Long Time Coming Ch. 02


This story is not textbook bdsm. There are no chains, whips, blindfold or leather. Instead it’s about loving emotional control, which I find more intriquing. It may not be to the taste of some bdsm purists as it offers a different form of control.


Neither of them addressed but it was obvious there was a change in their relationship. They were warmer, more comfortable with each other and Megan felt more protective of him. Sex was frequent and more gratifying than usual. Nightly he clung to her, feasting on her body and she took him into her, guiding and pacing him. Regularly they awoke clinging to each other, the sheets twisted into a vortex around them.

He felt better when he was naked around her and she enjoyed watching him. She smiled to herself at the sight of his cute butt and his swinging cock as he walked unbidden through their apartment. Often, upon returning home, she’d shed all but her panties and bra and spend the evening that way, touching, stroking and playing. They had reached an intimate point in their lives and both of them wanted to cherish it.

Megan found herself falling into her maternal role without even realizing it. When he was late or stayed in bed longer than he should, she scolded. When he didn’t do well in his studies she spanked him. Though he didn’t enjoy it, both agreed that it was necessary and he never complained or resisted, which surprised her. Soon she began taking on tasks without realizing it. She washed his clothes and sometimes even chose what he wore in the morning. He was happiest in white cotton briefs and every other week she would take him shopping where together they would buy several new pairs for him to wear.

They were a sight, the older woman, leading her younger charge by the hand through the mall. Mothers of young children would give her a wink and a nod, bonding through the nurturing maternal instinct all women share. Troy was on his best behavior then, aware that she would scold him openly if he were to cross her. Though she oftentimes threatened him with a spanking in public, he had never given her a reason to do so. Just the thought mortified him. The image of being punished in front of the knowing eyes of the salesladies at the cosmetics counter and overworked housewives was enough to keep him silent and amicable.

They enjoyed a loving, full life together, which is why Megan put her life on hold when Troy became sick. It didn’t seem like much at first, just a sore throat and an occasional sniffle, but it soon grew into more. He labored through the day, becoming too tired to do anything but sleep when he returned home. His muscles ached and a headache made him irritable. Normally talking back would be cause for a spanking but when he snapped at her at the dinner table over something trivial Megan knew his condition was to blame and let it pass. She put him to bed early that evening, with the promise that they’d see a doctor come morning.

He stayed in bed longer than usual the next morning and Megan, after pulling the sheets off the bed, turning on the lights and opening the windows, had to threaten him with a spanking before he got out of bed. As she applied her makeup, she watched him behind the shower curtain. Each moment with him was a blessing. He had a beautiful body, was sweet, loving and smart. Lowering her eyes to his crotch, her body reacted. In addition to all that he was well hung and the best lover she’d ever had. He was a quick learner in that department, impressing her with his knowledge of her body and pleasing her without fail each night they spent together.

She loved to mother him and was thankful he’d brought that hidden side of her out. He was very much a child; petulant, rebellious at times aggravating and, like a child, she couldn’t resist when he cuddled up to her begging for forgiveness.

Soon she walked into the doctor’s office with him in tow. As he stood nervous and uncomfortable she signed him in and led him to the waiting room. Commanding him to sit, she left.

He looked about him at the highlights magazine on the chair next to him. On the wall hung a brightly painted picture of a clown with a balloon. A small child played with toy cars in the corner of the room. Had she taken him to a pediatrician?

Before he could grow upset Megan returned with a smaller blonde haired woman. She wore the starched white dress of a nurse and her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. Megan introduced her as Dr. Cataldo.

“We were roommates in college, isn’t that right doctor?”

She smiled, “Good to see you again, Megan.” Gesturing toward Troy she asked, “Is he yours?”

“Yes, my sweet baby feels a little sick. Why don’t we see what’s wrong with him.”

Troy took her outstretched hand and followed the two women into the examining room. The clown motif made its way back to this room, joined by a parade of happy lions, tigers and giraffes. Pink elephants frolicked on the stiff paper covering the exam table. He wanted to say something to Megan, maybe ask that they find an adult doctor but he knew it was Starzbet a bad idea. It was sure to upset her. He didn’t want the possibility of being scolded or, even worse, spanked today. He just wanted to be finished so when the doctor ordered him to strip he meekly obeyed.

