Matching Colors


“So when did the girls say they were coming?” Raquel Martin asked taking a sip of her beer.

“They said they would be here at six.” Raven Smith answered also drinking from her beer.

“And you told them where to meet us?” Amanda Dale asked.

“Positive.” Raven assured them both.

“So what in the hell is taking them so long?” Raquel asked impatiently.

“Dude, we are hidden behind trees, up on a hill. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pass the place. Not to mention, have you looked at this place in the dark? It’s spooky as shit.”

“That’s why we have the candles lit remember? So they know that we’re here.”

Raven took a deep sigh. Three beautiful women were supposed to meet them at the place of sanctuary and hour ago. All three of them promised. They told them about this place. A small, abandoned, house on the outskirts of town. During the day it was dark and isolated, hidden behind trees, and sitting on a hill in the middle of nowhere. If there was a tall building in town they would see the house standing on the hill in the dead of night. No electricity, no lights, nothing. Just a dark, empty, house in the outskirts of Pleasureville, Maryland.

In college, Raven met this girl named, Zoe. Zoe Roberts. What a beautiful name. She had long, dark brown, hair that flowed down her back. Dark caramel eyes. And she had a thin frame but underneath the clothes, she had a very nice tone to her body. When she told Raven that she is on the track team, it made perfect sense.

How they got to know each other was a different story. They just happen to meet in the Student Center eating lunch and suddenly they just clique. It was probably Raven’s bad girl persona that attracted Zoe to her in the first place. She remembered being invited into Zoe’s dorm room and they began watching queer horror movies that Raven never knew existed let alone interested. Then she shared her porn collection. There was one movie that was straight sex, but the rest was gay porn. She said watching two men go at it gets her juices flowing. The same way goes for Raven.

They were halfway into a good conversation until Zoe popped the question.



“I’m going to ask you a personal question and you don’t have to answer honestly. And if I’m wrong and you are offended, I won’t blame you if you walk out this door right now.”

Raven became worried after hearing that, but knew better than to jump to conclusions. “Okay, what?”

“Did you. Were you. Well, once a man?”

Raven’s eyes shot open. How could she tell? The look she gave Zoe made her think maybe she took it a step too far. But to not make her think any ideas, or make her think the friendship was over, Raven had to come clean.

“How did you know?” Raven asked calmly.

“My dad is a surgeon. A successful one. I’ve seen him do a lot of work on his clients. And some of them are trannies, like yourself.”

“Well, we prefer to be called: “Transsexuals”, but that’s okay.”

Zoe blushed at her offensiveness. “I didn’t mean to disrespect you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Raven waved her hand, “I get it all the time.

Zoe glanced down at the floor and then back at Raven biting her lower lip.

“What?” Raven asked noticing Zoe was about to ask another personal question. “What is it?”

“Can I…” Zoe wanted to say it but it felt too embarrassing.

“You want to see it?” Raven finished.

Zoe swallowed hard. It was a relief that Raven finished her question for her, but it was another thing if she was going to allow herself to do it. “You don’t mind do you?”

Raven stared at her sternly, and then smiled. She stood up in front of her friend and unbuckled and unzipped her pants. She pulled them down slightly revealing her dark panties. Raven was a major Goth. Then Raven pulled her panties down just enough to free her 9 inch penis.

Zoe’s eyes shot up. She has had her share of boyfriends in her time and one thing she remembers the most was the size of their penis. Some were small, others were average, but Raven’s was a sight to behold.

“Can…can I…?”

“Can you touch it?” Raven finished. “Sure.”

Zoe moved in closer and knelt down on her knees. She carefully wrapped one hand around the soft but thick shaft. Zoe must have been in some type of trance because she began squeezing it hard and then pulling it down slowly. Zoe looked up at Raven who had this creepy, but seductive looking smile. Zoe knew Raven was enjoying this. She looked down at her penis and saw that it was stiffening. Should she stop? Or should she do something else?

