Lucky Jack Learns to Obey Ch. 04


Jack rode the Kawasaki back home like he’d just passed his test; he was shaking with disbelief at his experience and would take no chances on this short journey, and the return. He took one hand from the handlebars to feel the rustle of the letter beneath his leather jacket; yes, it WAS there — this had been no youthful wet dream. His parents scanned the letter and wished him luck; they joked he’d been eating them out of house and home anyway. The last night at home in bed was spent with a permanent erection; he sniffed at the shirt he’d been wearing in the hope of getting a faint whiff of Bella. He wanted to wank so urgently as he thought of Bella and Madeline; he wanked every day normally, but managed to refrain, he so wanted to spend at their feet once more. Bleary eyed next morning through so little sleep, he waved goodbye to his parents, having strapped a small case of his clothing to the rack on his bike and put the remainder in his rucksack.

He approached Bella’s house slowly, half expecting there to be no answer; this must be some sort of bizarre trick to teach him a lesson for sniffing round Bella’s daughter. He already had a speech worked out for when he returned to his parents with the adventure over. Before he had time to turn the 250’s engine off, a gloved hand opened the gate; it was at this point he noted an Alfa Romeo parked behind the hedge. The gloved hand beckoned him through the gate in elegant fashion; it was strange just how a hand could be so obviously effeminate. Jacks balls tingled as he edged the bike through the gate and turned the engine off, and noted Bella dressed in very horny fifties style casual dress. She pointed to a large shed by the garden wall, its door already open.

“Put that nasty smelly bike in there; you’ll not need that for the foreseeable future.” He took the case from the bike and duly covered it with a tarpaulin to keep it from sight; Bella looked him up and down with contempt as he retrieved the case and she locked the shed door, he could see that she was trying not to smile, as she was obviously pleased to see him. He was taken indoors and made to strip off immediately.

Madeline sat sipping coffee and smiled with satisfaction as she viewed the naked male’s obvious excitement.

“We’ll have you suitably attired for our trip; you must compliment the way we dress at all times. I don’t doubt that some of your clothes are suitable.” Bella dumped his jeans and t-shirt in a corner, gave him fresh underwear to replace the fresh underwear he’d put on 90 minutes ago and handed him a bag which contained chino-like slacks and a buttoned cotton shirt. The two women smiled with satisfaction as Jack did just as he was told; he blushed a little as he stood naked, his excitement at being there on display to the women only too obvious, he panicked a little as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs; he had no time to put the underwear on. He took deep breaths Starzbet as the women giggled at him when a sumptuous blonde woman in her early forties strutted into the room on red stilettos, tiny hot pants over black tights. Jack gulped as she strode right over to him and took hold of his erect cock.

“OOhhhh! You must be Jack. Why he’s adorable, and I’m so lonely with my young Craig up at Deerhampton at the moment.” The women giggled all the more as she gently teased his now absolutely rigid cock. Jack panted as her expert teasing of his glans made his knees weak, and he couldn’t help but notice her nipples pointing through the fabric of her silky blouse; her full rounded breasts nicely firm without the need for a bra. She looked him in the eye with a wicked glance as she licked her bulging red lips, then turned to the smiling women who were now both enjoying a cigarette as they watched the bewilderment of their new young catch with delight.

“Oh please say you’ll let him come and warm my bed for me; I’ve had such a long drive and could do with being pleasured before having a nap on the one hand, and I’m so excited about a lovely domineering couple of weeks in Corfu in just two days from now.” Jack panted softly as the mature blonde oozed sexual presence and continued to work his young cock. Within 15 minutes he had gone from doubting he would ever see Bella again, to being propositioned by an extremely attractive woman he’d never even seen before; he was already close to shooting all over her black tights. Bella crossed he legs and gave Jack a teasing smile.

“Well Jack? We’ve told our friend Marie here, how you like to lick asshole and pussy. I think you should go down on your knees and beg permission to service her.” The three mature women sniggered at the helpless young male, thoroughly enjoying their control over him and his willingness to be subservient as he sank to his knees and stared at the gorgeous nylon clad thighs before him. Marie sniffed and licked the fingers that had nurtured his bell-end and sneered with satisfaction as she awaited his request to be of service to her.

As Jack summoned up the courage to ask, he heard the women giggle as Madeline tapped the table to attract his attention. As he looked at her the redhead looked at him sternly, her dominant thighs crossed magnificently, making his balls tingle. She mimed at him ‘MISTRESS’. Jack’s anus tingled with a mixture of fear and pleasure as he looked up at the commanding blonde and thought of the trouble he’d have been in on forgetting to address her properly; he did not want to displease any of the women. She sneered at him and put her hands on hips in assertive fashion, Jack’s mouth opened.

“Please Mistress Marie, I beg you, may I be allowed to lick your asshole and pussy.” Bella and Madeline applauded lightly as Marie licked her lips once more and sneered down at her young charge.

