Her name was Daphne but everyone called her Daffy. Apparently she was a very distracted lady and said and did some nonsensical things. They still kidded her about when she took the drivers license examiner to the mall and got out of the car leaving him there. Or the time she went to take her finals at college in her pajamas. She did not mind the nickname and in fact whenever she was thinking of doing something wild, (wild for her), the would say, “I think I’m going to turn right at Albuquerque.”

In conversation she would make the oddest connections to the subject at hand but all agreed she had a brilliant mind. All seemed to love and protect her.

She was a smallish, brown haired, beautiful woman that wore glasses. Her smile would often pop out for no reason at all. We had never been on a real date and she had seldom been out with guys at all. Most guys gave her a wide berth because they could not keep up with her mind.

I was a friend of her sister Beth; we worked together at a large biotech lab. Daphne worked at a small lab that did strange things with data from space probes. A private firm employed Beth and me. Daphne worked for NASA. She was the only person with a doctor’s degree in Exobiology anyone knew. All of us worked across the boulevard of a NASA campus.

Beth and I were friends but we had never considered each other as a potential partner. For one she was two years older than me. For another she seemed to prefer girls.

We were often together on nerd group dates and I had met Daphne during those events. Our conversations were strange but lasted a lot longer than her conversations with others. On most of those group dates Daphne and I ended up spending most of our time together. I had never called her Daffy.

I really liked Daphne but thought we had never connected as anything other than friends. I was unaware of the fact that the others viewed us as a couple.

Beth invited me to her twenty-seventh birthday party and I soon learned their parents were as smart as their children and just as distracted. They had forgotten it was their oldest daughters birthday and had not prepared a party for her. Several people reminded them they had heard them promise.

As everyone laughed and kissed I went to get birthday supplies. Daphne decided to come along with me. I liked being with her.

We returned with a cake, ice cream, and bubble blowing party favors. Daphne could not remember if she had a birthday present for her sister so bought her one. As it turned out she had already bought her two.

She gave me one to give Beth but I showed Daphne I already had a gift for her sister. As it turned out her mother didn’t have one so Daphne gave her one of her extras. The other two presents were identical so Daphne gave her sister one and she kept one for herself.

I kidded Daphne about her sneaky way to give herself presents and asked her how often she did that,

“Never, but maybe seven times.”

It took her a beat to realize what she had just said and giggled.

The cake and ice cream were very well received but the big hit were the bubble blowers. Daphne soon had us trying to get our bubbles to merge into models of molecules. It did not cross anyone’s mind that the game was a very loud admission to our nerdness.

She, her mother, and me were the last three playing that and we had not noticed everyone else had left the house, including her father who was late for his foursome at the country club.

I helped clean up and listened as mother and daughter engaged in a conversation that would not have made any sense to anyone. Daphne’s mother had been my biology professor in college but she had not recognized me that day. I was a reserved person that never asked questions so I had not given her a reason to remember me, except for having the highest grade in class.

It took me a while to get their conversation points of reference because sometimes several images and thoughts were skipped over before the response was made out loud.

In their head a reference to their priest went from him to Elmer Gantry to Elmer Fudd and the comment was, “Yes I know it I can’t help it”

I burst into laughter at that then made an allusion about Marilyn Monroe. Both laughed and continued but soon her mother was staring at me with a stunned expression. I looked at my crotch and she gave me a small giggle then looked at her daughter and left us together.

“OK. What happened?”

“Mom seems to think you are perfect for me.”

“I do not own a spaceship.”

“That would ordinarily mean strike three but not today.”

“And I don’t like eggs of any color.”

“Water under the bridge. Kiss me.”

I hesitated for a moment then gave her a soft peck on the lips.


I kissed her again, this time a soft semi-long kiss.


I took her to the sofa and gave her a long, soft, lip-licking kiss. She took my face in her hands and began planting soft kisses all over it. I put my arms around her and gave her a borderline passionate kiss.

“Why Bayan Eskort had you never made a pass at me?”

“You didn’t know I existed.”

“Yes I did, I was waiting for you to make a pass at me.”

“You had shot down everyone that had.”

“Because I was waiting for you to make a pass at me.”

