Eliza Havering Ch. 02


We had been sitting in the garden chatting about her latest ‘client’. I was trying to come to terms with what she was telling me. What she said next changed my world forever.

“Would you like to meet her?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Was I really being invited to meet her ‘client’ who she claimed was naked and locked in her cellar?

“I warn you,” she said standing up, “she may not be in the mood for idle chatter, but your presence might be beneficial.”

As she headed towards the gate, I knew I should have stayed sitting and simply called, “No thanks but the best of luck.” Instead I hurried after her, following like a sheep. What the fuck was going on? I thought to myself. Her back garden was beautifully manicured in stark contrast to mine and I tried not to feel guilty as I followed up a couple of steps and into her kitchen. Very few original features had been altered. There was still the flagstone floor and the beamed ceiling. The fire recess that once must have held a large wood-fired range now had a large six-burner gas cooker. This seemed to be the only innovation. The antique rustic table dominated the centre of the room and the whole kitchen oozed warmth and cosy evenings huddled around the blazing fire.

Eliza was already standing by an open door in one corner. I could see a few stone steps, going down to what was presumably the cellar. I walked across and she led the way down the stairs, switching lights on as she went. At the bottom there was an open space and a single heavy-looking door. Eliza went over to a bench and sat down. She kicked off her girlish pink flip-flops and started zipping herself into a pair of black leather, thigh-length boots.

“These teenagers …” she commented as she tugged the zips up the backs of her legs, “seem to have fixed ideas in their silly minds and sometimes I have to go along with it. I think they watch far too much porn on their mobiles. I have to assume a certain role. Please don’t be too shocked.”

She stood up and instantly became five inches taller thanks to the heels on the boots. Then she began to loosen the belt of her robe. My mouth was dry, and I watched with expectation and I was not disappointed. If this was a role then I was all for it. Last weekend she had visited looking elegant and utterly gorgeous. Now she was something else. She dropped the fluffy white robe onto the bench and turned to face me.

“What do you think of the costume,” she asked, “it’s a bit theatrical but my clients, and their parents or partners, seem to expect it. Curiously so do the girls. And especially their fathers. Who am I to stop their fun?”

I was already excited by her boots and as she had taken off her robe with her back to me, I had had a chance to examine more. I didn’t yet know how much she was hidden at the front by her panties, but it hid nothing of her bottom. I was already partly in love with her and now I fell completely. A thin string ran between the cheeks of her arse and as she bent to place her robe on the low bench, I caught the briefest glimpse of her pretty brown bud. When she turned round my eyes widened even more.

The front of her thong was about as tiny as it could be. I could see no hint of hair so I assumed she must be shaved. I tried to swallow but my mouth was too dry. When I let my eyes travel further up her body, I found she was wearing a jet-black corset. Or is it a basque? I’m never sure which is which. It covered her boobs is all I remember. But only just. She wasn’t huge in that department but the corset or basque pushed them up until they bulged up and were almost spilling out of the front.

“You like?” she asked with a devilish grin.

I didn’t trust myself to speak so I just nodded. She grinned knowingly. She knew the effect she was having on me. She understood my plight and walked past me towards the heavy door. On the wall next to the door was a length of wood with coat hooks screwed onto it. Hanging from it were all sorts of things that I loosely called whips. I’m sure each had their own proper name, but I was entering a world I knew nothing about. She picked out the only one I did recognise, a riding crop. I only knew what it was as my ex had once gone through a horse-riding phase and would often parade around in those tight leggings they wear and brandishing her crop. Eliza also took down a large key. She turned to look at me.

“Ready?” she asked, sensing my nervousness.

I nodded and tried to make myself match her stern expression. I had no real idea what to expect on the other side of the door. Would there really be a naked girl in there or was all this some elaborate game. The key made a satisfying clunk as it settled into the keyhole, a sound that seemed amplified in the silent cellar. With a creak of the hinges the door was swung open and Eliza stepped inside.

For a moment I was tempted to turn and walk back up the stairs, but my curiosity had the better of me. I stepped to one side and peered into the room. It was small, little more than a cell and Eliza seemed to fill most of it. Beyond her, cowering in a corner was her ‘client’. She had not been ensest porno lying. The girl was naked. And she was young, I guessed at about nineteen or twenty. I later found out she was twenty-one but at the time to me she looked younger. A loud crack filled the small space as Eliza smacked the side of her boot with the crop.

