A Fantastic Night

Big Dicks

I have always enjoyed making love with other girls. I had several female lovers throughout college. But I also still relish having sex with cute guys and a lot of the time having sex with both guys and girls in the same bed at the same time. It’s exciting to see how aroused it gets guys to watch two girls kissing and making love to each other.

Recently I had a great satisfying sexual experience with my boyfriend and another couple.

I met Julie at work and I was attracted to her right away. She’s about my age, 21, and she also has had some Sapphic experiences, though not as many as I have.

Anyway, one Saturday afternoon we were hanging out at my place, and she was looking especially hot. She’s blonde, with a great figure, larger breasts which I couldn’t wait to kiss and suck and hold, a cute little mouth, great blue eyes, and a sexy voice.

I just told her, “Julie, you are soooo cute today!”

She smiled and I touched her face gently. Then I drew my face close to hers and I placed my lips gently on hers and kissed her. Kissing her made me so high that I actually got a little dizzy. Fortunately we were already sitting on my couch, so I was able to just lean back when I lost my balance and I pulled Julie down with me.

That made both of us laugh, and after that we kissed more and harder and before long we were undressing each other and feeling each other’s bodies and I was getting so hot! I pulled off Julie’s panties and went right for her wet little pussy, licking her slit and giving her clit a nice tongue bath. She started to moan and soon she came really hard. Then it was my turn and I leaned back on the couch as she also licked and sucked my pussy and my clit. Oooh, that felt so good. Julie took her time and really diyarbakır escort got me off. Then we kissed each other deeply for a long time and I took the opportunity to kiss and lick and suck on her beautiful, pert breasts.

After a short while we were ready to suck each other’s pussies again so we did that and we must have come a half-dozen times just that afternoon. It was fantastic.

Later on I told my boyfriend Matt what we had done and that we’d be hot to do it again for the mutual pleasure of him and Julie’s boyfriend, David. Of course the guys were wild with anticipation when we all got together at David’s place the next evening.

Julie and I started by getting into bed and just kissing slowly and deeply, touching each other. The guys were absolutely fixated on us. Julie and I began to undress each other, I removing Julie’s bra and gently holding and kissing her breasts and erect nipples. Julie loves having her breasts kissed and her moaning was very erotic. I could see from the corner of my eye that the guys were quickly getting aroused. Soon their jeans came off and wow both of them already had huge throbbing erections.

I pushed Julie down on her back in the bed and started kissing her neck and down her body, slowly, to tease the guys who knew what was coming. I finally made it down to Julie’s luscious little pussy and spread the lips and began a slow licking and sucking in her crack. Julie was writhing in pleasure and when I sucked her clit into my mouth gently both she and the guys were wild with arousal.

I continued to suck her pussy, pressing my tongue into her slit and spreading her lips wide with my fingers.

The guys were getting so hot they couldn’t control themselves. David knelt down edirne escort between Matt’s legs and began to gently massage Matt’s neatly trimmed balls. Then he lightly grasped Matt’s erect cock with began a slow pumping motion. Matt was really enjoying that.

David sucked Matt’s balls into his mouth one at a time and then began to lick Matt’s cock from the bottom to the sensitive area right under the tip. Matt was lying back really wild with pleasure. David kept licking Matt’s cock and occasionally pumping it, getting Matt crazy with the need to come. Finally, he took the head of Matt’s cock in his mouth and sucked on it, rubbing his tongue underneath the glans until Matt moaned and came hard in David’s mouth. That was so erotic to see! David excused himself to the bath where he spit out Matt’s come and rinsed his mouth. Then he came back and the guys exchanged a deep tongue kiss.

Now it was Matt’s turn. Matt began to lick and suck David’s cock and balls as well. He licked David’s cock up and down and soon David’s cock was throbbing like crazy. Matt pumped David’s cock a few times fast, then a few times slowly. When David couldn’t stand it any more and had to come, Matt began to suck on David’s cock and then it was David who came in Matt’s soft, warm mouth. I found this wildly exciting!