“OK. So, did I just make a pass at you?”

“Yes, your hand is on my tit.”

“Oh, sorry,” I said as I removed my hand. She put it back on her tit and kissed me. I pinched her nipple.

“How experienced are you?”

“Some. Three girls gave me full privileges once, one other gave me lessons. And you?”

“I am a virgin, your hand has been on my tit longer than any other hand ever. Did you love any of those three?”

“No, the episodes were as thanks for helping them through a class. The one that gave me lessons was the mother of my first one. Apparently the daughter told her mother I didn’t know what I was doing. The second and third girl thanked me and praised my love making skills. I lost my teacher when she remarried.”

How many times did you fuck her?”


I kissed her again and as I held the kiss her hand sought my groin.

“It’s hard. Do you want me?”

“Yes, but not now. I need to step back and decide if I want it to mean more than a fuck. I assume you are thinking about losing your virginity to me.”

“I will be losing my virginity to you but I can wait until you are ready.”

“Why me?”

“Because we are already in love with each other.”

I felt myself blush, my fondest wish had suddenly come true and I was terrified.

“Let’s say goodbye to Mom and go to your place. Larry from Peru said it is the neatest and that you have a jungle in your patio.”

Neither of us knew anyone named Larry. I suspected she meant Paulo who had a brother named Julio that worked at Larry’s shoes. Paulo was a marine biologist from Brazil and had been at my house several times. Close enough for Daphne I thought.

She pulled me up as she stood and when we found her Mom in the kitchen, we were holding hands.

They kissed, hugged, and nodded. Her Mom kissed my lips as a tear ran down her cheek. Daphne pulled my hand and we left. Not a word had been uttered.

I suspected her Mom knew her daughter and I were going to fuck.

I had a two-bedroom patio home. The patio was large enough to have a table, an umbrella, and two heavy duty armless chairs in the midst of twenty eight potted plants, half of them hibiscus.

Daphne loved it, she said, “I think that if a plant is going to have a flower it should be in all caps. Some of yours out and out scream Flower! Amazing.”

“Thank you. I have my morning coffee and my bedtime wine here. Some nights the aroma of the roses is almost overwhelming, same with the gardenias. The hummingbirds should be by in a couple of weeks. I already have lots of butterfly visitors.”

‘What kind of wine?”

“Sweet red.”

“Bring me some out here, I will be right back.”

I followed her in and while she was in the bathroom I changed to gym shorts and t-shirt then took two glasses of wine out. She came out after a few minutes wearing one of my t-shirts and nothing else. My shirt was so big on her I could see her bare tits through the armhole. They were very fine tits. My cock immediately tented my shorts. I was not wearing underwear.

We sat together at my table as the sun went down. I pointed out a night blooming cactus and said, “I don’t think the bat that pollinates it ranges this far east.”

“That was what one of my dates called me, a lovely cactus.”

“The flower is gorgeous.”

“Thank you.”

She took my statement as I intended, a rarity for me. By then I knew she was not leaving until we fucked. Her free hand was now caressing my erection over the shorts. I kissed her, a long soft kiss. She kissed me, a long soft kiss. We kissed again as I caressed a breast and she gripped my cock.

We finished our drinks and took the glasses to the kitchen. She prepared two small glasses of ice water and walked to my bedroom. We shared my toothbrush then walked to the bed. She took the t-shirt off and slowly presented her nude body to me for inspection.

“Wow,” I said unaware I had said it out loud. She smiled and waited for me to become nude.

I was in good physical shape. I ran every morning and moved the very heavy pots around often so that the most spectacular bloomer at the time was up front. My cock however was average. Then I noted that her eyes had widened and there was a bit of fear in them.

“I am not sure that thing will fit in me.”

“We will both be very lubricated, it will fit. If not tonight then we try again some other night. I do know you will have at least one orgasm tonight.”

I coaxed into the bed then kissed my way from her lips to her tits. I loved her breasts for a long while as I caressed her pussy until I fingerfucked her to orgasm. I kissed my way down and she had another cum as soon as I wrapped my lips around her clit. I adored her pussy for two more orgasms before she moaned, “Fuck me.”

