My Girlfriend’s Little Brother Pt. 02


Opening my eyes I started to panic and tried to pull my cock back into my shorts. Michael didn’t seem so panicked. He gripped my cock tighter with his hand and wouldn’t let me pull away.

“What are you doing?!” I said, “They are home!” Michael stood up to face me, only inches away with his hand still wrapped tight around my still semi hard cock.

“I know,” he replied “I don’t want to get caught either, I just need you to return the favour very quickly before they make it out here.” He had a very naughty grin across his face as he spoke.

“What are you on about? We don’t have time they are coming!” I protested but Michael stood firm in front of me, still squeezing my cock.

“You better be quick then, get down there and kiss my cock,” he said calmly. I was definitely panicking now, my girlfriend and her mum were going to walk out into the garden any second now and here I was completely naked with her brother, also completely naked, my cock in his hand. Besides I wasn’t gay and I certainly had never sucked cock before. I had never even wanted to. Whenever I watched shemale porn I always wanted the T girl to be completely passive and bottom. But what the fuck was I gunna do? I was running out of time and didn’t want to be caught!

Fuck it. I thought, and hastily I dropped to my knees and grabbed Michaels big heavy cock, hesitating for just a second. I guided it towards my lips, kissing his head. Michael giggled again, grabbed my head and forced his cock inside my mouth. I knew it was only the head but it felt enormous, but it also tasted quite nice. I sucked on the head of his cock for no more than 2 seconds before he pulled his big cock out of mouth.

“Mmm aren’t you naughty big boy. Better get those shorts on and back in the pool before sis finds you.” And with that he pushed me so I fell backwards into the pool. He chucked my shorts at me and I hurriedly pulled them up underwater. My cock was still leaking what was left of my cum and my mouth still tasted like his cock.

Quick as a flash he grabbed his small trunks and jumped in the pool himself, totally naked. He stood up leaning his front up against the side with the water up to his armpits, his trunks in his hand just as Molly and her mum came through the door and into the garden. I followed and also leant up against the side next to him, my cock still semi hard but now back inside my shorts. I couldn’t believe he was still fully naked, I guessed nobody could see as he was deep in the water and pushed up against the side but knowing he was naked and no more than a foot away was keeping my cock at half mast.

“Have you guys been in the pool the whole time?” Molly asked as she headed out towards us. She came and sat on the sun lounger that Michael had been using. She told us some boring story about horse stuff. I wasn’t really paying attention, I was still recovering from my huge orgasm just a few minutes before and questioning my whole sexuality as I could still taste Michaels cock on my lips.

Molly finished her story and asked if I was coming inside now to get changed, Daddy will be home soon and Mama is cooking dinner. Fortunately my cock had softened enough where I felt confident she wouldn’t suspect anything so I told her that I was ready to get out and would follow.

She spun around and headed inside, I headed to the stairs to follow her but as I passed Michael he grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his cock once more. I lingered there for just a couple of seconds and Michael leant forward and kissed me right on the lips. A quick peck but still a passionate and sloppy kiss too, it only lasted a brief second before he pulled away and giggled and I continued to get out of the pool to follow Molly.

The rest of the evening carried on a bit more normal. We sat and had dinner with her parents, plenty of wine and conversation, albeit from her mum not her dad. You could tell he still disapproved of me. I found out that we were not allowed to stay together in the same bed, not under his roof or something like that.

I couldn’t believe it. We’re both adults in our 20s, but being treated like a couple of teenagers. Even though Michael had given me most probably the biggest orgasm of my life earlier I was still horny. Replaying the events of the afternoon through my head kept my cock semi hard at all times and I was still desperate to fuck Molly, even just to prove to myself I am not gay and still like girls.

Later in the evening, Molly asked if I wanted to go and watch a movie. It was all agreed that we would head upstairs, she would help me get settled in the guest bedroom and we would watch a movie before bed. I thought this was definitely my chance, an opportunity to get alone with her. We browsed Netflix and picked some random chick flick, it didn’t really matter, and we lay side by side on the bed and started to watch the movie. It probably took me 10 seconds before my hands started to wander over her, running up her back and gently squeezing her ass. She didn’t seem bothered at first and was just concentrating kayseri escort on watching the movie so I continued.

