Friends with Benefits


As a married man with custody of my daughter from a previous marriage, my wife and I have a lot of time to ourselves during the summer when our daughter visits her Mom. Needless to say, we always enjoy playing outdoors in the South Florida sun. We have a gorgeous backyard and pool that gets used quit often during the summer months.

Since my current wife is a teacher, we basically have a 2 month vacation each year with no work & no kids. Since I am self-employed, I make sure we spend as much time together as possible. My wife, Hannah also has a lot of teacher friends that aren’t bad looking either. Hannah stands 5’3” 125, beautiful blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a smile that stops most men right in their tracks.

Hannah and I have played around with a few couples from time to time and this story is about a fun encounter with a teacher friend of hers and her boyfriend. Hannah called Dena and asked her if her and Paul would like to come over for a few drinks and a dip in the pool. This was out first weekend together since our daughter left and we were looking forward to playing around.

I guess I should describe Hannah’s friend Dena as well. Dena is a true Italian American Princess with dark olive skin, big tits, and a body that exudes sexuality. She has dark hair and a flirting personality that makes every guy think she wants them, me included. We have played around with them before but never a full swap. Her boyfriend Paul is about 5’8” average build and self employed like myself. We always a have a lot to talk about and enjoy discussing business and our sexy ladies.

As they arrived we were greeted with Dena’s customary kiss on the cheek and quick hug. I only tolerate the goofy kissing thing because it gives me a chance to feel her big tits on my chest. Every body got comfortable and we all made our way out to the deck and I took everyone’s drink order.

After making the drinks and returning to the pool, I soon realized that I was the only one wearing my swim trunks. I didn’t want to be the odd man out so I quickly delivered the drinks and asked Hannah to remove my trunks which she did as a strip show to our guest. By the time she got my trunks off I was sporting all 7 inches at full mast. Hannah quickly took care of this by engulfing my cock and slurping like she hadn’t had dick in a year.

I broke away from my 1st class blowjob and jumped in the pool to cool off. After regaining my composure I figured it was time to get rid of our tan lines. We all put our chairs in a semi circle facing the sun and started to relax. Escort Bayan Well, it doesn’t take these two ladies long to start feeling the effect of the sun on their desires. I felt Hannah reach over and start stroking my cock and when I opened my eyes, Dena and Paul were engaged in the same activity. I loved looking in to Dena’s pussy and seeing her sex just dripping out of her. This woman had a pussy that tasted like candy. Dena was stroking Paul’s 8” to its full size and we each traded glances to see how the other was doing.

Unfortunately Hannah had a few to many drinks by the time they arrived and was now feeling the effects and said she needed to go lay down before she got sick. I was very disappointed but told her I would wake her in an hour or so. She gave me a peck on the lips and told me to be good. I told her I would be the best I possibly could.

No sooner than Hannah was in the house, Dena reached down between her legs and started fingering her wet pussy. With her stroking Paul and watching her action, I was getting pretty excited. Needless to say, I was fully hard and ready to go but I had one thing on my mind. Hannah and I had not discussed how far we could or should go with these guys so I was in a dilemma.

To make matters worse, Dena looked over at me and asked me if I liked watching her stoke her pussy. Have you ever heard a dumber question? I said she looked like she needed some more action and I asked if she needed any help. Dena said she wanted to try and take both of us and make us cum all over her. She was talking in that sluty voice that every man loves to hear from a woman.

I got up and walked over to were Dena was sitting (in a reclining lawn chair) and got on my knees between her legs. As soon as I touch her dripping pussy she started making those cute little cooing sounds that showed her approval. As I started licking her, Paul got up and stood beside her and started feeding her his cock. Dena started sucking him like there was no tomorrow and the more they went at it, the more I dove in to her.

All the sudden I had a thought. Was Hannah watching us or was she really filling sick. I looked up at our bedroom window that faces the pool and I noticed a little movement in the blinds. She was watching! I was loving this but still didn’t know how far I should take it.

Paul and I kept Dena entertained for a while and then I stood up and told her I wanted to fuck her. Dena pulled Paul’s cock from her lips and told me fuck her hard so Paul could watch. I kept looking over at our window as I eased my cock all the way in. I didn’t know which was more exciting, fucking Dena or having Hannah watch me. It really didn’t matter because I had both and I wasn’t about to waste an opportunity like this.

