Nightingale Ch. 01


It was late on a Friday night. Pearl stood at the mirror in her bathroom, applying her lipstick as carefully as she could, which was never as careful as she might have wished for. She shot a bright, charming smile at herself in the mirror, then pulled several faces, tilting her head to one side, then the other. Her long natural golden curls bounced playfully around, and various mischievous, girlish expressions flickered over her young, beautiful face. Each of her lithe movements were mirrored by her body, a slim yet shapely figure in her black dress. However, the black wings attached to its back eventually attempted a bid for freedom, forcing her to adjust and reattach them.

Her dark, almost sinister appearance belied the atmosphere of the apartment she occupied. The walls were painted pure white and the rooms were powerfully lit with unflinching accuracy with bright, warm down lights that splashed the brown polished floorboards and solid wooden furnishings. On the walls were a number of framed posters, hanging from the old-fashioned picture rails, showing well-known works of art. Below each of them was a quote; some could be considered inspirational, others quirky. The bright lighting and heat lamps in the bathroom allowed her to prepare herself with great care and accuracy; there could be no greater contrast between this and her intended destination.

In the dim, flickering, thumping atmosphere of one of the many clubs to which she and her friends might wander, her focus would shift from the visual to the tactile; Pearl loved to be touched, and tended to accept any physical affection directed her way; only then would her persistent unease and faux-innocence underlying her playful girlish attitude give way, if temporarily, allowing the torrent of her powerful desire to burst forth. Any thought of constancy was suppressed by her a mixture of prankishness and a tendency to scattered thought and feeling that could easily, circularly, be attributed to her lifestyle.

As she ventured from her front door, a thought occurred to her and she smiled to herself. She pulled her iPhone from its comfortable yet intimate space inside her bra, made easily accessible by the plunging neckline of her dress, and tapped a few buttons. The screenshot of a half-nude man that she had surreptitiously taken from Snapchat earlier that afternoon looked back at her, leading her to a fit of uproarious giggles. It did not matter whether he was attractive or not, only that she had won the game by convincing him to send her nudity.

Distracted for a moment by her jovial malevolence, her phone almost slipped from her fingers, forcing her to catch it awkwardly in her other hand. She quickly recovered it and began tweeting and texting her friends and arranging to meet and congregate for a night of indulgence, amusement and anything else that might come to mind. She smiled to herself as she descended the stairs from her apartment block as quickly as her rather awkward, tall heels would allow and stepped out onto the street, making her way to the nearby tram stop.


Pearl gazed through the tram window as the city lights streamed past through the darkness outside. As she allowed her focus to drift, the street and shop lights seemed to form trails rather than distinct points. The cool breeze from the open window gently touseled tiny threads of her fine golden hair. Slowly her temples and forehead relaxed and the rest of the muscles in her body followed, loosening and absorbing the atmosphere. The world around her drifted slightly, then snapped back into focus as she heard a voice and saw her friend Ruby stepping through the tram’s front entry door.

Ruby was a tall, slender young woman with a perfect hourglass figure; as was usually the case on occasions such as these, her choice of clothing left little to the imagination. Her tight-fitting red dress closely hugged everything from the low neckline to her thighs, leaving the rest exposed and the shape of her ample breasts clearly visible. Her long, straight black hair fell effortlessly down to just above her waist, and her face sported a smile that radiated a steady self-confidence.

“Earth to Pearl,” called Ruby.

Pearl smiled at Ruby and gestured frantically towards herself. Pearl was always amazed and envious of Ruby’s lithe, carefree, even movements. When Pearl would clumsily trip over her shoes, Ruby could walk on spike heels as gracefully as if she were barefoot. She smiled back at Pearl in her measured way, then gracefully sat down opposite her, crossing her legs in a carefully measured way.

“Hey gorgeous,” said Ruby, placing a hand on Pearl’s thigh.

“You’re looking as sexy as ever.”

Ruby grinned and mimed kisses with her lips.

“Making fun of me?”, asked Pearl, still smiling.

“Not at all. You’re cute as a cute little kittycat.”

Pearl giggled and pulled her phone from its usual resting place.

“This cute little kitty has boy pictures,” she said in her little girl voice, Betturkey beaming self-consciously and artificially.

Ruby let out a laugh and put on her faux-Lolita voice. “Yooou wanna be deeer-dy.”

