College Girl Swag


“I had sex with a black guy and a white guy this weekend,” Nikki heard the other girls talking as she pulled her tight fitting lacrosse jersey over her sports bra, “The black guy was so much bigger.”

A chorus of giggles followed and echoed through the locker room before coach came through and brought a quick silence from the girls.

“Field in 5,” she said as she passed through the locker room and out into the moist Spring air, whistle in mouth.

Nikki grabbed her goalie helmet and followed first while the other girls, now whispering about sexual escapades, slowly followed suit.

Nikki was always first on the field. She had gotten quite a scholarship to play lacrosse, and with her in net, the team had actually done better than .500 for the first time in nearly 20 years. Her white-blonde hair was in a firm bun on top of her head and it bobbed up and down as she jogged out and around the track to warm up.

While most of the other girls, and all athletes in general, were big partiers on the weekend (did they ever stop talking about sex?) Nikki was actually quite reserved. She drank, but usually only casually and in a group of close friends. It was a rare sight to be seen that she would be at one of the big athletic house parties that were pretty much nightly from Thursday to Sunday.

Practice was routine. The girls took their shots at Nikki and she stopped over 80% of them, well on her way to setting a college record for women’s lacrosse. From behind the bars of the goalies mask, Nikki could tell she was at odds with her teammates. They either just didn’t really speak with her (there were boys to talk about!) or they sort of resented her for her talents. Hawking University wasn’t exactly a bastion of athletic success, and most of the other girls didn’t take it as seriously as she did. It was supposed to be fun. Something Nikki felt in the pit of her stomach that she never let herself experience.

“You look good as usual, DeMarco,” Coach said as a now sweat-glistened Nikki made her way off the field last after doing a couple of extra wind sprints.

By the time Nikki had showered and changed into her street clothes the sun had burned orange and the street lights of campus began to flicker on one by one.

Her roommate, and closest friends, Estelle, had gone home early for the weekend (Nikki resented her for somehow avoiding having a class on Friday) leaving Nikki to make her way to the dining hall on her own.

Like most of the other sports girls, Nikki was pretty proud of her body. A lot of the guys wore tight shirts, and girls wore stomach-revealing tank tops and Nikki was no different. Her white tank ended right above her belly button and the V in the neck exposed her small, but still full breasts quite well. She wore loose-fitting sweatpants as per requirement to let everyone know what team you were on. Hers had ‘Women’s Lacrosse” and a logo of a Hawk running down her leg.

A couple of the girls on her team saw her come in alone and, strangely, waved her over. Nikki grabbed a salad and a half-sandwich from the cafeteria and made her way over to the team. They erupted into a fit of giggles as soon as she sat down.

“He lasted how long?” one of the attackers, a redhead with giant tits said.

“Maybe thirty seconds,” a brunette mid-fielder laughed through her hand as she spoke.

More roars of laughter. Did these girls talk about anything else besides sex?

“Hey DeMarco, maybe you let a couple of my shots by next time? You’re making me look like shit out there,” the redhead quickly turned her attention to Nikki.

Nikki awkwardly froze, her blue eyes flickering up and down from the redheads face to her very noticeable breasts, “Sorry.”

The redhead’s lips twisted into a smile, “I’m just fucking with you. Lighten up. If you weren’t as good as you were we’d lose every game by like five goals because Layla here couldn’t defend a retarded chipmunk.”

Another roar of laughter and Nikki felt a slight blush as she smiled along with her team. The redhead, Andrea, patted her on the back.

“You know what tonight is right?” Andrea said, but it didn’t take long for the other girls to chime in with a response.

“Thirsty Thursday!” the girls shouted in unison, laughing and cheering.

“What house is throwing it tonight?”

“Basketball team,” another voice answered.

“Shit, Becky got wasted last time, do you remember?”

“Guys, I don’t usually do tequila,”

“Isn’t that where you and Rob first hooked up?”

The chorus of rapid girl-talk filled Nikki’s ears to the point her brain turned it off, switching over to humming some Katy Perry song in her head until.

“Hey Nikki, why don’t you ever come?” it was Layla who asked.

Nikki remained silent for a period, too long in fact, that the other girls now all seemed to zero in on her.

“I mean, you don’t ever hang out with us,” Andrea added, “How come?”

“I’m just not very outgoing,” Nikki said, smiling sheepishly.

The rest of the team giggled and smiled some more before Andrea offered a plan, “How about you come out with us tonight, and I’ll guarantee gaziantep escort you have a great time, even if you are a little shy. How’s that sound?”

