Holly and Ivy Ch. 01


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Although several characters from The Happiest Day of Her Life appear in this series, it is not necessary to read that series to follow and enjoy this one.

This chapter contains lesbian sex, group sex, and some bondage. The group sex is heterosexual in nature. For those of you not into this sort of thing, I ask you to kindly bear with it as it is an important part of the story even though it will not be a major part of the series.

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It was early evening on December 11 and Holly was exhausted when she returned home from work. She had only heard one case today but it seemed to go on ad infinitum. Holly was a US District Court Judge serving her third consecutive year on the Federal bench. She dropped the unread mail on the kitchen counter and fixed herself three fingers of Scotch.

The drink had a lovely bite to it. Holly was a big fan of Glenlivet. It wasn’t just the taste, which she loved, it was also the smell of it. The smell of Glenlivet, for whatever reason, always reminded Holly of a roaring fireplace. Each time she inhaled it, it made her feel safe and warm. It was expensive Scotch and she felt it was worth every penny. She sat back on her sofa, drink in hand, and wondered if she’d rather order out or just throw some leftovers in the oven. Holly hated microwaves and no longer owned one. Food tasted better, she thought, when it came off the stove or out of the oven. She decided she didn’t want to see anyone else, not even a delivery boy, and preheated the oven. She was arranging leftovers into a Pyrex dish when she heard a knock on the door.

Holly stopped to wash her hands before she answered the door. She wasn’t sure who she was expecting but this wasn’t it.

When she opened her door, Holly looked up at a stunningly beautiful woman with long chestnut brown hair. The woman’s face seemed sculpted and was incongruous with the rest of her which was clad in paint covered overalls and a similarly paint stained tee shirt. Upon closer inspection, Holly discovered that the paint stains were dry. Some had even faded. They were old stains. She realized she hadn’t addressed her “guest” yet.

“May I help you?” Holly asked politely.

“Mrs. Sullivan?” the tall brunette asked.

“Um, sort of,” Holly answered. “It’s ‘Ms.’ or ‘Judge’ Sullivan.”

“Oh,” the woman said with a slight look of embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I’m your across the hall neighbor, Ivy Rogers. I have a couple of pieces of your mail that were delivered to me by mistake.”

“Oh!” said Holly. “Thank you for bringing them over. I just picked up my mail but I didn’t go through it. Let me make sure I don’t have anything for you.”

“It usually doesn’t work that way,” Ivy said. “You’d probably get the mail for Mrs. Silvers down the hall but you probably should check just to make sure before I go.”

“You’re going already?” Holly asked. “Am I that offensive? Stay for a little bit and have a drink with me. I was also just about to whip up dinner if you’re hungry.” Holly wasn’t normally as codependent as she appeared at that moment. She had, however, sat for hours listening to a very tedious trial and she found Ms. Rogers very attractive. Holly always acted impulsively when she found a woman to be sexy. There were times she kissed women she barely knew.

“I’m famished,” Ivy admitted, “but I couldn’t impose.”

“It’s leftovers, so it’s not an imposition. Besides, I insist.”

Ivy replied, “Well, in that case, what do you have to drink?”

“Do you like Glenlivet 18?” Holly asked.

“I have no idea what that is,” admitted Ivy.

“Single malt Scotch whiskey aged for eighteen years,” explained Holly. “I’ll pour you a little. If you’re not used to Scotch, all I will say is to remember to sip it.” Holly pulled a shot glass from her cupboard and barely poured enough to fill the small glass halfway. She handed the shot to Ivy.

The younger woman politely accepted the shot glass and gave a little sniff. Ivy had never had whiskey before. She’d been raised on beer and wine. She remembered the warning to sip. She put the tiny glass to her lips and narrowly allowed an entire drop to enter her mouth. She made a face as though she’d just sucked on a lemon when expecting champagne. She swallowed it and took in a breath of air. She blew the breath out slowly and smiled. She took a slightly bigger sip, swallowed and smiled, and then finished the shot. She swirled the Scotch in her mouth before swallowing. She didn’t know why. It just felt like the best way to experience it. She was not porno 64 disappointed by the sensations in her mouth. Holly got out a somewhat larger glass and poured two fingers worth for Ivy.

She returned to the Pyrex and added enough food for two people. It was an interesting melange of previously cooked foods. The oven had preheated by this point so Holly shoved the dish in and looked through the mail she’d brought in.

