Limbo’s First Day


“I’m so happy you’re investing in the Paincafe and our subsidiary, the Dungeonopolis Gift Shop, Liggins.” said Seneca Smorthwaite.

She was so happy that some money was being pumped in here. The master/slave scene was so online these days.

“Yes, it’s great. I do have one condition, though. I have a relative, ah, Limbo Lawrence, who needs-needs work.”

Seneca Smorthwaite smiled. “Your name is Liggins Littlejohn, and your cousin’s name is-“

“Well, he’s my brother, actually.”

“Your-BROTHER’s name is Limbo Lawrence? I was going to make a humorous remark about the “L” alliteration, but this is even more-“

“No, he’s not a stepbrother, or a half-brother. He was christened Lawrence Littlejohn, but because of-problems-the family asked him to change his name. “


“Yes, and Lim’s high school moniker-well since fourth grade, actually-was Limbo.

So recently, he changed his name to Limbo Lawrence.”

There was a pause. “He’s not a thief or anything, Seneca, but he doesn’t really, um, do much.”

“Not much?”

“In a way, it would be a relief if Limbo was energetic enough to steal, or could make a plan to-to swindle someone. Or, if he were mentally challenged, that would be an excuse. He’s bright enough, reads a bit, but…he needs a job.”

“Well, we actually need someone to run the Gift Shop, Lig…

Every clerk we hire is so into the BDSM scene, they neglect the practical side of retail. I assume your brother isn’t into sadomasochism, is he?”

“He’s not. Limbo’s not much into anything at all.”


Limbo Lawrence stared at the cash register sleepily through his ever-present Ray-Bans.

He did like the Cage Room of this gift shop place. He’d done about twelve or fifteen B.H.’s-bong hits- in there.

Seneca Smorthwaite and her creepy husband, Spungeon, had shown Limbo around. He knew how to operate a cash register, fortunately.

Big advantage of being fired from a lot of jobs.

Across the store, he saw a couple looking at the oversized tranny dresses.

The girl, who looked kind of hip, said to the geeky male, “Emanuel, you have to choose one, and I think the frilly pink thing is so you.”

“B-but I would really look-“

“Faggy? Yeah, that’s the point. Burke wants to fuck me, but I want him to fuck you too, so our marriage will be totally part of my other relationship.”

Emanuel looked depressed. “I-Colette, you don’t have to do that. If you want to fuck him, I can just stay home-“

The girl reached up and put her arms around Emanuel’s neck. “Manny hon, I want you to harden Burke’s cock so he’ll want to fuck me. He can fuck your ass, and then you can lube up his cock with your spit so he does me, too…”


“But what? You used to want to fuck MY ass, and that wasn’t acceptable, but now you can have at least a little bit of the experience.”

Emanuel burst into tears.

Limbo didn’t know people would be making a scene in this strange store.

A small fat man approached the counter. He waved a little cylinder in Limbo’s face.

“This stuff, ‘Domme in a Balm’ is guaranteed to make a woman dominant-rub it in any sweet girl’s skin and she’ll order you to go out and cut five switches to use on your bare bottom.”

Limbo leaned back. “Uh huh.”

“But I think this stuff is out of date. I rubbed it on my wife’s elbow, and it just made her sort of irritable. Can I return it for store credit?”

“What else you think you’d like?” asked Limbo warily.

“I don’t know. My wife went on a business trip for a couple of weeks, and I’d really like the experience of being dominated by a beautiful woman.”

Limbo smiled. “I saw something, but it might be over the price of the um, balm.”

He gestured to a tall, dark haired woman, or what appeared to be one, standing immobile by the far wall, under a display of nipple clamps.

“That’s Miss Andi. They showed her to me in the orientation. She’s like, an android or a robot or something.”

The little man went over and inspected the tall, statuesque creature. She was indeed attractive. Starzbet “She moves around, personality? She’s for sale?”

Limbo looked at a clipboard. “No, you can rent her for seventy-two hours. Normally, she’d be about three grand, but there was a-a-well, never mind. We want to get her back out there, and if you have a thousand dollars-“

“Turn her on.” The little man looked at Miss Andi greedily. “Does she submit, as well?”

“That might be safer.” Limbo agreed. He fumbled around and yes, there was a little cell phone thing. “It’s an app. Used to be a big control panel, but it’s just an app.”

Limbo pressed some keys and looked over at Miss Andi, and sonuvabitch, her eyes began batting, and she smiled, and stepped off the little dais.

The little fat guy shrunk back, slightly.

Miss Andi was clad in a striped tube top and faded denim cut-offs, and pedal pushers. It was December, but of course she wouldn’t need a coat or anything, Limbo thought.

Miss Andi came over to the counter. “Hi.” she said throatily. “I’m Miss Andi.”

Fattie walked up behind her and mouthed silently, “Submissive”.

Limbo nodded and looked at a small manual, and then punched some buttons on the phone.

First, Miss Andi’s nipples poked automatically through the thin material of the tube top, and then began gyrating slightly.