When he stepped out of his jeans he stopped. Dr. Cataldo looked him over in his fresh white briefs. “Everything, please.” Troy felt himself blush but turned and slowly reached for the waistband.

“Can’t he keep those on?” Megan offered.

Her friend sighed, “Fine.” She looked over at her. “Why are boys so timid?”

Megan smiled back, “It’s in their nature. Two beautiful women, you can see why he’d be scared. Even now he’s hiding himself.”

That he was. Unconsciously, Troy covered himself, his arms crossed over the bulge in his underwear. He looked down at his bare feet, ashamed.

“Such a sweet boy. You have nothing to be afraid of, honey,” Megan said.

The doctor began the usual regimen. As Megan watched she tested his reflexes with a tiny rubber hammer, peeked inside his ears with a light and held down his tongue to check his tonsils. The end of the stethoscope was cold against his bare back when she checked his breathing. Urging him to take deep breaths, she placed it at several points on his body. Meanwhile she talked with Megan about the past. The two women were very comfortable with each other and seemed happy to reminisce again.

“Where did you meet this one?” asked the doctor.

“Oh, funny story, Andrea. I was grocery shopping and he just followed me around, too shy to come up and say hi. Finally I surprised him as he was turning the corner of the bread aisle and introduced myself.”

“That’s so cute. Boys can be such a handful.” Looking up from her work, she told his girlfriend she needed his underpants off now. “I know it’s hard but I can’t continue with them on. Tell him to be good and do as I say.”

Megan turned to Troy. “Did you hear that baby? We need you to take your undies off. Be a good boy and do what the doctor tells you. I know you’re shy and don’t want her to see your wee wee but she has to.”

Troy looked pleadingly at her. His eyes were wide, like a frightened animal. He knew it was inevitable but held a small hope that she would forget and he could go home with his dignity intact. No such luck.

Her voice rose. “You mind me, Troy. You do as I say and pull down your undies now. You don’t want me to come over there and do it for you. I’ll spank your little bottom right in front of Dr. Cataldo. Won’t that be embarrassing?”

With a pout he leaned back, slipped his fingers along his sides and into his waistband and slid them down his body. Blushing fire engine red, he looked away from them, out the window to the parking lot. Dr. Cataldo held the briefs at his ankles and helped free them from his body. He was completely exposed now. The air in the room was cool against his penis and he felt it begin to shrink from the exposure. For some moments the room was silent, both women eyeing his bared genitals.

Dr. Cataldo left off her gloves to give him some reassurance, aware that a boy’s testicles always responded to warm skin better than sterile latex. The shaft of his penis lay limply over his scrotum and with a delicate touch, she gently lifted it and placed it aside. His balls were open to her now and, with the learned touch of a medical professional, she slowly prodded and rolled them in her soft fingers, searching for any abnormalities.

“You must do this a lot,” joked Megan. “All in a day’s work.”

“Of course,” answered her friend, involved in her inspection. “Sometimes it can take it out of you. Boys are such tender creatures. They always seem to put up a fuss.” She hefted the weight of his balls on her two front fingers. “Their testicles are so precious to them, they always get nervous when a woman comes near that area.”

“What do they think we’ll do, hurt them?”

She sighed sweetly. “You’d be surprised. Too many boys are used to girls playing with them. It’s natural curiosity, I suppose. Girls don’t realize how tender young boys are there. They end up hurting them, not only physically but also emotionally. A growing boy never forgets the pain he feels from there.”

Megan stood by his head now and gently stroked his cheek. He was flushed in shame and kept himself turned away from her. “That’s so sad,” she said. “Poor little boys.”

“It’s a part of growing up,” said Dr. Cataldo. “Boys grow to learn a natural nervousness of the opposite sex and what they are capable of. It’s kind of endearing in a way.”

They both chuckled, which frightened him though he felt slightly comforted by the feeling of her fingers prodding and touching him. To his horror, he began to become aroused. The doctor noticed and nodded to his girlfriend. They said nothing but continued to speak, adding to his discomfort.

“I’ve seen all types,” continued Dr. Cataldo. “Loud, obnoxious boys who grow quiet, even tear up when their nappies are pulled down, Starzbet Giriş soft, delicate boys turn rose red when a woman touches them, even the rebellious children that try to fight it and wait you out. It never works.”

“What happens then?” asked Megan, now visibly intriqued.