Zoe looked back up at Raven staring hungrily at her. “Can I see the rest of you?” Zoe knew she was asking a lot, but for some strange reason, her penis was not enough. She needed to see more, to know more, to want more.

Raven shook her head at first, disappointing Zoe and making her think she was going too far. But that was half of what she expected. “For that to happen, you are going to have Kartal Olgun Escort to strip for me too. It’s a two way street.”

Zoe found that that was no problem at all. She stood back up and took off her shirt and sweat pants revealing her pink bra and panties.

Raven did the same taking off her shirt revealing her dark bra. Since Zoe already saw what she was working with, she pulled the rest of her clothes off.

Zoe reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra dropping it to the side. Raven had a good view of her small breasts. They didn’t have to be big. Just that size made the blood flow to her penis.

Raven reached around and unsnapped her bra throwing it to the floor. Zoe watched in astonishment that Raven actually had breasts. Not only that, the left breast had a pierced nipple. This bitch rocks!

Zoe pulled her panties down and kicked them to the side. Raven got a full view of her clean, shaven, snatch. Like she thought, Zoe was well toned from all the hard workout she put into her body. Everything was clean and shaven. It was like her body was made out of a sculpture.

Raven walked up to Zoe who didn’t move an each. Both girls naked, revealing their bodies, their darkest secrets. It was clear where this was going. They were definitely going to fuck tonight.

Before Raven jumped Zoe’s bones, there was one more thing to spice up the evening.

“You want to watch one of those gay porn videos?”

Zoe turned to the spot where she hid her porn and back at Raven. She has heard of people watching porn while they were fucking their brains out senseless. Well, more like listening. They were doing more fucking than watching. But who cares. She was willing to try something new.

Zoe walked over to the desk and opened up the drawer. She searched through the movies until she found her favorite one. She put it in the DVD player and pressed play. Up popped three handsome men, built like athletes. A bald headed man with tattoos was strapped on some type of swing, except he was tied up with his feet in the air. The other man, a tall, handsome blonde was jerking him off while another tall, handsome, dark haired man was fucking him way deep in the ass. When Zoe first saw this video, it turned her on completely. The bald headed man looked like he was a total badass. Yet, he was leaving himself vulnerable to other men who looked like super models compared to him. Just watching him lose control like that made Zoe moist between her thighs.

Zoe yelped from the strong smack up against her ass cheek, snapping her out of her gaze and onto Raven.

“Is it me or do you really get off watching men lose control?” Raven asked. “Or maybe you like to know what it’s like to lose control?”

Zoe chuckled and moved up close to Raven placing her hands on her upper arms down to her elbows. Going a little further, Raven cupped her right butt cheek and squeezed as tight as she could pulling her up against her rock hard penis. Raven wasted no time kissing Zoe on the lips. Zoe honorably kissed back. Raven grabbed Zoe’s upper arms, turned her around, and pushed her onto her bed stomach first. Raven held her head down on the bed while she positioned herself between Zoe’s ass cheeks. Raven knew if she pushed in fast, she would probably hit a bump in the road, so she took her time finding Zoe’s wet pussy with the bulbous head of her cock. She slowly rubbed up and down between Zoe’s pussy lips and then pushed in. Zoe moaned as she felt the strong beginning of the head enter inside her striking every nerve in her body. Heart beating and satisfied that Zoe opened herself to her at will; Raven pushed the rest of the body in making Zoe’s head rear up in shock. She never knew it was going to be that wide and that long. Just the force of it alone sent shock waves through her body. It was like her first time all over again. Raven let go of Zoe’s hair and mounted her instead. She reared out of her pussy and then thrust back in making Zoe gasp. She repeated this over and over hearing both the moaning from the running porno and Zoe making the fucking more intense.

“Shit,” Raven cried pulling out and with all her strength (Or man strength) wrapped her arms around Zoe’s thin, curvy, waist and turned her around, “here it comes.”

