Ridden with a Smile


This is the story of when I lost my virginity and there are quite a few terms in here that some people may not understand so here’s a quick run-down:

B&S Ball: Bachelors and Spinsters Ball. An event where people from rural areas go to let their hair down, meet new friends and more often than not, find someone to keep them company for the night.

Swag: sleeping roll

Ute: pickup/utility


I was standing in the ticket line with my mates, talking about whatever popped into our heads and sipping from our cans. It was a fairly hot day and we had to constantly shoo away flies that were trying to get in our drinks. ‘Far out, the flies must be as thirsty as I am,’ I remarked as I slapped at a determined blowfly for the third time.

My mate Robbie appeared out of the blue and casually stepped into line beside me, waving a hand at the people behind him as they protested. “Now, Jim,” he said, taking a pull from his can. “I hope you find a lady tonight. You’re nineteen and still a virgin, it’s no good mate.” He drained the last of his can and lobbed it at a nearby bin, missing by a good metre. “You’re my best mate’s little brother and I feel like I’m letting him down by not getting you laid. This is your second B&S and if you don’t get some tonight I won’t let you go to a third.” He said this seriously but I saw the twinkle of laughter in his eyes.

“Jeez, no pressure,” I laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Rob. I’ll find a nice young lady to warm my swag tonight.”

Robbie breathed a sigh of relief. “Good to hear.” He stepped out of the line. “Catch ya later, I’ve got to go see a man about a dog.” He tipped his hat and strolled across into the pub.

The line moved along slowly and I eventually bought my ticket and made my way back to the show ground.

The day moved along lazily with frequent clouds of dust wafting over the grounds as someone took their ute out to cut circles in the dirt. Music blasted from speakers all over the grounds and the sound of loud V8’s revving up was a regular occurrence.

I sat in my camping chair with a drink in my hand, listening to the good mates that I’d met that day talk about various drunken antics and watching the steady procession of people walk past our campsite.

As the night rolled in, fires were kindled and the growling of exhausts was accompanied now by bright flashes as flames were shot out of pipes to the appreciation of onlookers. As the main event drew closer I felt the beginnings of butterflies in my stomach. I knew with certainty that I would be losing my virginity tonight and the thought had me excited and anxious. Would I mess it up? Would I ‘arrive too soon’? These thoughts and more chased each other around my mind until I mentally formed a door and pushed all the worries behind it and locked it. I decided I would just take it as it came and hope for the best.

I changed into my white shirt and black pants fifteen minutes before the Ball started and looped the elastic of my bow tie around my neck. I sat with my mates until we finished our drinks then followed them into the Ball area, losing sight of them almost the instant I entered. I shrugged and endeavoured to have a good time.

The food pavilion beckoned and I made my way around groups of people to get a sausage sandwich from the smiling bloke behind the bar. I wove my way over to the drinks bar and collected a beer, getting my drinks ticket marked off, and found a wall to lean on while I ate.

The unmistakable sounds of a band doing a sound check reached my ears and I downed my beer, tossing the last bit of my sausage sandwich over the wall behind me. People converged on the music pavilion and I let myself get swept along with them, ending up at the front of the crowd.

The first song started and I mentally turned off my inhibitions, refusing to allow them to get in the way of a good time. I noticed a pretty girl with short brown hair nearby shooting me glances over her shoulder and smiling when our eyes met. At first I thought it was for someone else but when I gave her a grin she looked me up and down and smiled, twitching an eyebrow. My stomach did a few back-flips and my heartbeat sped up. Remembering my earlier resolution to take things as they came I moved closer to görükle escort bayan her. As we danced I dropped a hand and brushed against her arse to gauge her reaction. When I felt her hand slide up my leg to my crotch I knew it was the right decision.

The feel of her fingers made my penis twitch and begin to grow and I drew in a sharp breath. She withdrew her hand and pressed her back against me and against my growing erection. I put my arms around her and ran my hands lightly over her stomach, stopping just below her breasts and just above her crotch.

She leaned her head back and smiled at me, lifting a hand to pull my mouth to hers. Her lips were sweet with the taste of alcohol and our tongues met in a quick, exploratory dance. We broke apart and I yelled in her ear over the band, ‘What’s your name?’

“Elise,” she yelled back.

“Nice to meet you, I’m James.”

Elise grinned and kissed me again, flicking her tongue against mine, teasing. By this time my erection was standing to attention and Elise was grinding against it. It felt amazing! Imagine what the real thing’s going to feel like then, I thought.

As her grinding got harder and more sensual, I expanded the range of my hands and began circling her breasts, rubbing lightly over her nipples through her dress, and moving down to rub around her crotch. I knew I wasn’t the only one in the crowd doing this so I didn’t worry about looking like a pervert.