“Nope,” she said. “Nothing for you or Mrs. Silvers. Let’s see what you brought me.” Holly picked up the three envelopes Ivy had given her. She looked at the return address for the first one and dropped the other two. There was a stunned look on her face. “Holy shit.”

“Are you ok?” Ivy asked with concern in her voice.

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’ve just been waiting for this one.” Holly opened the envelope and read quickly. She took a big breath and read it again. “Wow. I’ve been divorced for the last two weeks and didn’t even know it. This is my divorce decree. It’s official now.”

“I’m not sure whether or not I should congratulate you,” Ivy said.

“You should,” Holly said with a smile. “This is a good thing.”

“In that case, ‘Congratulations,’ she said anticlimactically,” Ivy said.

“You’re fine.”

“So,” Ivy asked, “is ‘Sullivan’ your maiden name?”

“No,” Holly said, “but it’s the name I’m keeping. I’m known around here as Judge Sullivan and it might throw people off if they suddenly had to call me Judge Geletkanych.”

“Yeah,” said Ivy. “I could see that. Of course, it might attract old world voters…”

“I don’t need them,” Holly said. “I was appointed to my position by the President because of my standing in the LGBTQ community. I’m pretty much appointed for life.”

“Oh? You’re gay?” Ivy asked.

“No, but I perform a lot of same sex marriages,” explained Holly. “I mean, A LOT of them.”

“Oh,” said Ivy with a slightly disappointed tone. “You’re straight?”

“Um, this is a little personal since we met four minutes ago and you don’t even know my first name…”

“Holly. It’s on your mail,” Ivy said.

“Right,” said Holly. “Well, since we’re Holly and Ivy and it’s two weeks before Christmas, I’ll tell you. Lately I feel asexual but back when I was getting some, I considered myself bi.”

“Oh,” Ivy said enthusiastically.

“I’m guessing you’re not straight,” Holly said.

“No, I’m bi but I prefer women.”

“Huh,” murmured Holly.

“What?” asked Ivy defensively.

“Oh, nothing,” the blonde judge said casually. “I just remember being teased by friends of mine, before I was married, that calling yourself ‘bi’ was a copout. They said that if you preferred women, you were a lesbian and it was best to drop the bullshit and admit it. I disagreed, obviously, but I always seem to hear their voices echoing in my head when I or someone else says that. But enough of that. I’m a free woman and I need another drink.”

Holly freshened up their glasses and Ivy helped her set the table. Holly made a quick salad with some vegetables she had in the fridge and soon everything was brought to the table. Dinner conversation was light and friendly. Holly explained what a district court judge does, as opposed to other judges, and Ivy told her that she was an artist.

“What kind of art do you do?” Holly asked.

“Oh, mostly sculpture and blown glass,” replied Ivy, “but I also paint and do found object pieces. My apartment is the same size as this one but it seems a lot smaller because it’s also my studio and every room is packed with my stuff.”

“You’ll have to let me see your work sometime,” Holly said. “I presume the splotches on your clothes are work related.”

“Yeah,” admitted Ivy. “I get pretty messy when I’m slapping paint on a canvas. I can give you a tour of my stuff after dinner if you’d like.”

“How about after the dishes are done? I hate leaving a mess,” the blonde said.

Ivy replied, “Then you and I are polar opposites.”

Ivy helped with the dishes and the ladies carried their Scotch glasses across the hall. Ivy opened her door and gestured with her arm for Holly to walk in. The 5’10” judge stepped hesitantly into the relative stranger’s apartment until she saw a glass sculpture that amazed her. It was a bust of a woman with wild red hair. The entire sculpture was translucent but the glass was colored so that the hair and the flesh seemed realistic at certain angles. Ivy encouraged her new friend to touch the sculpture. There were no rough edges. It was all smoothly shaped which was impressive for such an intricate piece.

Holly moved on to a group of canvases leaning against the wall. She flipped through them as one might go through a DVD collection. It was an interesting mix of abstract art, intricately detailed still lifes and nudes.

“Do you use models?” Holly asked as she looked at one especially lovely painting of a naked woman reclining with her hand between her legs.

“Yep. I have some friends from college who come in and pose for me whenever porno izle I can afford to pay them. They used to pose for free but times are tough, so…” Ivy’s voice trailed off as she watched Holly move from piece to piece in her home. The visitor had moved on to a collection of blown glass vases on what once was the kitchen table.

Holly looked around the kitchen at all the artwork and asked, “Do you ever cook?”

“Nope,” Ivy admitted. “I’m on a first name basis with the Chinese food delivery guys of Central Islip.”

