would remind his body that he was dreaming and he’d wake up back in his own bed. After another minute or so of anxious fidgeting, he started to calm down. “Oh no…” he groaned, as his head fell back down into the pillow and he pressed his hands above his eyes, finally accepting what had happened.

That’s when the middle-aged man returned to the room, now semi-clothed in a blue towel around his waist, his hands holding two glasses of water. “Here you go, gorgeous” he said as he walked over carefully, making sure not to spill a drop.

“Oh fuck!” Jay thought to himself, because the man standing in front of him was Mr. Berg, his high school Geography teacher, “It really did happen!”

Jay just stared at the glass of water held in front of his face, like he didn’t know what to do with it. “It’s just water,” Mr. Berg said with a laugh “We had more than enough vodka last night.” Jay tried to force out a laugh, managing only an empty release of air as he took the glass in his hand and stared at it blankly.

Slowly, watching the water ripple in its glass, he started to recall how he got there.


“Jay, I’d like a word with you.” Dammit. Jay had been spotted by the man he had been avoiding for a while now: Mr. Berg.

For the last term or so he’d been skipping his Geography class. It was his final semester so, perhaps wishfully, he had expected to just coast through it, but he was about to be hit with a bombshell.

“WHAT!?” Jay gawked so loudly the whole hallway paused for a second, stares lingering. He’d just been told that he was going to get an F in Geography and that his mother was to come meet Mr. Berg as soon as possible. As he watched his teacher walk away back to his classroom, he started panicking internally, “No way, no way! My mother will disown me if I get an F!” Asian mothers are notoriously strict about studies and Jay knew that her mother’s Indian roots would compel her to bring the almighty wrath of God down on his sorry ass.

He spent the rest of the school day pre-occupied, wracked with worry and feat. When Jay got home, he ran straight up to his room and locked himself in, determined to find a way around his predicament. Or, at least, that was the plan. But after a few fruitless minutes of pondering, he inevitably ended up watching porn on his computer again – the ultimate stress relief.

He loaded up his favourite site and was just about to sift through the categories when the usual flurry of pop-ups flooded his screen. As he began closing them though, he caught a glimpse of something that sparked the seed of genius in his mind.

‘TIRED OF LOOKING AT HOT CHICKS? BECOME ONE: X-CHANGE!’ It was the same stupid ad he’d seen hundreds of times; a magic pill that Maltepe Grup Escort temporary turns you into a woman… but this time it was exactly what he was looking for.

By the next morning he’d already had the pills delivered to his house – such was the service of the booming business. After all, it was a product that relied heavily on impulse, so fast delivery was a must.

He went to school like normal, feeling smug and just a tad excited about his plan. When he got home, he told his mom he’d be sleeping over at his friend’s for the night, then quietly snuck into her room and borrowed one of the outfits she kept for her ‘nights out’… which was parent-code for hooking up with another chump from a dating-site.

He packed his stuff, got in the car and drove towards the school, stopping at a secluded spot along the way to try the pill for the first time. The change was instantaneous as promised and after five minutes of gawking, ten minutes of grabbing his tits and fifteen minutes of fiddling with his new pussy, he finally got around to calling Mr. Berg and letting him know that ‘Priya, Jay’s mother’ was on her way. It was uncomfortable for him, driving as a woman, especially with heels on, but he just about managed to make it to school in one piece.

He couldn’t contain his smile as he walked down the familiar hallway, his form anything but familiar. He added some extra strut to his walk as the clink of heels and echoed around the corridor; he was enjoying this. He was going to play this like a movie role, better yet a C-Movie role. He’d always watched the power a sexy women held whenever she entered the room, now he had it in his own hands… and chest.

A quiet knock on the ajar door to Mr. Berg’s classroom, “May I come in?”. Mr. Berg waved Jay in absent-mindedly, head buried in a stack of papers he was marking (in which Jay’s was notoriously absent). But, when he lifted his head he was greeted by two large, round, caramel coloured breasts, dangling precariously in front of his face – looking like a light breeze might release them from the loose confines of the dress that held them.

He startled back in his seat, “Oh hello… Mrs. Chaudhry?” he asked. An audible gulp followed as he tried desperately to keep his eyes upwards.

A slender hand reached for him across the table, “Ms. Chaudhry… and please, call me Priya.”

