Scott and Anne… Again?


When you have someone like Anne working for you, it’s pretty easy going to work everyday. Not only is she a top-notch assistant but she’s absolutely beautiful and best of all, I get the pleasure of fucking her whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I first fucked Anne last fall when I took her on a business trip. The original plan was for it to be a one time thing because at the time I had this silly rule of what goes on out of town stays out of town. In fact that’s the name of the story describing our first encounter. That rule was forever abolished when I fucked Anne again at the Company holiday party. It was after that fabulous day of fucking that we decided to hook up again whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Unfortunately because of our particular situations the opportunity does not often present itself. The problem is not that she works for me. That has roadblocks of its own and I know there would be hell to pay if upper management ever found out, but we no longer worry about that issue. We both agree that the sex is so good that it’s well worth the risk of any consequences with work.

The problem is my wife of nearly ten years and her boyfriend who she’s been with for over five years and has lived with for nearly a year. We both love our significant others but for different reasons we can’t resist the animal attraction we seem to have for each other.

The other issue I have with my wife and in my marriage is the number of times we have sex. Since having two kids our sexual activity has decreased to less than once a week. The quality is still nice but the quantity is no where near what I want it to be. Call me selfish but I need to get laid more than once a week. So rather than press the issue and perhaps drive a wedge between me and my wife, a while back I decided to seek additional sexual gratification from other sources. Until I started fucking Anne, those other sources were limited to women I met out of town whether on business trips or a trip with the boys. Anne is the first and only one I’ve fucked in town.

Anne’s circumstances are virtually the exact opposite as mine. Her problem is not quantity (she and her boyfriend have sex at least three times a week); but rather quality. He makes her cum some of the time but even when he does it’s not the excitement or earth shattering orgasms she’s experienced with me. Generally speaking her boyfriend is a good guy but when it comes to sex he’s a bit uptight and pretty much a selfish lover.

So on one hand neither one of us wants to lose the relationships that we have; but on the other hand, the incredibly hot sex we’re having with each other doesn’t come around very often and neither one of us seem willing to put an end to it. So after our holiday party adventure, we adopted a new clichéd saying to justify our actions, “what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

The best part of my relationship with Anne is obviously the great sex, but it’s so fucking cool how well we get along. With our fifteen year age difference you would think we wouldn’t have anything in common but we can talk about any and everything including past and current sexual experiences and neither one of us gets the least bit jealous.

One of the hottest things I find about her, other than her obvious good looks, is how extremely comfortable and confident she is with her sexuality. Nothing turns me on more than a beautiful woman who can be elegant, sophisticated, and professional one minute and then a down right sexual freak the next minute. I just can’t imagine anything hotter than someone you presume to be pure and innocent who gets down and dirty by bobbing her head up and down while sucking your dick dry or telling you to fuck the shit out her as you’re pounding her hot pussy.

These are the thoughts and memories that have been swirling around my head since I last fucked Anne. And it doesn’t help to work so closely with her and the endless flirting we do with one another. Needless to say I’m in a damn near constant state of arousal. Fortunately I have had a little more sex with the wife since the holidays but I’ve also jacked off virtually everyday for the past few months.

Luckily I’m not the only one with an increased sexual appetite. Anne freely admits that sex is on her mind a lot manisa escort more now than before we started fucking. Unfortunately the primary beneficiary of that is her boyfriend who is getting more pussy than he knows what to do with. She says it’s pretty good but he still doesn’t make her cum nearly as much as she’d like and as a result she’s finding herself masturbating more and more often.

With no kids, Anne has much more freedom and opportunities to get together than I do. Believe it or not, I’m probably a bit too careful in not hooking up with her. But again, a part of me is terrified of losing what I have and unfortunately over the years I’ve developed a routine of coming home from work and not going out very often without my wife or kids. So as horny as I’ve been and as much as I crave to fuck her again, seemingly forever passed without Anne and me hooking up.

That all unexpectedly changed one Saturday last March and I owe it all to a heavy workload and the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

I’m really busy at work the first quarter of each year. Sometimes I bring work home but it’s hard to get much done when you have two small kids needing your attention. So I decided to go in to work on a few Saturdays to catch up on things when no one is around the office to interrupt me.

The first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament I usually go out of town with the guys to watch the games and have all kinds of fun at strip clubs and see what kind of harmless fun we could get into. Well this year the boys couldn’t make the trip which was just as well considering how much work I had to do but I was still a little bummed about missing out on the fun we normally have.