“No wonder you can’t afford to pay your models,” Holly said. “Listen, despite how good I’ve gotten at it, I really hate to eat alone. If you ever feel hungry in the evenings, why don’t you knock on my door…?”

“I just might take you up on that,” said Ivy with a smile.

“Please do,” said Holly. She continued her tour and Ivy would explain how she created some of her pieces and what materials were used. When Holly had seen everything, she collected Ivy’s glass and wished her a goodnight. Ivy gave Holly a soft kiss on the lips before the blonde left. Holly walked across the hall, opened and closed her door and leaned against the door as she touched where Ivy kissed her with her fingers.

The next evening, Holly smiled when she heard the knock on her door. She had hoped that Ivy would be her dinner guest. She greeted her neighbor with a warm hug after opening the door. Ivy was dressed in a black Ratt concert tee shirt with a purple bra strap showing, and jeans that had several holes intentionally cut into the legs. There were no paint stains on Ivy’s clothes. Holly was in her de rigueur pant suit.

The drink of choice that evening was Chianti and the two women casually exchanged stories over the course of dinner. Holly had noticed that Ivy ate the meat that had been part of the leftovers so she was confident when she made London Broil with baked potatoes and a dish of string beans in balsamic vinaigrette. She was not disappointed. Ivy ate as though she had not done so in weeks.

“Oh my God, you’re going to spoil me with all this food,” Ivy said.

“Don’t you ever eat?” asked Holly.

“Who can afford to? There’s a reason we’re called starving artists.”

“Not any more,” said Holly with a smile. “I like having you here.”

Ivy became a regular presence at Holly’s dinner table. Holly noticed the casual touching. She couldn’t quite tell if Ivy was simply a tactile person or if it was a hint of something more. The scale leaned toward the latter as the the touching became more frequent and less casual. The neighbors had exchanged spare keys. It just seemed like a sensible thing to do.

One week after they first met, Ivy was wearing her favorite paint covered overalls and an Aerosmith tee shirt. They had salmon with rice and broccoli and a dry white wine. After the dishes were done, Holly sat on her sofa and Ivy joined her. Holly had noticed over the course of a week that her neighbor was very tactile. She seized any opportunity to touch or kiss Holly. They had been talking about music. Holly enjoyed many different types of music but Ivy was a headbanger through and through. That is to say that she was a 24-year-old who “discovered” the hard rock of the 70s and the heavy metal of the 80s through her father’s CD collection. Even the way Ivy did art was from the esthetic of loud music.

“Don’t you ever do things that are quiet and relaxing?” Holly asked.

Ivy smiled at Holly and moved closer to her on the sofa. Holly did not move away and the brown haired woman took that as a signal the blonde judge was interested.

“What do you think about this?” Ivy asked as she pulled Holly in for a deep kiss.

Holly broke the kiss and asked, “Was that your tongue?”

“I don’t know,” replied Ivy. “Let’s find out.” She pushed on Holly’s shoulders so she was pressed against the arm of the sofa and crawled on top on the sexy judge. Ivy brushed a hair out of Holly’s face and then slid her fingers behind the judge’s ear and then rested them behind Holly’s neck. She used this leverage to pull the blonde in for another kiss. Ivy’s tongue explored the inside of Holly’s mouth and then the young artist pulled back. The two women stared at each other in silence. Ivy’s look was positively prurient. She changed to short, soft, kisses on the lips. She caressed Holly’s thighs and the older woman returned the kisses. They smiled and giggled lasciviously between kisses.

Ivy massaged Holly’s chest over her clothes. She broke a particularly long kiss so she could unbutton Holly’s suit jacket and smiled as she pushed it off Holly’s shoulders and off her arms. The jacket was tossed unceremoniously on the floor. Ivy unbuttoned Holly’s blouse and felt her tits through her lacy blue bra. She leaned in and kissed Holly as the judge’s slacks were unbuttoned. Holly eagerly returned the kiss and barely realized she’d lifted her hips enough for Ivy to pull her slacks off. They kissed again and Ivy went back to massaging Holly’s breasts through the blue bra.

After sex izle several minutes of this, Ivy’s right hand traveled south. She rubbed Holly’s pussy through the blue lace panties that matched her bra. The blonde judge had been feeling a bit awkward without pants and having her blouse open while Ivy was still completely clothed. All thoughts of inappropriateness were muddled by the skilled fingers rubbing on her panties. Holly’s head became very heavy. It kept tipping back and it was increasingly difficult to lift it back up. Ivy pulled on the front of the blonde’s panties and used them to floss Holly’s pussy. Holly moaned loudly.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped.

