Butch Black Women Ch. 04


Firmly tied up to a wooden post, Mary Adewale screamed as Kristi Rand whipped her hard with the Black leather belt. Deep down in the basement of the Orleans townhouse they shared in suburban Ottawa, Canada, they really got into it. The big and tall young Black woman’s screams filled the house. Short, slim and blonde-haired Englishwoman Kristi Rand laughed heartily as she whipped Mary Adewale with the belt. This was so much fun. She got all wet in funny places. Mary begged her for more, and Kristi was happy to oblige.

For those of you who are scratching your heads and wondering, let us explain. Mary Adewale is a sexy Black gal of Nigerian descent living in the dorms of the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. This six-foot-three, heavyset and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black chick is the star of the University of Ottawa Women’s Rugby Squad. And she’s also secretly gay and very much into BDSM. Her favourite aspect of BDSM is the controversial yet intensely erotic practice of Race Play. Not an easy thing for a strong Black woman to admit but whatever.

Kristin Rand, known as Kristi to her friends, is a native of North London in England. At five-foot-four, she’s rail-thin and kind of mousy. Not exactly what most people think of as threatening. Kristi moved to Ontario from Britain last year. She’s attending Carleton University on an academic scholarship. Kristi is gay, and very much into Black women. Why? She finds them sexy as hell. In Mary Adewale, Kristi Rand found both a passionate lover and a playmate. She just hadn’t expected a sexy plaything. Well, Mary Adewale is that rare Black lesbian who secretly craves White women. And she is deeply submissive in the bedroom.

When Kristi Rand met Mary Adewale, they instantly clicked. However, they didn’t really become soul mates until each discovered the other was into Race Play. Kristi Rand likes to dominate her women in the bedroom. And Mary Adewale likes to submit to other women in bed. It was a match made in interracial lesbian heaven. Now, let us continue with the tale. Kristi had a very naked Mary tied up in the basement, and whipped her with her belt. Mary squealed in pleasure and pain as Kristi whipped her back, shoulders and big buttocks with the belt. Tonight, her fantasy was finally coming true. Kristi got to play the role of a dominant South African female instructor bursa bayan eskort punishing an unruly Zulu female student for bad behaviour. Each gal knew her role and the fun began.

Kristi Rand continued whipping Mary Adewale with the belt. She really enjoyed doing this. Let’s just call it her passion. Kristi had dominated a lot of women in the bedroom. Her small stature and innocent good looks fooled a lot of taller, bigger women into thinking she was nigh hapless. Well, she was quite ruthless. Prior to meeting Mary Adewale, Kristi was in a long-term relationship with a tall Butch chick named Monique Suarez. A Puerto Rican gal she met in a gay bar in North London. Kristi had a thing for tall, dark-skinned women and the bronze-skinned, dark-haired and dark-eyed Monique Suarez appealed to her immensely.

Like a lot of Butch women in the Dyke community, Monique Suarez wasn’t half as tough as she pretended to be. Sure, she cut her hair really short and sported tattoos and piercings. She often wore Black leather jackets and blue jeans. Monique is always sporting guy clothes, along with sunglasses. Yeah, she was totally Butch. In the bedroom it was another story. In the bedroom, Monique allowed Kristi to have total control over her. Kristi often wore a strap-on dildo and made Monique suck it. Then she would bend Monique over and fuck her with it. Kristi got off on totally dominating the bigger and stronger Monique by spanking her butt, smacking her face and slamming the dildo deep into her pussy and asshole. That’s right. Kristi Rand is the kind of dominant femme who fucks Butch women in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Any questions?

Kristi’s next lover was Amy Yu-Wen Li. A sexy Chinese-American gal she met in Essex County, England. Amy Yu-Wen Li was the Executive Director of the British Division of Cooper & Anderson Engineering, an American Civil Engineering Company with many holdings in the Caribbean, Brazil, France, the Middle East and England. Amy was a very smart and sexy Asian gal. This Jade princess stood five-foot-ten, a bit curvy and very short-haired. And she looked absolutely gorgeous in a business suit. Kristi Rand decided she had to have her. And so she did.

