Black Magick Ch. 05


Nick’s mother, Susan, laughed a cold, mean laugh.

“What sort of a perv are you, to get so turned on by your mother’s hand on your ass?” she scoffed.

Nick blushed a shade of bright red. He had really just made a mess on his mother’s lap while she was spanking him?! Maybe she was right, he really was a pervert. That sort of thing just wasn’t normal. He must really be the most pathetic kind of horny male slut.

He grabbed his duffle bag full of stolen sex toys and hugged it to himself, as though for comfort. His softening cock felt hot and dirty against his mother’s bare thighs. He wanted to go to the bathroom and wash the cum off himself, but he was too scared to move.

“I’m sorry, Mom! I… I lost control. I didn’t mean anything by it. It was… Uh… It was just awkward… You know, I mean…” Nick stammered, almost incomprehensibly.

His mother only smiled.

Slowly and carefully, he began to ease himself out of his mother’s bed, horribly aware of every inch of his naked flesh, which seemed to burn as his mother’s eyes covered him, taking him in like a long drink of water.

He wanted to dig a deep hole and hide himself in it, but at the same time he knew better than to simply turn tail and run. Susan wasn’t the sort of woman to be crossed lightly. Only a couple of weeks ago he had seen her let loose a box of snails in the flowerbed of the neighbor down the street whose dog she had caught peeing in her front yard.

His mother stood up and straightened her nightgown. Nick found his eyes lingering on the silky material that covered her soft, round ass. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to run his tongue along her crack, to feel his cock against her smooth skin.

Nick mentally shook himself. This was his mother he was fantasizing about. Obviously, even thinking such things about her was awful. He watched her set off towards the bathroom, her hips swaying seductively. Oh, he just wanted to grab her and fuck her! He wanted to spread those thick pussy lips apart and give her a real pounding. He wanted her hear her moan, to hear her say his name in ragged breath, to feel her twitch and writhe in his arms.

Shit, there he goes again!

Nick slapped his own face to wake himself up. He wasn’t going to let himself drift into any more kinky fantasies involving his mother. He just wasn’t going to go there!

He clutched the strap of the duffle bag more tightly. He had done what he had come to do. He had stolen his mother’s sex toys. Now that he fulfilled his duty to his sister, she would reward him by letting him watch whatever kinky sex ritual she and her friend Amber were up to.

Nick’s cock twitched, thinking about the four long, thick candles he had seen in Amber’s backpack. They were not among the small candles that burned on all the surfaces of Elisabeth’s bedroom. Was it possible that they would be used in the ceremony itself?

He blushed, thinking about pumping one of the large candles in and out of Amber’s wet pussy as she moaned orgasmically. He reached down and began to stroke his cock. His mother had closed the door to the bathroom and was completely out of sight. But still, he didn’t feel right touching himself in his parents’ bedroom. He already somehow managed to avoid being punished for leaving a trail of cum all over his mother’s inner thigh, so he didn’t want to press his luck. There were other, more important things to do!

Nick eased the door open, stepped out and closed it behind him, one hand clutching the strap of the duffle bag, the other clamped tightly around his hardening cock. For the life of him, he could let go of either for more than a split second.

The door to his sister’s bedroom flew open and Amber pulled him inside. She was completely naked, and it was a few of seconds before Nick could pull his eyes away from her large brown breasts to listen to what she was saying.

“What took you so long? We heard noise. I was so scared, I couldn’t start the ritual until I knew you were safe,” Amber whispered. Elisabeth looked a bit nervous, too, but she took the duffle bag eagerly and this time tossed it into the corner without even opening it. Nick was slightly angry, wondering if he’d gone through the trouble of stealing his mother’s dildo for nothing.

He glanced around the room, taking in all the subtle changes that had been made over the last ten minutes. The bed was covered with a shiny black material, probably garbage bags, clearly intended to keep anything from soiling Elisabeth’s pink bed sheets. Someone, probably his sister, had drawn an elaborate pattern of shapes and symbols in white chalk on this impromptu bed spread, and Nick gaped at them in wonder. He had never seen anything as obviously evil looking as these soft white marks against the black background.

“I’ve been up nights trying to find just the right symbols for a ritual like this,” Amber said when she noticed Nick staring. “Aren’t they beautiful?”

