Getting to Know You Ch. 02



She rose with me, riding the orgasm on me, not letting her contact go. I cried out her name as the waves hit, and eventually, I was muttering inaudibly as the orgasm subsided. She kept her tongue against me, nuzzling gently, a grin formed on her face.

When it seemed I had finished panting she looked up at me, my juice dribbling down her chin and sweat covering her heaving chest.

“I think I’m going to have to do that again sometime.”

I arched one eyebrow and breathed out slowly.

“I think you’re going to have to let me do it to you, first…”


Cathrin pushed on the arms of the chair and, sweeping a kiss at my forehead, giggled lightly before pushing me away from her. I let my heels drag on the laminate as I looked up into her gorgeous eyes, my legs still shaking from the orgasm, her chest still heaving from the effort. She licked her tongue over her white teeth and pouted at me.

“Not today, sweetness.” She perched herself back on the edge of the desk, her breasts still displayed beautifully in her red bra, and crossed one leg over the other. Her arms folded underneath her breasts, pushing them up slightly. I ached to see her naked; needed to see if the rest of her was just as flawless. The sweat sheen on her skin glazed her and I needed to have even the smallest taste to slake my hunger. “Though you do have the most delightfully tasty pussy.” Despite myself, I smiled, then grinned, ever the sucker for compliments.


It was a simple enough question. I had wanted Cathrin for long enough. She was now literally within my reach. The scent of her was driving me wild, and she had only just brought me to an earth-changing orgasm. I wanted to know what it was like to do that to another woman. I wanted to make her feel the way I felt right then.

“Why is your pussy so tasty? A good diet, I suppose?” She grinned at me mischievously, and I threw her a mock snarl. “Why won’t I let you touch me yet?” She cocked her head to one side with her little grin. “Anticipation, sweetness.”

She covered the gap between us in one step, and stood with my left leg in between both hers. Her chest was level with my face, and this close to her, I could see her nipples pushing bullet-hard at the cloth of her bra. My breath caught in my throat as she put her hands on my shoulders and leant back down to my ear. She flicked her tongue at my earlobe before catching it delicately between her teeth. She nibbled lightly, nuzzling against my ear and kneading my shoulders some more. Almost instantly I was back on fire, and moved to touch my groin against her thigh. She swayed her hips backwards, moving out of reach as I groaned in frustration. I went to caress her hips with the intention of pulling her back towards me, and she batted my hands out of reach.

Frustrated, I gave up at the little game and, trying her tactics, pouted up at her. She put her hands on her hips and stifled a laugh before bending back down to my susceptible ear.

“Keara, darling, I have been watching you carefully since the day I first set eyes on you. The way you walk… the way you move… your body, your personality… you had me captured from the offset. I had hoped you were interested in me. Whenever I saw you and you blushed…” my cheeks responded with another brief flurry of colour then, possibly for old times’ sake, which brought a genuine smile out of Cathrin’s grin. “whenever you blushed, I thought it would only ever be either because you knew I was gay, and found that intimidating, or… that you liked me too. And when you showed your surprise at my being gay, well, that made my mind up instantaneously.”

She moved her hips back towards me, and with a short step forward, brought her upper thigh against my groin. I grunted as she rocked against me gently; I was still naked and hot from the waist down. I settled into the rhythm with her, rolling my head back and closing my eyes. I licked my lips as the heat grew with the sublimely static speed of the rocking. Cathrin’s hands found me again and she stroked gently from my neck down to the top of my breasts as she bucked softly against me. Her tongue dropped to the delicate skin at the nape of my neck as she once more headed for my ear. She breathed softly, speaking quietly, as if desperate not to be overheard.

“You can’t touch me yet, Keara, because I don’t want you to. I’m your first woman, and I want your first experiences to be ones that you can never forget.” She started moving harder and faster, and I moved to match her. This time, when I shifted my hands from their white-knuckle grip of the chair arms to the side of her hips, she didn’t stop me. I spread my fingers to hold as much of her to me as I could as she continued to speed up and I slid inexorably back towards another orgasm. “I want to taste every part of you, Keara,” she sighed breathlessly. “I want you to know what it’s like to feel pleasure all night long. I want to olgun porno bring you to the brink of reason, take you back, and push you over the edge. I’m going to suck, lick, taste and tantalise every gorgeous part of you until you’re writhing and wriggling underneath me and begging for release. And then, when you’re wetter than you’ve ever been and hotter than anyone has ever made you, I am going to fuck you until you see stars.”

