Falling in Love


I would never have thought it would happen to me. I’ve always been a straight man but with certain peccadilloes…from time to time I dress in women’s clothing and I enjoy the fantasy of making love with men, but it’s only ever been a fantasy.

I’m happily married and I’ve never gone against the grain but, from time to time, when my wife and I are having sex, I imagine it’s a cute guy I’m with and when I’m inside her I fantasize about penetrating a cute boy. Makes me cum every time!

My wife, or anyone else for that matter, doesn’t know about my secret desires. I’ve always considered myself to be straight despite my fantasies and, occasionally, feeling attracted to certain guys from time to time. I’m sure lots of guys have similar dreams.

I’m a college lecturer and I took on a new class. And there was a cute guy in that class. Sexy hair, lovely body and the smooth skin of a 19 year old. And he had the most electrifying way of looking me directly in the eye…and smiling. Such a beautiful smile!

My fantasies were running wild but it was the double taboo of another guy and one of my students at that. My wife was the beneficiary of lots of hot sex while I secretly imagined I was with Scott. But of course I wouldn’t succumb to temptation, or so I thought.

I was leaving college late one wintry Friday afternoon. It was freezing and the rain had turned to sleet. As my car approached the bus stop I could see one person standing there, and there was something familiar about them. As I slowed, sure enough, it was Scott looking as if the cold would get to him if the bus took much longer.

I couldn’t just drive by, and besides, Scott had always looked at me in a way that said he enjoyed my company. So I pulled over, wound the window down and offered him a lift. We drove a few miles towards his home but he told me to stop a couple of streets away from his house. He still lived with his parents and didn’t want to answer questions about getting dropped off. I got the feeling that his folks were a bit on the strict side.

He seemed to want to talk so I turned the engine off and we chatted, mostly about how strict his dad could be. He was always asking him about who he was out with, where he went and who he was seeing. He had a girlfriend and they’d managed to find an afternoon at her folks when no one was in. Condomed up, he’d had his first and only sexual experience and lost his virginity.

I was surprised that he was telling Casibom me all this and said that while I was flattered, it was maybe a bit inappropriate for us to be having such a conversation. “It’s because I feel as if I can talk to you. There’s a connection between us. Don’t you feel it?” he said. I had to admit that I did.

So we chatted for about 30 minutes before he said that he’d better go; his folks would be wondering where he was. Inevitably the windows had steamed up by now and he caught me a little by surprise as he leaned over and kissed me full on the lips before thanking me for the lift and stepping out the car. I was left bewildered, and more than a little turned on, by that kiss. I knew it was wrong but I hardly slept that night for fantasizing about our bodies entwined and making love to each other.

So, nothing happened for a few weeks. I continued to teach the class and Scott continued to be engaging and alert, but nothing more. It wasn’t awkward and we weren’t embarrassed in each other’s company. During the afternoon class one Friday, Scott slipped a scrap of paper into my hand without anyone seeing. I didn’t dare look and slipped it into my jeans.

After the class I went to the toilet and locked myself in a cubicle before I dared look at the note. I unfolded the piece of paper and saw the words, “I’ll be at the supermarket car park at 4:30pm if you want to pick me up and have another chat. I really enjoyed the last one.” I didn’t know what to think but tried to put it out of my mind as I had another class of students waiting for me.

So, twenty past four saw me pulling out of the college car park and heading off. Within a couple of minutes I would have to choose which direction I was going to head in but, really, it was no contest and five minutes later I was pulling into the supermarket car park. Scott was waiting and as I pulled to a halt he opened the door and got in.

He said, “Take me somewhere quiet so we can talk.” I decided to drive to the Country Park as it had some secluded parking bays in among the trees. The rain came on again as I asked him if his parents wouldn’t be expecting him. “No, they’re away for the weekend and I’m staying with my aunt. I told her I was going out with my girlfriend and would be round later,” he said.

We parked up and I turned the engine off. There were a few moments of silence while we smiled at each other and then Scott leaned over and kissed me. It was slower and Casibom Giriş lasted longer before our lips broke apart. We looked into each other’s eyes and then kissed again. I could feel Scott’s lips opening and I opened mine too just as the tip of his tongue probed gently into my mouth. I met it with mine and we rubbed the tips together before pushing deeper into each other’s mouths.