It all went as smoothly as Jay had planned… even smoother perhaps. It was a scene straight from a porno. All that time jacking off was finally coming in handy – he knew exactly what men dreamt of; all he had to do was recreate the fantasy:

Priya sat on the edge of Mr. Berg’s desk, her skirt riding up her smooth thighs, then ‘accidentally’ dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up, spending an inordinate amount of time retrieving it and using an unnecessary amount of hip movement doing so. She constantly brushed and stroked Mr. Berg’s body, dropping in well-timed compliments about his toned arms and his well decorated classroom. It wasn’t long into the ‘Oh, it’s tough being a single mother’ spiel before Mr. Berg invited Priya over to his for a ‘more in-depth’ conversation.

As Priya followed Mr. Berg’s car she couldn’t help but laugh at how easily her teacher had fallen for her trick. “I’ll chat with him for a while, get myself a pass and drive right on out of there” she thought to herself.

But as they sat down to ‘discuss Jay’s grade’, Mr. Berg offered his companion some wine, as any good host would do. That’s when Priya realised that she had a golden chance to indulge in a bit of vice. The real Mrs. Chaudhry never allowed her son to even touch the stuff… but now, as an ‘adult’ in the company of a grown man no one would question or stop him from doing whatever he wanted, even if that meant downing copious amounts of alcohol. Cheeky as ever, Priya smirked at Mr. Berg, “Do you have any vodka?”

It wasn’t long before the shots were flowing and intoxicated giggles echoed around the living room. “Mmm Mr. Maltepe Manken Escort Berg,” said Priya, wiping droplets of vodka from her lips (something that didn’t go unnoticed by her companion), “I didn’t know you were such a booze hound.”

“Please, call me Daniel.” He poured another round of drinks and grinned, “I only usually drink when I’m out at a bar or something, trying to seduce a beautiful woman.”

That should have been Priya’s signal – that the night had gone far enough. She should have gotten her things, left the house and hidden out in her car till the morning like she’d planned. She had gotten what she had wanted, she’d had her fun. The plan had worked and she even had a few extra thrills to boot.

But instead, some combination of alcohol, hormones and the chemicals from the pill made her take another shot. She probably didn’t read the fine print where it warned that one of the side effects included: ‘Increased Libido’. She chugged her drink, then leant in to Mr. Berg and whispered in a low tone, “Is that what you’re doing right now, Daniel? Trying to seduce me?”

“And what if I was?” he replied, leaning in till their noses were touching… and that was it. Suddenly, a flurry of hands and tongues were throwing themselves at each other. Moans escaped their mouths as they went at each other with uncontrolled lust. Priya ripped open Mr. Berg’s shirt and he returned the favour by hastily yanking her dress over her head. She straddled his waist, still kissing him frantically, while grinding against his throbbing cock through his pants as he grabbed and squeezed her ass. It was like she was in full porno mode. Jay was long gone and instead he had fully inherited the role of Priya – nymphomaniac MILF.

Daniel stood up, carrying Priya in his arms as she tried to devour his tongue. Leading her to his bedroom, he slammed her down on the mattress before frantically undoing his pants and pulling his pulsing member out. In front of him, a pair of slender legs were spread wide apart – presenting the prize lying in between: a set of glistening, wet lips. He stroked himself slowly as he looked into Priya’s eyes, “I’ve always wanted to fuck an Asian woman.”

The reply was instant, “Well, now’s your chance.” Priya wasn’t even thinking anymore – she was just acting… perhaps in both senses of the word. Right now she just wanted the full experience of being a woman, and this is what it entailed in her mind. He jumped onto the bed and hooked her legs over his shoulders, bending them back as he leant in and pushed his cock inch by inch inside her. “Oh, fuck, Daniel!” she cried out, overwhelmed by the unfamiliar sensation of having a dick in her unexplored vagina, with no hymen to break either. She felt it pulsing and moving inside her… it was all new… in a good way.

“I want this tight pussy cumming all over my cock,” grunted Mr. Berg, bucking and thrusting rapidly, his cock coming out with an increasingly thick layer of Priya’s juices each time it went in and out of her. It wasn’t long before Priya acquiesced, squirming and shaking as she felt the intense pleasure of womanhood for the first time. Her mouth formed an O shape as she grabbed onto Daniel’s arms and sunk her nails in, holding on tightly as his shaft reached the farthest depths of her womb… she was completely at his mercy.

