The School Nurse


This is a story about a young man and an older woman and contains a degree of “fetish” content, therefore if a woman with underarm hair and rather unconventional ways offends you, this may not be for you.

An old man reminiscences…


I just got back home from hanging out at the VFW Hall with most of the friends I have left above ground, and as usual the bullshit was flowing as fast as the Genesee Cream Ales were being consumed. Every one’s exploits got repeated and exaggerated as usual, as I was barely paying attention when Doug Poole asked whether we had heard that Nurse May had passed away.

That name didn’t mean anything to most of the eight guys sitting around the table, but hearing that blast from the past got my attention. Ed Nelson, my best friend and the only other man at the table that went to our high school, gave me a look across the table along with a subtle wink.

“I didn’t hear that,” I said nonchalantly.

“The obit was in the paper today,” Doug informed me.

“Well, I don’t read that part of the paper,” I announced. “Just in case my name is in there.”

“80 something,” Doug said. “She was living in Florida. Didn’t mention anything about a husband so I guess she died an old maid. With that face though, who would want to be with her let alone fuck her? She was a two-bagger, except to those guys in the bar that night I guess.”

I tuned big mouth Doug out as he rambled on about Nurse May and the faults he perceived her having, although I was sorely tempted to tell him that not only was beauty in the eye of the beholder, but that I knew one person who did indeed enjoy her company in every way possible.

That someone was me, and the reason I bit my tongue and didn’t volunteer the fact that I was that man was not because I was ashamed, but I wasn’t the type of man that kissed and told. Even my best friend Ed across the table didn’t know about Nurse May and yours truly, at least not everything. He only knew part of it.

So hearing that name inspired me to write down what happened between the two of us. There’s no one left to hurt, with my wife having passed a couple of years ago and now Nurse May gone, so what better place to tell the tale but here at ?


The year was 1968. LBJ was the president, if only for a couple more months, and there was a war going on in a hell hole called Vietnam that I would learn a lot more about after graduation the next spring.

The boys in our class were lined up in the gym to get our physicals, which was a yearly event we had to endure. It was hardly an extensive exam; you stripped down to your underwear, and after you got weighed and measured the doctor looked in your ears, down your throat and checked your heart.

Then came the low-light of the brief exam. You got to step behind this green portable screen and drop your underwear and cough while the doctor played around with your balls. That was hell, and since this was my senior year this meant that I would never have to endure this humiliation again.

My best bud Ed elbowed me in the ribs, offering to place the same bet we made last year, but I shook my head no, not wanting to throw away another dollar like I had last fall.

At the desk, writing things down and looking quite professional, was Nurse Susette May, the school nurse who wasn’t really a nurse, but more on that later. Anyway, I looked at Nurse May as I waited my turn to walk behind the screen, waiting for a sign.

Nurse May remained seated, and as I walked behind the screen I was cursing myself for not taking Ed up on the wager when all of a sudden not only did I hear the wisecracks I was used to from everyone, came the chuckling from Ed and from the a few of the guys who were aware of what was happening. She was on the move.

“Hello Leo,” the doctor said as he sat in a little stool and fiddled with his glove.

“Doctor,” I replied, not even knowing his name but since he had done this every other year of my high school career I guess he knew me well, and unlike the first exam he had given me he had little reaction when my boxers came down.

“Cough please,” the doctor said after I lowered my boxers, and as I did I saw the shadowy figure of Nurse May on the other side of the screen, and right on time she appeared as soon as the doctor grabbed my stuff.

“Again please,” he asked, and I repeated my cough while looking at Nurse May, whose eyes were fixed on the doctor’s work.

I was okay, according to the good doctor, and then my boxers came back up. By the time I came back around the curtain to rejoin the class, Nurse May was back at the chair, writing away like she hadn’t moved while the commentary from my classmates burned my ears.

A sidebar here… I get a kick out of these stories here that feature guys who are, let’s say exceptionally well endowed, and how the girls fall over themselves to be with them.

I’m one of those guys, so well hung that my folks sent me to a doctor for a real exam when my mom happened to get a glimpse Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort at me one day. That was an experience. A doctor looking at me for a minute and giving my mother his diagnosis, which in layman’s terms was that your son has a really big cock.