Nick stammered. He was excited by the possibility of witnessing sex magick, but Escort bayan part of him was still terrified, and looking at the markings made the feeling a hundred times worse. His cock began to shrivel, as though the blood had been drained out of it.

Elisabeth laughed. “Oh, come on, Nick! Stop being such a sissy. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Amber and I have everything under control.”

Nick remembered pulling his sister’s body out of the dark chasm that opened in the middle of her bed last night and began to shake all over. Dream or not, that memory left him with enough doubt to terrify him.

He pulled himself up straight and tried not to think of it. He was a man after all. He was supposed to be brave. Besides, who else would protect the two girls if something went horribly wrong?

“Where should I sit?” Nick asked his sister. She pointed to a chair in the corner next to the closet.

Nick felt like some pervert who had paid money to watch two lesbians make out in front of him. This thought embarrassed him, but of course he took the seat anyway.

What he was going to watch was a religious experience, he told himself. It was part of an important ceremony, and there was nothing wrong with him being there or even enjoying what he saw. Didn’t his homeroom teacher, Mrs. Ferguson, always tell him that it was important to understand about other cultures?

Nick blushed bright red. He was sure this wasn’t what Mrs. Ferguson had in mind.

“Are you ready to begin?” Elisabeth asked her partner. Amber nodded and the two of them mounted the bed. Nick noticed that his sister and her friend were carrying the huge candles in their hands with the same intensity as soldiers in movies carried their guns.

The smell of the incense was beginning to affect Nick. He felt very warm and light-headed, his cock swelling to almost a legendary size.

Amber lay down on the bed, her back against the black backdrop and her legs spread wide apart, and Elisabeth did the same, their two beautiful cunts almost rubbing against each other. Nick moaned and began stroking his cock, watching their juices leak onto the bed, smearing the chalk symbols beautifully.

Each of the girls pushed a foot against the other’s pussy and began tracing circles around the clit, increasing the current of sweet nectar flowing freely from their vaginas.

Oh, that was hot! Nick sighed to himself. If only he could be there on the bed with them, lapping up the flow before it pooled on the black covering, he thought longingly. If only they would open their legs to him so he could maneuver his cock into them, one and then the other. If only he could feel their warmth surrounding him, making him burn with passion.

Suddenly, Elisabeth turned and pounced on Amber’s clit, sucking it into her mouth hungrily, making Amber moan and writhe like a porn star. Her pleasure was obviously intense and very real. Amber pushed Elisabeth further into her, almost suffocating her friend with her insatiable desire. Elisabeth moved her head away, her face dripping with Amber’s juices, and Nick realized that Amber’s pussy had become unbelievably wet. The whole room smelled of sex. It wafted though the air like the incense, threatening to choke them all with horniness. It was so sublime!

Nick moaned, taking in the smell more than willingly and loving the way it made every inch of his body come alive.

Amber’s wet lips hung far apart, as though begging Elisabeth to plant her face between her legs again. Her juices shined temptingly on her thighs and buttocks and her breasts heaved forward, jutting her body forward. Her hand traveled almost unconsciously onto her own clit.

Before Nick knew it, Elisabeth had taken a candle and pushed it harshly it into Amber’s eager pussy. Amber rocked back and forth, forcing the candle deeper and deeper into her soaking wet hole. The slit of her pussy glistened like a gemstone. Her swollen clit rubbed against the candle, she was so stuffed. Amber moaned and rubbed her breasts frantically. Her little piece of erectile tissue continued to bump repeatedly against the candle wax, giving it an almost metallic shine.

Nick felt like his cock would burst from the pleasure. Amber’s sex noises were so loud there was no way their mother in her room on the other side of the house wouldn’t hear them and walk in and ruin their fun. Nick glanced at the door, as if waiting for it to burst open, but nothing happened. He was almost disappointed. He remembered his mother’s beautiful cunt and her soft, smooth legs he had rubbed against as she spanked him, and he found himself absurdly wishing that she would join their little party.

The incense was clouding his head, he told himself rationally. That’s why he was still absurdly fantasizing about his mother’s body. If he had his wits together, he would have known better than that! He laughed stupidly.

