Devlin is a Black Male Stripper


Devlin is 25 years old, single, 6ft 2inches tall, black and well-built with a strong muscular physique. His parents came to Britain from Mali some 30 years ago but brought Devlin up as British. Most importantly for his job as an adult entertainment stripper, he’s very well endowed with a nine inch long fat penis when erect which makes him very popular with the ladies especially when doing his male stripper act at a local night club.

The club like their strippers, both men and women, to have no body hair and have their own salon where the staff can be waxed. The club obviously allows the audience to touch the naked strippers and do many things like blow jobs but they do not allow penetration sex unless it’s a private function and the strippers are willing.

In some ways the women are much better protected against the audience trying to go too far by the small army of minders but the men have to deal with things more or less on their own. Also the women are much better paid than the men even though the trade in men doing shows just for women is growing fast with hen-nights and birthday parties.

In the 18 months or so that Devlin has been performing he’s had many women jacking him and sucking him but only once, in his early days, has he actually cum and that was in a woman’s hands and all over her clothes, which she seemed to make her proud but got him in trouble with the club.

It just seemed to make him more popular and he was booked for many private functions where he was expected to fuck the women and cum all over them. He’s had some very satisfied women after being fucked by his monster and clips of some of these parties have appeared on the Internet for all to see.

Just once he was booked for a stag night to celebrate a young lad’s graduation from University and he was forced to stand naked and erect and let the young lad give him a hand-job and Devlin had to cum in his mouth. Devlin duly obliged filling the lad’s mouth and forcing him to swallow it all.

All the male strippers have a ready supply of Viagra to ensure their erections but the club always take precautions about usage as the drug can have quite serious side effects on the men.

Anyway: Just one month ago Devlin was approached by a pretty young female guest after one of the shows at the club, and asked if he’d be willing to do an off-the-books private show at a private house near Derby where he lives. Devlin was informed that it was a special 18th birthday party for a girl which also coincided with her passing her school exams. Devlin took all the details from the girl and he was told to meet at this particular address in Derby on the Saturday night in question. The job was for 24 hours and very good money so he could hardly turn it down and the 24 hour time-scale intrigued (and excited) him.

When Devlin got to the house in the Allestree area just to the north of the city at 8pm, it was enormous. The house stood in about 4 acres of its own land and was a three storey Georgian pile so yalova escort the family obviously had real money. He later found out it had eight bedrooms, three reception rooms etc. plus the small ballroom which is where the party was taking place.

He was greeted by the same girl, Natalie, who made the booking and she ushered him inside to a dressing room at the side of the ballroom. The ballroom had its own little stage and the dressing room had an access door direct on to it.

“Portia’s (the birthday girl) an only child and gets what she wants and her parents have gone away for the weekend and left the place to us girls. They know she’s having a party but no idea about you.” Natalie smiled at him in knowing way and left

“We have a special night lined up for Portia and she knows we’re up to something but no idea about you OK?” Devlin nodded. “Let the other girls take the lead and all you have to do is be there and you’ll soon get the picture OK?” He nodded again. “We’ll be back in to collect you in a little while.” She shot out grinning and rubbing her hands in anticipation.

Devlin had taken his Viagra in the car on the way and he could feel the familiar stirrings.

Fifteen minutes later the door opened and two very pretty girls wearing bikinis came in and took Devlin by the hand and guided him onto the stage. There were five more girls all wearing bikinis and Devlin could pick out Natalie now in her tiny red bikini up near the stage. It was almost unnerving for Devlin, despite his experience, being the only man with seven teen girls all wearing little bikinis. There were some outstandingly beautiful young girls in the room and most of their bodies were there for Devlin to see

Birthday girl Portia was right at the front wearing the tiniest gold bikini with tie up bows either side of her hips and just a bow at the back holding the bra. Portia is 5ft 2inch tall with long curly blonde hair with blue eyes, absolutely gorgeous with a model-like figure. Absolute perfection is the way Devlin described her afterwards. Devlin would have fancied her anywhere but he sort of knew he was going to get to know her very soon as he sensed the mood of excitement around the room.

Devlin could really feel the Viagra working and it was good job as the girls started slowly undressing him. In no time he was naked and the crowd of girls were whooping and cheering as one of the girls on the stage started fingering his growing erection which accelerated the process.

One of the other girls came over to him carrying leather straps and Devlin allowed her to strap them round his wrists and then round his ankles. As he looked around he noticed two steel ropes with hooks on their ends hanging down from the ceiling. There were also two ordinary ropes with hooks on lying on either side and Devlin was now aware they were going to tie him up.

They connected all four hooks to his straps and started adjusting the ankle ropes until edirne escort his legs were so far apart they were having to hold him up to stop him from falling. One of the girls kept touching his erection which was starting to throb as it built. Now the wrists ropes were adjusted until he was pulled almost, but not quite, off his feet.