“He’s fine,” he told her, and winked at me and told me to enjoy it.

Maybe in in the world of stories, but during my entire life up to that day in the gym – all 18 years 7 months and 12 days of it (having been sick when I was little and having to miss a whole year of school made me a little older than my mates) – my entire sex life had been hand-jobs.

Mostly my own hand, with one exception being Audrey, the village slut, who jerked me off along with some other guys in the woods during a beer party being held for my 18th birthday. Even she wasn’t interested in anything more from me, which tells you something, although she did laugh at my dick and said I should be in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Apparently when you’re skinny, have ears that stick straight out, you’ve got a complexion that makes you look like a human pizza, and you tend to stutter when you get nervous near a female, girls don’t really care how big your dick is, or at least they didn’t back in 1968. Trust me. I know.

“The beast help the doctor lift it, Tripod?” came the question from one of the guys who had become aware of the nurse coming around the curtain to check me out every year, and my ears burned as another guy claimed, “Even Taylor’s not desperate enough to let her grab his snake.”

Little did he or any of them know that while most of them thought Nurse May to be a dog as best, I wasn’t one of them. As a matter-of-fact I thought she was attractive in her own way, and it wasn’t just because I was desperate either. She had something.


After that exam, the rest of the school year was a blur, and by the next spring I was faced with the prospect of trying to get into college – and with my grades that meant Community College at best – or wait to get drafted. Neither choice was all that appealing.

I was at my part-time job at the local grocery, stamping 4/$1 on cans of tomato sauce and waiting for my shift to be over in 15 minutes. As I broke down the box and reset my price stamper for another item, I saw Nurse May at the end of the aisle standing behind a cart looking at me.

When she saw me look up she ducked around the corner to the next aisle, while I tried to figure out whether she was looking at me or trying to avoid me. I got the answer to that question when she appeared at the other end of my aisle, and this time when I looked at her she was stuck and kept walking toward me.

“Hi, Nurse May,” I said as she walked past me.

“Oh. Uh – Leo, isn’t it?” she said, and I nodded while inside I was chuckling.

You don’t know me? Should I drop my pants so you recognize me? I was dying to say it but didn’t. She knew damn well who I was. Hell, my freshman year I had to go to her office to get my medication everyday. She couldn’t dispense it, but she had a refrigerator so that was where I kept it.

I watched her go down the aisle, wearing her usual outfit which was a loose fitting white uniform and a sweater, blue today, that she almost always wore over the uniform, along with white socks and white nurse shoes.

It had to be real hot but she still wore a sweater, and it was only because I had a lot of contact with her years ago that I knew what was under the sleeves of that sweater at all. It was probably the reason she wore the sweater to begin with.

You see, Nurse May had hairy arms. Dark brown hair, and quite a bit of it, coated her arms from her wrist up to where the short sleeves of the uniform blocked the rest of the view. Her arms were even hairier than Mrs. Ogden’s, the old woman who worked at the school cafeteria, and guys used to say that instead of the hair net on her head, they should make her wear them on her arms.

That didn’t bother me, because I had a thing about hairy women. I credited it to the magazine I found ups in our attic, an old tattered rag filled with women of all ages that must have belonged to my old man. They weren’t all hairy, but most of them were, and it got to where it turned me on. I didn’t think it was all that weird. Hell, there was a picture of Sophia Loren in there with hair under her arms, and she won an Academy Award.

So that was my fascination with Nurse May, even though I never seen any more than from her elbows down. I had my mental image of her, and that would have to do. I doubted whether many other guys fantasized about her, because she was short and plump, with a cherubic face that looked like the girl on the Campbell’s Soup labels.

My shift was done now, and as I gathered up the empty boxes to take them into the back room where I would punch the time clock and take off, I noticed Nurse May watching me from over by the produce section. She was picking up oranges and pretending top look at them while looking at Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort me. Me! Nobody ever looked at me, especially not girls.

So what if she wasn’t pretty? I was no Paul Newman, and in fact was closer to Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine. I had big teeth and ears that stuck way out. My complexion was a mess, and with 141 pounds on a six foot frame, my physique wouldn’t even make a good “before” photo in a Charles Atlas ad.

