Table for One Ch. 03


A/N Just want to say thank you for your support and comments. I considered writing this story in the typical way but quite honestly with the sheer lack of understanding and the cruel people of this world I wanted to show that appearances may change but the heart doesn’t.

Everyone has the capacity to love and Raine and Carol are no different.

And me? Well I’m a romantic with a wicked side 😀


I’d like to say that I never went near the coffee shop again but knowing how much I abhor lying myself, I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence with such a blatant lie.

I couldn’t help it. For three days I tried to stay away but on the fourth day I had to admit that in close proximity to where I was working there was no other place with coffee even half as good. The difference though, was I never went at the same time ; it made sense when I decided it. Don’t judge me, I’m a coffee addict and good coffee is hard to find dammit!

I just, ugh, I felt stupid for my reaction to Raine. Hell, I even knew before hand that there was a good possibility she wouldn’t want me. I mean sure, I was attractive in my own way and apart from my own insecurities regarding relationships I really am far more confident than I seem.

Time to pull up the big girl panties and start moving forward. Right? Yeah well, I would if I could take away this ache in my chest that told me I lost someone special.

So I had my coffee each day. I enjoyed it but there was a pain, an ache when without asking, the regular waitresses started to just lead me to my table for one.

This day at the coffee shop was a little different. One of the regular waitresses handed me an envelope. The writing was elegantly written. A simple ‘Carol’ was all that was on it but when the waitress handed it to me she told me a beautiful woman left it there for me.

I don’t mind telling you that I was as nervous as hell while I waited for my coffee. God my heart was pounding. I looked at that envelope like it had the potential of bring me gold while at the same time I knew it could bury me. With shaking fingers I swallowed a gulp, slipped my finger under the sticky closing and opened it.

“Dear Carol, I would love to see you again. Would you go on a date with me? Raine”

Such a simple note but below it was her phone number. I wanted to scream. Hell I wanted to fangirl! I swear I grinned like a Cheshire cat. I wanted to…

“I hope that smile means yes?”

My head snapped up and once again I was looking at the perfect woman. She pointed at a spare chair at the next table.

“May I?”

Ok. I don’t mind telling you I was gobsmacked to see her. Getting her note I honestly expected the next time we spoke would be over the phone so I probably looked like a complete doofus as I nodded with my jaw on the floor.

Raine moved the chair but before she sat down she placed a kiss on my cheek.

Ok… NOW I wanted to swing from the ceiling and scream like a banshee… I blushed. I actually blushed! Raine laughed softly at me but before I could duck my head she reached out a hand and wiped my cheek with her thumb. The sweetest gesture çapa escort ever that left behind a trail of warmth.

“Lipstick.” Her only explanation. “You know you still haven’t answered my question” she grinned and teased “or said hello.”

God I’m an idiot!

“Hi” I could feel the small smile building on my face before I frowned slightly.

“How did you know I’d be here?”

Raine laughed and I have to tell you that it was beautiful. A sound that echoed through to my very soul and left my body’s reactions in no doubt as to how much I was turned on by this woman.

“Well honey, I believe I am now officially a stalker.” She flicked her long hair over her shoulder and I swear that she looked smug.

“A what?” I burst out laughing as Raine nodded with complete feigned seriousness.

“A stalker. Actually, I’m surprised you didn’t see me. I’ve been pacing up and down the street for the last couple of hours waiting to see you. I left the note just in case I had to leave before you arrived.”

It seemed incredible that anyone would want to do that for me.. for ME!

“Why? It’s not like I’m anything special.”

Raine shook her head “You have no idea just how special you really are.”

I felt gooey, yes gooey, at her words and grinned suddenly “Yes. Yes I will go out with you.”

Raine’s eyes lit up and I found myself being pulled in further by her beauty.

“Thank god! Honey I’m so sorry about last time. Quite honestly I was in shock. I know I shouldn’t have been after what you said to Stephen but” she paused as if looking for the right words “well, you’re worried about your weight putting people off and for me, I’m a woman who used to live the life of a man. Honey there aren’t too many people out there who are comfortable going out with someone like me.”

“But why?” I blurted “You’re gorgeous.”

This time it was Raine who blushed. Her long lashes fluttering as she looked down to the table.

“You’re gorgeous too but you still don’t believe it since that guy did a number on you. I guess in a way we’re the same. We both have things we worry about. Have you considered the whole implications of being in a relationship with someone who’s transgender? Honey, for you as a woman you’ll be considered a lesbian, and for my part that’s what I think you are. You’ve seen the way my brother reacted… that’s more common than you think. You’d need to be prepared for a lot of cruel and hurtful comments from a lot of people. Then there’s the fact that yes I am very much a woman but in some things I still have the remnants of Peter’s male features. I can’t change that so there’s always people who look at me as a freak… which I’m not. I was just born into the wrong body shell.”

I listened to her words and once again I felt an ache for her… and for me.

I sat looking at her. Let me tell you I am emphatically in major like and most probably love with this woman so to hear her say that she was considered a freak just made my blood boil but there was still that unsure piece of me that questioned her reasons for saying what she did.

“In a way it sounds like you’re istanbul escort bayan trying to put me off you.”