“Stand up!” her voice filled the room, and she used a tone that could not be ignored or disobeyed. Slowly the girl got to her feet, looking terrified.

“Position one!” the same voice, the same impelling command. “Remember what I taught you!”

Slowly the girl stood upright and placed her hands behind her head. This made her young breasts push forward almost obscenely. Her face was grubby and streaked with tears and she looked terrified. Her pale skin was also covered in dirty smudges. I guessed it was from being in the cellar as it looked none to clean. It had probably once been used as a coal cellar. Suddenly Eliza’s crop struck the girl on the outside of her thigh making her yelp with pain. I jumped at the suddenness of the sharp sound. My movement must have caught the girl’s eye as she suddenly saw me standing behind Eliza, watching the proceedings. Her eyes widened in shock at the sight of a new figure. Eliza must have sensed this, and half turned towards me.

“Come in, Duncan,” she said and stepped to one side giving me an even clearer view of the frightened naked girl. Somehow, she had kept her pose and corrected it by spreading her legs wide. This inevitable focussed my attention on her pussy which, I was amazed to see, was glistening in the dim light, and appeared to be already oozing with her juices.

“Come and meet my new pupil. Her name is Sylvia although her friends call her Syl. And she lets them, which shows a lack of self-respect I think, don’t you?” Without waiting for an answer, she turned back to the girl. “Duncan is a friend and he wanted to meet you. Aren’t you honoured, Sylvia?”

The girl nodded dumbly. Another strike with the crop on her thigh made her yelp and find her voice.

“Hello, Sir.” She managed to force out.

“Good afternoon, Sylvia, you seem to have got yourself in a bit of trouble.”

Eliza turned and grinned at me. I had obviously responded in the right way.

“She has been badly behaved since she got her two days ago,” she explained, “I have tried restraints and other punishments and locking her in here was a last resort. She needs to apologise, and do it sincerely, before I will let her out and she can have some food. Surely, I am not being too harsh, am I Duncan?”

“It certainly sounds like she needs teaching a lesson,” I replied. Inside my jeans my dick was growing bigger by the minute. Sylvia’s cunt juices were beginning to trickle down the inside of her thighs and I found it hard to take my eyes off it.

Eliza turned back to the girl, “well? Are you ready to apologise and to start behaving yourself?”

“Yes, Miss, I am so, so sorry, Miss. I promise I’ll behave, I really will.”

“Did that sound sincere to you Duncan?” she asked me.

“Not too bad,” I said, trying to imply a sliver of doubt.

“I wasn’t that convinced,” said Eliza, “turn around girl!”

Sylvia slowly shuffled around making sure her feet were kept well apart.

“You know the drill by now, girl. Bend over, fingertips to the floor and stay still.”

I could not believe what was happening in front of me. Sylvia’s grubby arse was pointing straight at me and her slightly darker anus seemed to stare at me. Eliza stepped to one side and without hesitating struck four blows with the crop, two on the left cheek and two on the right. The girl yelled and nearly fell over. The sound of the sharp slaps echoed around the tiny cell. Thinking it was over the girl started to straighten up.

“Did I say you could move? Get back down,” Eliza barked out, then she turned to me, “I think four more should do it this time, don’t you think so?”

I didn’t know what to say. My head was swirling with strange thoughts. I simply nodded unable to find my voice. Then Eliza held the crop out to me, handle first.

“Would you care to try?” she asked me.

I tried to act shocked but inside I was eager to have a try. There was something about the cruel black leather crop and the girl’s grubby white bottom that I found irresistible. Already red marks were beginning to appear on her pale skin. I reached out and took the offered crop. It felt good in my hand and I swished it through the air a few times to get the feel of it. It felt good and made very satisfying whistling noises that cannot have been lost on the bent figure in front of me. I took a couple of steps forward to get into range. Unlike Eliza who had stood to the side and struck across, I stood behind and aimed to bring it downwards. I had seen this on a video clip I’d watched during the week and it seemed a good method.

The first try struck her right cheek a glancing blow and made a lovely sound as she yelped again. I heard Eliza mutter “Harder” quietly under her breath. My second blow was aimed at her left cheek asyalı porno and I extended my arm slightly. I felt it reverberate up the handle of the crop and tingle in my palm. She shouted even louder this time and stumbled forward. Eliza grabbed her ponytail and pulled her back and helped her stay on her feet. Two red marks were slowly developing on the pale skin.

