A Gang Bang


All characters in this story are over 18 years of age. An is a fictional story. Copyright by the writer.


I meet Jessica Ruiz (friends call her Jess) on a NARCO Raid. That’s right at the time I was an LAPD Narcotics Agent and we got a tip that one of the deadliest gangs in LA, who call themselves the 318’s, is also one of the biggest drug dealing gangs. This so called tip that we got was for one of the Commanders of the gang, named Red Dog. But when we raided the house the only thing we found was 6 girls and cut and uncut cocaine with a total street value in the high 150,000 dollar range.

The 6 girls were all taken out of the house and interviewed by each one of us. I got this shy cutie named Jessica Ruiz, she was about 5’5″, with caramel color skin, a busty and bubble butt body, and a cute little upturned nose.

She explained to me how she got stuck doing this work, telling me that they were picking people from the neighborhood and “if you didn’t do what they said they would kill you and your family members.” She kind of clung to me after I told her that if she could give up any info then it would help our case. She told me that she knew where Red Dog was at this point, but knew if I used it that she would be uncovered as the snitch.

I had been standing there talking to her while she was in only her underwear, and it was starting to have an effect on my dick. Jessica started to notice but didn’t say anything. I took the moment to grab a pair of sweatpants and a gym shirt that I use out of the back of my squad car and gave them to Jessica.

She stopped me in my tracks and said, “You can just call me Jess, Officer Bennett.” I told Jess that she could just call me Chad.

She smiled at that and I got down to work calling in the info to another raid team and then took Jess downtown so that we could get her info down so that she would be placed as my informant and get paid for any info. That’s not what she wanted though, she just wanted to be in contact with me.

Later that day Red Dog (Phillip Johnson) was arrested and after about two months of investigation and Jess’s information we were able to take down The Joker (Marques Rivers), leader of the 318’s and his second in command Baby Boy (Daniel Davidson) with charges that stretched from drug trafficking, to sex trafficking, and even murder. They each got 7-10 years in prison only because they gave up other players in other cities.

In the end I not only got to meet Jess but I also got a promotion to detective in the LAPD’s Homicide Unit, something I’ve worked toward for. But that’s not where Jess and I stopped, it would continue on from there and we kept in contact since she was my informant. Nothing sexual had happened at that point but she had kissed me.

About Three Months later…

I knew Jess would be working and she told niğde escort me one night when I took her out to dinner that she always had this fantasy about her boyfriend coming by and fucking her at her work place. So I had thought about it all day and was going to surprise her at work and fuck her.

Jess and I had been talking for the last few weeks regularly, she got out from under the gang and didn’t need to work as an informant anymore, I was a little sad about that but she knew that I had developed a crush on her and she the same on me. That’s when she told me that she wanted to start seeing me regularly.

I asked her if she was talking about dating and she told me she was, I was all for that and knew that we would be able to be together whether anybody liked it from her black friends to my cop buddies.

Jess was working at a local Pharmacy and since it was night time I knew she wouldn’t be too busy. I rolled in to the store, flashed my badge to one of the clerks and told her I needed to talk with a Jessica Ruiz. She told me that Jess was working here and I asked her if she could call her up to the front because I needed to speak with her about a case that I’m working.

When Jessica came walking up to the front of the store she saw me and cracked a little smirk. As she continued to walk to me I saw that she was wearing yoga pants and a pink shirt under her work vest.

“Ms. Ruiz, I presume.”

“Yes… Officer Bennett. You can call me Jessica.”

“Well Jessica can we go somewhere to talk privately?

“Yes, Officer Bennett we can go out back there isn’t anybody back there.”

As Jess and I walk out back we passed by what looked like an employee’s lounge and she tossed her work vest on the back of a chair. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out behind the back of the store to a bricked-off area. Jess grabbed me by the shirt telling me to hurry up and get inside this pussy.

I reached down to Jess’s hips and yanked her yoga pants down to her ankles, she then took off her shirt revealing no bra and let her nice big tits just parade there. I reached down and unbuckled and unzipped my pants letting them drop to the ground.

I bent over and grabbed Jess under her thighs, holding on to her ass cheeks, and lifted her up in the air pressing her against the wall and bending her like a book with her knees almost touching her face as I inserted my dick into her pussy. She just wrapped her arms around my neck and bit down on my shoulder as the massive thickness of my cock was going into her pussy. At this angle it was so painful that she almost passed out, I bounced her on my cock several times to get her to comeback around which she finally did.

I could feel all her juices cream-up on my cock as I reached down with my mouth and started to lick and suck on her tits as she was just ordu escort moaning in pleasure, from the length of my cock pounding into her cervix repeatedly.