Nikki’s mind raced to homework, to her grades, to keeping her scholarship, but it also raced to that feeling she had earlier. That feeling that she never let herself have any fun.

“Okay,” the word came out of her mouth but Nikki couldn’t believe it was her voice, what was she doing?

The team cheered, “Nikki! Nikki!”

She blushed again, her creamy cheeks turning a blush pink as the girls roused her.

“Be at my place at 9,” Andrea said.

Nikki quietly ate her salad and sandwich while the girl giggled and chatted more and more in an endless choir of noise.

It was ten of 9:00 p.m. when Nikki knocked on Andrea’s door. The redhead opened it up in nothing but her bra and panties, her noticeable breasts on full display.

“Come on it,” she said, turning on heel and marching back to where she was putting on make-up.

Layla and another girl from the team, Sandy, were also in the room, although they were clothed. But of them were drinking some pink concoction from a solo cup.

“Want one?” Sandy said, offering her cup, “Try it.”

Nikki took the cup from her hand and nervously sipped at it. It tasted like juice.

“That went down easy,” Nikki said, nervously laughing as Sandy moved to make her a fresh one.

Andrea returned, this time “clothed” but hardly. She wore a bejeweled halter top with a neck line that plummeted past her breasts all the way to her navel. It was then Nikki noticed that Layla and Sandy, although not as blatantly, were also dressed quite provocatively. Both of their outfits showed a lot of skin, a hell of a lot more than Nikki’s button down and jeans. She looked like a children’s librarian in comparison.

“So, that outfit ain’t going to work,” Andrea said with a raw smile, “Come on, let us dress you!”

Sandy clapped and Layla cheered, “Fashion show!”

Andrea clasped her hand and brought her into her bedroom. She rifled through her drawers like she was looking for money, holding up clothing against Nikki’s body over and over until she narrowed down the options. In the end, she held three shirts and a tight mini-skirt for Nikki.

“Take off your shirt, dummy,” Andrea said.

Cautiously, Nikki removed her button down, revealing herself in a simple black bra.

“I don’t know why you’re dressed like a nun. If I had a body as hot as yours, I’d be dressed even sluttier,” Andrea said while the other girls laughed.

Nikki unbuttoned her jeans and stripped completely down into a matching set of panties, now standing in the center of the room feeling like a Russian sex slave being bid on.

“I like that one,” Layla said.

“No, that one!” Sandy chose another.

But ultimately, Andrea handed Nikki the gaudiest of the three shirts with the mini-skirt.

“Really?” Nikki said, but the girls just laughed.

“It’s cute!” Andrea assured her.

Nikki buttoned the tight skirt, the length of which barely covered her thigh pulled the tight t-shirt over her blonde head. When she looked at herself in the mirror her jaw nearly dropped. She looked like an extra in a rap video, like a low-budget one.

The shirt was white but starting from just beneath her left breasts it cut across on a perfect line all the way to her right hip where it was knotted. It looked like someone had cut the shirt on purpose. Her entire stomach was bare, as was the entire left side of her body.

Worst of all, stamped in a gaudy Vegas style font was the word “Swagger” printed on what was left of this ‘shirt’.

“You looked hot,” Layla said while Nikki’s baby blues still looked stunned and terrified at her own reflection.

Nikki had a second drink very quickly after that and then moved on to a third. She kept tugging at the fabric beneath her left breasts to try and pull it down but it was no use. Her flat, pale stomach was on display for the world to see. She was Swag Nikki now and by the fourth drink she tried to embrace it.

“So when we going to this party, bitches?” she said, trying to sound like a college girl from what she had seen in movies.

“It’s only ten o’clock,” came the swift reply from Sandy.

Swag Nikki felt like real Nikki suddenly. How late was she going to be out?

Her IPhone glowed and the numbers hazily read 11:30 when the distant thump of a base playing a generic hip-hop song began to hum in Nikki’s drunk ears. In total, six of those fruity little beverages she had consumed and by the time they arrived at the basketball’s team’s house party Swag Nikki was swaggering like she never had before.

Was this what fun felt like? Nikki thought as she stumbled (thank god they let her keep on her sneakers) forward with the other girls. She was laughing, and giggling, and cheering with the rest of them. She actually was enjoying it quite a bit.

