Making a Cuckold

Double Penetration

Brandi spoke nervously to her friend Jessica before she hung up the phone, “you’re sure this will work?”

Jessica understood her friend’s fears, ever since they had begun discussing this plan of action. Jessica knew that Brandi was just starting to explore the depths of female dominance, and she knew that Brandi was worried about how her boyfriend, Brian, would react to their plan, as well as worrying about her own role. But above all else, Jessica envied the excitement that her friend was feeling under the nervous anxiety. “He’ll be perfect,” Jessica said before she hung up.

Brandi snapped her phone shut and put it down on the table as she looked around. Everything was set up. She walked around, double checking everything, as she considered how she had gotten to this point. She loved her boyfriend dearly. She knew Brian would do absolutely anything to make her happy, and that knowledge filled her heart.

Brandi readjusted the candles and fine chinaware on the dining room table, as her thoughts wondered to her experiences with Brian. Brian was very submissive sexually, and while Brandi had a fairly ample sexual imagination, her playtime with Brian had been her first true real flesh and blood exploration of kinkiness. And she loved her boyfriend’s submission in almost every way. Controlling him exhilarated her. And each time she made his face blush with humiliation, she felt her own temperature rise in other ways.

Brandi examined herself in the mirror, the clingy red fabric of her short dress highlighted her curves and hips. The matching three inch heels, the black stockings, and the garter belt that occasionally could be glimpsed as she moved, all completed her look and feel of total sexuality. She winked at herself in the mirror, knowing that such a wink would instantly excite any heterosexual male. Which brought her to thinking about Brian. The sex with him was often kinky, and often very good, but there was still just a little something missing. Brandi had confided to her friend Jessica, sometimes she just wanted to be dominated. She did not want to date a dominant male. She did not even really want Brian to sometimes be dominant, as she did not want to change anything about him. Still, sometimes she just craved the excitement of just being taken by an Adonis.

And so Jessica had helped her set up this evening, and set up Derrick for the evening. Jessica had promised that Derrick would be just perfect for her plans.

As Brandi turned down the oven in the kitchen, just to keep the meal warm, the door bell rang. Seven o’clock, exactly on time. She opened the door, and greeted her boyfriend, her slave, Brian. Brian’s mouth hung open as he viewed his girlfriend, his Mistress. He fumbled for his words, before finally saying, “you look ravishing.”

Brandi blushed slightly at the compliment, as she thanked him and welcomed him inside. Brian took notice of the romantic setting of the house, the candles, the aromas from the kitchen, as he looked at Brandi curiously, “You didn’t have to go to all this trouble. I thought we were going out to dinner.”

With a mischievous grin, Brandi replied, “Oh… I really wanted to do this . . . . but I hope you don’t think I’m serving you.”

Brian smiled lovingly in response, familiar with their Mistress/slave rituals, “Of course not Mistress Brandi . . . “

She took him by the wrist and led him to the bedroom. Spread out on the bed was a full french maids outfit, from ruffled apron and tiny skirt, to high heels and stockings. “Get yourself dressed Brianna, I need a maid tonight.”

From the look on his face, Brandi knew she had excited her slave. One of their most special games was when she turned her boyfriend into “Brianna,” whether as a cheer leader, or a nurse, or tonight as a maid. She knew it brought Brian simultaneous embarrassment and excitement. His voice would quiver, which made her tingle. She loved having this effect on him.

She left him to get dressed as she returned to the dining room, lighting the candles and pouring two glasses of wine. As she heard “Brianna’s” footsteps, she turned around and beamed her beautiful smile at him, “you look so pretty tonight.”

Brian looked down at the ground shyly, as she reached for her purse and withdrew a tube of fire red lipstick. Her high heels clicked on the hardwood floor as she approached him, placing her hand delicately on his cheek to lift his head, and lift his eyes to meet her gaze. “My pretty little girl,” she said, as she began to apply the lipstick, filling out his lips and completing his feminine transformation.

He gulped audibly and closed his eyes as she completed the lipstick. She began to feel the early tingles of excitement, as she felt Brian surrendering to her. She knew that he had very little will remaining in her presence, he belonged to her. When she completed the makeup, she directed him to look at himself in a large mirror that hung on one side of the room.