Amy Yu-Wen Li was totally kinky and Kristi got her to try Race Play. Watching Amy kneel before bursa evi olan escort her and suck her toes turned Kristi on so much that she came the first time they hooked up. Amy was really at sucking on Kristi’s toes. And Kristi fingered her pussy while the sexy Asian businesswoman completely surrendered to her and obeyed her every wish. The climax of their first encounter came when a kneeling Amy acknowledged Kristi as her Ivory Goddess before sucking her strap-on dildo. After Amy polished the dildo with her tongue, Kristi put her on all fours and spanked her ass before fucking her with it. Kristi lubricated Amy’s ass before sliding the dildo into her asshole. Gripping Amy’s hips tightly, Kristi began ramming the dildo up her butt. Asian beauty Amy Yu-Wen Li squealed as she got fucked in the ass by a dominant Englishwoman. Face down and ass up, she took everything Kristi dished at her. How cool was that?

Sandwiched between Monique Suarez, Amy Yu-Wen-Li and Mary Adewale was Kristi’s most unforgettable lover, the sexy Fatima Abdul-Kasim. A lovely Arab woman from the United Arab Emirates. This five-foot-eleven, bronze-skinned and black-haired, curvy Arabian beauty studied business administration at Oxford University at the time she met the sexy Kristi Rand. Fatima was secretly gay and Kristi provided her with all the sex and passion a closeted lesbian could ever need. Kristi helped Fatima Abdul-Kasim unleash her passion, and the results were amazing.

Like all women, Arabian women have their kinks, secrets and passions. People forget this when looking at them. Kristi didn’t, and Fatima was most thankful for that. When they hooked up, she was eager to please. Fatima loved pleasing Kristi. To the extent of getting naked and parading in her dormitory for the horny short Englishwoman. Kristi in turn would spread Fatima’s thighs and give her pussy a good licking. Having her pussy licked and fingered by a horny gay Englishwoman absolutely delighted the closeted Arab lesbian. Kristi later introduced her to her trusty strap-on dildo.

Face down and ass up, that’s the way Kristi Rand fucked the lovely but naive Fatima Abdul-Kasim. She spanked the Arab woman’s big butt and pulled her hair while thrusting her dildo deep into Fatima’s snatch. Fatima screamed as she got fucked by Kristi’s bursa rus escort thick strap-on dildo. This was the most intense thing she’d ever experienced. Kristi fucked her hard, spanking her big butt while slamming the dildo deep inside of her. Later, Kristi ordered Fatima to spread her ass cheeks. Then she applied lube all over her asshole before pushing the dildo inside. Fatima gasped as Kristi’s dildo penetrated her asshole. The horny Arab woman couldn’t believe the things she was letting the Englishwoman do to her. Amazing. Kristi fucked Fatima hard, drilling her ass. Fatima’s screams filled the dormitory. She was one of Kristi’s most memorable conquests.

Yeah, Kristi Rand is really good at dominating other women. Just ask our dear friend Mary Adewale. The big and tall Nigerian woman screamed as Kristi gave her a good whipping with the belt. Then, Kristi took out her strap-on dildo and made her suck it. Kneeling before her Superior Ivory Goddess, the African woman sucked the dildo eagerly. Kristi smiled as Mary sucked her strap-on dildo. Once she deemed Mary had done a good job, Kristi decided to fuck her. Face down and ass up, just like the others. Kristi caressed Mary’s big Black butt before pushing her fingers into her asshole. Mary’s asshole felt warm and tight around Kristi’s fingers. And the big Black woman was definitely not an anal virgin. The kinky Englishwoman liked that a lot. Later, she pushed the dildo into Mary’s asshole.

Mary groaned as Kristi began working the dildo deep into her asshole. Kristi laughed and pushed the dildo deeper inside of her. She loved dominating big and tall, strong and sexy women in the bedroom. Especially if they had something Butch about them, or happened to be foreigners. Local women didn’t interest Kristi. Exotic women made her world go around. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. So she happily pumped the dildo into Mary’s asshole. The big and tall Black woman squealed as she got the butt fucking she craved. Kristi plunged the dildo even deeper inside of her. They went at it until Mary begged for mercy. A laughing Kristi made her clean the dildo with her tongue. The same dildo she just used on her. Is that cool or what?

The adventures of Kristi Rand will continue. She’s left Europe and is living in North America now. She’s out there, roaming around looking for sexy women from exotic locations. African, Asian, Hispanic and Arabic women appeal to her immensely. She’s currently looking for a sexy Native American woman to hook up with. Let’s just say her appetite for kinky sex with gorgeous women from diverse backgrounds is growing. Nothing wrong with that. Variety is the way to go when it comes to sex.