First Comes Love

Big Dick

My wife Dianne and I have been into the Interracial scene for three years now. But it was only about eight months ago that she landed a steady boyfriend, a guy she met through a dating site. Ray has pretty much taken over our marriage since. He’s a dominant sort of guy and it just seems very natural that he should do as he pleases and that Dianne and I would follow along. Dianne has pretty much become his woman, openly so. Even her friends know she’s dating and fucking Black. I’ve stepped aside and deferred to them both, watching as their relationship blossomed and our marriage was transformed into something new and exciting.

Dianne took her pussy Black exclusive three months back, something she’s very proud of. I haven’t had intercourse with her since. Her boyfriend wanted it that way and so, too, did Dianne. Dianne jokes that I’ve grown as a person since. Not the little string dick, of course – that remains as insignificant as ever. But my pussy eating skills have improved, what Dianne calls white boy love. I’ve learned to say yes to whatever Dianne and her boyfriend want. I treat Dianne like a Princess. In turn, Dianne allows me to share in her lifestyle, telling me all about the people she meets and the adventures they have.

Ray usually takes Dianne to a private club in the north end of town, the Black section. Many of the guys bring white women as dates to show them off and to have sex. Some of the girls are single, of course. But many are married. They might be dating, might be having a fun night out, urfa escort or be in a serious relationship, like Dianne. But they’re all eager for the Black experience and for Black Cock. Even Dianne is surprised at the sheer numbers of these women.

This one evening, several weeks back, Dianne met this new girl. Dianne was sitting with her boyfriend and another couple – Black male, white female – in a booth, just having drinks and talking.

Jarran came along and joined them, bringing his date. Jarran is sort of the Alpha male of the group: a big guy, dominant, with a strong sexual appetite. I’ve heard a lot about Jarran. He’s popular at the club because when he’s done with a woman, has made her a proper Black Cock whore, he’ll pass her along for his friends to enjoy. It’s no surprise that Jarran has a lot of friends.

The ‘date’ was a hot blonde young thing named Connie. She seemed the submissive type, Dianne thought. She was bouncy and perky, had long hair and a sassy ass. She was perfect for Black fucking.

After he’d downed a couple of drinks Jarran decided that he wanted a blowjob.

“You don’t mean here?” Connie pulled away from him, wide-eyed.

“Here, or out on Main Street. Your choice.” Jarran wasn’t a guy who put up with a lot of shit. The girl looked around the club. She didn’t seem so much worried that other people would see her sucking cock. She was worried about the floor where she would have to kneel.

“The floor’s dirty and sticky,” balıkesir escort she whined. “Couldn’t we go somewhere else?”

“Not a problem,” Jarran told her. He called over the waitress. “Can we get a towel here, Shondra. For my lady friend.”

Shondra was an old hand. It wasn’t anything new to her that a white woman would be giving her date a blowjob. She disappeared out to the kitchen and came back. She was carrying what Dianne said had to be the dirtiest dish towel she’d ever seen. Everybody at the table started laughing.

“Here you go, honey,” Shondra said. “Don’t forget to clean your face afterwards, like a good girl.” She held out the towel. Connie reached for it but Shondra deliberately dropped it on the floor. Connie was into the humiliation by now. She was getting a good taste of what it meant to be a white whore. She picked up the towel and folded it, nice and neat, like she was back at home doing her husband’s laundry. Then she knelt and unbuckled Jarran’s pants. His cock was enormous, Dianne said, sticking right in the girl’s face. Connie wrapped both hands around it, cooing and whimpering, and began to suck.

Dianne was turned on. So were the others at the table. They weren’t alone either. Patrons from all around the club drifted over to watch. Even in front of a knot of spectators the girl didn’t miss a beat. She knew how to suck a cock, obviously had had a lot of practice. The spectators jockeyed for a better view. They were laughing, trabzon escort making jokes, critiquing the girl’s technique. Dianne was proud to see other white women in the crowd, watching and cheering. Dianne even found herself calling out abuse along with the others. “Suck it, bitch! Swallow that cock, you white whore!”

The girl fed off of the crowd and their excitement. She was really working that cock, head pistoning up and down, when Jarran stopped her for a minute. He pulled her to her feet. Her face was all covered with slobber and spit and her hair mussed.

“Show them the ring, baby,” Jarran told her. This sweet little blonde waved the ring at the crowd so that they could see that she was married to some white boy. Everyone cheered. This was how it was meant to be. Then it was back on her knees, sucking, till Jarran blew his nut. The whore swallowed most of it, or tried to. Some of it dripped down her chin on to her blouse.

The crowd gradually drifted away, though guys kept coming up to Jarran and congratulating him on his new girl. Connie sat there, smiling, cum stains all over her blouse, cum tangles in her hair, listening to herself called every sort of vile name and accepting it as if it were the highest praise.

Dianne heard later, through her boyfriend, that Jarran had this same girl in a motel a few weeks later pulling a train for a group of his friends. Black guys were literally lined up waiting for their turn. Jarran is determined to get Connie knocked up. Knowing Jarran, it won’t be long. Soon she’ll be bringing the swollen belly home to hubby and showing it off to him, properly Blackpreg. If the punk is anything like me, he’ll drop to his knees on the instant and start kissing it. Like the old schoolyard taunt has it – first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Black baby in a baby carriage.