The Shop on the Corner Ch. 07


Kim rolled over and turned off the alarm clock. She sat up in bed.

“Where are you going?” her husband asked.

“To work.”

“It’s Bank Holiday Monday. That old miser is keeping the shop open all day then? Leave me some money. I’m off out for the day with my friends.”

“I don’t have any, just enough to get petrol.”

“That will do, and I know you have housekeeping money here too. I’ll have that as well.”

Kim sighed. There was nothing she could do about it. She had had this argument so many times and it was useless. Just like him. She left the money on the fireplace and decided to walk to work, she didn’t want to run out of petrol on the way. She arrived late. She let herself into the dark shop. She began to turn the shop sign to open.

“Stop “said the voice behind her. “Your late, why, it’s unlike you?”

Kim hesitated she didn’t want to moan about her home situation.

“Kim, tell me you look upset.”

She couldn’t hold back the tears and they fell hot and salty as they seeped down her face. Bill walked towards her, gave her a tissue, she told him what had happened. He listened, nodded but didn’t pass comment.

“The shop won’t be opening today Kim, I have others things I want to do. That I want to do with you.”

Kim raised her eyes and smiled.

“What Sir?” she asked.

“Time to explore submitting to pleasure.” He smiled. “While doing exactly what you’re told.”Bill stroked her face. “Then if you’re a good girl I have a present for you. ” Bill took her hand a led her to the door at the back of the shop. She expected him to take her the the room at the back of the store where they had been so many times. Instead he took her to the stairs and indicated that she should go up them. Kim slowly ascended the stairs, her heart raced in her chest. Bill nodded to the far door and she turned the knob. His bedroom. A king-sized bed, with a crisom velvet cover, the head and footboard intricate carved in oak. He shut the door behind him. He encircled her from behind in his arms so she was held firming in his grip.

“Sometimes I get the feeling you hold back from me. You do as you’re Maltepe Sınırsız Escort told always. You please me every time and in every way I ask but you don’t allow yourself to enjoy, to submit to the pleasure. It comes in so many different forms Kim, some you know about, some you have never thought of. Today is a day of exploration, of submission, to pleasure, you trust me don’t you?”

“Yes Sir “

“Then you will enjoy your day. “

Bill walked to the big arm chair at the side if the room and sat down, He looked at her and nodded. She knew exactly what he wanted and began to remove her cloths.

“It gives me pleasure to watch you undress for me Kim. That little look of apprehension on your face, the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen. You enjoy it don’t you?”

“Yes Sir “she said

When she was naked Bill got up. He walked slowly around her looking at her body, her big heavy tits, her stiffened nipples, the curve of her belly, her ample ass, her perfect, delicious pussy. She felt the colour rush to her cheeks. His inspection of her was so tougher and she always wished she looked better for him. He ran his index finger down her spine, she shivered.

“Beautiful” he whispered in her ear.

“I want you to lie on the bed Kim. Arms above your head. Legs spread.”

She moved to the bed. Positioned herself as he instructed. He opened the bedside draw and pulled out some rope. He wound the rope around her wrists, her ankles, he placed small kisses and the inside of her wrists as he tightened them. Her secured the ropes to the headboard and footboard of the bed. He took a blindfold out and wrapped it around her eyes.

“Sometimes if we lose one sense then the others are heightened,” he said.

She heard him move around the room. He seemed to be collecting things. There were bumps and scrapes on the bedside table to the side of her. There were shuffles and bangs she didn’t recognise. Her was organising his “work space”. Getting ready for God knows what. Kim lay there trying to stay calm, tying to anticipate what was going to happen.

His lips brush hers. So fleetingly Maltepe Suriyeli Escort it was almost not there. He kissed her tenderly down he neck, across he swell of her breast, his tongue traced her nipple. Then she felt the ice. It trailed slowly over her shoulder. It teased her nipple which hardened so much it was almost painful. It meandered over her belly; she gasped as it touched her hot clit, lingered there and then was pushed deep inside her to melt.

“The thing about sensation Kim is that you have to try it to find out what you like.” She could feel his warm breath on her tits, the ice inside so chillingly cold almost painful, melting, running from her, when he bit her nipple she jumped and cried out! He licked, he teased, and he sucked. Her moan was involuntary.

She felt the bed move as he got up. There were so many different aromas in the room now it was hard to distinguish them. But the heat of the wax and it hit her breast was unmistakeable. It makes her jump. Pull against her bounds, the second drip caught her directly on the nipple, the heat seared through her then settled into a warm sensation. He dripped the wax down her belly, lower with each drip.

The nipple clamps were a shock. A sharp pull, and exquisite pinch, an electric throb, and aches which travelled to her cunt. She raised and rotated her hips and heard him laugh.

“Did I mention no cumming without permission?”

She smiled. Bill tightened the clamps until she whimpered. She bit her lip. She groaned. She felt him move. She sting of her strap on her cunt made her cry out, sharp, unexpected, violent, pleasure. He brought if down on her open exposed cunt repeatedly, a rapid succession of swipes, increasingly more powerful with every contact, her voice filled the room, the pain absorbed her, she gave herself to it, the sting of the contact the hot afterglow. She was panting, on the edge of control.

Bill lay between her thighs. He loved the smell of her aroused cunt, the moisture of her lust cling to her pussy hair, he inhaled, drinking her in. He softly ran his fingers along her slit, so wet. He opened the soft Maltepe İranlı Escort flesh so her pinking inner lips were exposed to her, her swollen clit , her licked, slowly, tasting her, he forced his tongue into her hole, lapped her juice, her tickled her clit with the tip of his tongue, he made love to it with his mouth. As he moved his arm brushed her thigh. It was bare.


“Yes my sexy little sub?”

“Are you naked?”

“Oh yes” He said.

Her moan was like an animal in pain

“I’ve never seem you naked”

Bill laughed. He kissed his way along her body, her lowered himself onto her, she felt the hairs of his chest brush her nipples, his belly against hers. His cock, hard cock, between her legs, he rotated her hips so that his cock pressed against her clit; She raised her hips to increase the contact.

“Oh Bill. Please!” she groaned.

“What my lover?”

“Please Bill. Let me see you? Please fuck me, I want to feel you inside me, I need you.”

She heard a buzz. Bill pressed a small bullet vibrator against her clit and held it firmly in place.

“Have you forgotten who’s in charge here?” he asked smiling as she trashed against her ropes and the vibe which tormented her and drove her further on.

“No Sir “she whispered. She made the tell tale noises which indicated her approaching climax.

“Don’t you dare!” Bill said.

Bill adjusted himself; he pushed the vibe into the groove of her cunt so it was in direct contact with her clit. It Throbbed and hummed against her. She felt his cock at the entrance of her sodden cunt, her juice running from her.

“Please” she said

“Tell me what you want my perfect slut?” Bill asked.

“Fuck me. I need you cock inside me, fuck me hard, please. Make me cum!”

So slowly, inch by inch he entered her. He fed his cock into her wanting cunt, she felt every second of his delicious penetration. She kept abosoluty still. Absorbing each second, each part of his cock as he filled her. And then he moved, he fucked her, her ravished her cunt, he took her with force, aggression and his own need to cum consumed him. His fingers moved to the blindfold and he pushed it up. Her eyes fluttered open and their eyes met. Her orgasm struck her immediately, out of control, fully in his, eyes locked as he emptied his cum into her willing body.

In the seconds following their orgasm Kim sighed. “Thank you Sir” she whispered.