Fortunately all was not lost because it just so happened that this particular Saturday I knew that Anne would be home alone because her boyfriend would be out with his friends all day watching the games. As much as I love college basketball, I love pussy just a little bit more. I told my wife I was going in to the office, which was nothing unusual and on the way I gave Anne a call. As fate would have it, she had no plans and it didn’t take much to convince her to meet me at the office.

Sometimes things have a way of working out for you and for me, this was one such occasion. I had the perfect excuse of going in to the office that coincided with a free day for Anne and because the office is deserted on weekends there was no need to run the risk of being spotted at a hotel. We wouldn’t have the comfort of a bed, but that sure as hell didn’t bother us at the holiday party.

I got to the office and tried to pass the time by getting some work done before Anne arrived, but it was to no avail. I was more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve. Sex was definitely on my mind and the only thing I could think about was whether or not I should jack off before she got there so that I wouldn’t blow my load too soon with her. I was in such deep thought that I didn’t even hear or notice Anne standing at my office door.

“Hey you” she said softly as I looked up to take notice of her. “You looked like you were a million miles away. What were you thinking about?”

“You don’t want to know.” I responded.

She chuckled, “the last time you told me that you had just finished masturbating into a tissue in that very chair. What is it this time?”

“Pretty much the same thing. I was thinking about jacking off before you got here so that I wouldn’t cum too quickly later.”

“In a funny kind of way that’s pretty sweet. Well don’t let me stop you.” She said as she sat down on my office couch.

“What? You want me to do that with you here?”

“Why not? I can see from your bulge that you’re already hard. I think it’ll be hot to watch while you do your thing. You’re not going to get shy on me now, are you?”

“You know me better than that.” I stated as I unzipped my pants and took off my clothes.

Once fully naked I began slowly stroking up and down my rock hard dick. Anne looked on in a near hypnotic trance. After a few minutes she began a slow striptease without once taking her eyes off of me. One button at a time down her shirt, it was now my turn to look on with lust in my eyes.

Before long she was in only her matching bra and panties. kütahya escort Turning around showing off her magnificent ass she removed her bra and turned back around with her hands covering her tits to prolong the tease. Bringing her hands down pinching her obviously hard nipples she let out a soft moan as I licked my lips thinking about sucking those tits in a very few minutes. Anne’s breasts are no bigger than a 34B but she has large nipples that are perfect for sucking.

She turned back around, arched her back, bent down at the waist as she removed her panties giving me my first view of her pussy in months. Watching her I had subconsciously increased the pace of my stroking to the point where pre-cum was providing a great lubricant and no way I would be able to last much longer.

“Slow your roll big fella. You’ve put on quite a show for me. Why don’t you let me help you out for the finishing act.”

She replaced my hand with her hand, knelt down before me, and engulfed the head of my dick in her mouth. She held me in her mouth as she stroked my shaft with her hand and twirled her tongue around and around my dick. I felt myself getting wobbly in the knees as I let out an inaudible moan. Anne continued her masterful job of sucking my dick as I luckily managed to gather support by leaning on the side of my desk.

I was on the verge of cumming when she suddenly stopped thrusting my shaft and slowly started taking more and more of my dick in her mouth. Somehow she managed to fully engulf all seven of my rock hard inches. Words cannot do justice in describing how fucking incredible it feels to have your entire dick deep inside a woman’s mouth. She looked up at me with those sexy brown eyes and with her lips firmly planted on the base of my dick, she actually tried to smile and I nearly blew my load right there.

Feeling the throbbing in her mouth, she obviously sensed I was close and began what I can only describe as bobbing her head up and down my entire shaft like a well-oiled machine. In a matter of seconds I grunted and blew my load. She didn’t skip a beat. I’ve had what I thought were pretty good blowjobs, but I’ve never known anyone who could suck a dick like Anne.

Finally releasing my softening dick from her mouth after milking me dry and swallowing every drop, she leaned back on her knees and gave me the sexiest, proudest grin you could ever imagine. Regaining my strength I was determined to repay her for the immense pleasure she had just provided me.

I led her to the couch where we began passionately making out like school kids in the back seat of a car. Unlike some guys I didn’t give a fuck that I had just shot a boatload of cum in her mouth, Anne gets really hot from kissing and truth be known I was enjoying our mutual tongue action as much as she.

I laid her back on the couch and began my trademark move of working my way down kissing her body. In her heighten state of arousal Anne was moaning louder and louder and my kissing of her neck actually gave her goose bumps down her arms and legs. I was tempted to get a little rougher but leaving a mark on her neck would have been juvenile and more importantly too hard to explain to her boyfriend, so I continued downward to her rock hard nipples and perky tits.