“I give them a stern talking to, sometimes I end up calling in their mommies to deal with them if I’m not in the mood.”

“And then what? They get spanked, right?”

Dr. Cataldo smiled weakly at this. “Unfortunately no. I’ve never had a child spanked in my office. I’m not against it. In fact I think all boys can do with a woman’s hand punishing their bottom every once in a while, I’ve just never had a woman in my office that thought to discipline her child that way.”

“Pity,” said his girlfriend. “Boys need that guidance. They need the attention.” Her fingers stroked through his hair lovingly. They both looked at him with radiant smiles. He could hold their eyes for only a moment before turning away.

The doctor was openly handling his penis now. It rested in the enclosed palm of her hand, where she studied and squeezed it lovingly. “How often does he masturbate?”

Megan looked put off. “Not at all,” she paused, slightly shocked. “I don’t let him.”

Her friend was sympathetic. “All boys need a release now and then. It’s healthy and their bodies demand it. Besides,” she said, looking him in the eyes, “we don’t want gooey sheets from wet dreams, do we?”

He couldn’t speak if he tried. Her hand was soft and warm between his legs yet he had never been more embarrassed. Despite his discomfort, he was fully erect.

“I would recommend you give him some private time to take care of his body’s urges. If he refuses, spank him and send him to his room to do the task. You may want to supervise if you think he’ll disobey.” Megan nodded, listening to her friend’s advice and she continued. “Boys always cling to masturbation as their last vestige of control. They believe their orgasm is theirs and many fight against being ordered to do so. They like to think they have enough control that they can decide when to play with themselves.”

Her touch felt wonderful. Though he was hard, Dr. Cataldo made no mention of it. Her hand slid easily up his shaft.

“He used to have a problem with that,” Megan offered. “When we first started dating he seemed more interested in his hand than me. It hurt me at first until I realized that’s natural for a boy. Many of them never get past their infantile exploratory stage.”

The doctor nodded. “It’s too easy for them to get pleasure that way. He begins to prefer that to the warm body of a woman.” Troy blushed; he recognized his own actions in their words while the soothing touch of her hand kept him silent. He closed his eyes tightly, wishing his check up was over, that he was away, at home in bed and this was all a dream but he knew it wasn’t. The two women talked about him pointedly as if he wasn’t there.

“That was exactly what happened,” relayed Megan. “Our sex was becoming so routine. I could almost set my watch by it.” She sighed. “I knew what he was doing but I figured it was his own business. He’s generally a good boy and if he has a few spurts on his own that’s his business, I thought.”

By now a thick droplet of precome appeared on the tip of his shaft. It coated the doctor’s hand and she stopped touching him to looked at the wet spot as if irritated. Then, slowly, she centered her palm on the very tip and rotated on him, as if turning a dial. The sensation caused him to squirm. Both ladies watched happily.

She continued where his girlfriend left off. “That’s the permissive attitude these days. Wives feel it’s none of their business if their husband sneaks down to the basement to watch porn or jacks off when he thinks she’s asleep. It’s behavior like that that can ruin a relationship. The smart woman doesn’t put up with it. She lets him know up front that such behavior won’t be tolerated. It deadens his libido.”

Megan stood up for herself. “That’s exactly what I did. I snuck in one night when he thought I was out with friends and I caught him in the act. There was nothing he could say, no excuse he could make. He was beating off trying to make himself come. I thought it was cute, really. I enjoyed watching him but I knew I couldn’t let it happen. As his woman, his body is mine and allowing him to come whenever he likes will only make him more disobedient.”

“Boys get very indolent when they play with themselves,” added the doctor.

“Yes. He was already becoming so. Our sex was unsatisfying and ended too quickly. He liked to be on top of me but always came too quickly, his penis would barely be inside me before he popped off. I think it was because I’d been so frustrated lately, that I didn’t want to see him feel the satisfaction I was being denied. I knew what I had to do.”

Troy lay back, trying to block out the sound of his girlfriend’s voice. Relaying this story in front of another woman was humiliating. Still, Starzbet Güncel Giriş the feel of the soft hand on his shaft was gratifying. He couldn’t help but moan.

“That night we had a long talk. I told him I didn’t approve of his masturbating and that doing so was disrespectful towards me. He was my boy, I said, and I have to help him grow to be a good man. No woman wants her man to be a masturbator. She wants a real lover.”

