He Takes Ch. 03


That first night she spent on the floor in fear of the unknown finally and thankfully came to an end as she was roused from the light sleep she had involuntarily fallen into by the nudging of his toe in her ribcage.

“It’s time for you to get up and be fed,” he said quietly in a controlled tone as his toe came to rest yet again in her ribs and his knees cracked as he bent to kneel beside her to remove her blindfold.

Bright warm summer sunlight from what was obviously a glorious day streamed through the large windows lining two of the walls of his bedroom temporarily blinding her due to the sensory deprivation induced by the blindfold during the long dark hours she had endured. She stood, felt lightheaded and swayed unsteady on her feet, only gaining her equilibrium by virtue of his quick clasp on her elbow steadying her while she regained her balance. His firm hand on her elbow felt as it had during those prior three months, calming, soothing, and powerful yet gentle, making her feel protected and loved, yet now it was just so different. Everything was just so different.

Never had she stood naked in front of a man trying to regain her composure with what she could now see to be an intricate set of interlocking silver rings binding each of her wrists and held in place by a cunningly conceived outer channel though the center of which ran a heavy twisted black silken cord drawn tightly together with a slip knot from which dangled about eighteen inches of what were now two ends of the silken cord ending in what she had to admit were quite lovely tassels. If these bracelets and their matching collar, whose identical black silken cord and tassels dangled from her throat to just above her belly-button, were not on her and she had seen them lying in a store she would have thought them quite beautiful although she had to admit to herself she would not have understood their purpose without an explanation; and why the hell should she have understood their purpose she thought to herself, as she was a grown mature woman who was not into these kinds of things.

“It’s a beautiful Saturday and the whole weekend is in front of us my sweet,” he said softly.

“Come let’s eat breakfast and begin our day,” and with that he turned on his heel and walked out of the bedroom leaving her standing there trying to digest kuşadası escort and process the scene and her circumstances.

Not knowing what to do or what was expected of her she walked from the bedroom into the bathroom found her bathrobe, covered her nakedness and after one or two attempts figured out how the slipknots worked that held her bracelets and collar in place, so that she removed them leaving them beside the sink and headed to the inviting smells of freshly brewed coffee and bacon and eggs cooking happily away on the stove wafting towards her from the kitchen. Following the familiar and comfortable smells into the kitchen she thought gladly to herself that whatever dark and unfamiliar scene had played itself out last night with herself being the star attraction was now over and the regularity and sanity of life as she had known it had finally, and thankfully, returned to her world.

As she entered the kitchen his back was to her as he attended to the almost finished eggs and bacon that still sizzled in the frying pan on the stove with a metal spatula. Coffee cups for both of them were laid neatly out on the kitchen table, as were napkins, knife, fork and an already made basket of toast. Butter, jam, salt, and pepper completed the homey and familiar scene as she sat down, picked up her coffee cup, and brightly said to him, “What a beautiful day. What do you think we should do today?”

Without turning and while still stirring the scrambling eggs, and with a low but terse edge to his voice he replied, “and who gave you permission to speak? You will only speak when you are either given permission or asked a direct question by me. Do you understand that?”

Despite everything that had happened the night before now she was truly shocked, as no one had ever spoken to her in her entire life in that tone of voice before. So shocked was she that she could not move as stunned silence filled the room and the void that the overpowering silence created forced him to turn from the stove taking in with one glance the bathrobe covering her body and the missing collar and cuffs he had placed on her during the previous night. She watched with the beginnings of fear creeping up from the pit of her stomach as she saw him slowly shake his head from side to side as if in utter disbelief at what he was kuşadası escort bayan seeing.

After a few moments and while still shaking his head from side to side he said to her in a low controlled tone, “Why girl why?” and leaving the pan on the stove he covered the distance separating them in three short strides and in one fluid rapid motion with his arm swept all of the breakfast settings, coffee, toast and all onto the floor in a jumble of broken china, spilled coffee, and jam.

“Take that robe off now and bend over the table. Do it now and do not make me say it again.”

Never had she witnessed anyone, let alone her gentle lover of the past three months, act with such controlled yet apparent anger that for the first time real fear set in, and not knowing what might happen if she did not do as she had been told she sheepishly let the robe fall to the floor and shaken and shaking she leaned her tanned and taut body over the table so that her ass stood high and proud at the edge of the table that now cut into her belly folding her in essence in half so that her breasts were compressed against the table top on which her face now lay sideways and her arms dangled over the far side of the width of the table.

“Don’t move,” she heard him sneer at her from behind her and once again a deafening silence fell between them. Time again stood still as perhaps three minutes passed in absolute silence although she could hear his now irregular and somewhat strained breathing as she imagined him trying to calm down and control his anger. Just as she began to think that he was regaining his composure and this latest indignity would quickly pass, she screamed involuntarily and nearly passed out from pain she could not have ever imagined as he solidly pressed into the firm right cheek of her ass the metal spatula he had been so calmly using moments before to scramble the eggs and turn the bacon that had been cooking on the stove when she had walked into the kitchen not even five minutes before. She could tell from the smell of her own burning flesh that in the silent moments that she had been stretched naked across the kitchen table he had evidently been heating the spatula in the gas flame of the stove until it had turned red hot before turning his attention to her upheld ass and applying what escort kuşadası had now been transformed from an ordinary kitchen appliance into an instrument of unimaginable torture marking her tight ass cheek like it was a cattle brand and she a calf. The son of a bitch has branded me, was the last thought that she was aware of as she passed out from the pain.

Sometime later she woke up with her ass still on fire and much to her amazement still lying across that kitchen table. As she regained her awareness of her surroundings she realized that the collar and cuffs that she had worn the night before had been placed once again around her neck and wrists, only this time the dangling silken cords had been extended by other cords tied to their ends such that she was now tied down to the legs of the table in spread eagle fashion unable to move her arms which now lay outstretched towards either end of the table, nor her neck whose cord had likewise been extended and tied down to one of the table legs.

The debris of the breakfast table still lay on the floor in the distance and her legs ached from having supported her body for what must have been hours as she was aware that the light coming through the kitchen window was now fading signaling the approaching onset of dusk. Her muscles ached, her ass screamed for medical attention, and her bladder felt as if it could burst at any second. But here she was tied down in the most unbelievably uncomfortable position she could imagine with no ability to untie herself. As she lay there trying to comprehend her situation and how this could have happened to her she gradually became aware of his presence in the kitchen. He’d been quietly seated in a chair behind her for god only knew how long watching the blisters from his handiwork form on her ass while she had regained consciousness and gradually took in and assessed her situation.

“It’s too bad you ruined our day, my dear; as I had made plans for us to go on a picnic this afternoon. I’m going to go to a movie and then out to dinner and will leave you here to think about the error of your ways.” With that and as the sun gently began to set in the distant horizon she heard him get up from his chair and saw his pant legs with her peripheral vision as he walked around the table to which she was bound casually throwing out as an aside as he exited the kitchen, “Sleep well my darling. I will see you in the morning and hopefully tomorrow we will both have a nice day,” and with those words hanging in the air between them he was gone leaving her bound to the kitchen table in the dim light of the now rapidly setting sun.