I kissed my way up then slid onto my back to her side. I coaxed her over me and said, “You are in control, go as slowly or as quickly as you feel you need to.”

She gave me a long kiss then knelt over me and aimed my cock at her pussy. She sunk my cock into her a millimeter at a time. She groaned when its head slid in.

“I have a cock in my pussy,” she said with a touch of pride.

Suddenly her face betrayed concern, all progress had stopped. We both knew what was in the way; we both knew she would have to tear through it. We both knew it would hurt.

I sat up and embraced her. We kissed. She suddenly released all control off her legs and dropped all the way down on my cock. She groaned in pain and cried.

I held her and kissed her cheeks and her neck. It took about two minutes for her sobs to ebb and another minute for the tears to stop flowing.

“Fuck that hurt.”

‘Sorry, I do not understand the purpose of the design. I guess it is to make sure you really want it.”

“And I do. The pain is slowly becoming a dull ache so I know I will get my fuck tonight.”

“In the meantime,” I said and turned us to the edge of the bed and stood up with her still impaled on my cock. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and gave me a very strong embrace as I walked us to the kitchen. I sat her butt on the counter and poured two glasses of wine for us then carried her back to the patio. After placing the wine glasses on the table I pulled my chair sideways to the table and sat.

We drank our wine in silence and kissed. I adored her tits when I felt my cock was in need of encouragement. Soon Daphne took a tentative stroke. I kissed her. She took two strokes and I kissed her twice. We drank some wine.

She took six slow strokes each longer than the last. “I think I’m beginning to see the attraction in this,” she said. “Take us back to bed.”

As soon as I had us back in position she began the fuck. It was slow with frequent pauses but it was a true fuck. She had her tongue out between her teeth and her eyes were mostly closed. All of her attention was on my cock in her pussy.

Then suddenly she had an orgasm and pounded my cock into her pussy hard. I was about to ejaculate when I remembered she had forged a brand new pathway to her ovaries so I lifted her off me spraying my cum on her ass. She did not notice.

It took a few moments for us to compose ourselves before she said, “We need to shower.”

“You go ahead while I change the linens.”

“No, we shower together, clean each other up, and kiss a lot. Then we change the linens.”

“Sounds like a better plan.”

There was not that much blood on us, most of the mess was my cum. She used my hand sprayer to clean her pussy and gave herself another orgasm.

“This is how I usually masturbate,” she said after recovering her breath.

We changed the bed linens then went back to my patio nude to finish our drinks.


“Worth it, the pleasure was my best ever. Our next fuck will be with you on top, then from behind. We may try other positions but my guess we will settle with me on top or you on top.”

“I need to get condoms.”

“No, I am already on the pill. I will let you know when I want to be a Mom. How many other girls have you fucked on that bed?”

“Including you, one.”

I got a long sweet kiss before she said, “Thanks for your patience. My first time is a memory to keep.”

I remained silent for a while then asked, “Are we a couple?”

“It has been a while since you had a woman and she is now married with a kid. You have not felt like making an effort to get laid in over a year until tonight. This is the best night of your life as it is mine. You are in love with me. I am in love with you. Of course we are a couple, I am moving in tomorrow.”

“Oh, just checking.”

Everything she had said was true, my last fuck was a friend of hers and she had married a mutual friend. I had not tried to get laid in a long while, likely since I understood I was in love with her. She kissed me. She said, “I love you.”

I looked at her eyes and they were shining in happiness. I had become the most important thing in her life. She had been the most important person in my life for a while.

“I love you,” I confessed.

We held hands as we returned to my bed and our second fuck began shortly afterwards. I had stamina so I managed to give her a long fuck that gave her two orgasms. She said her pussy was becoming tender so I stopped before I had my second.

She was very upset to see I had not cum and didn’t believe me when I told her I was fine. Her very inexperienced attempt at a handjob quickly sent my cock into hiding. I then had to convince her she had not broken it.

We talked well into the night about proper handjobs and blowjobs, about life forms in rocks and undersea geysers, we kissed often and caressed often. Somewhere along the way we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Our third fuck was before breakfast. She was again on top and carefully maneuvered herself into a fine orgasm. I did not cum as I was worried about her comfort level.