It was the best kiss I’d ever had; way better that any woman I’d ever been with and way better than I could ever have imagined it would be. Scott was the most beautiful guy I’d ever seen and his tongue was in my mouth. As our lips parted he said, “you’re gorgeous Mark. I fancy you so much!” I said, “We can’t Scott. I’m your lecturer and I’m married. You have a girlfriend.” “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t” was his simple answer. And I was smitten.

We snogged for 15 minutes before Scott said, “I can’t take it any longer.” Right at that moment I felt his hand gently stroke the bulge in my trousers and I said, “God, me too.” I reached out for his crotch and felt the outline of his rock hard erection. It felt fabulous and we gently stroked each other for a few minutes, all the time kissing each other; on the mouth, and on the neck and throat. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever experienced!

And then Scott was undoing the buttons of my jeans as he sought out my penis. I undid his trousers too and just as my fingers touched the skin of his erection I felt his hand wrapping around my cock and freeing it from my jeans. I pulled his penis out and ran my hand down its length. God, it felt good! Rock hard and throbbing to my touch.

We smiled at each other as we gently stroked each other’s cocks and it felt so right. We kissed and then Scott did the most amazing thing. He put his head down into my crotch and kissed the head of my erection. It was so beautiful and such a romantic gesture. But it didn’t stop there as Scott took the head of my penis into his mouth and gently began to suck, all the while rolling his tongue around the engorged end of my cock. I looked at this beautiful guy as he sucked my dick and I knew I never wanted him to stop. I put my head back and marveled at how good it felt; much better than any woman had ever done it. He seemed instinctively to know just what to do to make me feel good.

In no time at all I felt the familiar pressure building in my balls and I said, “Scott, I’m going to cum.” He clamped his mouth even tighter around Casibom Yeni Giriş my penis and squeezed my balls at the same time. I had never had anyone do it like that to me and in moments I exploded into his mouth, wave after wave of sticky cum pumping into this beautiful guy. He swallowed every drop but it was the biggest, and best, orgasm I’d ever had.

Eventually the pumping stopped and Scott sucked the last of the spunk from my dick. I pulled him up so we were face to face and we kissed deeply. I could taste my own cum on this gorgeous boys tongue as we kissed for a few minutes. And then it was my turn.

I pushed Scott back in the seat as I put my head down to his gorgeous dick. There was none of the apprehension that I had imagined there would be as I kissed the head of his cock in the same way he had. And then his penis was in my mouth and I was giving my first blowjob like I’d been born to it. Up and down his manhood, rubbing my tongue over the head of his prick.

What seemed like minutes later I could hear his breathing beginning to change and then, just as I had done, he said, “Mark, I’m going to cum.” And just like him, I closed my mouth around his erection and flicked the head of his dick with my tongue while I squeezed his balls. And there it was as the first wave of semen burst into my mouth, only to be followed by wave upon wave of hot sticky fluid…and I was swallowing it in order not to let a single drop escape. I could feel Scott’s hands in my hair as I drained his penis of everything he had to give and then he was pulling me up and we were kissing like teenagers in love.

We must have kissed for another 20 minutes before I said that I should drop him off at his girlfriends and he agreed. We put our dicks away, tidied ourselves up and drove back to town. As he was about to get out of the car he said, “we will see each other again, won’t we?” I answered, “of course. This is only the start and I want to be with you…properly with you.”

“You want to sleep with me?”

“Well, I guess we’ll get some sleep eventually but I want to make love to you all night…naked, in bed, inside each other.”

“Fantastic! That’s what I want too…with my boyfriend. You are my boyfriend, aren’t you” he asked tentatively.

“I am, and you’re my boyfriend Scott, aren’t you?” I said.

“Forever Mark!”

We smiled and he leaned over and French kissed me before opening the door and getting out. I drove off with the most amazing feeling. I had just given and received my first gay blowjob…and I wanted more with this beautiful guy!

Find out how we got on the first time we managed to be alone all night…it had love, sex, penetration and life promises!