Her butt cheeks also dilated a bit, and almost unconsciously, she stepped back and the soft butt massaged Fat Boy’s crotch.

Miss Andi began pouting, and looked as if she was going to blush. “I’ve been bad. I got a D on my test, Pop.”

Limbo shook his head and gesticulated at the sweaty chubster.

Miss Andi turned. Her lower lip curled a bit (very advanced, these robots) but then she hung her pretty head.

“I’ve been a bad girl, Master.”

“You-you have?”

“Yes. I know it’s time for you to give me a hard spanking. I wish I was wearing my little nightie so you could pull down my panties. I’m a bad, bad girl.”

“This is awesome.”

“I can make you happy with my mouth afterwards, Master.”

Limbo rolled his eyes as the chubby guy grabbed a paddle off the wall.

“You want to try her out in the Cage room there, bub?”

The two walked to the Cage Room, Limbo admiring Andi’s ass in the jeans.


Rohmer escorted Miss Andi into the Cage room, and looked at her severely. Rohmer was only five three, and Andi was easily six feet, but he looked at her severely.

“Bad girls need to be spanked, Andi.”

Andi came up to Rohmer and looked at him imploringly. “Please, Master?” She put her arm around his shoulder. “Let Andi sit on your lap and give her a break.”

Rohmer was now trembling a bit. Oboy. Eunice was going to be gone till Tuesday.

Rohmer shook his finger in Andi’s face. “None of that. Take down your shorts and bend over that stool.”

Rohmer wanted to run away and jerk off, but perhaps Andi would give him some satisfaction.

Andi’s large eyes teared up, and she unsnapped her cut-offs and they dropped to her ankles. She walked to the high stool slowly, and then pulled down her pink gossamer panties, looking back at Rohmer somewhat reproachfully.

God, what an ass the manufacturer or whoever had given her! Round, shapely and…was it contorting?

Rohmer stepped forward with the paddle..


The phone rang on the counter and Limbo put down the Oxycontin and the glass of water carefully. He went and picked up. “Gift Shop, Limbo here, can I help you?”

It was Seneca Smorthwaite. “Limbo, how are things going? Your manager should be there around one, but I’m expecting you to hold the fort.”

“Yeah. I got a customer who is trying out the Andi robot.”

“Th-the android?”

“Oh yeah. In the Cage Room. He may want to rent her. A thousand, right, Ms. Smorthwaite?”

“L-Limbo, Andi is for display only. She’s had some serious malfunctions in the past.”

“No, she’s perfectly, um, civil. I think everything’s going okay in there. He’s giving her a spanking or something.”

“Limbo, really. We can’t take another lawsuit. Press Starzbet Giriş 333-4688 on the phone and she’ll stop. I’m so glad you’re showing initiative.”

Limbo shook his head and hung up. He looked longingly at the Oxy. No, bidness before, um, pleasure.”

Limbo picked up the phone. He heard some whacking in the Cage Room. Raising his voice he called-

“Mister, come out here. We got problems with the um, C-3P0 thingie.”

“Not now! I’m teaching her a lesson!” There was a pause. Then there was a crash.

Limbo took the Oxy, and followed it with a couple more. He drank the water, wishing it was gin or Everclear or something relevant.

“No, no…I’m teaching YOU a lesson, Andi…Give me back the paddle…”

The reasoning voice behind the Cage Room door suddenly turned a bit soprano. The howl seemed to shake the glass window.

Limbo looked at the phone. Three three something. Wait, was this the right phone? Or was this the one he was using to talk to the boss?

While Limbo tried to remember how to control the android, the couple who were looking for tranny dresses brought a vulgar rubber frock to the counter.

“Pay for it, Emanuel” the girl said, matter-of-factly.

“That thing’s eight hundred dollars.” Limbo said, inspecting it. How could a rubber dress be that much money?

And Emanuel threw down his Platinum card.

“Maybe we should get you high heeled shoes, too.” Colette, the wife mused.

“No, honey, I think we’ve bought enough.”

“Manny, if you keep trying to control things, I’ll make you suck this cashier’s dick.”

“No you won’t” Limbo said. “Eight dollars an hour isn’t enough-“

“I’ll give you two hundred to let him-“

Suddenly, Emanuel ran out of the store, and Colette, tsking, picked upt he Platinum card and followed him.

Limbo shook his head.

The store door-bell rang as two customers entered.

“I was just telling someone, it’s so hard to find an assertive, dominant woman, and hiring a Female Supremacist is so expensive.”

The first speaker, with a bad combover gesticulated to his companion, who had a beard.

Jesus, this place is full of Beta males.

Limbo looked briefly at the guys, and then frantically pressed more buttons on both phones as there was a sound of ripping cloth coming from the Cage Room.

Baldy stopped at the counter, and smiled at Moustache and closed his eyes for a moment. “It’s almost as if I want to wish for a real, dominant-“


The door to the Cage room opened, or rather it fell off its hinges. Out marched Miss Andi, clad only in her striped tube top and the shoes.

Hanging from her left hand was the inconsistently scrawny neck of her pudgy would-be Master. Andi’s eyes lit up-literally!-as she saw the boys at the counter.