I kissed her neck and continued to run my hands all over her back, she got the message this time and flipped over giggling.

“What has got into you today? Why are you so horny?” If only she knew. What the hell would she think if she found out her brother had sucked me off earlier! We laughed it off and continued to kiss. My hands now roaming over her trying desperately to feel her body under her clothes. My cock now full hard I got on top of her and continued kissing, dry humping her like the teenagers we were being treated like.

She seemed to be getting more in to it now, although based in previous experience my hopes weren’t exactly high for any mind blowing sex. But at this point it didn’t matter. The events of the day had horned me up so much I would be more than happy to spend 10 minutes fucking her missionary. I slipped my t-shirt off and managed to slip hers off too, without breaking our kiss. She unclipped her bra so that I could feel her perky little nipples hard against my chest. I kissed her neck and gently squeezed a nipple between my fingers before moving my hands down to her elasticated shorts which fortunately slipped off easily. I was hard as a rock now and quickly whipped my shorts off leaving my cock straining against the thin fabric of my boxers.

We continued to kiss, our bodies grinding hard against each other, the only thing between us being the fabric of my boxers and her underwear. My cock was leaking pre-cum. I knew that there would be a massive stain and wet patch on my boxers but it didn’t matter. I needed to get inside her. I moved down slowly taking her nipple between my lips, running my hands up her sides as I did. I was in the moment now and the thoughts of what happened earlier were nowhere to be seen. Molly was super hot and had an amazing body. I had been dying to fuck her all day and my cock was aching.

I continued to move down, placing soft kisses along her tummy, my hands now sliding up to cup her perky boobs. I looked up and she had her eyes closed biting her bottom lip. I took this as a sign I should continue. I carried on lower placing kisses as I went until my face was in line with her panties. I could see a small wet spot which excited me even more. Her pussy smelt amazing, a slight muskiness but very clean. I could tell from the odour that she was wet and I wanted to taste.

I ran my tongue over the outside of her panties, big long licks that covered as much of her front as I could. I could hear her letting out very quiet and soft moans so I continued by hooking my finger on the edge and pulling her panties to the side exposing her smooth wet pussy.

She was very neat and tidy but you could just see the glisten shining through from inside her lips. I didn’t hesitate any longer and dived in, running my tongue along the length of her pussy, savouring the taste of her wetness before lingering at the top of her clit, gently flicking it with my tongue.

I felt like I was ready to cum. My cock was straining so hard against my boxers and every erotic taste, smell, and noise was pushing me closer to orgasm as I grinded my cock in to the bed sheets between her legs. My senses were so heightened in that moment. Her pussy tasted so good but I was desperate to be inside her. She was moaning a little more loudly now which turned me on further. I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. I lifted my head from her pussy and started to shuffle myself up but was met by the resistance of Molly’s hands on my head.

“Please don’t stop, keep going.” She demanded as her hands pushed down on my head back towards her soaking wet pussy. My cock was desperately trying to break free from my boxers but it was so hot knowing she was close that I complied. I shot back down to her pussy, once again licking the length of her lips and swirling my tongue around her clit. I could feel her hands gripping tighter around my head and her hips starting to buck. I closed my eyes tight and held my breath as I worked my tongue furiously on her clit. I was now desperate to bring her to orgasm and follow it up by pulsing my cock deep inside her.

She tensed up and held my face where it was for what seemed like an eternity. In truth it was probably about 2 seconds but I felt I was going to pass out if I didn’t manage to free myself and breathe. As her orgasm subsided she relinquished her grip on my head and I could really feel just how wet my face was, covered in her juices. I was excited, my only concern right now was how long I was going to last as I could feel how soaking wet my cock was in precum inside my boxers. I got up off her and shimmied myself up so my face was with hers. She had a big smile across her face and looked very satisfied. I reached down between us to grab my boxers, ready to yank them down and guide my cock inside her soaking hole but then we heard a noise.

She froze and looked terrified. The noise we could hear was the creaking of the staircase as somebody was presumably coming up to bed. Pushing me off her she scrambled to gather clothes off the floor and whispered

“Shit! Quick get into bed so they don’t see you like this. We can’t do this here.”