But the sisterhood of girl comradery was shredded by the shrapnel of guys. Swag Nikki felt like she was on the beaches of Normandy, konya escort watching her girlfriends be picked off one by one, each drunkenly dispersing to chat with some male athlete until suddenly she was alone in the party and the swag feeling began to wear off.

She was drunk, alone, and dressed like a streetwalker, all things she had heard not to do on a college campus. She panicked looked for Andrea, or Layla, or any of the others, until her blue eyes lit up with panic as she was grabbed from behind.

Nikki almost let out a scream before Andrea’s red hair blew into her face and the girls emerald eyes sparked Nikki back into fun mode.

“Come on, you’re my partner tonight. Usually I’m with Layla, but she fucking sucks at beer pong.”

Nikki felt Andrea guide her through the sea of grinding bodies (why do people make out like that?) until they reached a ping-pong table covered in familiar red solo cups. Someone handed her a beer and suddenly she was tossing ping pong balls across a table into cups, albeit poorly.

Her opponents were two guys on the basketball squad. Their aim was far truer than drunken Nikki, and so the game was over quickly. Andrea was once again dragging her through the crowd, she gained a second beer and then she was standing in the shadow of the two guys who had just beaten her at beer pong.

“You guys are good,” she said, hiccupping like an idiot, “Do you play basketball or something?”

Nikki laughed at her own joke, and the other guys did too. That made her feel relieved. Swag Nikki was in action.

The first guy was tall and thin, his hair a rustic blonde and his arms and legs looked disproportionately long. But she guessed that was good for blocking shots or whatever.

The second guy was more built, a little shorted but more muscular. He had a shaved head and a single tattoo on his left arm, exposed of course.

“I like your shirt,” he said, gesturing towards the text on her right breasts.

“Yeah, I’m pretty swagged out,” Nikki said, rolling her eyes, “Not my usual style.”

“I dig it,” he said, his eyes now glancing across her exposed stomach and sides and she felt so naked and vulnerable once more.

But Nikki was determined to remain cool. She asked for another beer from the guy, despite not even being half way done with her current one and he gestured for her to follow him.

He brought her back, away from the chaos and the thumping bass into the kitchen were a couple of the other guys were chilling, smoking.

“Hey, Darron, what’s good?” one said, and they high-fived.

Several eyes glanced at Nikki but mostly Nikki’s body. In a moment of pure drunken bliss, Nikki raised the corner of her shirt, revealing for a second her left breasts for all to see. There was a chorus of “Ohhs” and “Ahhs” as Swag Nikki took over.

Despite feeling like an idiot, Nikki sort of liked the attention. It was nice, maybe every once in a while, to just let loose.

Darron, whom Nikki now realized did not know her name, handed her a beer.

“I’m Nikki, by the way,” she said with girlish smile and giggle.

“Want to dance?” Darron said, nodding towards the sea of sweaty bodies, men and women grinding on one another.


Darron led Nikki out onto the dance floor where a new song just began and everyone cheered and yelled because it was their favorite song ever. Darron looked Nikki up and down as she just sort of wiggled her hips, unsure of how to even dance to the loud, thumping song.

Darron laughed at her, and she kind of snorted at her own stupidity.

“I’m not very good at this.”

“At dancing?”

“At boys,” she said with a sheepish, buzzed smile.

Darron laughed, and step closer to her, gently grabbing her hips and pulling her in close to him. She felt their bodies touch, right at the waist and he shimmied left and right to the music, allowing Nikki to rock with him.

As the music and dancing continued, Nikki felt the sweat glisten on her own exposed skin as they danced. She had nine drinks, about four more than she had on her twenty-first birthday, and was feeling the buzz good and hard. She spun around, pressing her ass into Darron’s waist and shimmying it back and forth like she had seen in music videos.

Darron laughed and grinded with her. Nikki felt his hands slide across her sides until his hand clasped across her pale belly. His dark hand contrasted in the dim light as his fingers (his hands were huge!) spread across her stomach as they danced.

They danced liked that for a while. Her body enveloped by his, dancing and grinding and eventually Nikki felt something harden against her ass as Darron got an erection. A feeling overcame Nikki that rarely did. She was hot, wet, dancing, drinking and grinding with a man, and for the first time in a long time, she felt horny as hell.

She reached cautiously back towards Darron’s waist, something sober Nikki would never do, but Swag Nikki gently caress the form of a cock with her hand through his jeans. Darron closed his eyes and sighed as Nikki privately rubbed kayseri escort her hand and ass against his cock.