I came against her, shuddering and panting, and could have sworn that I was seeing stars already. Sweat covering my forehead, I looked up at her in awe. She held my gaze, and for a few seconds of silence, we tried to guess what the other was thinking.

“Can I at least kiss you?”

She kissed my forehead again with a tight smile.

“Not yet.”


I lay naked on the top of my bed in a daze, staring up at the ceiling, passing cars occasionally lighting the dimness of the mundane and small room. My hands rested by my lower belly, one on each rise of my pelvis. My body still thrummed with the excitement from earlier, and I think I was having difficulty coming to terms with the full reality of it.

I was certainly no longer bi-curious. Cathrin had made doubly sure that I would be coming back for more from her. Even for all the expectations my fantasies had built up for her, she had certainly set a bar of living up to each and every one of them.

I wanted her so badly, I ached at imagining her body sat before me again as my hands drifted across to my hot and demanding pussy. I stroked my lips almost absent-mindedly; Cathrin’s attentions earlier should have more than sated me, but it seemed she could still drive me wild even when she wasn’t there. It was cruel she wouldn’t let me touch her — wouldn’t even let me kiss her. She hadn’t kissed me goodbye, either, but had given me a hug and a cheeky slap on the ass as I left her flat for the trudge across the city.

With the shape of her breasts and the feel of her hips; with her clever lips and thoughtful tongue; her heavenly tanned skin and her lucid green eyes… the first time I see Cathrin Beck naked, I’ll probably faint.


The alarm jolted me from a satisfyingly dreamless sleep at seven thirty. Work didn’t start until nine thirty, but despite or even perhaps I was so close, I always arrived an hour early at least. I was still naked on top of the bedclothes, so I simply rolled off and padded to my shower. Pulling the curtain across I went to set the shower to cold, but smiling left it as I remembered my cool-off yesterday morning. I faced the wall and leant against it with my hands, relishing the ice cold water pummelling my back and cooling my body. It was the calmest way I could think of starting the day.

Burning with tenterhooked excitement though I was, I still had a job to do, the mundane reality of it all putting a mild dampener on the fantasy I had experienced the night before. That was probably for the best. If I couldn’t keep the dance Cathrin’s tongue played on me out of my head, I would probably end up sitting on the pavement and sliding my way to work.

The walk to work was peppered with a lot of nothing interesting, though I was happy to finally run through the staff door as the heavy grey sky threatened rain. This early on in the day, I didn’t encounter anyone through the lobby and on the way to the lift, with the exception of a middle aged and entirely uninterested security guard. He looked up and sniffed at me, taking in the security badge swinging from my belt with a single sweeping glance. The picture hadn’t been updated in years, but there again, he had seen me walking through here almost every day since that picture was taken. I evidently wasn’t a threat to his wellbeing.

I took a diversion to the kitchen to put the kettle on before settling in front of my desk. Thankfully, our company didn’t work 24×7, but that didn’t mean emails weren’t constantly coming through from other support services. Thirty four unread, and not one of them looked like spam. Great. Change that coffee to black, hold the sugar.

My eyes were quickly scanning the list when they landed on the one from ‘Beck, Cathrin’. My heart pumped a few beats faster and a tingle went through my body. Sweet Jesus, what had that woman done to me? My mouse shook a little as a million devil’s advocate thoughts went through my head when I went to open it. It was a one night stand. She doesn’t want to see me again. I’m a freak. I have a horrible body. It was a bet…

‘thanks for last night — make sure it happens again soon. Speak to you later. C’

I smiled to myself. Locking the computer, I went to make my coffee.