“What do you mean? They aren’t going to come in.” I protested, but by this point Molly had already chucked her shorts back on and was pulling her top over her head.

“Yeah sorry, I am gonna go to my room so daddy or mama doesn’t catch me. See you tomorrow!” And with that she quietly opened the door and skipped out closing it behind her.

I can’t believe she got so spooked. what the fuck! It was like we were teenagers. I was a grown man not some kid! My frustration was ridiculous. My cock was insanely hard and now I looked down I could see that my boxers were indeed covered in pre-cum. I knew I shouldn’t have gone down on her because there was no way she was ever going to return the favour, and now I am more frustrated than ever!

I moved across to the door and put my ear against it. I couldn’t hear anything. Doesn’t seem like anybody is coming in. I decided to just take my boxers off altogether. They were soaked anyway. As I did my cock sprung free. I couldn’t help but wank it a couple of times. I was so hard and so close I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. But I didn’t wanna waste it like that. I lay on the bed and grabbed my phone, maybe if I text Molly saying the coast was clear she will come back and we can finish what we started. I wrote a quick text and tried to send but all I got was an error. It wouldn’t send.

Fuck! I am in the middle of the countryside and the 4G around here is shit. I also had no idea of what the wifi password is. How the hell was I going to get my phone working? I couldn’t possibly go and ask somebody for the wifi password like this. What’s even worse is that even my back up plan was ruined, even if I couldn’t get Molly back to continue I couldn’t even get some porn up on my phone to have a sly wank. I was going to have to wank from memory, not the best but I suppose it will have to do. I was already close anyway.

I lay back down on top of the covers and closed my eyes. Wrapping my hand around my cock feeling how hard and sticky I already was. I tried to relax and think of something horny but I was interrupted by another noise, another creaking. I stopped momentarily but then brushed it off as just an old building. Then I heard it again, definitely a creaking, but not of a staircase, this sounded like a door being creaked open.

I opened my eyes and looked down the bed and in one quick movement I saw the door gently swing open and Michael slip inside closing the door behind him. He stood with his back pressed up against the wall, dressed in a white bathrobe which was pretty short and sat just above the knee. He looked at me dead in the eyes and brought his finger up to his lips

“Shhh,” he whispered quietly. Once again I was frozen. This time I was the one naked with a fully hard cock while he was dressed. I felt vulnerable and exposed but also so so horny. I just lay there still, hand wrapped around my hard cock, watching him.

Michael tiptoed across the room towards the bed with a big smile on his face

“Mmm looks like sis has left you frustrated again big boy.” he purred.

“Why don’t I help you out with that again.” And with that he climbed up onto the end of the bed and crawled up between my legs. He batted my hand away and lowered himself down. His tongue immediately shot out and he licked the length of my shaft, all the way up until he circled the head and covered it with his entire mouth before sharply pulling off making a smack sound with his mouth. My whole body shook, it felt amazing and I instantly was close to orgasm.

“Mmm you taste good,” said Michael, “Somebody has been dripping for a while.”

I smiled back at him. Fuck this whole experience was so confusing but so horny! I didn’t care at this point. I was on edge and I would have done just about anything for him to continue to suck my cock right there and then. I tried to guide his head back onto my cock with my hand but he resisted, giggling quietly and placing his finger on his lips

“Ssshhh, we don’t want to wake anybody up.” He leant back down and ever so gently ran the tip of his tongue along the head of my cock, I shuddered at every touch point.

“How much do you want to cum right now big boy?” he whispered as he looked back up into my eyes, “I bet you want to shoot that tasty load in my mouth don’t you?”

It was as if I was under a spell, I was stuck still and my mouth was dry.

“Yyyeah” is all I could muster in a whisper back.

“Well then, we better make sure we have some fun then.” He said as he slid off the bed and onto his feet next to me. His hand dipped inside the pocket of his bathrobe pulling out a couple of strips of silk. He came close and grabbed my hand, looking me in the eye the whole time, and guided it towards the end of the head rest. It was becoming clear what he wanted to do now. He looked at me for assurance and at this point I couldn’t refuse. I was so desperate for him to suck my cock I would have done just about anything. So I nodded, and he continued to tie the silk around my wrist and the headboard before walking around the bed and heading towards my other hand.