After a couple more songs, more dancing, more rubbing and touching Nikki finally turned and said to Darron, “You think we could go somewhere more private to talk?”

Nikki couldn’t believe herself as the basketball player she had only met a couple hours ago (it was past 1 a.m. according to her phone with four unanswered texts from Andrea on the screen as well) led her away from the dancing and noise towards his bedroom.

He was holding her hand, and Nikki’s ovaries were humming into overdrive. She had only had sex with boyfriends. And that was only three guys. She had never had a one night stand.

Darron quietly closed the door behind Nikki.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Darron said, in a sheepish, awkward, but also adorable way.

“Oh you know, the weather and stuff,” Nikki said, snorting again.

Darron’s eyes grazed her chest and tummy once more. She could tell he was horny (the bulge in his pants made it obvious), and the thumping of her own heart and loins was too much to ignore. She leapt at him, grabbing him around the neck and kissing him repeatedly, while his muscular hands slowly made their way onto her hips and then up her back, pulling her in closer.

Her waist pressed into his, she could feel his cock against her and wanted it badly. Swag Nikki was a bad girl.

Her hands rubbed at his waist as they savagely made out in the middle of his room. Darron carefully guided Nikki backwards, never breaking from their kissing until she felt the foot of the bed press against the back of her leg.

Nikki sat down, falling back on the bed as Darron did the same beside her. She was still rubbing and touching his cock through his jeans, but very quickly her hands undid the button and he tugged them down.

Only his boxers separated Nikki from his growing penis. She carefully pulled the lip of the underwear back until it sprang forth, swinging in the air in front of her stunned blue eyes. It was large, larger than any of the three dicks she’d seen outside of internet porn.

It hung in the air, straight up, nearly eight inches long by her estimate. Her hands cupped it around the base and tip and began to work it up and down. Darron laid flat on his back, moaning slightly as Nikki worked his cock.

Nikki looked down at Darron’s huge black cock and thought back to the girls in the locker room talking about how big black guys were. Maybe it was true. Maybe it was just Darron, but Nikki didn’t care, her horniness was a force of God by now.

She opened her mouth, slowly taking the head of Darron into her mouth and sucking on it, up and down until she felt confident to take on more of him. Her lips slid down the shaft, feeling his size begin to choke her when it reached the back of her throat. There were still several inches to go.

Nikki worked his dick with her mouth, up and down, saliva lightly coating it as she sucked his magnificent penis, hearing the quiet coos and moans from Darron beside her. The music was at a distance, only the wet gulping noises of Nikki sucking a dick could be heard now.

“Shit,” Darron moaned as Nikki popped up for air.

He wasted no time. She grabbed her by the knot on her shirt and helped her lift her ‘swagger’ off her body and over her head. She expertly undid her breasts and suddenly her milky white tits bounced freely.

Darron guided her flat on her back on his mattress and undid her mini-skirt. She lifted her butt off the sheets so he could shimmy the skirt off her long, white legs. The black panties were all that remained and Nikki felt no embarrassment at how wet they were.

Darron pulled the panties off her waist, exposing her clit and vagina to him. She watched his shaved head disappear between her legs and suddenly his tongue was twisting against her clitoris creating pulsing waves of pleasure vibrate throughout her body.

“Oh god,” she shouted through a muffled closed mouth.

Darron’s tongue worked her into a frenzy. She had never been this horny. She had never felt this carnal, primal need to be fucked until today. Not only was Nikki about to have her first one night stand. She was about to have her first big black cock.

“I need you,” was all she said, her blue eyes in the back of her skull.

Darron parted from her cunt, the tidal wave of pleasure momentarily leaving her. Suddenly he was on his knees in front of her, her milky white legs parted on either side in a V-formation as Darron’s massive member waved like a pirate’s flag in front of her.

He grabbed the head, carefully lowered it to her opening. She watched as inch by inch his long dark cock pushed into her body. She felt him fill her up like no man ever before. She could feel his shaft against the tight constraints of her pussy as it slowly stretched her out.

Darron pushed until he felt resistance, Nikki looked to see only half of him was inside her. He slowly rocked back out, repeating the motion over and over. Every time he went deeper and every time she felt the wave of erotic pleasure ripple under her skin. With one, casual slap of skin on skin, Nikki finally felt all of Darron inside of her. She looked down to see his hips against her pussy, no sign of that massive black cock to be seen. It was all in her, and she felt every inch pressing and pushing and creating a tornado of hormones in her body.