Ivy rubbed the fabric and it caused Holly to moan louder. They kissed and the brunette artist rubbed the older woman’s bare thighs. She pulled sharply on the front of Holly’s bra forcing the blonde to sit up. The blouse and bra were quickly removed. Ivy got on all fours on the sofa facing Holly. She sucked on Holly’s right breast as she felt up the left. Holly gasped and moaned as her new friend licked and sucked her nipple. Holly used the opportunity to unclasp the straps of the overalls.

She massaged Ivy’s back as she pushed the splotched denim down the brunette’s flawless body. She rubbed the artist’s panty-clad ass and earned a moan. Holly leaned forward. She removed the panties and kissed Ivy’s right ass cheek as she lovingly rubbed the younger woman’s pussy. A long sweep with her fingers demonstrated how wet Ivy was, so Holly slowly inserted her middle finger. When the finger could go no deeper into the hot, wet, pussy, Holly finger fucked her new friend hard and fast. Ivy moaned and groaned excitedly.

“Yes!” she called out.

Holly’s index and ring fingers formed a V which caressed Ivy’s outer folds as the middle finger repeatedly impaled her tight snatch. Ivy grew louder and louder when Holly’s ring finger joined the middle finger inside the brunette and the pinky slid over to complete the V.

“Do you like that?” Holly asked with a smile her friend could not see.

“Oh, God, yes! Yes! Don’t stop!” Ivy began to buck her ass as she climaxed spectacularly on all fours. Holly, side by side with her but facing the other way on the large sofa, slowed down the two fingers entering Ivy.

Ivy, after coming down from her orgasm, pulled down Holly’s panties and fingered the gorgeous blonde. Ivy had adopted Holly’s middle finger probe/caressing V technique. Holly gasped when she felt the fingers gently stroking her labia. It had been way too long since a woman touched her like this ands it felt very, very, nice. Holly lifted her ass and spread her legs slightly to give Ivy better access. After eight minutes, she slid a second finger inside Holly and frigged her hard to a mind-blowing orgasm. The women were very horny now. Holly pulled off Ivy’s paint covered tee shirt and peeled off her bra.

Ivy made sure they were both naked before she pushed Holly back against the arm of the sofa and attached her mouth to the blonde’s left tit. She merrily licked and sucked while gently rubbing Holly’s clit. Holly spread her legs as widely as the sofa permitted and surrendered to the loving sensations.

Ivy slid down to the floor and positioned herself so she could lick and rub Holly’s pretty pussy. Her right hand massaged the judge’s left tit. Her tongue and lips attacked the blonde’s clit. Her left hand fingers gently rubbed Holly’s inner thigh. Ivy lapped hard at the clit for two minutes and stopped.

“Oh, you’re a fucking tease!” Holly yelled.

Ivy giggled and used her middle finger to fuck Holly. She sucked hard on the clit and her right hand fingers pulled on Holly’s nipple.

Holly’s moans devolved into repeatedly saying, “Oh!”

A second finger went inside Holly and a long tongue dragged roughly over her clit. Holly screamed obscenities as an orgasm washed over her like the incoming tide. Ivy did not slow down. She slapped Holly’s tit and pistoned her fingers in the wet pussy as she sucked on the clit as hard as she was able. Ivy continued to munch on Holly’s now very sensitive clit long after the orgasm faded. Holly pulled her up. They kissed. Their tongues wrestled playfully. Holly scooted off the sofa. She guided Ivy’s body so the artist was leaning on the arm rest with her ass in the air. Holly came up behind her. She pinched the outer labia gently between her thumb and forefinger and licked all around that point. Soon thereafter, Holly dropped her hand and tongue fucked her friend. Holly eventually stopped for air. She placed her tongue on Ivy’s clit and dragged it all the way to the girl’s asshole. Ivy gasped so Holly did that move again but slower. Ivy’s contrasting tastes excited Holly. Ivy’s clit tasted, to Holly, like ham. The wet labia tasted like papaya nectar. The asshole was bitter in comparison but was not unpleasant to taste. The next two times Holly did the move, she concentrated on the textures her tongue felt. She could feel the hard little nubbin flick as the tongue dragged over it. The soft, lubricious, pussy was devoid of hair and felt incredibly smooth. The perineum felt firm and unfluctuating. The rectum mysteriously sucked Holly’s tongue right in. She slid two fingers into Ivy while she thoroughly licked the artist’s asshole.