Meeting Miss Kate


been reading on this site a lot, my Mistress had me write a story of my own for Her, and i thought i’d post here. it’s my first attempt, i know it’s not terribly long, but hopefully some of Y/you will like it.


i had been talking with my new Mistress online and via text message for about a month and a half now. my first Mistress really, if Y/you don’t count my ex-Girlfriend. She also dominated me, but W/we were on equal footing sometimes as well. this relationship was completely in control of my Mistress however, one hundred percent of the time, all the time. this was made very clear by Her, and i was thrilled about it. i’ve always been a closet cross-dresser, and for almost as long known i was a very submissive person as well. to sum it up in one word i’m a sissy. after a few weeks of chatting, Mistress Kate accepted me as Her sissy sub. i was an extremely excited and eager to please my Mistress, so i jumped at the chance to submit to Her in person.

i was told in no uncertain terms to meet Her at a restaurant near Her home, wearing the girliest panties i owned and with a butt plug firmly in my ass. Her ass i should say as i belong to Mistress now. the day finally came, and i walked into the agreed meeting place and sat at a table. i fidgeted nervously and glanced at my phone occasionally. eventually She walked through the door and i grinned sheepishly. as She made Her way to the table i stood up and pulled Her chair out for Her.

“hello Miss Kate,” i said as She sat down.

“Hello sissy,” She replied warmly as i lowered my eyes at Her gaze.

i moved back over to my seat and stood next to it, keeping my eyes on the floor and shuffling my feet slightly. i heard a soft chuckle escape my Mistress before She gave me permission to sit. i was given permission to make eye contact normally and W/we had a couple drinks. Mistress went briefly over the rules of my submission to Her again.

once Mistress was satisfied i understood my place she firmly said, “kneel beside Me sissy.”

i hesitated for a moment, glancing around the restaurant. “NOW,” She commanded and i snapped out of it and quickly knelt as commanded, feeling Kartal Sınırsız Escort myself blushing furiously. She grinned and patted me on the head.

“good girl, now look at Your Mistress, sissy.” i raised my head and met Mistress’s eyes as i was told and She pulled a pink leather collar from Her purse.

“Now you are mine, sissy.” The collar was locked around my neck, to be followed quickly by a leash being attached to it.

“You may stand and pay the bill now.” i stood up and put enough cash on the table for O/our drinks and the tip as Mistress slid Her chair back and got up. without another word She tugged on my leash a couple times and strode out with me obediently in tow. W/we walked to Her car and i opened Her door. as She sat She tugged my leash down, forcing me to kneel again beside Her.

“When I unclip your leash sissy, you are to get in your car and follow me, once W/we reach My home you will again open my door for me and kneel to be leashed. Understand?”

“yes Miss Kate,” i said, making sure to keep my eyes down.

“Good.” She then released the leash and i stood, closed Her door and scurried off to my car. i followed Her for several minutes before W/we pulled into the driveway of a house which i assumed was Hers. as soon as i was stopped i hurried to Her car and opened Her door, dropping to my knees as soon as i did. Mistress Kate grinned at me and clipped the leash to my collar.

“Stand now, so i can get out, slut.” i stood and moved out of Her way. She led me up the walkway to Her house and let us inside. i followed Her to the middle of the living room where She unclipped the leash again and tossed it aside.

“Strip to your panties bitch.” i quickly removed all my clothes until i stood before Her in my black polka dotted pink panties, with little black bows on each thigh, and my pink collar. She walked around me, eying me up and down.

“Such girly panties, you chose well sissy.” with that She smacked my ass hard enough to make me wince.

i heard her rummaging around behind me for a bit before She said, “over here slut, i have something to occupy you while attend to a few things.”

i Kartal Suriyeli Escort scampered over to Her, seeing that She had stuck a suction cup bottomed dildo to the wall. it was at a height where it would slide right into my mouth were i on my knees, so i knew what to do right away. i knelt before it and slipped it across my lips and began sucking and licking for all i was worth.

“Good girl! Such an eager little cock sucker aren’t you sissy?”, She laughed. She slapped my ass hard again on Her way out of the room. i squealed around the cock in my mouth, but kept sucking obediently.

several minutes passed and i began to get tired. eventually i heard Mistress come back into the room. i squealed again, louder this time, as i felt sharp pain on my back and heard the crack of a whip, or a flogger.

“that’s right you little slut, squeal for Mistress. I didn’t tell you to slow down on that cock.”

i started sucking furiously as more blows rained down on my back. the punishment stopped abruptly and Mistress pulled the cock off the wall. not wanting to dissapoint Mistress again i made sure to keep sucking even as She removed the cock from the wall. She kept it down low and led me back into the center of the room as i crawled quickly to avoid letting the cock slip from my mouth.

She laughed and said, “good girl, sissy!”

Once She had me back in the middle of the room, She lifted up the dildo, which of course lifted me with it. my eyes ran along Her sexy thigh high boots up to her crotch, where a massive strap-on dildo awaited.

“I think you know what to do slut.”

i did indeed, i popped the suction cup dildo out of my mouth and began working on the monster strap-on.

“Good girl, get My cock nice and wet before i pound your dirty cunt”.

i sucked and licked for all i was worth, my own cock leaking pre-cum into my sissy panties. after a bit of sucking at my own pace, Mistress tangled Her fingers in my hair and began fucking my mouth. i moaned and whimpered lustily around Her big black cock. once She got Her fill of fucking my face Mistress pushed me off of Her cock and onto my back.

“Get on Kartal İranlı Escort all fours bitch, panties at your knees.”

i rolled over as fast as i could and slid my panties down. Mistress stepped up behind me and started whipping my ass furiously as i cried out in pain. just as suddenly as the whipping started it stopped.

“There there sissy, you did nothing wrong, you just need to understand that I own you, and if i want to whip you for my own amusement and nothing else, I can, and will,” She said as She gently ran the flogger back and forth across my back and ass.

“yes Miss Kate,” i panted, almost sobbed, feeling a couple tears trickling down my cheeks.

it hurt, but there it was again. i was owned, Mistress had accepted me, and i hadn’t done anything wrong. i felt immense joy along with my physical pain at the knowledge i had pleased Mistress at least enough for Her to collar me as Hers. i felt something pulling at my ass, and Mistress popped out my butt plug and set it to the side.

“Now my little sissy girl, I’m going to pound that cute little ass of Mine and lay claim to you officially.”

i felt cool, slick liquid being spread on my ass and arched my back, eager to be fucked by my Mistress.

She chuckled at this and said, “such a little slut.”

with that She began to slide Her gigantic cock into me. i groaned and closed my eyes, trying to relax enough to ease the pain. Her cock was too big though, it felt like it was going to split me in half. before i knew it She stopped, and i felt incredibly full, and like my ass was on fire.

Mistress laughed again, “a little bigger than you expected i imagine, but you took it all, like i knew you would, bitch.”

She then slid out of me slowly until just the head of the massive dong was inside me. as soon as She had pulled it out that far She rammed it back in all the way. i cried out in pain, Mistress laughed again and started fucking me in earnest. before long the pain was replaced by ecstasy and i heard myself moaning like the slutty sissy i know i am, begging to be fucked harder and harder until i came, without ever having laid a hand on my cock. Mistress slowed down and pressed me down to the floor.

“now you really are My personal sissy bitch.”

i lay there, worn out, but felt a thrill go through me at Her words. it had really happened, i was owned. i knew this was just the beginning, and couldn’t wait to please my Mistress in any way i could.