They both looked together. Brandi, the perfect sight Starzbet of a vixen in red, and Brianna, the little sissy dressed as a maid in an outfit that was intentionally too small. Brandi elaborately began to examine her slave, adjusting his outfit. She smoothed out the blouse as she knelt down, to make sure that Brian’s stockings were pulled firmly tight. The maid’s skirt barely covered Brian’s groin, so as she knelt down, she noticed the strain of his arousal against the ruffled white panties. Brian was a mere five inches, but those five inches stood fully at attention, with the tip of his cock poking out of the top of the frilly panties.

From her position on her knees, she looked up at Brian. She knew that he was looking down at her, gaping down at her cleavage being shown off by her dress. She ran her hands up the inside of Brian’s leg, the feel of the nylon of the stockings that he was wearing sending shivers through both of them.

She felt his breathing deepen as she ran her hand up his inner thigh, disappearing under the short skirt. She cupped his testicles, and could feel his erection squirm. She pressed her head under the hem of the skirt, planting a kiss in the middle of the white panties, leaving the red impression from her lipstick. “I hope you’re tiny little hard-on won’t get in the way of being a good sissy maid for me,” she teased her boyfriend and slave.

“I’ll be good Mistress Brandi . . .” Brian responded in a hypnotic daze, which was interrupted by the doorbell.

Brandi grinned in evil delight as she jumped to her feet. Brian looked surprised, as he was certainly not expecting company. Brandi announced, “Good . . . my date is here.”

“You’re . . da .. date?” Brian could barely choke out the words.

His response delighted Brandi who put her arms around Brian and drew him near. Her face was just an inch from his face, as she licked her lips and whispered in reply, “My darling slave, I hope you didn’t think that this romantic dinner was for you.”

She pressed her mouth against his, invading with her tongue, as they shared a deep moment of sensual affection. As the kiss broke, she reassured him, “Don’t worry Brian . . . you are my love . . . my boyfriend . . . my slave . . . and my slut . . . but tonight, I thought we would enjoy a frivolous date.”

The doorbell rang again, as their guest grew a bit impatient. “Now go answer the door,” Brandi instructed her sissy french maid.

She stood back and gave Brian a quick spank on his ass, prompting him towards the front door. Brian took a deep breath, but then pushed back his fear to give his Mistress a nervous smile.

As Brian opened the door, Brandi took in the view of the two men at the doorway. Even from the quick view, the two men could not be more different. Where Brian might be described as average height and fit, Derrick was over six feet tall, and muscular. Where Brian was dressed as a sissy, Derrick wore blue jeans and a tight black shirt that showed off his biceps to full advantage.

“You must be the boyfriend,” Derrick said to Brian as he stepped inside and let out a deep laugh, “but you don’t look like much of a boy.”

Brandi stepped forward to make the introductions, “this is our maid for the evening, Brianna . . . Brianna, this is Derrick.”

“Nice to meet you,” Brian answered, his voice barely louder than a whisper as he looked down at the floor.

“Be respectful to our guest,” Brandi snapped at her slave, “he is your superior this evening, you will address him as Sir.”

“Nice to meet you Sir,” Brian repeated obediently, but in an even quieter voice. Watching Brian so utterly humiliated made Brandi tingle, but she was proud of her slave.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to steal your girlfriend,” Derrick began to say as he took Brandi’s hand. With predatory eyes, he gazed up and down Brandi’s body. As she felt her hand held by his strong hand, Brandi felt her own knees become weak, and felt her heart jumped as Derrick finished his thought, “yeah.. I’m not going to steal your girlfriend, but I’m definitely going to fuck her.”

Where Brandi always felt confident and dominant with Brian, and while she loved those feelings, at the moment she began to feel a submissive yearning and a lack of control. “You can at least eat dinner first,” she said flirtatiously, as she led Derrick to the dining table.

As they began to take seats, Derrick teasingly apologized, “Sorry, but with the way you look . . . . It’s hard for me to resist just ripping that dress off you and throwing you on the ground.”

Brandi noticed Brian standing off to the side, not sure what to do with himself. She smiled to herself, she did love him so much. How many other boyfriends would sit back and so submit to their girlfriend’s fantasies? Of course, Brian was even more lucky to have a girlfriend with such heightened sexual desires. “Don’t just stand there Brianna, pour us some wine, and serve us our first course.”

