A Long Week Ch. 07


This is a work of fictional fiction forgive any basic errors. Constructive criticism is appreciated, feel free to leave any comment it doesn’t mean I have to read it though. Ladies… and me, because for the most part women seem to be more willing to read and comment on my writing, we are entering familiar territory for me. Susan’s going to do some fun things! And all the while she’s going to have to deal with interesting circumstances, muahahaha! Oh and come on guys, I know your fapping in the background, come out into the light!


Her phone chirped again and she took a moment to recollect her wits before opening the text, ‘You’ve done well. I’ve cum all over my hand, but it will be so much better to cum in you. Finish your day’s chores. I will be home soon.’ Susan smiled as she sat up and texted him back a simple, ‘Thank you sir’. Thinking that would make him happy. She plucked up her letter again and began to read on.

‘Your luggage should be getting in soon, so I must explain another rule for you. No one is allowed in my home without my knowledge and permission. And I do mean NO ONE. I do not get visitors so there is no reason for anyone to pass my threshold no matter what their reason may be. When your luggage arrives, open the garage door and have it placed inside. You can unpack your things into the left side closet in the bedroom.’ Susan was a bit surprised by the seeming random need for Jonathon to keep people out of his home. She could understand someone wanting to have their privacy but the way he made it sound, Jonathon had never let anyone into his home before. The thought of him only allowing her into his personal space confused and thrilled her a bit. She wondered why he was being so anal retentive about it and made a mental note to ask him about it later.

The next two or three paragraphs were just small things that she should sinop escort and shouldn’t do around the house. She was made to do some small menial things around the house like make herself lunch, clean the kitchen, and other things that would normally bore her to death to be specifically told to do them. However, she was constantly excited by both being told to do them by Jonathon and doing them naked with the toys still lodged inside of her.

She was closing all the blinds in the house like he had asked when the doorbell rang. Susan rushed over to the door, picking up her shirt and buttoning it up and then came to a horrid realization. The shirt was large on her, hiding her curves for the most part unless she were to shift to one side or the other, but she was so tall that the tails of the front of the shirt only barely hid the wet spot that had been growing in her panties all day. If she even moved in any direction someone was afforded a perfect view of her sopping panties.

Swallowing as the doorbell rang again insistently, Susan opened the door enough to poke her head out to see a cab driver impatiently waiting on the front porch. She smiled amicably and asked him to wait a minute for her to dry off from a shower and she would open the garage for him to tote the luggage in. The cab driver rolled his eyes at being delayed but Susan didn’t really care.

She closed the door and quickly sent a text to Jonathon, ‘Someone is here to drop off my things, but my panties are so wet and they show under the shirt you told me to wear! What do I do?’ Her phone chirped and she quickly opened the text that Jonathon had sent her and almost made her head explode with the influx of blood to her cheeks. ‘Go out and get your luggage. No one is allowed to touch you but me but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want every man and woman to know what they are missing, sivas escort and you’ve interrupted me at work for nothing. I’ll have to punish you for that.’

Susan was beat red, she could feel the heat rolling off her cheeks as she stood and walked to the door that connected the house to the garage. The sick thing was she was getting more and more turned on every step toward her inevitable embarrassment she took. Then Jonathon’s punishment came about. The toys started to vibrate again as she opened the door to the garage. She moaned and doubled over as the low burn that had been eating at her all day since her last orgasm became an all-consuming inferno. She bit her lip and forced herself to stand straight even as her hardened nipples peaked in the thin material of the shirt and her panties were quickly getting wetter and wetter. She wanted to be fucked, she needed it and she didn’t know what she would do with the mysterious cab driver so close to her.

She swallowed again and reached up a shaking hand to press the open and open the garage door. She didn’t offer to help the man as he unloaded her bags from the back of his cab. He didn’t even look at her twice until he had finished and quoted her a bill. Her blush doubled as she realized she had forgotten the money Jonathon had set out for her to pay him. She told him to wait just another second and she turned to go through the door into the house again, and couldn’t stop herself from moaning as the vibrations got faster and stronger in her. Her poor clit was totally engorged and peeked out of her panties as she gripped the door knob to stop herself from falling on her face as she bent at the waist.

Through her legs she could see the shocked cab driver blink at her as he was shown her soaking wet panties. She was beyond embarrassed as he reached down and pulled on the crotch of his pants tekirdağ escort to give himself more room. She was getting even more aroused watching this complete stranger stare at her most intimate area and he obviously liked it. She didn’t think, instead she scuttled herself into the house and grabbed the money, coming back in a hurry and not even thinking as she threw the crumpled bills at him. He shook his head and laughed a bit as he collected his money calling to her from just inside the garage, “Want a little help miss? I can help you carry your bags into the house and… take care of a few things.”

Susan’s blood ran cold and she glared at the cab driver. “Sorry, I think my boyfriend would kill you first,” she said a sweet smile curving her lips as she flipped the ends of her shirt to show her wet panties to him. The cab driver grumped but didn’t say anything else as he walked to his cab. He looked back at her once he was there but she was ignoring him now, closing the garage door and collecting her things to bring them into the house.

At some point in the exchange the vibrator had stopped, leaving Susan wanting for more but her lust had been slowed by the cabdriver’s pass at her. She thought it was strange that she had been aroused by the driver watching her, but the slightest thought of him touching her had turned her off. She was still considering it while she set her bags in the bedroom and began to unpack.

Her phone went off and she opened the text with an excited smile, ‘Get ready for a shower. I need to wash off before we go out to dinner.’ She smiled wider as she felt herself getting aroused again, she quickly peeled her shirt off and went into the bathroom getting everything ready for their shower and then she ran into the hallway and sat on her knees a few feet in front of the door to the garage to wait for Jonathon to get home.


Phew, not as much sex but it’s not all about the hot and heavy, sometimes building up is part of the fun. As always leave a comment if you want to. Also, YAY!! I worked in the all-important shower scene a necessary part of ANY erotica xD.