“Two more and then we’ll ask her again.”

I nodded and aimed for her right cheek again. Now I had the technique I got a better reaction. A yelp and then the unmistakable sound of sobbing. Part of me wanted to stop at the thought of her tears but I only had one more and I wanted to make it a good one. A decent apology was all we asked of her. Then I was surprised that I had just thought of it as ‘We’ and not simply Eliza. The last blow was my best and I let my arm fall to the side, the crop dangling from my hand. I watched as the two new marks slowly appeared, red and livid. Eliza tugged at the girl’s hair and pulled her upright.

“Turn around!”

Again, the awkward shuffling as she turned to face us, trying to keep her legs well spread. I glanced down. She was leaking even more, something I hadn’t noticed while I was spanking her. I looked at her face and fresh tear tracks ran across her grubby cheeks.

“Ready to apologise properly now, girl?”

Sylvia sniffed back her tears. “I … I … I really, really am sorry that I was so bad. I promise to be good from now on, Miss. Please don’t punish me again. Please.”

“Well?” Eliza asked me.

“I think that sounded sincere that time,” I answered her. Besides, I felt the poor girl had been punished enough, at least for now. What Eliza had planned for her future I didn’t know.

“So do I,” she agreed, “now, Sylvia, I think you should thank us.”

Sylvia’s sad and tearful face lifted, and she looked at us each in turn. “Thank you, Miss, and thank you, Sir.”

Then Eliza did something I was not expecting. She stepped up to Sylvia, put her arms around her and gave her a warm and loving hug. For a long silent moment, the two women clung tightly to each other. When Eliza stepped back, I could see that fresh tears were running down Sylvia’s face but this time they were tears of happiness.

“I’m hungry,” Eliza suddenly announced, “and I’m sure Sylvia is as well. After all I promised she could eat when she had apologised.” She turned to me. “Jane, my cook, will have left something. I have no idea what but I’m sure it will be delicious. Will you join us?”

With the sad prospect of a lonely microwave meal for one waiting for me back home I readily agreed. She walked out of the door and Sylvia hurried to follow her. I followed behind still admiring my handiwork on her bottom that now glowed even more brightly. Outside the door Eliza stopped and turned to face Sylvia. She reached up to the row of pegs. Hidden amongst all the whips was something I had missed before. She took down a black leather dog’s leash attached to an open, brass-studded black leather collar. Sylvia obediently stood quietly and allowed Eliza to fasten the collar around her neck. Taking the end of the leash Eliza headed up the stairs to the kitchen pulling Sylvia behind her. As I climbed at the back of the queue Sylvias battered bottom was at eye-level and I kept getting glimpses of her anus and her wet cunt. They were both a delight for my eyes.

In the kitchen Eliza paused. “Take a seat a moment, Duncan. I need to go and find something to clean her up a little. She can’t have dinner in that state.”

As she walked past me on her way out, she passed me the end of the dog leash. I took it automatically and watched her back as she left.

“Keep and eye on her,” she called over her shoulder.

I sat down on one of the old but sturdy kitchen chairs I looked Sylvia up and down. She seemed to have revered slightly and I wondered if I should allow her to sit as well but pushed the idea away. It somehow seemed wrong. She simply stood next to me, head bowed, and eyes fixed on the floor, her hands clasped behind her. I was happy to sit in silence trying to make sense of the last hour. I was a little shocked and surprised at my reaction to seeing the young girl punished but I remembered the feeling of elation as I grasped the plaited handle of the crop and how it felt to lift my arm and get those loud yelps as a reward. My thoughts were interrupted by the return of Eliza. She was carrying a towel and something that seemed to be shower gel. She walked past us heading for the back door.

“Let us do this in the garden,” she announced, “bring her with you Duncan.”

I stood up and dutifully followed her into the garden, Sylvia obediently following the pull of the leash. Eliza was busy connecting a hose pipe to an outside tap and Sylvia was directed to a spot on the lawn.

“You can unclip her, Duncan. I’m sure by now she knows better than to run away.”

I unclipped the leash and stood to one side out of the way. I had an idea what was going to happen, and I didn’t want to get soaked as well. Eliza turned on the tap, adjusted gizli çekim porno the spray from the nozzle and then turned it on Sylvia. The shock of the cold water made her yelp again, but she slowly got used to it. It was still only mid-afternoon and very warm so it must have been refreshing. I was glad I had stood well back as the spray splashed everywhere. Eliza continued to point the jet of water at her, telling her to turn around slowly. Then she held the hose to one side and handed her the bottle of shower gel.