Pearl had barely stopped giggling from before and promptly started again. “Stop it already! I wanna show you.” She pounced over onto the seat next to Ruby, her hair bouncing enthusiastically around. Pearl threw one arm around Ruby and pulled the phone from her bra with the other, then started flipping through the gallery.

“So this one’s funny, right. I sent him boobs and I got this.”

Ruby established herself as critic. “It’s all bendy. And it’s all skinny too. Would feel weird. Yuck. Next.”

Pearl swiped. “Gor-RILLA!” chuckled Ruby. “So um, my god, is this guy serious?”

“I think he likes me. But like, I wanna fuck another human, not a freaking baboon. Yeah, he’s not muscly enough to be a gorilla. Not a hairy Conan, this one.”

“Yeah, so, um, he also needs to go to the beach more. Or go the fake tan, at least. OK, next.”

Pearl giggled some more as she swiped to the next picture. “And I have no freaking idea why this guy, like, keeps always snapchatting me.”

“Flab, flabber, flubber. Flap, flap, flapping around everywhere,” was Ruby’s critique. “Nah baby. Zero out of five, don’t call again.”

“Yeah, I stopped screencapping, but here are the ones I did.” She scrolled through another ten pictures.

“Yeah, yuck. No more. Like, I think you need better standards. Why don’t you block fat boy?”

“He’ll notice if I block him. This way he thinks he has a chance.”

“But he doesn’t, right?”

“No way.”

“You’re just mean.”

“Why? If it’s actually someone I want I don’t screenshot. Then I just say to come over and fuck me already. The fact that I don’t reply after like half a million snapchats should be enough, but if he’s like, stupid enough to keep trying, then let him. Anyway, you can talk, nerd seducer princess, huh?”

Ruby smiled triumphantly. “But that’s fun. I mean, he has no idea what he’s doing, but that’s why I break him in and then I train him to do just what *I* want.”

“And then…”

“And then he never touches anyone else. Because he only wants me.”

Pearl let out a sigh and put on one of her deliberately cute girlish faces again.

“Alright. I do sexy girl, you do cute girl.”

“That’s it, sister!” Ruby leant over and smoothly kissed Pearl on the lips.

“You’re gunna, like, mess up my lipstick if you keep doing that.”

“Anyway, what I was going to say,” continued Pearl, “is, isn’t it like, easier to let someone else do the teaching?”

“Yeah, you don’t get it. It’s okay,” smiled Ruby with her usual quiet, unshakeable confidence. “It’s my thing, whuh-chuh!” she said, making a whipping motion with her hand as well.

“Yeah, aaaanyway. People are looking at us.”

Ruby smiled. “So?”

“So, like, yeah.”

“Oh, fiiine. I’ll be good if you be good.”

“Alright. For now…”

By this time, the tram, trundling through the traffic, was reaching the centre of the city, and it was almost time for the night to begin in earnest.


The bouncer smiled at the two young women entering his club, arm in arm. Almost regretfully, he asked for their ID, looking particularly suspiciously at Pearl. Although they were both of age, Pearl’s girlish expressions and exaggerated stylised but awkward gait tended to earn her suspicion that would otherwise have been quite unwarranted. Having proven herself to be officially permissible, she sucked her lower lip into her mouth and tilted her head at the bouncer, putting on her closest expression to a seductive smile she could manage. The fat, muscly man in a black suit let out a short, hearty but friendly laugh and nodded in acknowledgment, then waved her through.

The heavy, rhythmic thudding from the subwoofers shook the sparkling phosphorescence of purple, red and yellow and blue that rattled through the darkness. The senses blurred at the unwavering assault; in this place it was barely possible to think, but impossible not to feel the carefully coordinated blur of sound and light blaring through the eardrums, to taste the sumptuous mixture of sweat and overbearing perfumes and colognes. It was a place in which the higher consciousness buckled and snapped from its moorings and gave way to the instinctive without so much as a whimper.

Pearl made her way unevenly across the floor, with Ruby just ahead of her. While Pearl’s flickering gaze lacked Ruby’s steely self-confidence and commanding sense of purpose, Pearl was comfortable in these surroundings. The smiles and gazes she began to receive as she made her way across the floor to the bar took her from her usual edgy, slightly tentative self- confidence to feeling flattered, almost complacent. While Ruby seemed to care little for any sort of affection, Pearl felt the warmth of every admiring glance; she sometimes Betturkey Giriş felt as if she wanted to make out with every man who looked at her just so as to redress the balance. As she smiled back and kept walking, her effusive impulses to kiss and touch made her skin tingle with anticipation.