All I had was a big dick, and to be honest it had only caused me embarrassment up until then. I was teased relentlessly in the locker room even though I tried to hide myself as best I could. I wanted to be Leo, just a regular guy, not Tripod Taylor.

So I took my time and let Nurse May look at me. Being fully clothed now, I still didn’t get the fascination of me to her but I was not complaining. I even did a little posing as I broke down the boxes, trying to make my biceps bulge as much as they could. It must have looked ludicrous, but she didn’t laugh.

Finally, I ran out of ways to dawdle so I went back and punched the clock and grabbed my jacket. When I went through the store to leave, Nurse May was in one of the checkout lines, and when I passed the front window there she was, craning her neck to watch me walk by.

Heady stuff for me. So this is what pretty girls have to put up with all the time? I could live with it. So it wasn’t Nancy Setzer or Vicki Praga or any of the other real cute girls at school, and instead was an plump school nurse?

It was then that I decided to wait for Nurse May. Positioning myself at the end of the block, I casually leaned against the mailbox and waited. What I would do when she walked by was another question. The two most likely scenarios were than I would either stammer, stutter, spasm and twitch like I had some kind of affliction, or would stand there like a lump and pretend I didn’t see her.

The smart money would have bet on me playing the statue, but as it turned out, I never got the chance because when she left the store she went the other way toward the really poor part of town. East was the poor section of town and west was the really poor area, and since Nurse May had a good job I had figured her to be a little more affluent.

With a different decision to make, for once I actually chose the more aggressive path, and while I was sure it was a path to another humiliation, at least this time I was trying.

So I ran to catch her, and because she wasn’t all that fast a walker it didn’t take long. I stopped running before I caught up with her so I wouldn’t be wheezing and gasping when I got to her, but I managed to work up a sweat with my sprint, making me all the more attractive I’m sure.

Nurse May wasn’t that fat, I thought as I walked behind her, doing mental measuring as I looked. 5’4″ was my guess, and under 200 pounds, and if 36-24-36 were the supposed ideal measurements, I guesstimated Nurse May at being 44-34-48, and maybe that was being flattering, although her calves weren’t all that big hidden under those socks.

Nurse May stopped at the crosswalk and waited for a car that was a long way away, forcing my hand earlier than I planned, so I cleared my throat and tried to put on my least goofy smile.

“Hi again Nurse May,” I said, wincing when my voice jumped an octave in mid-sentence.

“Oh – hello Leo – right?” she said after I startled her, looking at me with suspicious through her glasses.

“Yes,” was my snappy reply.

“You’re the boy that kept his meds in my office a few years ago, aren’t you?”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded as she switched the paper sack of groceries to her other side. “Um – can I carry that for you?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you,” she said. “Is there something you want?”

“Well no – I mean – I saw you staring at me back at the store, and I thought maybe we could talk.”

“I was – just looking to see if you were the same boy I remembered,” Nurse May said. “You seem to have recovered well enough.”

“That was me, and thanks. Yes. I’m fine. Are you sure that I can’t carry that for you? Maybe we could stop and sit on the bench or something? I could get you a soda from the machine at the Esso station if you want.”

“Why are you bothering me?” she said, stopping dead in her tracks and glaring at me.

“Bothering – I’m not bothering you,” I said. “I just wanted to talk to you. I saw you staring at me.”

“I already explained that to you. If you got the wrong idea about that I’m sorry,” she declared.

“Not just now,” I snapped, realizing that I had blown it again but wasn’t going to just drop it there. “I mean last fall at school. in the gym.”

“What are you talking about?” Nurse May said with a little less defiance than a few seconds ago.

“You know what I mean,” I said. “When it was my turn to go behind the screen you came around to look at me when I dropped my underwear.”

“You’re crazy,” she said, but now she was on the defensive. “I – I have to communicate Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort with Dr. Shields. Bring him documents while he’s doing exams.”

“The guys – a lot of them – they know,” I said. “Didn’t you hear them snickering? They were the ones that tipped me off about you coming around the screen every year to look at me.”