Matt did not have a lot of experience before this in sucking another guy’s cock but he told me he really enjoyed indulging his bisexual desires. Afterward when we got back home I took out some issues from my old collection of Playgirl magazines and Matt got all hot again looking at the cocks and balls of the gorgeous male models.

He especially liked the photos of the guys posing in tight jeans with the outline of their cocks in the elazığ escort fabric. He told me he imagined unbuckling and unzipping them and then having a feast of their attractive and well-groomed cocks and balls.

Matt told me that his first bisexual experience was on a business trip when he shared a room with a cute co-worker who Matt didn’t know was bisexual. Johnny came out of the shower one night after meetings holding his bath towel aside, his large, well-trimmed cock and balls in plain view. Matt was sitting in a large upholstered chair in the hotel room reading and couldn’t help noticing Johnny’s freshly scrubbed cock and balls, Johnny’s cock, slightly tumescent, hanging down, flush with pink from the hot shower, bobbing as he walked right over to Matt’s eye level and asked, smiling, “So what do you feel like doing now, Matt?”

Matt told me that he felt an irresistible urge to touch and explore and ultimately suck on Johnny’s gorgeous cock. Which he did. Then they got into bed together and rubbed their erections together until they came on each other’s stomachs. Then Matt had his first experience with anal sex as Johnny gently introduced Matt’s virgin ass to the pleasures of a hard cock. Matt said it felt like heaven.

They spent the next three evenings after meetings for the rest of the trip having all kinds of great sex with each other and after that trip Matt became a confirmed bisexual.

Anyway, back to our evening, Julie and I gave the guys a great show and then after they recovered their erections we took turns going down on each of them in tandem, two girls on one cock, kissing and licking their cocks and balls, before finally letting the guys take each of us from behind, pumping their hard cocks into our warm, willing pussies, going back and forth from one pussy to the other, while Julie and I engaged in some deep tongue kisses.

We had sex in all combinations possible that night and I wanted to share it will you. I hope you enjoyed my story.



Joni Sullivan Fashion Designer


Joni Sullivan was a fashion designer, not a big name designer, not a well-known designer, not really a good or experienced designer, not even a full time fashion designer. That was more or less Joni’s full life story, not the most beautiful girl in her hometown, not a good student, she was a shy young girl and an awkward teenager who didn’t play sports and couldn’t get a prom date. She had stroppy disposition no doubt brought on by her unfilled desire to fit in and be popular.

Early in her first year in college she discovered that most horny young men were at least temporarily eager and willing to spend time with a bad-tempered and homely girl when they found out that she was willing to spread her legs or give a good blow job. With practice and a little coaching from some early partners she developed considerable skill in the art of satisfying a man with a hard dick and a one track mind.

“Take care of their dicks and their hearts and minds will follow,” she told her college roommate.

She got on the fashion design track not because it was a longtime dream occupation for her, but because she flunked freshman calculus and history which put her on academic probation. She failed the classes, not because she was not smart enough to pass, but because she spent too much time sucking cocks and too little time studying. Her success with men didn’t help her temperament any, she was well aware that just because a man was falling all over himself over the opportunity to have her bend over and pump his hard cock into her pussy, didn’t mean that he was willing to introduce her to his friends. Knowing that she had become a slut to attract men and realizing that they only cared about their own pleasure made her all the more ill-tempered.

It took an extra year in college but she did finally graduate with a degree in fashion design, and she had a job offer in Chicago with a company that made t-shirts and underwear. She knew she had to start somewhere and her aspirations were never very high. So it was that several years later she was approaching 30, still working for the underwear maker, still in Chicago, still single, still willing to suck a dick to get the attention of a man.

Some things did change for her. Like the ugly duckling that develops into a beautiful swan, as she matured she became more and more attractive. Of course she was aided by a capable plastic surgeon who fixed her nose and provided her with silicone enhanced boobs. Her formerly flat behind had developed into an attractive round ass. Her bony legs and knobby knees had filled out to be quite sexy.

