Slave to a Demon Goddess


I was asleep one night. Just broken up with my long time girlfriend. Alone in my apartment, in the dark. I had locked the front door, and my bedroom door, and that was that. I wasn’t asleep long before I felt my shoulder being shaken. I didn’t care at first, I was still used to Sara waking me up every so often. When I finally did wake up I was scared. I remembered I was alone, and that there shouldn’t be anyone in the apartment. But I couldn’t see anything, it was still dark.

I wiggled around a little bit trying to get out of bed, but I wasn’t in bed, and my arms were stuck together. I was being carried, and we were outside by the feel of the air on my naked body. I didn’t know what was going on, or what was happening. I felt another pair of hands grab my legs, by my ankles. Then I was on a floor, carpeted, cold. And I felt movement, I must’ve been put in a car. There was nothing I could do about it right now, I was bound, and my head was covered. My mouth was free, but what’s the point of saying anything, it’s not like they’d put me back in my apartment if I asked them to.

After what felt like hours, we finally stopped. I felt the rush of cold air as the doors were opened and I was taken back out of the car. I still couldn’t see, and I couldn’t for quite a while. But when they took whatever covered my eyes off me, I couldn’t see anything but trees and dirt. We were in a forest, a very big one from the looks. I was put on the ground, and my knees were spread out. My hands still tied behind me, and my legs now being tied. They tied my ankle to my thigh, and my knees bent. I looked around for a moment, not sure what was going on. The trees were dense, and between several there were smaller bushes, that were still taller than I was standing I’m sure.

I saw the people who took me, they were stood around a red circle drawn on the ground. Five or six of them. One of them pulled out a piece of paper, it looked really old and sivas escort stiff. Then they began drawing symbols around the circle, and a triangle inside it. Every symbol had something to do with the Goddess of women and lust, a pussy, the female sex symbol, breasts, a tongue, collar, and flower, more specifically a lily.

Once the triangle in the circle was drawn, rather small, each side was probably a half meter long. I was retrieved again, rather than just having one person put me over their shoulder two people grabbed me, each one grabbing my shoulder or arm. They carried me over to the triangle and set me inside it. My legs still spread open, in line with the sides of the triangle, but not outside the lines. A metal cage was then dropped over me, it was a shiny cage, very reflective. From a distance you wouldn’t be able to see it. It caused me to have to lean over a bit, as it was shaped to be a pyramid.

The cloaked figure who stood near the pussy symbol then took off the hood. Revealing a beautiful blonde woman. She had dark red lipstick, the most blue and deep eyes I’ve ever seen, high cheekbones. She was amazing, and even though she’s kidnapped me for use in a ritual I kind of wanted to belong to her. I looked around as the others took off their hoods, seeing more beautiful women.

They turned away from me and each grabbed three candles. Lit and put around the symbols. The ritual started. I’m not sure what they were doing, I couldn’t understand the words they were saying, but I think halfway through they lifted their hands, palms out and drew some more symbols in the air. It looked like dust fell from their hands as they did so, but it didn’t collect on the floor, it just disappeared.

When they finished another lady appeared, but it wasn’t the Goddess that I thought they were doing a ritual to. She looked like a demon, red skin with dark black patterns like tattoos almost. Swirling around her arms and lower legs. Not a word was said by the Summoners, but they all turned and knelt down, taking off their cloaks and revealing their breasts. All of them appeared to have double D cup breasts, and their long smooth legs were amazing. They sat themselves in the same position I was sitting in my cage, but with their heads held high, looking at the demon.

This demon turned toward me, and walked straight into the circle. She had massive breasts, bigger than any I’d ever seen. And big thighs, long legs, her dark hair ran down her back almost below her ass. She touched the cage in front of me and it melted away, when it was completely gone she thrusted one of her hands out. She had long fingernails, sharpened to a point at the end. Her hand landed on my neck and took a tight grip. She lifted me off the ground, so my head was level with hers.

“This is what you’ve brought me for a tribute? This is what you expect me to keep as a slave?” Her voice was amazing, it was feminine but very harsh. And yet I wanted to hear more, I wanted her to command me. “She looks frail, and small. I don’t want to break her the first day you whores.”

The witches didn’t say anything but dropped their heads a little.

“Alright slave, I’ll keep you even though I’ll probably break you after one fuck. Since those cunts are incompetent. I am Drava, Goddess of Power, Women, Lust, and Sex. I was kicked from the High Courts for causing men to disappear, then taking their wives as slave girls.” She said to me as she inserted her fingers to my pussy. “You look like you were a submissive or slave before they brought you here, but don’t worry, being my slave isn’t like it is for being a human’s slave.”

She held out her other hand and a small fire started up, then faded away revealing a rose colored collar. She clasped it to my neck and put me on the ground again. Then holding out both her hands she produced earrings, and a couple chains. She put the earrings on me, they were very light for their size, very dangly. Then the chains were attached to them and the collar. I didn’t see her summon them, but she put some weird rose colored metal things on my pussy, which held it open and immediately stimulated me to the edge of orgasm.

“No, no pet. You cum and you get punished. You don’t want that, trust me. You should also know that your name and identity doesn’t exist anymore. Those were erased as it were when I put your collar on. People won’t recognize you, they know who you are, and they will never see anything I do to you.” She growled, then waved her hand over my right hip, a searing pain shot through where her hand was. “They’ll see that, and they won’t ask questions as to why you are nude, or who you are. They will know that you are my toy. And men will no longer be able to cum in you. They can still fuck you, and you can cum, but they won’t be able to after fucking you.”

“Goddess, what do you desire of us?” The head witch was now standing.

Goddess Drava didn’t look back, or answer the question, rather she waved her hand, and the witches were gone, they became the same purple dust that was being cast during the ritual. But for a couple minutes after, while Goddess was adorning me in her magic, you could hear moans and screams. As though they were being tortured, and fucked.

“Now, one final thing, I need to remove your tongue, and your need for non orgasmic releases.” She waved her hand and I felt myself peeing. “Don’t panic child. That’s normal, I removed your need for the bathroom, as you humans call it. This makes it so that I don’t have unnecessary breaks in my use of you. And you’re abilities to speak or make noises, don’t want you telling anyone about my return, or telling me no.”

She then snapped her finger and we appeared in what I believe was my apartment. But it now looked like a dungeon. Gray and red floor and walls. Sex and torture devices spread through the space. Cages hanging above my head and recessed in the wall.