A Night with Karen Ch. 02


I wake up the next morning to find Karen lying next to me already stroking my hard cock.

“Good morning, sleepy head. I was trying to see if I could make you cum in your sleep.”

I stretch, and try to get up to piss, but, Karen stops me.

“Are you getting up to piss?” She asks.

I nod my head ‘yes’.

“I have an idea…don’t, let me wrap my lips around that cock and before you cum, you piss in my mouth. And when you’re finished, I’ll sit on your face and piss in your mouth, sound good?”

I pull her close and kiss her deep.

“You are one nasty bitch, Karen.” I say.

“Yeah, but, I want to be your nasty bitch. I want you to be comfortable using me, degrading me. I want to feel like a lowly piece of shit compared to you. So, after you piss in my slutty mouth, I want you to call me whatever filthy name you deem appropriate, and I’ll call you Master. Yes, I’m submitting to you, I just met you last night and I’m already submitting to you. Do you accept this girl, Master?” She says, batting her eyelashes at me.

“I accept you, Karen. Now, put your mouth on my cock! I said ‘Do it’ you fucking cunt.”

“Yes, Master.” She says, opening her mouth and taking all of me in her mouth until I feel the head touch the back of her throat.

I begin pissing in her mouth, she tries to pull back at first, but, I grip the back of her head, and, hold her there. Once I’m done, she struggles to swallow my piss, I pinch her nose shut until she swallows every drop of my warm, salty piss.

When she’s done, I release her head, and she struggles to catch her breath.

“That was very hot, Master, I love having my nose pinched shut, it was either swallow or never breathe again.”

I pull her close and kiss her, tasting my piss on her tongue.

“Do you want to still drink my piss, Master?” She shyly asks.

I nod my head yes as I motion for her to climb on my chest.

I rub my hand over her smooth, hairless pussy, pinching her clit.

I grab her hips and lower her onto my face, as soon as I do that, a gentle stream of piss begins to fill my mouth, she must have held it for a while because she pisses for what seems like forever, and she finishes, she kisses me, making sure I spit some of her piss into her mouth.

She lays back down next to me and we begin kissing.

“How may çanakkale escort this girl please you, Master?” She says, looking at me with her big, beautiful eyes.

“I want to fuck your dirty ass, Karen.” I say, pulling her close again.

“This girl will do it, on one condition.”

“What condition is that?”

“That afterwards you either take this girl ass to mouth, or, you wipe your cock off in this girls hair.” She says, lowering her head.

Unable to control myself, I use the back of my hand, and I slap her hard.

She looks at me, crying.

“I’ll do either one, but, you’re in no position to make demands of me, Karen.”

“Yes, Master! This girl understands, and she apologizes, Master.” She says, still crying.

I get up and position her on the bed, placing two pillows under her stomach.

I spank her ass a few times, then I spread her ass cheeks open and lick right on her asshole, making her jump a little.

“That feels weird!” Karen squeals out.

I lick her asshole for a few minutes, then I position myself behind her and place the head of my cock at the rim of her anus.

“Be rough, Master, make it hurt…OOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!” She screams out as I ram my cock into her tight asshole.

I firmly grip her hips and begin fucking her, slowly at first, I notice blood on the shaft of my cock.

I grab her hair and yank her head back.

“I tore your asshole open, bitch!” I whisper in her ear.

“Yes, Master, thank you, Master.” She cries out.

I start fucking her a little faster, reaching under her, and roughly twisting her clit, making her cry out in pain.

“That’s it, Master, hurt me! I’m a whore, treat me like the dirty whore I am, Master.”

I reach around and punch her in her tits, and then I roughly pinch her sensitive nipples.

I start fucking her faster as I feel I’m close to cumming.

“I’m going to cum in your ass, you fucking whore…UHNHH!” I moan, as I shoot my load deep in her ass.

She collapses on the bed, as I pull out and wipe my cock off in her hair.

“That’s it, Master, degrade me, make me your worthless, dirty whore, Master.” She says, as she begins crying.

“Why are you crying, Karen?” I ask.

“I’m crying because I realize how much I want to be yours, Master. Please…tell me çeşme escort I’m yours…please, Master…”

“Karen…you’re mine, I own you. As soon as I can, I’ll collar you, and put an ownership mark on you. Would you consent to a tattoo and maybe a body piercing?”