“Come with me young Starzbet Giriş Jack; you shall help me undress, I may allow you to sniff my panties first, would you like that.” Jack could only nod his approval as Marie had him stand and led him upstairs by his erect cock while the other two went through his things, discarding items they did not approve of. Marie walked him to the room she’d been given and felt his cock pulse to full rigidity as he saw the items she’d brought with her, laying on display from her open suitcases; leather outfits, whips, crops and strap-on phalluses were in abundance.

“I do so love to dress like a tart when I’m away; you can peel off these hot-pants now, I’m eager to know how your tongue feels, then we’ll have a little fashion parade. I so miss my Craig; I always like to have him masturbate for me whilst I display new things I’ve bought; I shall send him a postcard from Corfu to say I’m not lonely at the moment as I’ve found someone to lick my asshole. I know he’ll appreciate that. Just think, he’s probably enjoying a caning right now, and will be so pleased to know I’m being attended to; I know he’ll learn to love the sting of the cane during his ‘Total Discipline’ course at Deerhampton, I shall have to re-stock my rattan supply.”

Jack knelt and undid her tight denim hot-pants; they did indeed make the mature and assertive blonde look exquisitely tarty. Removal of these revealed the black tights over lacy white panties. Jack’s balls tingled as her excited sex gave off its first whiff of arousal through the nylon and lace. She pointed to her feet and lifted each in turn, and Jack removed her red stilettos. She smiled contentedly and pointed to her tights, which Jack duly eased from her torso and rolled down her shapely legs. Marie giggled as she watched his cock bob in recognition of his enjoyment at the sheer feel of the warm nylon and the smoothness of the flesh beneath. She sneered as she enjoyed her control over him.

“You will now remove my panties and give the crotch a good sniff; if the scent meets with your approval you must beg to be allowed to lick my pussy and my asshole.’ Jack’s cock dribbled as Marie removed her silky top and exposed her ample breasts as he peeled the soft panties from her and took in the delicious scent of her exposed womanhood, which was smoothly shaven; her sweet butterfly pink and ready to be sampled. Jack took the panties and shivered a little with anticipation as he viewed the slightly yellowed and moist gusset. Marie giggled softly as he buried his nose in the soft and richly scented gusset. The exquisite scent ensured his cock remained bone-hard. And Marie was delighted as she saw him move the gusset to the rear to sample the delicious tang of her asshole. The erotic mixture had Jack yearning to service the real thing.

“I beg you Mistress Marie; please allow me to lick your pussy and asshole.” These were simple Starzbet Güncel Giriş commands met with simple requests but the reality was that Jack was fast learning discipline, humiliation and submission; he would learn to enjoy being controlled completely and the women delighted in the affirmation of their utter supremacy. The mature and shapely blond slowly lay back on the bed and lifted her knees, offering Jack a mouth-watering view of her delicious pussy and asshole.

“You may start with my pussy; I shall tell you when my asshole is to be serviced. When you’ve satisfied me, we shall have a little fashion parade as promised; I’ll see you shoot your cream and then you’ll keep me warm while we nap.” Jack eagerly climbed onto the bed and put his nose and then tongue to her glistening sex; he was not disappointed with the tantalising aroma and sublime taste of her moist cunt, and Marie was not disappointed with the fledgling slave’s attentions to her folds and lips. She purred with satisfaction and toyed with his hair as he gently lapped and sniffed with enthusiasm. Marie pointed her toes to the ceiling as he rasped at the nub of her clitoris; she urgently needed to come now, and eased his face from her slippery pussy.

“You’ll lick my asshole now; it’s so in need of refreshment after being in those tight hot-pants.” Jack almost shot his load on the sheets as he took in the sharp and delectable whiff of her softly puckered asshole. Oh how he longed to shoot his mess on the soft sheets as he licked the puckers and explored the tangy hot depths of Marie’s hot anal passage. He worked his tongue urgently in the delicious tunnel as Marie tensed her legs as they pointed skyward while she worked her clitoris to the point of no return.

Jack could not believe the heaven he now found himself living in, as Marie’s asshole pulsed and squeezed his tongue as she announced her orgasm with a long moan. True to her word, Jack was made to kneel on the floor and masturbate while she paraded in exquisitely dominant poses with the articles of clothing and assorted punishers she had ready for the trip. At last she donned a latex cat suit and bent over with her ass in Jack’s face; her recently pleasured cunt and the luscious divot of her asshole illustrated beautifully in the second skin of the shiny black latex. Jack could hold back no longer and groaned as his rigid cock gratefully spurted in ecstasy as the dominant woman posed before him, sneering with delight.

“Now I have you! Show Aunty Marie how much you appreciate her show; maybe I’ll cane you just for good measure.” Jack moaned all the more and spent his balls, watching the hot white semen dribble down the black latex made him shoot for what seemed like minutes. He panted to a halt and hung his head, exhausted, as Marie laughed at him. She ensured he licked his mess up, before peeling the latex off and ordering Jack between the sheets. She smiled softly as she held him close and closed her eyes.

“Bella, Madeline and I are going to have so much fun with you in Corfu. You really are in for a treat.” She giggled as she felt his spent cock try to rise again against her thigh. Moments later they were both asleep.