We stayed in the Ball until the second band finished their last song. Elise pulled me down for another kiss and said into my ear, “Shall we?”

I didn’t bother replying. With a grin I grabbed her hand and pushed a path through the throng into the open, heading towards the car park.

“Which one’s yours?” Elise asked. I pointed my wagon out to her, noticing a number of people around. “There seems to be a fair few people around your car. Let’s go to mine, there probably won’t be as many down there.” She led the way to a distant corner of the showground where a few utes were parked around a fire and she pointed out where she was parked. “I’ve only got a single person swag,” she said apologetically.

“Fine by me,” I replied with a grin. “We’ll be close enough anyway.” I wondered where my sudden courage had come from, in any other situation I would never had said that.

Elise pulled the covers back and we took off our boots and climbed in. I pulled her in for a kiss and our tongues met with a heated intensity that had me throbbing almost painfully inside my pants. I ran a hand up her leg and pushed the hem of her dress up. Elise lifted her hips slightly and hiked it up to her stomach, giving me an open invitation to between her legs.

My fingers slid up her thigh and rubbed over the damp fabric of her panties, eliciting a soft moan and an increase in the intensity of the kiss. Elise broke off the kiss and moved her head downwards. I felt her fiddling with my zipper and my alcohol numbed brain realised what she was going to do an instant before I felt her mouth slide over the top of my cock. I lay my head back and tried not to moan too loudly. There must have been the most ridiculous expressions going across my face but I didn’t care, all I knew was that it felt fantastic.

Elise crawled back up and kissed me. It didn’t disgust me that those same lips were just wrapped around my cock, I returned the kiss with as much eagerness. Elise moved her knee to rest across my thigh, affording me better access to between her legs. I scraped a finger nail over her panties again and found her clitoris through the fabric. I rubbed it firmly and she sighed happily. “Just so you know,” I told her as I rubbed her nub in circles. “This is my first time.”

She looked at me with a smile and shuddered as I pressed hard. “You’re pretty damn good for a beginner.”

I grinned. “I’ve done this part before, just, not what comes next.”

She didn’t reply, just reached down and pulled her panties off, looking at me the whole time. It was incredibly arousing.

I returned my hand to its previous position and discovered a closely trimmed thatch of hair surrounding a soaking wet opening. ‘Inside.’ She almost growled it. Happy to oblige I sawed a finger over her slit until it slid into the slick folds altıparmak eskort of her vagina. I wiggled the digit a bit and was rewarded with a spasm that clamped my finger with surprising strength.

Elise squirmed about, her head back and her eyes closed. The corners of her slightly open mouth were drawn up in a half smile as she ground on my hand. “Do you have a condom?” She asked breathlessly.

I reached into the back pocket of my pants and removed the foil packet. With shaking hands I tore it open and rolled the condom over my swollen head and down the shaft. Elise manoeuvred herself until she was kneeling above me with her legs either side of my hips and lowered herself down, guiding my erection into her. I felt a slight resistance and then an all encompassing warmth and tightness, causing a completely involuntary reaction as I threw my head back and groaned.

It was without a doubt the most amazing thing I had ever experienced and I could only lie there with a stupid grin on my face while Elise rode me. Our eyes met and stayed locked as I began to move my body to match her, lifting my groin to meet her downward thrusts. Her eyes drifted closed and she lay her palms on my chest for support as she ground her clitoris against my pubic bone. A small part of my mind registered that this was mildly uncomfortable but the sight of the obvious pleasure Elise was getting out of it pushed that part back into its corner. “You’re good for a newbie,” she said, looking down at me and biting her lip.

I smiled as I couldn’t trust my voice to form any words other than ‘oh my god’.

The murmurs of people talking mere metres away made us freeze and I nearly laughed out loud. There were at least four people having a conversation on the other side of Elise’s ute while we were having sex! Elise and I grinned at each other and continued, although slightly slower so as not to rustle the blankets too much. I’ll say now that I’m not an exhibitionist, I don’t exactly relish the idea of people being nearby while I have sex, and were I sober I might have reconsidered my location. But, caught up in the new and exciting sensations I was experiencing, I just didn’t care.

Elise returned to grinding against me and was soon nearing her orgasm. A look of concentration came over her face and her brow furrowed up, until she tensed up and threw her head back, shudders racking her body and her vagina pulsating around my cock.

I still wasn’t near to finishing which surprised me, as I had expected to cum a lot sooner. I was quietly pleased with myself.

Elise came down off the crest of her orgasm and lifted off me to lay down at my side. She moved around until she was lying with her back to my stomach. I draped an arm over her and felt her fingers twine through mine. We stayed like that for a while until our breathing returned to normal. Elise broke the silence. “Would you like to go back in to the Ball?”