Jay had had sex before, but that was short, awkward and clumsy. This, this was already better. This was already hotter, already wilder, already more pleasurable, already more arousing… much more like what he had always expected sex to be like.

And Mr. Berg proved to be a complete surprise. His thrusts were purposeful and accurate, hitting the exact spots they needed to, and his hands were squeezing Priya’s body in a way that practically milked the cum out of her. It was only when her partner paused to bury his face in between her busty bosom that Priya could regain herself and kick back into nympho mode.

She hooked her legs around his waist and pushed Maltepe Masöz Escort him down, climbing on top of him urgently. Resting her hands on his hard chest, she started bouncing on his cock, eager and excited. They exchanged fiery looks, their drunken haze lowering their inhibitions to the perfect point of balance – sober enough to be fully aware of what was going on, but drunk enough to want only the immediate gratification of wild, passionate, untamed sex.

Daniel suckled on Priya’s nipples as her tits bounced and flailed in his face, his hand reaching round to smack her juicy ass. She moaned in pleasure, surprised by how much she enjoyed that, “Yeah, that’s it! Punish your naughty slut!” she groaned out in lust.

Mr. Berg followed the lead, moving one hand up to Priya’s neck to grab it assertively while the other continued to deliver tight slaps of disciple on her ass. She nodded in rapid approval and he tightened his grip on her throat, looking at her with a scowl, “You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you? You need to be fucked into submission, don’t you?” This was a surprisingly dominant side to Mr. Berg that was conspicuously absent in the classroom… and ironically, it made Priya desperate to obey for once. She nodded again as she looked down at him, letting out only a stifled, elongated moan – her big, brown eyes giving away how close she was to another orgasm.

As Daniel’s hand moved from Priya’s ass to her clit and started rubbing, she couldn’t help but dive into the depths of ecstasy again. Grinding on his cock frantically, she squealed out loudly, “Oh Goddddd!” Mr. Berg kept both his hands firmly where they were, prolonging his partner’s orgasm, bucking his hips up periodically as he relished watching this gorgeous MILF squirming on his shaft, hard of breath.

Priya fell backwards, off of the thick pole she was riding, and trembled on the bed, her legs slinked over her partner’s. He smiled proudly, watching her writhe in pleasure, his cock glistening with her cum. Priya regained enough composure to look up and grin at Daniel, heavy breaths escaping from both of them. “Now it’s your turn” she said, instantly flipping up onto her front.

She crawled slowly towards his cock on all fours, like a tiger stalking its prey. As her petite hand grabbed the base of his shaft, Daniel let out a groan… which only grew louder when a mouth locked around the tip of his cock and suckled like it was a juicy lollipop. Priya’s tongue trailed down the back of his shaft as she planted kisses all over his member, moving towards his balls which she gobbled up eagerly. “Fuck, you’re the perfect freaky woman I need…” grunted Mr. Berg.

“A freak eh?” replied Priya, with more than a hint of pride and satisfaction in her voice, “You mean like someone who’d do this?” In a flash, Priya’s mouth dived down lower, spreading his thighs as her tongue slipped in between his asscheeks, twirling around the edges of his anus.

“OH FUCK!” moaned the lonely teacher, delighted that his long unfulfilled fantasies were all finally coming true. Priya’s smile couldn’t be hidden, even with her face buried in Daniels’ asscheeks and his balls resting on top her nose. Right now, she was a woman drenched in her own cum, eating the ass of her annoying Geography teacher… and loving every second of it. She stroked his cock faster and faster, encouraged by his moans. She could tell that she was about to achieve success with flying colours very soon. “Yes…yes… yes!” he screamed louder and louder, until he started shuffling uncomfortably.

Priya jumped up and wrapped her tits around his cock, stroking it furiously as she stuck her tongue out and panted, “Give it to me! Give me that cum, Mr. Berg!” Neither of them really payed attention to the momentary break of character as Mr. Berg obliged, shooting rope after rope of his hot cum out on Priya’s chest. She felt warm splashes hit her tongue as she squeezed his shaft dry, finding his sperm to be surprisingly tasty. She licked his shaft clean while squeezing the pulsing rod with her hand, before slowly falling forwards and lying down next to him.

They exchanged some sloppy kisses as they nestled into each other’s shape and their breathing normalised. Curled up against Daniel’s chest, coated in sweat and cum, Priya started to drift away.