With a start at thirty four emails, it was a busy opening to a day that didn’t get any easier. The fallout from our server going down the other day was it simply breaking on us all over again. I spent much of the day floorwalking with other colleagues, ensuring no one panicked as we porno tried to get the services back online. We’d never had anyone jump out of a window yet, but you just couldn’t take these things for granted in customer services. I smirked at myself. Everyone we had visited was entirely apathetic about the fact that they couldn’t use a large chunk of their systems. It was a Friday. More to the point, right then, it was Friday afternoon. Who wanted to do any work then? It was possibly the first time the IT department had done any of them any favours.

Four times I walked onto Cathrin’s floor, this being the last of them. Each time, she had been out, and I started shamefully feeling like a bit of a stalker every time I glanced in the direction of her office, failing to catch a glimpse of her. This time, I craned my head round and saw her sat at her desk. There was someone else in with her, but I had to speak to them both about the server issues anyway. Nodding and smiling at a secretary, I made a beeline for her door.

I knocked on the doorframe before edging my way slightly into the room. She was still sat behind the desk, with her visitor standing at the end of it. He was young — probably two or three younger than me- but looked like he hadn’t need to shave a day in his life. Both his hands were palm-flat down, and he leant over, getting what was no doubt a ridiculously full view of her cleavage. I burned briefly with jealous irritation over the attention he was giving her. She looked up at me with a glare I could only place somewhere between annoyance and consternation. Trying not to frown, I cleared my throat.

“Hi Cathrin, I just wanted to check…”

“Sorry, Keara” she cut in. “I haven’t got time for issues right now — we have an urgent tender to complete. Can you come back later?”

The man — some paralegal lackey from the same department — looked across at me and blatantly sneered. Cheeks burning with shame for the first time in Cathrin’s presence, I turned heel and desperately restrained myself from running away. I avoided eye contact with anyone in the corridors, heading straight for the ladies’ toilets. I could feel the tearing lump at my throat, and immediately started admonishing myself as I finally locked the cubicle door behind me. I turned and butted against it once gently, the coolness feeling soothing against my burning forehead.

She’s working. We’re at work. It’s nothing personal, she’s always been a busy woman, and you shouldn’t expect that to change just for you.

I steadied my breathing, taking a few deeply for good measure.

What was it about Cathrin that made me feel like an insecure fourteen year old? Heck, who was I kidding, the insecurity was there anyway. And that man wasn’t even a threat, not if she’s through-and-through gay. I felt terribly like I was punching above my weight with Cathrin even being interested in me. If she ever found out I was this neurotic… I needed to give myself a mental bitch slap, before I ruined something wonderful before it ever had a chance to start.

I unlocked the cubicle and filled one of the three white washbasins, splashing myself and scrubbing my face. I ran my hands through my perma-messed hair and wandered back to my desk, flicking my PC to the helpdesk to see what calls I needed to do next. I was all walked-out, and really didn’t want to face anyone for the rest of the day.

I took what calls I could on the phone and on remote sessions. It was safe enough hiding behind my cheap beech veneer desk and on my bluetooth headset. I was actually quite proud of my desk arrangement, in a pseudo-geek way. My two PCs were hidden on a pedestal underneath the right hand side of the desk; I could switch between them on a KVM unit that sat on the desk underneath my central monitor. The wiring went through the back and up to my three monitors through which I controlled my working day. The leftmost monitor had the helpdesk software on, which refreshed for new calls every thirty seconds. The central monitor I kept available for any windows I would need to work on a call, and invariably, the right-hand monitor had my email inbox open for the ridiculous glut of correspondence I would receive in any given day.

I was brought out of my work-induced stupor when one of the guys in the department tapped me on the shoulder. His name was Gray, and he was the closest I had to a friend in that team. Sure, I was friendly enough, but as history had it for me, men were not, so I tended to hold most of them at arm’s length. As is the general territory with the IT industry, the rest of the team were all men. Gray was a genuinely pleasant guy, so far as I could tell, but he was a true embodiment of the saying ‘nice guys finish last’. Back at high school, he was probably the kid you would have found half crammed into his own locker.

“Hey Keara, you look like you need to unwind some. Heavy night?”

I think I temporarily went boss-eyed.

“No, night Porno 64 was fine Gray. Been a tough day though.”

“Yeah I’ve seen the call volumes you’ve been on… come and have a break with us. We’re just popping to the bar next door- early finish. It is Friday after all.”