And so the dinner Starzbet Giriş began and continued. Brianna served as their sissy French Maid, gradually becoming slightly more comfortable and proficient at his service. Derrick and Brandi enjoyed a flirtatious dinner. He moved his chair next to hers, and ran his hand up her leg as he whispered into her ear. She seductively giggled at Derrick’s jokes, and she occasionally glanced towards her slave. She thought she could see the mixed emotions in Brian’s face, the jealousy that his girlfriend was throwing herself at another man, the humiliation that came with it, but she also knew she saw excitement and arousal in his face. In turn, the various conflicts brought her own arousal.

She winked at Brian as Derrick moved his hand far up her dress, his index finger reaching her pussy and teasing her over her moist panties. Derrick leaned towards her. Where she and Brian were almost the same height, especially when she wore heels, Derrick towered a bit over her. So she craned her neck to meet him, as he turned down and kissed her. She surrendered herself to Derrick’s masculinity, as he claimed her lips and her mouth, roughly invading with his tongue, as his lips locked firmly around hers. She felt a soft moan escape into the kiss. She licked her lips as Derrick withdrew from the kiss, yearning for more. “Maybe we should skip dessert,” Derrick said as he nodded towards the bedroom.

Brandi playfully unzipped Derrick’s pants, and wrapped her hand around his shaft, pulling it out of the jeans, “I should have this for dessert.”

She actually gasped as she looked down. Outside of porn, it was the largest she had ever seen. Though excited, he was still getting harder, and he was already about eleven inches. With wide eyes staring at the cock, still holding it in her hand, she announced, “never mind dessert… this is a whole meal to feed an army.”

She looked over at Brian, who was apparently trying to avert his eyes away. “Brianna, come take a look at this,” she ordered, “Have you ever seen such a beautiful cock?”

Brian looked for just a second and nervously answered, “No Mistress.”

His weak answer prompted her to order firmly, “Take a good look Brianna… at what a real cock looks like . . . tell Derrick how lovely his cock is.”

Her hand still wrapped around Derrick’s pole, they were both obviously enjoying Brian’s humiliation. Derrick’s erection reached its full size of nearly an entire foot, as Brian coughed out, “you have a very beautiful cock Sir.”

Derrick stood up from the table, and Brandi looked up at his strong build with awe, as he lifted her out of the chair and began to carry her to the bedroom. Brandi was speechless, as Derrick took over. He snapped at Brian to open the bedroom door for them. “Yes Sir,” Brian replied promptly as he obediently held the door open for Brandi and her stud.

Brandi was overwhelmed by lust, between being held in the arms of such a strong man, and watching her boyfriend act so submissively and obediently towards Derrick.

Shudders went through he entire body, focused between her legs, as Derrick threw her down on her back across the bed. His hands began to reach for her dress, and he began kissing her neck, but Brandi quickly glanced around to find Brian. No matter what happened, she wanted, she needed to stay connected to her love. She saw him standing outside of the door, not sure what to make of himself. She momentarily pushed Derrick away and called out, “Brianna my slut, get in here.”

“What do you need Mistress?” Brian said meekly as he entered. She could tell he was still aroused. The short skirt of the french maid’s outfit did not hide his erection, even if it was a fraction the size of Derrick’s.

“Kneel,” she said as she pointed to the spot right next to the bed, “and I want you to keep your eyes open and watch every moment . . . .”

Derrick interrupted her by kissing her deeply, but Brandi happily saw her slave’s obedience out of the corner of her eye. With a swift rough motion from his large hands, he tore the dress open. Her full breasts heaved in the bra with her heavy breaths, as he pushed aside the ripped fabric, and removed it from her body. They tossed the shredded dress down to the floor, where it landed right next to Brian. Brandi noticed Brian gulp, as Derrick began to manhandle her bosom. She arched her back, as Derrick cupped and squeezed both her breasts, and press his lips against her throat and then her cleavage. He began to peel the bra strap off her right shoulder and cradled the breast as it was exposed. He became more gentle, but she felt weak knowing that he could just rip off all her remaining clothes at any instant. He tenderly removed the bra entirely, tossing it on the floor in the pile growing at Brian’s feet. He gingerly pressed Brandi down on the bed, she tossed her head back as she lay against the mattress.

She looked at Brian, and their eyes locked, as Derrick took control over Starzbet Güncel Giriş her breasts. With his right hand, he took Brandi’s right nipple between his index finger and thumb, and began to pinch it. As he twisted the hardening nipple, he brought his mouth down and sealed his lips around the opposite nipple.