By this time the number of men she had fucked and sucked was in the mid three digit range. She didn’t remember most of them and they often forgot about her. One married cheater who picked her up in a singles bar didn’t even realize that he had been with her before until he saw the skull and crossbones tattoo high on the inside of her thigh. Despite the fact that she was a very attractive and available woman, her opinion of herself suffered, she hadn’t really learned how to deal with available men without getting naked first, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

Joni was successful in her job which was more about working with the fabric houses for colors and textures, than it was with construction and design. A few years earlier, after too much to drink on a late night in a hotel bar she was talking to an overweight man about her job, at least he was willing to listen to her ramble on about her work without trying get into her shorts. She mentioned that she designs men’s underwear and her chubby friend wanted to talk about the openings in the underwear.

“Did you know that in England they call the opening a Y-Front and they call all underwear with the opening a Y-Front,” she said, “here we call them briefs or thighty-whities. Men’s underwear with a Y-front have an 80% market share in the US. We try other types of openings or no opening at all, but most American men want the Y-front.”

“I’ve heard that in most of the world men’s underwear don’t have an opening,” she rambled on in an alcohol induced stupor. “They open their pants and pull down their underwear from the top. Maybe they have longer dicks in other countries so they stretch over the waist band. Did you every try to pull a hard on out the Y-front? What escort bayan bursa kind of underwear are you wearing right now?”

Her equally inebriated new friend didn’t really have an answer, he was mostly too shocked to respond.

“Tell you what, my new underwear curious friend,” Joni suggested, “let’s go see if you can get a boner out your Y-front?”

As it turned out, her plump friend was wearing tighty-whities with a Y-front, he was able to wrestle his hard dick out the opening, and for the first time in his life, but not a first for Joni, he fucked with his briefs still on.

From that encounter, Joni developed a spiel which she often used to have men try out various types of underwear and alternative types of openings. She usually carried 3-4 pairs of different types of underwear in her purse just in case she felt the urge to examine the equipment of a man she met. Going through her routine she would typically have a man try on a pair of underwear with no front opening first.

“Pull your dick out like you were going to pee,” she would request. She wasn’t shy about reaching in and pulling in out herself

Not many men liked the briefs with no opening. She had others, one with a small Y-front front, one with an opening parallel to the waist band, and one style especially for left handers. But the closer was always the one with and oversized Y-front. By the time she had reached in and handled a dick a few times she always had a man with enough of a boner to appreciate the extra space.

She had taken her little game to a quiet bar in an airport hotel one night when a handsome older man offered to buy her a drink. She had recently developed a preference for older men and this silver fox met her selection criteria nicely. He introduced himself as Arnie and he was catching an early morning plane. She lied and said she was also catching a morning flight but she did tell him her real name.

After two drinks the conversation had turned to underwear, but he showed no signs of wanting to lead her off to his room for an easy one night stand, so they kept talking about underwear. She talked about market share stats for Y-fronts and alternative underwear for the rest of the world, she even talked about her oversized Y-fronts that men seemed to like in her experience. He listened attentively, but never made the expected move.

“It’s time for me to turn in,” Arnie said, “but first tell me this, has your company definitely rejected the oversized Y-front that you created, and do you have a non-compete arrangement with them.”

“Honestly, I’ve never presented the idea to my company,” she replied with uncharacteristic honesty, “and no, there has never been a non-compete agreement.”

“Would you be interested in finding a company to manufacture them and going into business selling them yourself?” Arnie asked.

“I wouldn’t know where to start,” she replied.

Arnie handed her his business card and said “start by giving me a call in a few weeks after you think it over.” At that point he stood up and said goodnight, then headed off to his room alone. She looked at the card and found the name and number for Arnold Murphy, CEO of Murphy Trading Company.

Two weeks later she did give him a call, she left a message. Three weeks after receiving her message he returned the call.