She leaned into me saying, “I can feel your pre-cum sloshing around inside of me and it feels so good. I just love your big fat white dick.”

I was bouncing Jess now at a faster rate. She held on tight to my neck as I forced her body up and almost off of my cock and then would feel her drop back down taking all of my cock in her tight little love tunnel.

I had violently folded her body almost in half and then shoved my fat meat pipe up her pussy, and all she could do was scream my name and bite down on my shoulder.

Her lips were now pressed to my ear and she began nibbling and licking my ear. I almost came and it was a miracle that I was able to hold off from busting a nut right then and there as her cunt began searching for a means to take my fat cock even deeper into her tight pussy.

She slid her pussy almost fully off my cock and then slowly began sliding it back down my cock, just a little bit at a time. Slow…deliberate…and in a way that was driving me crazy. It wasn’t easy penetrating her the first time around but the next was better because not only was she excruciatingly tight, but my cock head has a huge mushroom crown that once inside a woman is somewhat like the flanges of a spear which penetrates and buries itself deep and wide.

“Baby…Damn…oh Chad…your too big,” She complained. “Oh you’re hurting me from this angle…unnnh naw…it hurts…I don’t think it’s going to fit.”

I grabbed her by the hips and in one cruel (but very necessary) movement drove her down and forced one big thrust up and through the tightest passage I had ever taken. It split her wide open!

She let out a scream that I just knew would get us caught out here (thank God it didn’t happen but it sure as shit could have). After she screamed I realized I had bottomed out deep inside her cunt again.

Hugging me tightly she began sobbing. However within a minute or two of her pussy resting all the way down to my balls…I could feel the walls of her pussy responding by beginning a squeezing motion on my cock and the oozing of something warm.

She began deep breathing through her sobs and tears. Soon she was moaning again in my ear as she said, “Oh baby, you’re what I’ve been dreaming of except you’re white. That one day a wonderful man would take me and make me his woman. I think I’m ok now and the pain is almost gone. Please be gentle and…would you…I mean…oh baby…fuck me please…please fuck me and teach your black bitch how to please you!”

God, was she ever all woman and totally amazing as we first began fucking slow and then…WOW! She began pushing that tight pussy up and down my cock like a jockey on a thoroughbred rize escort horse driving toward the finish line. Soon we were fucking so hard my balls were slapping the cheeks of her firm black ass. The sound was so loud that I was starting to wonder if anybody inside the pharmacy or out in the parking lot could hear us.

She was such a smooth and tight ride! Moaning my name…thanking me for making love to her one moment then begging me to fuck her deeper and harder. For sure this black bitch was using me as much as I was using her and a few moments later I felt the familiar surge of a huge load of sperm ready to paint the walls of her pussy with my white seed. Knowing we were bareback fucking and the repercussions should she get pregnant, I started to try and pull out before bursting a load in her pussy but Jess would have none of that.

“Oh honey…no, no, no…baby your my first and in my dreams I get to feel you spurt inside and fill my pussy with your baby batter,” she begged. “Give it to me baby…oh God…YES…YESSSS…FUCKING YESS GIVE ME YOUR CUM!”

Again she screamed but this time in ecstasy as we both came together. I was buried so deep I could feel her vulva pressing on my cockhead as I unleashed a blast so hard and fast the pressure became painful due to being all the way up inside and tight against the walls of her slender, and newly penetrated cunny.

It took a week of fucking away every night for Jess to really adjust to my fat cock where her pussy was molded to the constant pounding and training of her body to fit like a silk glove. During those sessions in my cop car, I positioned the rear view mirror so I could see her wonderful black ass work up and down my cock. The final challenge of our love making was teaching her tight anal ring to learn how to relax and open up to allow my fat cock to slip all the way up her big black ass, which by then became both our favorite way to end a fuck session. She loved anal with her white boyfriend and didn’t care who knew we were lovers. Any one giving her shit about being with me would suffer the fire of her eyes and some sharp words that let them know I was her guy and she was my black bitch (her words to describe how she loved being a slave to her guy’s big white cock). At first it embarrassed me but she was so natural in her compliments and adoration of me I soon came to relish it when she made such declarations of being my woman.

Jess has a nasty mouth in her love making and often begs me to fuck her like a slut and make her my nigger whore and even the words ‘nigger slave to white cock’ sometimes pops up. It pleases me to no end to know I own her once gang pussy. It has become wonderful and so natural, a continual exciting expression of man and woman, to feel such a bonding of passion and giving and taking for us. I own her sweet black ass and she loves giving me whatever…whenever…I demand it!

Now many years later we are married and have two beautiful children. However, she still lets me know that while she may be a mother; I’m her mother-fucking-white-son-of-a-bitch who makes her life worth living.