“Oh no honey,” she shook her head quickly causing soft curls to brush against her cheeks “not in the least. I just… well it worries me that I may fall for someone who’s more interested in the whole ‘celebrity’ side of being with someone different to what society sees as the norm.”

“You don’t have to worry about that with me. If anything I worry that you may have a problem with being seen with a big woman.”

Raine put a hand over mine in comfort but her face told me I may not like what she had to say next.

“I won’t lie and tell you that I’ve ever been with a big woman before because I haven’t. Honestly…” she paused “I never even considered it. You see I own a gym and women there are, well they’re fit, slim and…”

My heart, body and everything else about me sank and I would have paid a fortune for the ground to open up and swallow me whole. The idea, the thought of being with a gym junkie for someone my size was, is, like a slap in the face. My mind screamed failure and my chest heaved as I drew breath to quell my need to cry.

I’m guessing the way I felt must have shown in the expressions on my face because the next thing I knew Raine had pulled her chair next to mine and she had my hands firmly caught in hers.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you by saying that because that’s not why I told you.”

I nodded slowly. I truly hadn’t realised my feelings had been quite so obvious until our fingers entwined and thumbs were drawing small circles over my skin and I admit I was no longer really listening. I shivered as I felt the tingling warmth spread through my body with each gentle touch and I was wondering if I’d be leaving behind a tell tale wet spot when I left. I forced myself back to the present.

“Then why?”

“Because honey I didn’t want to be like everyone who treated me like shit. The more I thought about you the more I realised that I’d been just as much of a bigot as they were. It wasn’t a conscious decision so please don’t think it was. In the world I live in it just never occurred to me to look.” Her eyes captured mine “I guess I just needed to find the right woman who made me realise that size didn’t matter. I want to get to know you Carol. The person behind what the world sees. I want to know that woman, what her dreams are, her hobbies… her kinks” she wiggled her eyebrows with a teasing glint in her eyes.

I blushed. God I tell you right now that if things work out with me and Raine then I plan on buying the best damn foundation that money can buy to cover up this damn red!

“I” gulping I continued, I had to ask “are… are you really interested in me? I mean physically because if you’re not then please say so now befo…” my words were stopped when her fingers rested over my mouth and she leant in to whisper in my ear.

“You have the most gorgeous tits I’ve seen in a long time; soft, luscious… and honey if the size they are is because of your weight… then never… ever… go on a diet.”

“Oh my god!” I breathed out.

I felt güngören escort lips kiss softly below my ear and a warm breath touch me “If we weren’t in public I’d happily play with you.”

Our coffee arrived and I expected Raine to move back to her place. She didn’t and when I turned to her I found she had her head bent and taking deep breaths.


“I can’t move” she mumbled.

“What? What’s happ…”

Raine raised her hand and I stopped and waited for an explanation.

“God this is so damn embarrassing!”

“What is?”

Raine inhaled and again bent to whisper in my ear.

“I’m hard.”

“What do you… Oh… OH!” I looked at her lap and sure enough her skirt had a definite spike sticking up.

“Shhhhh” Raine quickly hushed me as she moved uncomfortably to cross her legs “it’s all your fault!”

“Mine?” Honestly, I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to offend Raine.

“Yes” she all but hissed at me “you and your perfect tits did this!”

“I’m sorry.” Hell what else could I say? I really didn’t see the problem.

“Honey, I’m a woman. The last thing I want is something like this in public!”

I didn’t want to laugh anymore. In her few words I understood the reasons behind her embarrassment. As a woman fighting to be accepted for her real self, any reminder to people that she still bore a part of a man’s body kept her separated from the world and having to fight harder to gain the acceptance she deserved.

“It’s not really your fault” Raine whispered “I’m just turned on by the thought of.. Oh God! Shit! I have to stop thinking about this. Quick! Tell me something horrible. Help me Carol!”

Raine’s body squirmed while her face resembled a stop light. What the hell could I say?

“I want to meet your family.”

Raine sat up straight, looking at me in shock.


I nodded “Yep. I want to meet your family. I mean I’ve already met Stephen so I think…”

“Some of them are worse” Raine warned “and are you sure? We’ve only just decided to go on a date and…”

I couldn’t help myself. I grinned widely.

“Huh? What?”

I started to giggle.

“Carol” her voice whined “why are you laughing?”

“I think we just took care of your problem.”

Raine looked down at her lap and then back up at me with a grin.

“We did.”

“Don’t get me wrong, if things work out then I would like to know your family but… not now.”

Ladies and gentlemen the more we sat and talked the more turned on I was. I hated the fact that I had to leave and go back to work. I could’ve easily sat and listened to her talk all day. When I did leave, I swear to God I almost left behind a soaked chair and a definite need to go home and change my skirt! I was as horny as hell and needing to find a moment or five to myself to take away the ache.

On a brighter note; Raine was coming around to my place for our first dinner that evening. I suggested it on the basis that I feel it’s my civic duty to respect the fact that it’s unhygienic to leave pussy juice behind on the chairs so a private meal was definitely in order! Raine agreed so quickly that I had to hope that we’d have something of an interesting evening together.

As we parted and I returned to work I wondered if Raine would think I’m crazy if I cover the chairs in plastic… and did she have a favourite flavoured ice-cream?