“Are you still using underwear with an oversized opening as a pretense to initiate a one night stand,” Arnie asked. Joni was taken aback, she had not realized that he was on to her little game.

“No, I haven’t tried it since the night you left me and went to bed alone,” she replied, something about Arnie was making her be honest with him. She went on to tell him that she had been thinking about the idea of making and selling men’s underwear with an oversized front opening and was starting to appreciate it as more than a joke.

“You don’t have to sell me in the idea,” said Arnie, “but you do need to sell me on yourself. Are you tough enough to take a chance and quit your job to do this? Are you over the silly game playing to get laid and willing to fuck anyone necessary to succeed? Are you able to put 100% of your personal energy into making this work? This is an opportunity of a lifetime and you personally will be entering into sex symbol status, which will bursa sinirsiz eskort bring you a level of attention that you have never experienced. You may find yourself doing a lot of fucking but no fucking around.”

Joni was shocked and dumbfounded by his words, obviously he knew more about her than he could possibly have learned from the conversation they had five weeks earlier. He seemed to have a plan for her that involved building a business around men’s underwear with an oversize front opening and she just might be handling a good number of dicks along the way. He seemed to be aware that she had not been particularly hard working and conscious in her job.

“What you’ve said is frightening, but I’m willing, I don’t know what to say or where to start,” she finally replied.

Arnie assured her that he would be there to help. He told her that she could make a lot of money with this opportunity, but not as much as he was going to make. The project was, as he explained it to her, to develop a new men’s underwear brand around the concept of a larger front opening for men who had big dicks or wished that they had bigger dicks. It would be a primarily online business with plans to go mainstream after being fully established. Joni would be the face of the brand.

“Can you come to San Francisco to meet with me next week?” he asked. “I’ll want you to bring along several pairs of your big dick underwear. I’ll have a contract agreement to propose to you when you arrive. I want you to take the agreement to your lawyer and work through any changes you want, when you are ready to sign off on the agreement we will be ready to start building our new business.”

Gathered in his lavish office with four members of his staff and Joni, Arnie explained his concept. “We have a new brand of men’s underwear, and it’s going to be bigger than Hanes, Jockey, or Calvin Kline someday. Underwear with an extra-large front opening for men with big dicks. The big opening comes in handy when you have a stiff dick and can’t maneuver out the small hole. Joni will be the face of the business. We give Joni a make-over and make her a glamorous vixen with a hint of dominatrix. We tell her story, the young fashion designer in the intimate apparel industry who realized through her frequent hook-ups, that men could use more room to get their cocks out of their shorts. She invented underwear for men with big dicks and for women who like to get at the boners in the underwear.”

Joni was shocked, shocked at the audacity of idea, shocked at the frankness of Arnie, shocked that his staff was not shocked at the entire idea. This wasn’t Arnie’s first rodeo, the men’s underwear brand became known as MORE, within a year a companion brand of skimpy under apparel for women was launched with the name LESS.

Joni proved to be valuable in the development of the brand. She perfected the styling, knew the right suppliers to use, she knew the best colors and materials to offer and she served as the highly visible face of MORE.COM. The iconic image that appeared on the company site, on billboards, and in magazine ads showed the torso of a man from his six pack abs to his muscular upper legs, wearing a pair of MORE underwear, with Joni’s reaching into the Y-front, “MORE room to get in, MORE room to get out,” the slogan said. Around Joni’s wrist on the photo was a diamond bracelet spelling out her name.

Packaging was a critical element. With the clean and substantial packaging used by Apple for phones and tablets in mind, they developed a solid black double thick telescope lid box with the word “MORE” stamped in platinum foil on the bottom front. “Stiff and tight” was how Joni often described the packaging when she appeared on talk shows. Inside the underwear were folded with the oversized Y-Front on full display. A cardboard cut-out of Joni’s arm with the diamonds on the bracelet spelling out her name was positioned across the underwear, the hand slipped through the Y-Front. It takes more than an oversized Y-Front, great colors and comfortable fabric to sell underwear for $70 a pair.