All the excitement had me ready to cum way to fast so I pulled out and squatted back down to lick her pussy some more. Then I stood up and walked over to the other side of Dena and started stroking my cock by her face. She quickly caught on and turned her head and said thanks for the fun. Now Paul got between her legs and started driving his cock home while Dena blew me. This was great and we kept changing positions for about 20 minutes before Dena said that she wanted us both in her moth at the same time. I was the one between her legs when she said this so I just straddled her chest and offered my cock to her hungry mouth. Dena turned her head slightly (Still having Paul in her mouth) and I gave her what she wanted. There was this pretty woman with two decent sized cocks in her mouth. Not very practical but it sure was sexy to watch. It showed how hot and horny she was.

Paul pulled out and said he couldn’t take it any more he had to fuck her again. So Paul got back between her legs started driving it home while Dena hummed her excitement over my raging hardon. Paul then said he wanted to switch again so I got between her legs as Paul took my place in her mouth. Now Paul was going to lose it and told her he was going to come in her mouth. This got me excited and I started ramming her as hard as I could. I was afraid the chair wouldn’t hold all the action but kept pounding her anyway.

Soon I saw Paul start to thrust his hips and then Dena was gulping and sucking him like crazy. This sent me over the edge so I pulled out and started blowing my load all over her tits. What a sight to see, a pretty lady sucking and fucking in the hot Florida sun. Paul pulled out of her mouth and blew a few loads on her tits as well so Dena’s tits were covered with cum. Paul and I were both covered with sweat so we jumped in the pool to cool off as we watched Dena lay there and continue to finger herself.

I couldn’t believe this, this lady takes to cocks at once and doesn’t get off. Dena started saying she needed more cock so Paul and I got out of the pool and stood next to her just watching the sex before us. Dena stood up threw her chair cushion on the deck and told Paul to lay down. Paul quickly laid down as he was instructed and Dena went to work on his still recovering cock. I took this opportunity to get behind her and start licking her sopping wet pussy.

As soon as Dena had Paul back to his full 8”, she jumped on his cock and buried herself all the way. She said she wasn’t done and she wanted both of us again. I couldn’t believe this woman, she was horny as hell and about to get fucked again. I watched with amazement as Paul’s cock stretcher her pussy in the most beautiful way. I quickly scooted up behind her and started messaging her ass. She started thrusting her ass against my hand as it would approach her rosebud. I took this as a hint and started working my finger in her ass using her sweat and the cream spilling out of her pussy. She was quick to take my finger and start a great rhythm. She said she wanted my cock in her ass so she could have the ultimate orgasm. Who am I to deny a woman in need. I quickly rubbed my cock in her pussy juice and started working my head in to her ass. What a sight this was. Dena was riding one cock and asking for another up her ass.

I could feel Paul’s cock as he continued pounding her from below. I eased my cock in as slowly as I could but Dena was actually sucking it in with her butt muscles. Wow, what a feeling!

As we settled in to a great little rhythm, I looked up and saw our blinds all contorted as I saw Hannah watching us. She had to be masturbating because the blinds were shaking as she watched. I couldn’t make out her facial expressions but I could tell she must have been approving of what she was watching.

Since this was me and Paul’s second time around we were able to last for a while despite the erotic situation at hand. This time it was Dena’s turn to cum, and cum she did! All the sudden she threw herself down on Paul’s chest and thrust her ass back towards me, screaming yes, yes, this is it, fuck me you two!

This woman spasmed like crazy, sucking us both for all we were worth. Paul and I both told her we were going to come in her and she begged for it saying how much she needed this. She told us both not to pull out but to stay inside until we got soft and feel out. I think Dena may have actually passed out for a moment as she lay on Paul’s chest. My cock was shrinking quickly and soon fell out of her ass with a little plop and a lot of cum. I looked down and Paul’s cock was half out as well.

I stood and jumped in the pool and quickly rinsed off as I prepared for another round with my voyeur wife who was waiting in our bedroom. I told Dena and Paul that I was going to go check on Hannah and would be back in a few. Needless to say, I didn’t return anytime soon. But that is for the next chapter.

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