As Pearl reached the bar, she noticed that Ruby had vanished somewhere into the crowd, and sensed a familiar presence to her left. Turning, she saw a familiar, tall, dark-haired man standing next to her. He was slim but muscly, wore a tight black t-shirt, blue stretch jeans, and a black cap worn backwards on his head. The t-shirt carried a less than incidental message, written in bright yellow, that read “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.”

“Chasey!” exclaimed Pearl. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as if to kiss him, but then deftly pulled the cap off from behind, and hid it behind her back. “Mine now!”

Chase laughed. The cap was part affectation, part spite, and as such, worked every time, despite lending his head a less than flattering appearance. It was also stolen, knocked off or otherwise disposed of often, and thus, was never actually the same cap from one month to the next. He feinted as if to retrieve it, but shortly afterwards seemed to forget about it, the disshevelment of his hair. This reflected his relaxed, playful but confident attitude; he was quick to move from one thought, or person, to the next, usually only looking back for amusement rather than reminiscence. Even so, he always found himself captivated by Pearl, with her beautiful facade and barely concealed desires, and was more than happy to indulge her.

“Vodka?” teased Pearl.


“Yeah, okay. Two of those.”

Pearl quickly replaced the cap over the top of Chase’s tequila shot. Chase laughed, put it back on his head, and they proceeded on his first step on the path to intoxication.

It did not take long for Chase and Pearl to become reacquainted, which is to say, by challenging one another to drink more alcohol than the other. As had been the case on their previous meetings, they quickly lost track of time, although it was safe to say that less time had passed than they would like to believe for their level of intoxication, and very few words of substance had been exchanged. Pearl’s view of the club was spinning when Chase’s had barely blurred, but this was not a contest she wanted to win.

As he saw her becoming vague and disoriented, he wrapped an arm around her and caressed her neck with his other hand. She exhaled sharply and tilted her head a little; to finally be touched as she had ached for all evening sent a powerful wave of shivers through her. Pulling her body to his, he kissed her soundly on the lips. As he sucked her lips into his mouth, he could feel the tension melting from her. She kissed him back hard, sucking on and biting his lips and pulling his head to hers, gasping for breath as he kissed her again and slid a hand over her breasts, pausing to squeeze each a little. She jumped up into his arms, with her arms around his shoulders and legs around his hips. Clinging to him like a child in her young adult’s body, she gazed wistfully yet unflinchingly into his eyes; in his slightly intoxicated state, the disquieting aspect of her expression, which gradually grew to an intensely lustful stare, washed over him, leaving only allure and powerful sexual magnetism. He kissed her deeply again, holding her tightly against him, ran his hands down her back and squeezed her butt under his palms as he made thrusting motions against her.

“You don’t have to tease me. I want you,” were the words with which Pearl broke her silence, softly slurring, almost whispering. The tones of her voice seemed to tumble into his ears like burning icicles of passion and longing. With the sensations reverberating through his body, Chase held her up in his arms and carried her into a dark corner, hidden behind a curtain, that others seemed to have forgotten and the blaring lights and sound could not properly reach. As soon as the nervous tension had fallen from Pearl’s body, she had begun to feel desire building, and it was rapidly reaching the level of a feverish lust. Her usual restlessness turned to an anticipation and seemingly unquenchable thirst that effortlessly tore down any recitence and alcohol-induced stupor and filled her mind and body. She felt one feeling and one feeling alone; her body was full of desire that threatened to burn through her veins, and it needed to be beaten and fucked from her defenseless body before it burned her from the inside out.