With the expertise of Arnie’s company the brand caught on quickly. Joni was the face of the brand, she appeared on the talk shows, she wrote a sexy online blog, actually Arnie’s ghost writers wrote escort bayan the blog, but many of the stories were based on Joni’s experiences. The same ghost writers wrote a book that became a best seller and by the time the brand was ready to launch big time into the mass market she made appearances on the late night talk shows.

LESS panties and bras for women came in a similar box as MORE, but it was shiny bright red with the word “LESS” gold stamped on the side of the box. When asked why LESS was printed on the side of the box, Joni picked up the skimpy panties, pulled the thin strip of fabric that runs between the legs to the side and pointed out how easy it is to pull it to the side.

Hand jobs delivered through the Y-fronts of MORE underwear became an international rage. Sex tapes of extremely well hung men getting hand jobs and blow jobs from Joni appeared on major porn sites. The sex tapes were real, it really was Joni and it was not an accident that the videos were discovered, Arnie’s team had produced the videos and leaked them to the tabloids. Later porn videos of Joni getting banged by two muscular big-dicked men were also real.

In the videos Joni always wore LESS panties with the crouch strap pulled to the side. The MORE/LESS sex phenomena of quickies caught on in a big way in porn videos, bedrooms, stairwells, dark movie theaters, park benches and hundreds of other private and not so private locations. In parking garages, behind trees, hidden corners of public buildings and other poorly concealed places women were bending over and pulling the panties to the side while men opened their zippers and pulled cocks out of oversized Y-Fronts and quickies by the tens of thousands were enjoyed.

Adding to the commercial success of the brand were the fashion bracelets that women wore with their names spelled out in diamonds. MORE/LESS phone apps were developed that provided users with a super secure location to classify and hide selfies of themselves and their partners in quickie encounters. The name MORE was licensed to what became the best-selling brand of condoms and multiple penis enlargement products. LESS was licensed for several women’s birth control products. Later both names were licensed for cosmetics, perfumes and colognes.

MORE-Quick became a sexy hook-up craze that men and women played and captured in their phone apps. Typically an anonymous man and woman would make eye contact in a bar, the woman would casually raise her hand to the side of her head and show off her diamond bracelet. After a nod of agreement was exchanged they would both press the GO button on the app. and go in search of a semi private site where they would unzip and bend over, maybe a little hand action if necessary, and as quickly as possible engage cock to pussy. The game was not complete without a close up selfie of the penetration, and anything less that filling a condom was considered cheating. Then it was time to exchange photo files and MORE/LESS IDs with a phone fist bump and hit the STOP button.

In some bars the private spot might be the parking lot or hidden hallway to a restrooms, in others there was no pretense of privacy and they used the pool table or dance floor. Even though it was cheating, pulling out after a few strokes was common. In a busy night a man might capture a dozen quickie fuck encounters in his MORE-Quick app; an ambitious, uninhibited and horny woman might capture twice as many. Two girls might go to the bar together, one of them leaves to make a routine visit to the ladies room and returns to find out that her friend has been fucked twice while she was gone. After a visit to the MORE/LESS site after a busy night of MORE-Quick, players could compare the number and speed of their quickies.

Not only did Arnie know how to build a company, he knew when and how to sell it. At about the time the MORE/LESS phenomena was peaking he made a deal to sell the under apparel division to the company Joni’s originally worked for. He sold the rights to the licensed products to a new company that he had set up with him and Joni as sole owners. He contracted a leading licensed products company to manage the business for a share of the profits.

At 40 years old Joni retired. The MORE/LESS experience made her a new woman. All the glamor training for personal appearances made her confident, the success made her wealthy, plastic surgery had made her beautiful and Arnie’s business expertise made her a celebrity. She never forgot how she got there, the title of her second book, this time written by herself with help from an editor, was “Fucking for Fortune,” another best seller.