Her friend nodded.

“As he always is when in trouble, he listened and agreed with everything I said. He was sorry that he played with himself, and promised not to do it again. Of course I didn’t believe him- it’s the nature of boys to be masturbatory- but I let him off with a warning of a spanking if he didn’t mind me.”

“And he’s kept his hands off himself since?” the doctor asked. “He has good willpower. You should be proud.”

“Not necessarily,” offered his girlfriend. “I suspected he kept up the practice and I caught him again a week later in the shower. Apparently he got carried away soaping up his wee wee, didn’t you baby?” She leaned down and kissed his cheek. He was turned away to the wall, gritting his teeth and blushing a bright red. “So, I did what any good woman would do in such a situation- I pulled back the shower curtain, dragged him to the bedroom, put him against the wall and applied his own belt to his dripping, soapy wet behind.” The doctor nodded approvingly. “The carpet got all wet and I spent half an hour cleaning it but it was better than being sent to bed on your tummy, still soaking wet, like one very sorry boy.” She mussed his hair playfully. “You learned your lesson that day, didn’t you baby?”

Dr. Cataldo was lost in thought, imagining the grown man in front of her being treated like a misbehaving boy. The image of his cute butt, wet and shiny from the shower, receiving the belt from his stern girlfriend, caused her nipples to tighten. “A shower spanking always gets the best results. Boys don’t like being pulled from the warm water of a shower to face an angry belt against their backside,” she said.

“That’s very true,” agreed Megan. “He was crying like a baby moments into his whipping. I almost stopped it right then, poor thing, but I steeled myself and punished him as I was supposed to. He needed it. I couldn’t call myself his girlfriend if I didn’t punish him appropriately.”

The doctor returned to her task, laying his penis back against her hand. He was almost completely stiff and she was impressed with his endurance. “Sometimes you may want to milk him,” she advised. “It’s a good reward and keeps him healthy and happy.” Squeezing him playfully, she added, “It also makes him very loving. He begins to see you as his outlet for physical relief and is much easier to control. A woman’s soft hands stroking him until he spurts is a very emotional thing for a boy. You become the focus of his life. He sees you as the most loving, tender, sweet woman he’s ever known. He becomes softer towards you, only wanting to please. Make no mistake,” she said, the flat of her thumb caressing the smooth fullness of his cockhead, “Treating a boy in such a way puts him in a very intimate place. It will be something he doesn’t soon forget.”

Megan was amazed. In the short time he has been with the doctor she had already noticed a change. Despite his recent petulance, he was quiet and soft, allowing the doctor to examine him in places that he was usually too shy to show anyone. His squirming was expected but the sound of the soft gasps of pleasure he made as the doctor toyed with him caused her heart to flutter. It was such a heartwarming scene.

“So I should jack him off?”

“I wouldn’t use such a crude term,” corrected the doctor. “Jacking off is something dirty boys do to themselves. I prefer to use the term ‘milking’ when you reward him with a nice release.” She smiled at her friend. “That’s what it is, really. Milking them of their necessary juices. Milking their boycome from their bodies.” She ran the tip of her index finger along the underside of his penis, on his urethra. “This feels very good. Boys love when a woman touches them this way.” Troy’s thighs opened and he sighed quietly. Megan could see the effect it was having on him. With the other hand, the doctor massaged the sides of his shaft with her fingers. “This preps him for a good come. It awakens the feeling in his penis and heightens his sensitivity. For some boys it’s too much and they can’t stand more than a few seconds of this treatment.” As she looked down at him, Megan saw she was right. His eyes still closed, he turned to face the ceiling.

“When he’s as full as he gets,” she continued, “You’ll want to slow your touch. Lets it glide along his penis. Appreciate it for what it is.” She was focused on the motions now, and talked openly, as if they were the only two people in the room. “He’s your boy so familiarize yourself with his equipment. A boy’s self esteem is rooted in his penis. Let him know how special it, and subsequently he, is to you. Some boys are larger than others but you should always tell them how wonderful it is, even if you think he’s less than adequate.” She held it up for both of them to see. “Troy was blessed with a large penis, unlike many boys. In fact, it’s quite attractive. I’m sure you’re proud of it. Let him know you are. Boys love that.”