Chase lay Pearl down, face down, on a small low table in the corner of the curtained off area, relieving her deftly of her black panties as he pulled her dress up, leaving her bare from the waist down. The table felt rough and a little dusty against Pearl’s body, and she wriggled a little, showing her next wish. Pulling a rope from his pocket, Chase bound each of Betturkey Güncel Giriş Pearl’s wrists and ankles to a leg of the table. As Pearl began to writhe theatrically against her bonds, Chase pulled the belt from his jeans, letting them drop with his briefs to the floor. His cock was partly hard and he stroked it with one hand while cupping his other over her butt. She moaned softly, barely audibly above the background noise from the club as he slowly squeezed her cheek in his hand, then suddenly pulled away. An instant later, he landed his palm soundly with force. His cock hardened as he alternately squeezed and spanked each side, each time with slightly more force, each stroke stoking his own searing passion. The wetness between Pearl’s legs soon began to betray the desire that echoed through the heavy hand on her butt, sending shudders through her squirming body.

As Chase felt Pearl begin to adapt to his powerful hands, in a rapid fluid motion, he pulled his belt from the floor, swung it upwards, and landed several strokes from it across her butt. As her moans began to turn to shrieks, Chase moved behind Pearl, unbound her ankles but held them firmly. He pulled her roughly to the edge of the table and pressed his hard cock against her, rubbing it across the wetness between her legs, which extended copiously from her pussy in all directions.

“Tell me you fucking want this.”

Pearl let out something unintelligible, partly sounding like a moan, partly a shriek, and partly a frustrated growl. Chase responded by spanking her butt and jerking her body towards him, pulling painfully on her wrists at the other end of the table.

“Fucking tell me. Now.”

“Fuck me. Put your fucking cock in me.”

“And tell me how fucking hard you want it.”

“Fucking make me hurt. Make me scream.” She jerked from side to side for effect, but Chase’s strong arms and careful knots held her firmly in place.

“Ask me nicely, bitch.”

She let out a sound somewhere between a gurgle and a growl, and a short coughing fit, then recovered herself. “Please fuck me, really fucking hard, right now.”

Needing no further invitation, he pulled her legs up to align with his hips and thrust his cock deeply inside her pussy. The sharp angle, combined with his unusually large girth, sent a wave of pain and a thrill through her body and she cried out. He paused for a second, his hard cock buried inside her, allowing her to accustom herself to it, then pulled back and began thrusting, slower, but firmly, pulling her body by the legs to his. He breathed heavily and rhythmically as her body let out moans and shudders of pleasure. It was not long before she began to flush, and as her pussy clenched tightly around his cock, he thrust in harder, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her to him, letting her feel an intense wave of pleasure while carefully holding his in check.

As her waves of pleasure began to subside, Chase leaned forward, grabbed Pearl’s hair and painfully jerked her head back and to the side a little. She shrieked and turned to him, looking down his muscly arm.

“Tell me how fucking much you liked that.”

“Very much boss,” whimpered Pearl, as her arms stretched to their limits, rope digging into her wrists and hair straining from its roots.

“Tell me you fucking want more and harder.”

“Yes boss, please fuck me, fuck me harder…”

Chase suddenly released her hair, sending her crashing down onto the table, then began suddenly fucking her harder, making sharp, deep thrusts into her pussy with his cock. Pearl’s whole body shook with each, and she half-moaned, half-yelped in time. As Chase felt her pussy begin to tighten, he leaned forward and gripped her neck with one strong hand, applying just enough pressure to cause her to gasp for breath. Suddenly increasing his pace to double, he heard Pearl’s moans turn to gasps and gurgles as he felt his own climax approaching. Pearl strained wildly and uncontrolled against her restraints as she felt her climax blast its way through her trembling, choking form. With her last ounce of strength, she clenched her pussy as tightly as she could and thrust hard back against Chase. She gasped and breathed deeply as he released his hand from her neck and felt the sudden, uncontrolled burst of his climax shudder through his body like a blinding flash of white light and static. Pearl gasped and managed a weak smile as she felt his heavily pulsing cock explode inside her.

Neither knew if the other yelled or screamed, and neither could tell if they had blacked out for a second. Their next flash of awareness was that Chase had fallen backwards against a chair behind him, and Pearl lay limply on the table, still gasping a little for breath and wriggling slightly. Chase stood hesitantly, wobbling slightly on his feet, and moved to untie Pearl from the table.

“Feeling better now?”

“So well fucked. Thank you,” said Pearl, with genuinely heartfelt gratitude in her voice.

“You’re welcome, sexy,” said Chase, slapping her butt playfully as he finished untying her. Pearl fell backwards into Chase’s arms as she tried to stand from the table. It was only at this point that she noticed that her wings were missing. They were nowhere to be seen.