With his strong arms and wide shoulders now under tension in his restraints he felt unbelievably vulnerable as he tried to work out what the girls had planned for him and he could feel their fingers wrapping themselves around his manhood as his erection was almost at 45 degrees and now in its full glory.

As he’s hanging naked in an X shape with just his toes touching the stage, one of the girls is behind him caressing his naked body to enhance his excitement, he now saw the girls grab hold of Portia and quickly undid the ties on her bikini and she was brought onto the stage totally naked in front of him. They guided her close in front of Devlin before they spread her legs spread wide exposing her bald pussy for Devlin to see. If her wasn’t aroused enough already that beautiful creature in front of him just enhanced his erection even more.

With Portia looking straight into Devlin’s eyes and down at his massive erection she was very flushed and breathing heavily. Portia was staring into Devlin’s eyes again when Natalie put her hands between Portia’s thighs and opened her pussy up before inserting her two middle fingers into her vagina and commenced to masturbate the birthday girl fast and hard and, hardly surprising really, she came very quickly which was the spur for the other girls to go into action. Devlin had never really seen a girl’s face up close as she came before and it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

The girls lifted the naked Portia up with her thighs wide apart and they carried her close to Devlin and lifted her higher as Natalie opened her wet pussy up again before gently lowering her down on to his massive erection.

Portia was so wet after her orgasm that Devlin’s enormous cock slid right inside her bringing a scream of absolute terror and delight at the same time from Portia. She’d had boys before but no-one in that room had enjoyed a real man like Devlin in their pussies.

Devlin could not believe how tight she was as the other girls just kept lifting her up and down on his erection now used Portia to effectively wank him with her pussy.

There was one girl caressing Devlin’s body, Natalie was now tickling his balls and four girls were lifting the slight figure of Portia up and down the whole length of Devlin’s massive erection.

Natalie saw it first as Devlin’s balls almost disappeared into their sac and Portia said later she could feel the tension in Devlin’s erection as he could hold back no longer and he howled as he came deep inside her tight vagina. Portia was in an almost dreamlike state as orgasm after orgasm just blended into one giant erzurum escort cumming as she felt Devlin’s seed deep inside her.

The noise of her screaming drowned the sounds of the squelching as Portia’s tight pussy let some of Devlin’s cum out with each stroke. The post cum sensations were almost too much to bear for Devlin but the girls just kept Portia’s fucking going with her head was thrown back as her screams got even louder as she kept cumming.

Even with the boost from the Viagra, Devlin’s erection was now fading.

Portia was lifted off the Devlin’s spent erection and she was almost crying with the unbelievable sensations she had just experienced as she was allowed to lie, still jerking, on the stage to recover. The girls now let Devlin down from his restraints but his night was not over yet.

Devlin was almost shattered by his experience having never cum so hard or so fast before. Still naked he was instructed to remove all the seven girl’s bikinis and they were now all naked. Devlin was told by Natalie that before her could go home he had to fuck every single one of them even though he was hardly ready as his cock was asleep after its recent cumming.

Although it is not advised Devlin went back to the dressing room and took another Viagra tablet less than two hours after the first.

Whilst waiting for some sign of life down there Devlin started licking and fingering the girls and in the next hour two of the girls squirted and all of them came at least once just from his fingers and tongue.

By now, thanks to some kind encouragement from Natalie’s hands his erection was growing hard again.

Natalie was the first to enjoy his rejuvenated erection and lying on her back with her legs held by Devlin up alongside her head, she came very quickly as he drove his cock deep into her pussy. Devlin just kept moving from one naked teen to the next until all six of them has been fucked and cum at least once.

His erection was still going strong after an hour of fucking and the birthday girl was ready for another good fucking. Portia was really up for it again and Devlin took her in every position for over 30 minutes until he could hold back no longer and he came again inside this beautiful blonde teen for the second time that evening.

Devlin was absolutely shattered but he was booked for 24 hours. He daren’t take any more Viagra so he’d have to wing it.

At about 11pm all the girls apart from Portia and Natalie had got dressed and gone home.

Natalie and Portia then did a very seductive dance naked together in front of Devlin and then performed lesbian sex on each other which Devlin had only seen on porn movies and found it very erotic and it had the desired effect as his erection started to stir again.

They laid him on his back and Portia sat astride his face as he licked her pussy while Natalie rode his erection. They took it in turns until Devlin could hold back no longer and he exploded for a third time inside Portia’s soaking wet pussy.

Until he left on the Sunday evening he managed to cum inside Portia five more times. He had never cum eight times before or since. He was delighted and left behind one very satisfied teen.

He now pocketed £2000 cash for his troubles and Portia had an 18th Birthday party she will never forget.