Elisabeth slowly eased the thick red candle from her friend’s pussy, making Amber squeal, her wet hole hanging Escort open and loose, practically begging Nick to stuff his cock into it. Nick looked longingly into the dark gaping opening, surrounded by a smooth trail of moisture. It was irresistible. It was too much! He couldn’t stand to sit around and watch any longer. He had to do something!

He tried to stand up, but the material of the seat stuck to his bare ass, and the incense and the sex left his feeling too groggy and uncoordinated to extricate himself from the furniture. How come he couldn’t move? He had to lick Amber’s pussy. He had to put his tongue in her. He had to put his cock in her. She was so horny, she needed him! She wanted him. His ass refused to move from the chair. It was useless. He sat back down to watch, horribly disappointed. But in no time at all, he was spellbound once again, and stared longingly at the two girls on the bed.

Was it possible? Nick gulped, feeling like he would explode at any moment. Yes! His sister, his sweet baby sister he had always desired to protect, was rubbing the end of the candle against the entrance to Amber’s anus. Nick could hardly believe it. Witch or not, doing something like that to another woman, to Amber! How many nights had he dreamed of this?

The candle sunk deeper and deeper into Amber’s anus. She gasped, her hands balling into fists and clutching at the mattress beneath the ceremonial covering. Finally, only an inch stood out between Amber’s legs, capped by an insanely white wick that protruded from her body like some sort of perverse flower.

“Hand me a lighter,” Elisabeth said, sticking her hand out to her brother. At once, Nick was free from his chair, and he reached out and grabbed the red plastic lighter from the dresser with the candles. He promptly handed his sister the tool and took his seat again, before he could think of further interference.

Elisabeth slowly bent down, ticking Amber’s stretched rosebud with her tongue, soliciting a high squeal from her partner. Then, slowly and carefully, she lit the candle. For almost a minute, the Stuart siblings simply stared at the bright fire. The light seemed to have a shocking potency that caught the eye, and the drip, drip, drip of the red wax onto Amber’s butt cheeks and inner thighs had a mesmerizing quality.

Amber lit one of her candles and, carefully stabilizing the one in her ass with her anal muscles, eased forward to thrust the candle into Elisabeth’s waiting pussy.

Elisabeth gasped and clutched her breasts, and then began to eagerly rub her clit. As Amber yanked the candle from Elisabeth’s hungry pussy, Nick almost came. Without preamble, Amber stuffed the thick candle into her friend’s ass, spreading her butt cheeks apart before ever so carefully easing her way back into a lying position.

It was almost like a circus act, Nick thought idly. Except the circus had never smelled of pussy juice and incense. Still, the paired witches seemed to have the grace and flexibility of Chinese acrobats. Or maybe it was more like those Hawaiian fire dancers, Nick thought, his head full of clouds and his erection on fire.

Why hadn’t he come yet? He was stroking himself desperately enough. His cock was harder than it had ever been, but still there was no relief. The climax did not happen. He thought that this was odd, but the smell of the incense would not let him concentrate on any one thought for too long.

His attention returned to the ceremony. Elisabeth had just lit her second candle off the one in her ass and was slowly and carefully easing it into Amber’s pussy. Amber was obviously very aroused, and was clutching at her large breasts, groping them desperately and pinching the nipples between her fingers. Her pelvis rocked back and forth as Elisabeth thrust the candle into her.

Nick’s own pelvis was jutting forward as if to mean hers, the pace of his hand becoming maddening. He ought to be getting chafed by now, with how desperately he had been wanking, but somehow his flesh was fine. Was it the magick? He thought of this possibility absently, and then ceased to care.

Amber began to frantically stroke her big, juicy clit, and Nick gasped. She was so stuffed! The candle in her butt was already burning down to the point where her skin might soon be in danger, and the one in her pussy had sunken in so deep it seemed like seconds before it would disappear into her entirely.

With a great effort, Amber rose up while holding in both candles with her butt and pussy muscles. She bent over from the waist so that she could light the final candle off the one in Elisabeth’s asshole before placing it ceremoniously in her friend’s pussy.

Amber’s hair dangled in front of the flame precariously. Nick marveled at her flexibility. Hadn’t he heard something about her being on their school gymnastics team? Hot though she was, Amber had always been Elisabeth’s friend, not Nick’s, and up until recently, his eyes would sort of gloss over whenever she spoke about anything.

But Bayan escort that had been before she had taken up magick.