Brandi began to groan uncontrollably, and she saw Brian’s eyes widen as they shared their gazed. As Derrick switched breasts, sucking the right nipple and pinching the left nipple, Brandi moaned louder, and smiled at Brian right before she closed her eyes and totally surrendered to the Adonis on top of her.

As he continued to suckle on her breasts, his hand explored further down her body. She felt his firm caress moving down her abdomen. He entire body was electrified by his touch, and his fingers stopped at the hem of her panties. With just a fingertip, he pushed down against the panties, tracing the outline of her slit and collecting the wetness in the panties. They sponged up her juices as he practically pushed the fabric into her vagina.

As he lifted his head off of her nipple, he whispered firmly and authoritatively, “you want me to fuck you.”

It was not a question, and it needed no answer. She bit her lip and turned her head towards her slave, whose eyes were fixed on the couple in the bed. “Brianna my slut… come remove my panties so me and Derrick can have fun.”

For a moment, Brian offered the weakest of resistance as he answered, “Do I have to Mistress?”

“Of course you have to,” Brandi snapped back. The moment of domination raised her excitement even further, “Don’t you like being near my pussy? And don’t you want your Mistress to have fun?”

Brian melted and complied. He went to the foot of the bed, reaching over and across Brandi’s legs. Her wet panties clung to her body, as Brian reached over and began to peel them down her legs. The aroma of her pussy juices filled the room as the panties were removed. Left like a Penthouse model, Brandi was spread on the bed in just stockings, garters, and high heels.

As Brian was knelt over to remove Brandi’s panties, Derrick reached under Brian’s skirt. Brandi was able to see his strong hand cupping Brian’s groin, and could see Brian’s hard little cock spasm in the panties when it was touched. Derrick laughed as he exclaimed, “Oh my…. what a sissy… he is excited about letting me fuck his girlfriend.”

Brandi took a moment to enjoy the sight, of her boyfriend’s little erection struggling in Derrick’s firm hand. “Brianna is wonderful,” she answered, “my slave just wants his Mistress to have pleasure… isn’t that true Brianna?”

“Yes Mistress,” Brian answered, in his state of hypnotic submission and love.

With one hand still under Brian’s skirt, playing with his cock, Derrick took his other hand and began to finger Brandi’s pussy. She began to spasm as he rubbed her clit, “And you want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he asked Brandi.

“Yes,” Brandi felt her own submission burning inside her to this strong man, “Yes.. please…”

“How badly do you need it?” Derrick teased her, as he began to drive his index finger through her pussy lips.

“I need it so badly.. ” Brandi begged, “Please fuck me.”

Derrick then pulled Brian’s hard-on out of the frilly french maid panties, and he gasped loudly, “What about you?” Derrick teased, “Aren’t you going to beg me to fuck your girlfriend?”

Brandi saw Brian nervously bite his lip. At this point, her own hunger was burning. Derrick’s teasing was driving her crazy, she barked out to Brian, “Beg him!! I need it!”

She felt yet another wave of arousal hit her body as she closed her eyes and her Brian’s straining voice, “Please…. please Sir… fuck my Mistress… please fuck Brandi.”

Derrick pushed Brian down on the bed, so that his head was close to Brandi’s hips, a position where he could best observe what was about to happen. Brian tried to get up at first, but Derrick was strong enough to hold him down with one arm, as Derrick finished undoing his own pants. With one hand still holding Brian down, he used the other hand to push open Brandi’s legs.

She continued to plead her whisper, “please… please fuck me,” as Derrick climbed between her legs. Her eyes were focused on his glorious cock, larger than any natural or artificial object that had ever been inside her before.

He released Brian, but ordered him not to move. He braced Brandi’s hips in his large hands, and he framed himself with the tip of his cock against the entry of her cunt.

As his fingernails dug into the flesh of her hips, he drove inside her with a sudden thrust. She felt her pussy lips stretched to their furthest extreme, she felt her vaginal muscles straining against full size of his member.

Long slow thrusts began with a rhythm, as he was only halfway inside her. But with each thrust, he drove deeper, filling her more than ever before in her life. Eventually, her entire cunt was engorged with his massive monster cock. Though her pussy was soaking, his large size created a tight friction with each stroke out of her, and then deeper inside. Brian’s face was only inches from their joined hips, as he had a close view of Derrick’s cock penetrating his Mistress and girlfriend.