Dropping Rohmer, Andi began walking over. “Are you a bad boy? You look like you need correction, sonny.” The staccato voice was getting louder as Limbo finally dropped both phones in the wastebasket.

“Are you masturbating? Bad boys masturbate. Am I a bad girl? Do you want to beat me? I’m bad. whip my clit.”

Andi easily picked up the balding man by the scruff of HIS neck and walked, pantsless, out of the gift shop.

The little mustachioed man looked, and then turned to Limbo. “Wow. as Aesop said, ‘We would often be sorry if all our wishes were gratified.’ I have a question.”

“Oh, what’s that?” Limbo asked, wondering where he could score some calming methamphetamine this late in the day.

“I just broke up with a woman who had me in a time-lock chastity device. She’s gone, and I want out. Is there any way to undo it without breaking the belt? I bought it here.”

“How long is it locked for, man?”

“I think two and a half to eight weeks from now. I actually can’t remember.”

Limbo wasn’t sure what to do about this one. A quiet dark haired woman came up behind the Moustache. She smiled slightly at Limbo, who amiably grinned back.

“I’m Alma. My Goddess is Mistress Elva. I just discovered my family had a financial upset?”

Why do all these freaks Starzbet Güncel Giriş keep telling me their business, Limbo thought. It’s not like I’m driving a friggin’ cab anymore.

“I was rich, and I used to buy Mistress Elva all sorts of expensive things, like last year I got her a racehorse, that kind of thing. but I don’t think I can afford it anymore.”

The chastity locked chap with the moustache had moved away, perhaps in search of a hairpin. The dark haired lady leaned on the counter.

“I want to know if there’s anything inexpensive I can purchase here that will let Elva know that I’m worth it, even without my millions.”

Limbo was stymied. “Do-you came here? Why don’t you go someplace normal and get her a sweater or something?”

“No, a few weeks ago I got her a gold studded paddle that she could tear my ass up with, and Elva seemed pleased with that.

And before that I outfitted our basement with just the latest in torture equipment, and what a lot of long nights I’ve suffered through as a result.”

“But now I might have to sell our house, just to make ends meet. I haven’t ever worked for a living, you know. Just cleaned the house, scrubbing the floor with a sponge in my teeth, licked out ashtrays, that kind of thing.”

Limbo shook his head, as if to eradicate some moths. “We need more people to work here, I think. You could take out some of your pay in this weird kinky equipment, maybe.”

Limbo recalled that the Smorthwaites didn’t really want kinksters working here, ‘cos they were too interested, but he didn’t think he really had the expertise to talk to a bunch of goddamned pervs.

Alma looked like she was just ready to do some selling!

And, since the plan was for Limbo to become one of the managers of this atrocity, according to his cousin Liggins, the big investor…

We need to work within the system.

A big guy with a Van Dyke beard came to the counter. “I really like these canes, but I need to know whether they have an impact. Do you have anyone I could try them on?”

Alma looked straight at him. “You can try them on me, Sir.”

“I like to cane a naked bottom.”

As Limbo and the others at the counter watched, Alma unbuttoned her tight jeans and pulled them down, and the panties afterwards, revealing quite a plump buttocks.

She bent across the counter.

“This one seems like it has an impact.” The man lifted it and slashed Alma’s rear six times, and amazingly, she was silent.

The welts certainly showed up-three just above her tailbone, two across her ass, and one on her back legs.

“What’s your opinion of this cane’s efficacy, Miss?”

“This has quite a bite, sir. My girlfriend has one like it at home, and has used it quite a lot. It’s made from fiberglass.”

“Now we’ll try this thicker one.”

Limbo was astonished at what Alma could take. She ended up selling three canes to the fellow, and then pulled up her shirt so her bosom could test some expensive nipple clamps.

The door opened and Miss Andi, the robot came back in, this time unaccompanied by dragged humans. She walked up to the counter, and Limbo tried to figure out whether he could remove her power pack.

Where would that be? Limbo vaguely remembered old episodes of “Lost In Space” but still, that might not really be a good indicator of how to slow the mechanical girl down.

“I found the guy I was with to be not much of a masochist. But I took him to an ATM and got this.”

Andi threw down a huge wad of bills. Limbo smiled. He put several in the cash drawer and transferred a few more to his pockets. Percocet, Dilaudid, codeine-Tylenol 2,3, 4…oh, yes.

Miss Andi then, miraculously, went over to her little block and climbed on top of it, and her lashes stopped blinking and she resumed staring into space.

“Well, so much for that I guess.” Limbo said.

The dude who’d been trying out implements on Alma looked at Miss Andi hopefully. “Can I rent her?”

“No, I think not.” Limbo said, breathing heavily. “She’s really for display only.”

Alma looked at the tall man. “Perhaps you can rent me.”

“No, Alma honey, this isn’t like, a whorehouse.” On the other hand, if he could get five bills out of the man, that would be quite impressive. It was a moral dilemma.

Limbo wasn’t really used to pondering things, but being a store manager required a bit of cogitation sometimes.