“Master, you don’t have to ask me, what ever you want me to do, I’ll do it, you want me pierced, I’ll do it, you want me to get a tat, I’ll do it. I’m your puppet, I want to be your personal Barbie doll, dress me how you like, Master.” She says, lowering her head.

“Get dressed, Karen, we’re going shopping.” I say, slapping her ass.

I giggle as I notice she’s walking funny after the anal fucking I gave her.

We get into my car, and we first drive to the pet store and I buy her a dog collar and a leash, and once we’re back in my car, I hold the collar out and look at her.

“I have to ask, Karen…do you accept me as your Master?”

She begins crying again, and lowers her head. “Y-y-yes…M-m-master.” She says, as I place the collar around her neck.

We drive for another few minutes to a tattoo and body piercing shop.

“How many piercings and tattoos am I getting, Master? I’m willing to be a work of art for you, Master.” She says, smiling.

“I want you to at least get 5 piercings, and at least 2 tattoos, but, that could change.

“Where would you like me pierced?”

“Both nipples, your clit, your nose and the left side of your lower lip. And I want you to have a tattoo on your lower back, it’ll say ‘Master’s pet’ and across your upper back that’ll say ‘Daddy’s Girl’ because I am your daddy.”

“Oh, Master…I love you!” She says, wrapping her arms around me.

A few hours later, we leave the shop, Karen has her new tattoos and piercings.

“I can’t wait to take you home and fuck you, Karen, because you are going to move in with me.”

“Yes, Master, this girl will move in with You, Master.” She says, lowering her head, not making eye contact.

“That’s a girl, Karen, you’ll refer to yourself as ‘this girl’ and you are forbidden from making eye contact with anyone, your head must always be lowered.”

“Yes, Master, this girl understands, and this girl obeys.”

A few minutes later, we pull into the lot of my apartment complex.

I attach the leash to her collar and lead her diyarbakır escort into our apartment.

Once in our apartment, I take the leash off of her.

“Strip naked…NOW, Karen.” I order, snapping my fingers at her.

“Yes, Master, this girl will obey.” She says, lifting her dress over her head, and unhooking her bra and sliding her panties around her ankles.

“Karen, from this moment on, you are forbidden from wearing a bra or panties ever again. Oh, and while you are in the house, you are to be naked at all times.”

“Yes, Master, this girl will obey.”

“Tomorrow will go to your old apartment and we’ll get you some clothes.”

“Yes, Master, thank you, Master.”

She stands before me, naked, I walk up to her and gently tug on her clit piercing, she practically has an orgasm right there.

“Remember, Karen, you can only cum with permission.”

“Yes, Master, this girl remembers.”

I grab her collar and lead her to the bedroom and shove her down on the bed.

I get on top of her and slap her with the back of my hand, she begins crying again.

“Did I go too far, Karen?” I ask.

“No, Master, this girl realizes how much she loves you, Master.” She says, reaching up and kissing me.

“I have one more question, are you on the pill, Karen?”

“Yes, Master, this girl is on the pill.”

“You are to stop taking the pill immediately, I want you pregnant as soon as possible, and it starts now.”

“Yes Mater, this girl wlll stop taking the pill, she hasn’t taken it yet today, and she will not take the pill again until she is told to take it, Master.” She says, her head lowered.

I position my cock between her legs.

“Are you ready to be fucked, whore?”

“Yes, Master, this girl is ready to be fucked, Master.” She says, just as I ram my hard cock inside her, I cover her mouth with my hand to muffle her scream.

I just fucking her, slowly at first, ramming myself into her with each stroke, I enjoy watching her breasts bounce with each stroke.

“Master? Tell this girl you love her, Master, she needs to hear it.” She says, tears forming in her eyes.

“I love you, Karen…” I say, leaning down to kiss her.

“Are you going to get this girl pregnant, Master? Please, get this girl pregnant, Master.” She says, just as my cock jerks deep inside her.

We lay there for a few minutes, kissing.

“Master? This girl is exhausted, can we possibly nap for a few hours, nad then she can please you more then?” She says.

“Of course, Karen, let’s rest.” I say, turning out the light.