Now, Nick watched, totally enchanted by his sister’s soft pink lips forming hard little circles as Amber pushed the fat candle in and out her wet pussy. Every instance in and out of Elisabeth’s bedroom was an adventure.

Nick wanted to fuck his sister, to feel his mouth on the vulnerable flesh of her neck, to feel himself easing into her, to feel his testicles knock against her as he thrust. He wanted to come in her, to have her walk around with his seed buried deep inside of her, and then to steal a pair of her panties with a cocktail of his cum and her juices spoiling the light material.

But that was still just a dream.

Elisabeth let out a loud cry as an orgasm coursed though her, forcing her to rock and shake as though possessed by the devil. And perhaps, Nick though with a terrible shock, perhaps she actually was! An instant later, Amber came too, and the same thing happened again: the rocking, the shaking, the uncontrollable leg movement. Nick was afraid they’d burn the house down, writhing like that with lit candles sticking out, but they didn’t. Nor did the candles burn out, Nick noticed in disbelief.

And then the chanting started.

Perhaps it was Enochian, like when Elisabeth had been singing in the bathroom the other day, but it was no longer eerily beautiful. It was just downright eerie. It came out of their mouths with venom. At first, it was deep and growling, and then so high it seemed impossible that it was in fact produced by human vocal cords. It oscillated between these two sounds, sometimes picking something in the middle for just a second before changing again.

The two girls rocked together, intertwined, as though in the grip of death or ecstasy. Nick could not tell which. They clutched at each other, every once in a while reaching down to fondle a breast or to push a candle in and out of an orifice.

It was somehow almost too frightening to be kinky, but Nick’s cock refused to shrivel, just as it had refused to spill his load only minutes before.

All of a sudden, the chanting stopped and the smell of the incense seemed to fall onto the ground and dissipate.

The candles, both the ones on the dresser and those that penetrated the two witches, suddenly were extinguished, and the girls stood up and kissed each other passionately, as though sealing a bargain.

Nick’s cock suddenly erupted without him touching it, the cum landing on his sister’s bare buttocks.

She yelped and jumped back, laughing, as though he had hit her with a squirt gun, and Amber proceeded to lick her butt clean, wiping a little off with her finger for Elisabeth to suck.

“I’m going to be a part of this,” Nick said to himself, glaring at the two excited girls talking happily, apparently completely unaware of their nakedness. “I’m going to have my cock in both of them,” he said to the chair he had been sitting on.

Elisabeth rolled up the black covering into a tight little roll, revealing the clean bed sheets underneath.

The soft pink bedspread seemed almost insanely innocent after the ritual Nick had just witnessed. Almost obscene. The bed was still perfectly made, as though the two girls hadn’t been moaning and rocking and getting off on it, sticking lit candles into practically every hole they had! What the devil had they meant to accomplish with that bit of lesbian porn, Nick wondered.

“Nick, will you bury this in the yard for us?” Elisabeth asked, interrupting his thoughts and handing him what was left of the black covering with chalk white symbols.

“If you bury that in the yard, we’ll yet you take a shower with us,” Amber added coyly, leaning forward in what must have been a mocking of innocent flirtation.

Nick was spellbound. He hated being told to do something as stupid and stereotypically male as taking out the trash by two girls he wasn’t even married to. But the prospect of a shower with these two hot women was an adventure he couldn’t pass up for anything.

He marched off, carrying his oddly shaped magical burden, to which Elisabeth added the four thick red candles as well, for good measure.

“Go out by the pool to bury it,” Elisabeth instructed her brother. “The elemental water in the pool ought to help counteract the remains of the fire magick.”

Fire magick? Nick was taken aback, but of course the ritual must have had something to do with fire, why else all candles. Nevertheless, something about the way Elisabeth said it made Nick think she and Amber were up to no good.

Nick walked out into the hallway, remembering to put back on his clothing and re-lace his shoes before he left. Even now, at the beginning of summer, it would still be cold outside at this time of night, and Nick had enough of walking around naked for one night.

He crept out the back door and continued on to the area of the swimming pool. He felt like he was still naked, still trying to steal his mother’s sex toys. But no, that was over. He was going to bury this scary piece of junk beneath the oak tree by the pool, and then he was going to strip off all his clothes and take a hot shower with two beautiful young ladies.