“Time to scrub up, girl. I want you nice and clean before you can have dinner.”

Sylvia started to wash herself and the dirty streaks slowly disappeared. Beneath the grime she was very pretty indeed, and I felt my dick, that had softened while waiting in the kitchen, began to stiffen once more. I watched in fascination as Sylvia washed her whole body and Eliza occasionally ran the hose over her as encouragement.

“Don’t forget your cunt and arse,” she said, “its important to keep those clean. When you first arrived, you stank down there.”

I think Sylvia blushed, but she obediently washed carefully between her legs both front and back, sliding her hand between the cheeks of her arse. She was made to do her hair as well before she was thoroughly rinsed off and Eliza turned off the water. She passed Sylvia the towel who grabbed at it and used it to keep off the slight chill that had started in the early evening air. She also took the chance to cover herself, however briefly, from our penetrating stares. It was a respite that was doomed never to last as Eliza snatched the towel away.

“Put her back on the leash, Duncan and bring her to the kitchen, she commanded me.

She left us and I did as I had been told. Sylvia was shivering slightly from all the cold water, but she looked sparkling and fresh in the sunshine. I clipped the leash back to her collar and led her back inside. Eliza glanced at us before going over to what appeared to be a set of old-fashioned cupboards. Taking hold of a handle she pulled, and the complete set of doors lifted out and up before sliding noiselessly out of the way. They had been hiding all the best equipment that a modern kitchen needed. She picked up a piece of paper and read what was written on it.

“Jane tells me she has made a salad and some smoked fish pate. I hope we all like fish. She has suggested that, and some toast should suffice. Ah well, we can always order more in if we get hungry later. There’s a good pizza place not far away.”

She turned and saw Sylvia shivering across the room trying to hug herself warm.

“Are you cold?” she asked, a little needlessly I thought, “I know a cure for that … exercise! Star jumps, now!”

Poor Sylvia knew she had no choice but to obey. I unclipped her leash and sat down to watch as she began to do star jumps. Eliza took a moment out to stand across the kitchen and watch as well, a smile on her face.

“Isn’t that a lovely sight?” she asked me.

“Delightful,” I replied and knew I had turned another corner.

While Eliza busied herself making toast for the pate, I watched Sylvia do her jumps. I loved the way her tits and her bum jiggled each time she landed. And I adored the flash of her pink cunt as she stretched her legs outwards. I was in heaven. As the toast popped out of the toaster, Eliza called over her shoulder.

“Enough jumps, running on the spot now.”

Sylvia looked relieved. She had started panting quite heavily with the effort of the star jumps. Her tits rose and fell with the rhythm of her breathing. I continued to watch her, mesmerized by the jiggling of her nipples. I could feel my erection starting to bulge inside my trousers but could do little to hide it.

“I think we’ll eat in the dining room,” came the sudden announcement. She had loaded a salad bowl, some small ramekins of pate and a plate of toast triangles onto a tray. “Stop running now, Sylvia, and take this and follow me.”

Sylvia stopped and gasped for breath. At least she looked pink and warm. She took the tray and Eliza led the way from the kitchen. Once again, I brought up the rear, still clutching the redundant leash in my hand. The house we walked through had once been and still was a very elegant and well-to-do home. Probably belonging originally to one of the new Victorian middle classes that had grown rich and fat off the misery of the poor. Everywhere was clean and sparkling but I somehow didn’t imagine Eliza spent much time doing her own housework. She opened a pair of mahogany doors and led us into what was clearly the dining room.

It was the height of decadent living. The polished table was ostentatiously long and was flanked on both side by elegant dining chairs. There were two places laid, one at either end. Eliza sat herself at one end and motioned me to the other. Where Sylvia was supposed to sit, I didn’t know. My question was soon answered. For the moment she stood next to Eliza’s chair holding the tray. Eliza served herself with salad and some toast and a ramekin of pate and then waved Sylvia away. She came and stood next to me and I piled food onto my plate. I’d neglected lunch and I was now starving. Sylvia seemed to know what she was supposed to do. perhaps that had been one of her first lessons. She went back to the other end of the table, put the tray down and then knelt on the floor next to Eliza’s chair.