Our fourth came in conjunction with lunch. I sat her on the table and ate her pussy to orgasm then stood and fucked her to another orgasm. She loved fucking as she sat on the table. Again I had not cum and began to worry why not.

Our fifth was as we celebrated finishing her moving in. It was doggy style and lasted barely two minutes. We had to stop because her mother almost caught us which apparently helped Daphne into a cum. Her mother seemed to know and kissed me on the lips before leading her daughter away.

Our sixth was after dinner, our first since my house became our home. It started in the shower then the patio then moved to the kitchen and finally to bed. She was again on top and for the first time I released a ton of cum into her. We were both very satisfied and she quickly fell asleep while still over me.

I decided that my favorite position was with her on top. I loved watching her face as she fucked and I loved watching and kissing her tits as she fucked. That was her favorite too but she felt more emotionally comfortable when I was doing the fucking on top. We decided doggy style had its attractions but it was clearly our third choice mostly because we did not last long that way. We did love fucking when she was sitting on a table.

Monday morning we fucked in the shower before dressing for work. It was the first day I ever felt like I did not want to go to work. Our sadness was ameliorated when we realized we could carpool.

That day was also the first time I worried about her co-workers. I assumed they all wanted her and I now knew for a fact she was a very horny woman.

That afternoon I took her to the mall and bought her an engagement ring. I felt the need to make my claim. She was more than happy to show she was promised.

That Friday at home Daphne said, “Beth told me you are not kissing her back when she kisses you. She is afraid she misjudged you and you don’t like her much.”

“I like her just fine it’s just that I’m engaged and it feels like cheating.”

“How can it feel like cheating when your fiancé has given you permission to kiss your future sister-in-law?”

“I will tell her she is my favorite non-related woman after you.”

“And kiss her back?”

“And kiss her back.”

“Thank you. We have time to fuck before dinner is ready.”

We in fact did not. I was more than able that afternoon and she was more than horny and we fucked for nearly an hour. Dinner was an unrecognizable mess when we returned to the kitchen so we ordered pizza.

We managed to eat all of the extra large with everything then she sat on the table in front of me and I was savoring her pussy before her butt had settled down. After an orgasm I stood and poured two glasses of wine, slid my cock into her then carried her and the wine to the patio.

We drank our wine with some intermittent fucking and talked about work. My doctorate was in microbiology and Daphne asked me if anything could survive where the environment was loaded with sulfites. I said yes and we had such organisms on Earth.

“Can you get me some?”

“No. Maybe. I’ll ask Paulo.” I can get you their molecular structure.”

“Good, but live specimens would be better.”

“I will see what I can do.”

We kissed and fucked for a while then paused after she had a nice orgasm.

After a few moments of silence Daphne suddenly said, “Dad is apparently a lousy lover now. He now often loses his erection before he manages penetration. Your cock is bigger than his by the way. Mom says it is not that he can’t bear to fuck her it’s that his mind is elsewhere when it is time to do the deed. She said they have not had many successful fucks in the last year.

I have watched Mom and Dad fuck and so has Beth. Not that they are exhibitionists it’s just that after I returned home from college they had been mostly alone in the house for years and had taken advantage and fucked everywhere in it. They would sometimes start their sex before checking to see if they were alone. Several times they never checked until after they were done. All their fucks were very short although both seemed satisfied.”

“Why are you telling me that?”

“Because I brag about what a terrific lover your are to everyone that’s interested. Mom and Beth seem to be very interested. They want you.”

I shook my head and said, “I am surprised to learn you may be the sanest in your family.”

“Thanks. Lets fuck some more.”

The following week I kissed Beth back and the kisses slowly intensified each time we did. By Thursday she was giving me an erection.

“I am glad to see you do like me, I told Daffy she is lucky I prefer pussy,” then Beth gave me a deep tongue diving kiss.

As we separated her hand reached down and squeezed my cock. That became the norm between us.

That Sunday afternoon her Mom came over while Daphne and I were talking about her sister and the seas of Europa. As usual my cock was in her pussy as I lay back on our bed.