My Three Mistress’s Ch. 02


The first part to this was my first attempt at fiction of any kind, not just the erotic. This has been a favourite fantasy of mine for some time now, it always makes me come. I have kissed and cuddled the two women involved but that’s all. Wish it could be more!

After I came in Mistress Cheryl’s mouth and John came in mine I was ordered by Mistress Wife to suck John’s soft cock. I licked the end of his soft member and proceeded to suck him to full strength. I felt a finger probing my ass-pussy, I could not see whose finger was teasing me, but it felt good. I continued sucking on John’s big cock and having my ass fingered when Mistress Cheryl said “Is it not time this little slut lost her virginity?” I looked up and saw Mistress Eileen holding a large jar of lubricant and Mistress Cheryl holding a ribbed condom.

Mistress Wife instructed me to take the condom from Mistress Cheryl, she also told Mistress Eileen to cover my ass in lubricant. So there I was struggling to put a condom on John’s huge cock and having what felt like a whole hand being forced into my pussy.

John said he was ready to fuck me so Mistress Wife ordered me on all fours so John could get behind me. I knelt there apprehensive, then my Mistress wife said to me “Are you ready my little cock sucking slut” I just looked at here lovingly and replied “Oh fuck yes”. I then felt the head of this mans cock pushing against my virginal pussy. Now I have had objects inserted into me before a candle, a dildo etc, but this was my first real cock. He started of slowly Kadıköy Anal Escort pushing his length into me, it hurt a little bit, but that was totally outweighed by the pure intense pleasure I was feeling.

Next Mistress Wife ordered her sister Mistress Eileen to lie in front of me so I could eat her pussy, And Mistress Cheryl was ordered to suck my cock. Mistress wife then began to play with my nipples.

So there I was on all fours getting fucked senseless by this gorgeous man whilst my Mistress wife played with my nipples, Mistress Cheryl sucked my cock and I ate Mistress Eileen’s pussy which was still full of John’s load from earlier.

As my ass was reamed remorselessly I could feel myself being pushed towards the edge, my cock was leaking pre-come like never before, my nipples were on fire and my mouth was full of a mixture of pussy juice and come.

Just then John started to orgasm, I could feel more spunk being pumped into me with his every thrust, my cock exploded into Mistress Cheryl’s loving mouth and my face was all wet from Mistress Eileen’s pussy.

As I and John came we collapsed on the bed together, with him still inside me. Mistress wife asked if I enjoyed myself, I said “Oh yes, but I’m so tired” she just laughed and said “It’s not finished yet slut” Just then Mistress Cheryl moved up to me and kissed me full on the lips, depositing most of my come into my mouth.

Mistress wife then kissed me also and said “How did it feel to loose your virginity”

I replied “Very nice, Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort thank you Mistress”

It was now time for John to leave us, Mistress Wife ordered me to kiss his cock goodbye, and then Mistress Eileen walked him to the door.

Mistress Wife ordered me to get undressed and go for a shower; I did as I was told. I spent the longest time in the shower letting the hot water sooth my aching body. I could not help but give my cock a few loving strokes, I felt so used but so good.

Mistress wife came into the bathroom and informed me my other Mistress’s had gone to bed in the spare room. I was ordered to finish my shower and dry myself; I followed Mistress Wife into our bedroom where she ordered me to put on fresh stockings and a short see-through pink nightdress.

I climbed into bed and snuggled up to my Mistress Wife and slept like a baby. I was awoken by the alarm clock at six am, after getting out of bed I brushed my hair and applied make up, including the obligatory bright red lipstick. I looked and felt like a proper slut.

I then went downstairs a made coffee for the three ladies upstairs. Walking upstairs with a tray of coffees I could feel a familiar feeling as my cock started to firm up. After knocking on my own bedroom door, I went in and awoke Mistress Wife, she opened her legs and told me to kiss her pussy good morning, I placed the tray on the side and climbed on the bed, I lowered my face to her pussy and inhaled, it smelt of sex, I then proceeded to lick her to orgasm. Kadıköy Zenci Escort I left her laid in bed and carried the tray through to the spare room.

Although the spare room had two beds in it, I found Mistress Cheryl and Mistress Eileen in bed together with there arms around each other. Both of these sexy ladies were still dressed in there underwear. My cock was now rock hard, I coughed gently in order to wake them. Mistress Cheryl opened her eyes and said to me “morning sexy” I replied “Good morning Mistress Cheryl” She reached over to mistress Eileen and scooped one of her breasts out of her bra and said “Why don’t you come over here and suck on your Mistress Eileen’s breast whilst I suck on her other one” So there I was sucking on Mistress Eileen’s tit whilst her sister Mistress Cheryl sucked on the other one. I could not help but think how decedent this sexy scene was. I had masturbated thinking of such a scene many times, and now I was in the middle of it, it made me appreciate just how lucky I was.

With all this attention it was inevitable that Mistress Eileen would wake up, she opened her eyes just as she reach orgasm. Mistress Cheryl then placed her hand on my cock and told me to leave them to get dressed, I kissed her cheek and got up and left the room.

Mistress Wife ordered me to dress in my maids outfit and go and clean the house whilst my three Mistress’s got themselves ready for another session with me.

I went around the house doing my maids duties, cleaning and polishing, dressed in my maids dress and my high heels. I always feel sexy and feminine when doing this. About three hours later, I was just finishing the cleaning when the door opened and in walked my three Mistress’s dressed up, I was speechless.

I will continue this fantasy depending on what readers think of it.