I waited a moment before answering. I did want to go back in as the band were playing some great songs, but on the other hand I was enjoying the moment Elise and I were sharing. “Sure why not?” For all I knew, she wanted to ditch me; just another root at a B&S. We got dressed and I threw my condom under the car next to Elise’s ute. There were no bins nearby.

Elise surprised me by taking my hand and sliding her fingers between mine again as we walked away from the campsite. Wolf whistles and a call of, “Walk of shame!” reached our ears from the people behind us. Elise surprised me once more by turning and calling back, “Stroll of triumph!” Eliciting more cheers and laughter. She turned back again and laughed. My heart leapt in my chest. Maybe she was actually telling the truth when she said I was good for a virgin? I grinned all the way back to the Ball.

She didn’t sneak off as I thought she would have once we got inside, instead she stayed with me, dancing against me the whole time. When the last song finished she pulled me down for a kiss and said, “Let’s go back to your car.” I couldn’t believe it, we had gone once and she wanted to go again with me!

We made our way back to my car and I opened the door so she could climb into the back. I clambered in after her and we got under the covers, our lips and nilüfer escort tongues meeting again and again, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. I slipped the straps of her dress and bra off her shoulders and pulled it down, exposing her breasts. They fitted perfectly in my hands and, from reading various stories, I guessed she was around a C cup. The shadows thrown by a nearby light cast interesting patterns over her contours and my mouth quickly sought out a nipple, drawing a pleased sound from Elise. I didn’t have a whole lot of experience in how to pleasure a girl this way, my main teaching aid being books and amateur porn videos, but Elise seemed to enjoy it though as her eyes drifted closed and a smile once again came to her lips. Her fingers made short work of my shirt and it joined my pants at the bottom of the swag.

Not one to linger, I moved away from her breasts and back to her mouth as I kicked off my pants and Elise hitched her dress up again.

Fumbling for another condom in my pants I soon had it on and Elise positioned herself over me once again. She reached down and took a hold of my erection, guiding it towards her vagina. The slight resistance met me again before that same wonderful feeling of warmth and tightness as before. She lowered slowly until our pubic bones met and I saw her draw in a quiet but slightly ragged breath. My heartbeat accelerated to race-car speed and we settled into a rhythm, gathering speed. Soft, wet sounds reached my ears and there was a coolness around my groin, the kind that comes from when moisture on skin is introduced to airflow.

Thoughts scrolled across my brain like an electronic sign on the top of a police car. ‘She’s really wet!’ was the foremost one, closely followed by, ‘she’s going to have another orgasm!’ as her face once again screwed up and the speed of her breathing increased, her hands scrunching the sheets either side of me. She slapped down once more and tipped over the edge into the roiling maelstrom of an intense orgasm. Her movements became fiercer, bringing her clitoris down hard against my pubic bone as she rose to the crest, becoming slower and gentler as she careened down the other side. She leaned forward and bit the skin of my shoulder to stifle the deep moan that erupted from within her, the slight pain doing nothing to diminish my arousal.

A silent exchange passed between us and we moved around until she was on the bottom and I was positioned between her legs, my cock nudging the entrance to her vagina. She reached down and took hold of me, rubbing my head up and down to spread her juices around. A small nod and I pushed past her lips and inside up to the hilt. The smile that I had come to enjoy grew wider and I couldn’t help but mirror her.

Withdrawing until I was almost out I pushed back in deep, repeating the motion, gathering speed until I had a smooth rhythm going, racing towards a memorable finish.

Muscles that hadn’t been used in such ways before began to complain but I stubbornly ignored them. This was feeling too damn good to stop because of minor discomfort. I became aware of a gentle creaking noise that coincided with my thrusts and I was hard pressed to stop a giggle escaping me. The suspension was telling me what it thought of this new and vigorous strain put upon it. A quick count of how many utes were parked around me almost had me laughing again. ‘Screw ’em’ I decided and renewed the intensity of my motions, which had Elise crying out and grasping at the seats behind her head.

The familiar flutter of an orgasm in the works raced through my groin and I knew I would explode in the next few strokes. Sure enough on the third thrust a wave of pleasure crashed into me, sending me tumbling about, ripping the breath from my chest and rendering me immobile. It seemed like an hour passed before I returned to my body and my mind returned to normal operating conditions, providing me with a backlog of sensations.

My rapidly shrinking erection still inside Elise.

My head brushing the roof from when I had unconsciously thrown it back.

My feet cramping due to my toes being curled so tightly.

The sheets crumpled up in my fists.

The huge smile on Elise’s face.

I slid out of her and pulled the condom off, knotting it up and tossing it into the rubbish bag in the front of the car. Lying down next to her I pulled the blankets over us and lay an arm over her stomach, idly brushing her skin with my thumb. I drifted off to sleep with one thought prominent in my mind:

That was the best night of my life.

So far…