Once he had both my wrists tied he headed down and completed the manoeuvre by doing the same with my ankles. I was so nervous and now completely helpless. I had big butterflies in my stomach but my cock was still rock hard, aching and dripping from the tip.

Once my ankles were tied Michael moved around to the side of the bed again admiring his work. He reached across and took my cock in his hand again, squeezing and moving up and down my shaft very slowly. His touch was electric and it was sending shivers down my spine. I could feel my hips buck involuntarily as he slowly played with my cock. He leaned forward and laid a gentle kiss on to my stomach and continued to lay gentle soft kisses as he moved down my body. His lips traced a path down my stomach and across the top of my thigh. I could feel his hot breath as he slowly moved across just millimetres away from my balls.

This was torture, my cock was juddering involuntarily and there was nothing I could do about it. Michaels tongue was out once again as he slowly dragged it across my balls and then up the inside of my groin. He had climbed up on to the bed now, kneeling beside me so he could get a better angle, turning his head he looked up at me with a wicked smile across his face. Maintaining eye contact he slowly and gradually dragged his tongue up across my balls and along the length of my cock, taking a second to just flick the very sensitive underside of the head before he closed his eyes and devoured the whole thing into his mouth.

This was amazing. My cock had never been so hard and big. Michael took the whole length down his throat before lifting up. Looking at me and smiling as he dribbled saliva and my pre cum. My head was spinning and without delay Michael bobbed down again. Taking my whole length so I could feel myself hitting the back of his throat, and then again and again, now with an urgency and pace which meant that there was no way I was going to last. I could feel my cum building, the muscles in my chest and arms stiffened up and I raised my arse off the bed to push my cock further inside Michaels eager mouth. My balls tightened and I had that familiar feeling of reaching the point of no return, my eyes closed tight and my breath held.

“Uuurrgghhh” I let out a loud groan. Not because I had shot my load down his throat but because he had stopped. My whole body was tense and shaking, I was maybe 1 or 2 seconds away from shooting and Michael pulled off completely and shimmied off the bed to his feet. My cock was glistening and soaked in his saliva. The veins were sticking out and pulsating, I wanted to cum so bad, I was so close, what was he doing. Why did he stop?

Michael just stood there next to the bed, grinning from ear to ear watching me pant as I tried to catch my breath.

“Mmmm not just yet big boy.” he whispered, “I am going to swallow your load but you have got to earn it first.”

I didn’t know what to say or do. I couldn’t move, my hands and feet were tied tight to the bed. The only thing I could concentrate on was my cock. I was ready to beg, so close to orgasm, I was tingling all over. Michael didn’t wait for me to reply, standing next to the bed he undid his robe and let it drop to the floor, he was fully naked underneath. His incredible slim and fully smooth body showing off his fully hard thick cock. Every inch of him seemed to be waxed, I couldn’t see a single hair anywhere on his body or around his impressive cock.

He climbed back on to the bed kneeling next to me and ran his hand delicately over my chest and stomach. He leant forward pushing his ass out in the air so that his chest rubbed against mine and I could feel his warm hard cock prodding me in the ribs. He leant down and took my cock in his mouth once again, just the once, all the way down and all the way up and off again. It was all I needed and I already felt ready to cum. If he had gone down just once more I would have blown.

“I know you lick pussy good,” he said, his hands gently caressing my chest,

“I heard what you did to my sister earlier, I want you to do the same to my pussy now.”

And with that he swung his leg over me straddling me cowgirl style. His weight sitting back on my chest. I could feel his heavy cock resting on my front. He leant forward again running both hands down my thighs leaving his mouth lingering over my cock, so close I could feel his breath on my head it sent shivers down my full body. He pushed his ass back on show and his cheeks spread in front of me showing his completely hairless pink little hole, just inches from my face. I was hesitant, this was way further than I ever imagined anything happening with a guy but I couldn’t think straight, my cock was taking over and feeling his soft hands running up and down my legs while his hot breath gently blew onto my cock meant that I was helpless.