I shook my head politely, daylight and mindless banter not really being what I was after right then.

“No thanks Gray, I’ve got some urgents on. Maybe another day.”

He shrugged and flicked his jacket over his shoulder. Most of the team followed suit, leaving just me and the junior cover, who had his attentions firmly attached to a dust-ridden PC on its side on a workbench.

My left monitor refreshed and a new call popped to the top of the list. I sighed and locked my PC again. Time for some more self-deprecating pouting in front of the bathroom mirror. A call had just come through from Cathrin. So much for being ‘too busy to deal with me’. I grabbed the support mobile and waved at the other guy, who waved back at me before sneezing over the PC. So much for anti-static precautions.

The first cubicle was locked as I entered the toilets. I went straight to the washbasin for my customary soak-out and hair-messing. I didn’t look up as I heard the cubicle unlock; I was already moving to the towel dispenser to dry off my hands and head downstairs.

As I stepped towards the door, the force of the push put me off my footing completely. Too shocked to cry out, I put out both my hands to stop myself completely falling over, and steadied myself against the door. Almost immediately, I was pushed full against it, a body pinning me to the wood and a hand clamping over my mouth. The hand pushed my head to face towards the right, away from their face and identity. I squirmed, and a hand on my hip forced my ass into their groin as they moved forward, pinning me more. With the full body contact, I could feel the impress of breasts on my upper back, and my pussy lurched into consciousness despite what should have been the trauma of the situation.

With my body pressed against the door and their left hand covering my mouth, their right hand moved down to my trousers. Unbuttoning them without fuss, they slid their hand into my panties, the zip undoing itself as their hand slid further in. Underneath the dark professional coolness of my trousers, they found my neatly trimmed pussy hot, wet and wanting. Two fingers went straight through the slickness and straight to my sensitively erect clit, body buzzing from the adrenalin of the attack. The fingers worked furiously as a tongue and teeth started to work my neck. I couldn’t help myself; I moved with the forceful grinding of the right hand and groaned against the left that had my mouth clamped shut. There was no need for them to pin me against the door any more but the constriction made the situation even more erotically tense. I whined as a felt an orgasm building up from pits of my stomach.

My legs quivered, and my hands against the door again returned to keeping me upright. The hand ripped away from my mouth and undid the top three buttons of my blouse, sliding to cup my left breast and kneading it fiercely. It pinched my small hard nipple and frowning, I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from crying out in ardently painful pleasure. The right hand moved further into my panties, relishing for a few brief moments on the juices flowing from my overstimulated pussy. Without fuss, the two fingers returned to my clit, forcing me towards orgasm. It could have only been teeth that moved my collar away from my shoulder. When they first nibbled, then forcefully bit down on my shoulder, it pushed me over the edge. I gritted my teeth and, understanding what was happening, the hand returned to my mouth as I came hard against the hand, my own hands slipping with sweat against the wood as I tried to stay on my feet as pulse after pulse hit me and I spasmed against their fingers. I sagged, my knees hitting the wood along with my forehead. The hand left my mouth, and I was left frowning and panting as both hands now started to do up my clothes. The bite on my shoulder thrummed and my clit was singing. When the hands had finished, I turned, knowing what to expect.

Cathrin had the grin back on her face. She looked at me like a cat that had just stolen the cream from the Queen’s own milk tops. She blew another one of her faux-kisses at me and brought her right hand up to her mouth, licking each finger fully and slowly. I could see my own juices on there glistening, and I went slack-jawed and hungry all over again. She licked her lips.

“Still tasty. Sorry about earlier, I really was stupidly busy, but I was also quite stupid to talk to you that way. Can I see you after work?” I nodded slowly. She moved towards me, and I went towards her for that elusive kiss. She side-stepped me, and opened the bathroom door. I swivelled my head to follow her out, and she winked at me as she side-stepped again for another woman to come into the toilets.

“Thanks for the snack Keara. We’ll have to do dinner some time.”

Still silent, I waited for the other woman to lock her stall and left the toilets. Cathrin had already fled down the stairs. I shook my head, and shakily walked back to my desk.