Knowing what she likes and how she likes it, I wasted no time in unleashing an all out assault on her nipples. Pinching and squeezing one while kissing, licking and biting the other, her audio of her moans increased with each passing second. Continuing my assault on her tits, I moved one hand between her legs to test the waters. I could not believe how wet she was. Her lips were engorged, her clit exposed and pussy juice was literally running down her thighs. I inserted my middle finger, massaged her clit with my thumb and seemingly instantaneously she arched her back and exploded in orgasm. Her pussy clamped on my finger but her wetness allowed me to work it in and out prolonging her orgasm as I continued sucking her tits.

As she took some time to catch her breath, I maneuvered myself between her legs kissing her thighs and enjoying the aroma of her still pulsating pussy. The first lick of her pussy brought back her erotic moans. Seeing she had not completely calmed down from her first orgasm malatya escort I knew it wouldn’t take much to send her back over the edge. At first I steered clear of her sensitive clit and focused on fucking her with my tongue. Based on her increase moans she was obviously enjoying herself but I was in high heaven myself as I could not get enough of her pussy which I must admit tastes better than sweet butter. With her breathing rapidly increasing as soon as I licked her clit, she placed her hands on the back of my head, tensed up, and came for the second time.

Not as intense or as long as her first one but you would have never known that based on the volume of her moaning. Anne was a definite screamer and I loved it. After all, is there anything more erotic than the sounds of passion from a woman in the throws of orgasm?

Just as I was positioning myself to fuck her, she startled me by pushing me off her. I sat up on the couch sort of dumbfounded as she walked to the door still butt fucking naked. She didn’t say a word until she opened the door and saw I wasn’t behind her.

“Well come on.”

“Where exactly are we going?” I asked inquisitively.

“You’ll see. Just come on.”

Hell the office was desert, so what did I care if she wanted to walk around naked. All I knew was that my dick was hard and I needed to fuck that pussy. So of course I quickly got up and followed her out into the open office.

She stopped at her cubicle and turned around to face me.

“Last time we fucked on your desk, this time I want you to fuck me on my desk.”

With my face still smeared with her pussy juice, we started making out as passionately as before. I lifted her up and sat her on the edge of her desk which provided the perfect height. With her incredibly wet pussy I easily slide my rock hard dick inside her. She wrapped her legs around me and within moments we were fucking at a furious pace.

Had it not been for my tongue being deep inside her mouth her moans and groans would have been even louder than in my office. Of course this just made me fuck her even harder.

Not wanting to cum before getting into our favorite position, I managed to pull out, turn her around and re-enter her from behind. Without my tongue down her throat to muffle the sounds Anne was moaning at a feverish pitch as I pounded her hot pussy. Taking a hold of her magnificent ass, I was in absolute heaven as my balls slapped her clit with each hard thrust.

Her earlier blowjob had not only felt sensational but was now coming in handy as it was allowing me to fuck her much longer than I would normally have been able. Even when she was cumming and her pussy clamped down and squeezed my dick, I continued pounding her sweet pussy until we both were damn near exhausted.

I reluctantly pulled out and decided to finish the show I was putting on when we first got started. With my dick glistening from her juices I stroked myself from head to base, giving her a chance to catch her breath.

“Damn that’s so fucking hot.” She said staring at my self stimulation. “Stroke that big dick baby. Let me see you cum.”

“Why don’t you come get a closer look?” I managed to say in between breaths.

“With pleasure”

“OH FUCK! Here it comes!”

With her face just inches from my dick, she opened her mouth to provide an inviting target but I missed and shot a stream of cum across her nose just below her right eye. She started laughing when I missed again and shot the rest of my load on her cheek and chin.

Back in my office we were still naked; chillin on my couch drinking a couple beers I keep in my fridge.

“You may not believe this Anne, but fucking you has been the best sex of my life.”

“Oh I believe you.” She said confidently.

“Well don’t we think highly of ourselves.”

“Well what can I say, I like sex and I know how to fuck.”

“I can’t argue with that.”

“Since we’re being all honest and shit, I must admit that sex with you has been the best sex I’ve ever had too.”

“Oh the way I was working that pussy, I already knew that.”

“Well, well, well, now who’s the one all full of himself.”

“I just wish we could find a way to get together more often.”

“Hey you know I’m all for that. But let’s be real. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, but what they find out will damn sure hurt us.”

With that we tap beers toasting and reveling in the moment, but already thinking about the circumstances that would allow a repeat performance.