“No one will believe you,” Nurse May said, and I started to feel less angry and more sad, because now she was looking like I did when I got caught doing stuff, as if she was looking for a place to hide. “I have a good reputation at school. I’ve been there 14 years, so if you’re trying to get me in trouble with these wild stories, it won’t work.”

“Trouble?” I asked as I turned to walk away. “I’m not trying to get you in trouble. I just thought – well – maybe if you’re going to look at guys you should be less obvious about it in the future. Nobody is going to say anything, but I mean, if those knuckleheads can figure it out…”

“Wait,” I heard Nurse May say, and when I turned she was nodding toward the bench.

“I didn’t mean to snap at you,” Nurse May said after I sat on the bench, with her grocery bag between us. “I didn’t understand what you were getting at.”

“It’s okay,” I told her.

“I didn’t realize I was being – what was that you said? Obvious?” Nurse May said. “I apologize for that. I didn’t mean to make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.”

“Those guys?” I said, dismissing my classmates teasing me. “Most of them aren’t my friends anyway, and you looking at me didn’t bother me. Actually, I kinda liked it. Nobody seems to pay much attention to me usually, especially girls.”

“Why is that?” Nurse May said. “You’re a handsome enough young man.”

I snickered at that and Nurse May shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, I think you’re kind of cute, in your own way,” Nurse May said.

“So are you,” I said, realizing how it sounds when you say something like that. “Really.”

“Uh – you said something about a soda?” Nurse May said, and I jumped to my feet and prepared to fish some change out of my jeans for the machine, but she stopped me when she added, “I have soda at home – if you would want to – you know.”

“Uh… sure,” I said. “Let me take the bag.”

“Oh. Thank you,” Nurse May said, adding, “you don’t have to walk with me. You can follow behind me if you want to.”

“Why would I want to do that?” I asked, and she seemed surprised to hear me say that.


Nurse May’s house was a little bungalow that was even shabbier than our house, but while it wasn’t any great shakes at least it was clean, and after she let me in and put her groceries away, she poured a couple of sodas into Flintstones glasses that you bought filled with grape jelly.

What did I learn about Nurse May as we chatted at the kitchen table? She was 40 years old had never been married and had no kids. The most interesting thing was that she wasn’t really a nurse.

“How did you get away with that?” I said, chuckling at the thought of her pulling one over on the authorities.

Turned out the school knew all about it. She was qualified to be a nurse’s assistant, but it wasn’t a rule that there had to be a real nurse there, so they got off cheap by paying her next to nothing and passing her off as the real thing.

“They don’t actually call me a nurse and I’m not supposed to refer to myself as one, but unless somebody asks I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut and smile,” Nurse May said, being a trailblazer with the “don’t ask don’t tell” concept.

“It’s not like it matters,” she added. “The way the rules are, even if I was a nurse I still couldn’t even hand out an aspirin to anybody. If you remember I never even touched your med bottles.”

“I do remember having to get it myself,” I recalled, but I thought maybe that was because she was lazy or something.

“You don’t have to call me Nurse May,” she said. “My first name is Susette, with an s instead of a z.”

“That’s a pretty name,” I said, and as I finished my soda Susette got up fast to fetch the bottle out of the refrigerator, almost like she was afraid I would leave.

My eyes went to the refrigerator door as it opened, and among the clippings from newspapers and recipes on the door, a picture caught my eye, and a chill went though my entire body. I was shook up, but did my best to recover by the time she came back to the table.

Not much of a picture, and I’m positive that there wasn’t another one of them on any other refrigerator in the world. It was a picture of me. My senior picture, cut out of the yearbook.

“You can stay, can’t you?” Susette asked. “Are you hungry?”

“I ate stuff at work,” I said, and even if I was hungry I was so nervous that I could never have kept anything down. “Thanks anyway.”

“If you do want anything, let me know. It’s nice to have company.”

“Nurse, I mean Susette,” I squeaked. “Could you take off your sweater?”

Unfortunately, my voice gave out in mid-sentence so I had to repeat myself, but my nervousness was nothing compared to Nurse May’s, who seemed paralyzed for a moment before finally unbuttoning it and pulling it off.

Nurse May sat there acting just like I did in times of crisis, fidgeting and acting very self conscious while trying to cover as much of her arms with her hands as she could.