Raven rubbed her cock up and down with her right hand feeling the tight pressure from her balls erupt and out of the head like a spray gun, shooting all over Zoe breasts and stomach until the last drop fell to the floor.

Both women were panting heavily. They both heard the same cries in the porno except the man was giving the other dude head so good that he exploded in his mouth, but the man on his knees kept sucking him off, drinking every last drop. Raven thought Zoe would never go that far.

“Oh my God,” Zoe said looking down at the cream covered mess on her breasts and stomach, “that was…that was intense.”

“Well thank you.” Raven said with a delighted smile.

Zoe got up and started heading into the bathroom. Kartal Sarışın Escort Before she went all the way inside she turned to Raven. “Are you coming?”

“I already did,” Raven retorted playfully, “nah, I’m just kidding with you. I’ll be there in a sec.”

Zoe smiled at her. “Don’t wait up.” And she went inside.”

Raven looked around seeing their clothes scattered all over the floor. “I’ll get them later.” And she went to join Zoe in the shower.

“If these stuck up bitches don’t get here, I’m about to flip.” Raquel threatened. She was the only one between the three of them that was impatient and worse, didn’t expect the unexpected. When something was promised, she expected that person to keep her promise no matter what or else it was a waste of her time.

“Relax they will get here.” Raven promised and drank her beer.

“And you’re sure they know where the house is?” Amanda asked.

“Positive. I showed Zoe the house myself.” Raven stated.

Raquel didn’t like that. “What? You show that stuck up, I’m better than anybody, bitch our sanctuary? Why?”

“Relax, she’s cool people.” Raven said.

“Yeah, but this place is like our secret hangout,” Amanda pointed out, “it is supposed to be between us.”

“How else was Zoe going to get here if she didn’t have the feel for the place?” Raven pointed out. “Besides, she is bringing two of her friends over to join us anyway. It’ll just be the six of us. Why are you crazy bitches trippin?”

Amanda and Raquel glanced at each other. They really wanted to meet these women and were curious on what they looked like. She didn’t know about Raquel but Amanda has always wanted to make new friends but was overly shy because of who she was. Her therapist calls it: “Social Anxiety”. Probably caused by the stigma people held against transsexuals.

Raquel on the other hand was a total badass. She did not care what other people think and if she did, she makes them wish they didn’t. She maybe skinny looking right now but story has it deep inside there is a raging fire in her heart.

Amanda once heard her tell a story about a man who knew who she was and played it off like he was interested in her and not what she became. Raquel dropped her guard and allowed him into her heart and her hotel room, where she has been forking up money to stay for an entire month. When the door first closed the man attacked her and tried to rape her. But the plan backfired. The man was wearing tight pants, so Raquel was able to grab his balls and squeeze with all her might dropping the guy down on his knees crying. Punched him in the face until he fell to the floor, started kicking him over and over. Then Amanda heard something that hopefully wasn’t true. Raquel somehow forced the man’s pants and underwear down and positioning him on his stomach. Then she pulled down her pants and panties, mounted him, and fucked him silly! At least that’s what Raquel told them. Amanda didn’t want to believe it, but didn’t want cross examine Raquel either. She was mean as they come. As for the man going to the police, Amanda imagined how difficult it would be to explain how you got raped in the first place when you were the one that started it. Good luck explaining how he ended up on her side of the neighborhood.

Raven was different. She was probably the only transsexual that had a cool and calm demeanor. She took things the way they are. She tries to make something happen and if it doesn’t, move on. Even if that meant lucking out a good lay. And she never lost her cool.

The girls heard a loud knock at the door. Raven was the first to stand up from her seat and head straight for it.

“You see?” Raven said. “You fools need to learn a little patience.”

“But you don’t know who it is?” Amanda said feeling nervousness in her belly.

“Come on Amanda who else could it be? Zoe is the only person I’ve told of this place. Damn, chill out.”

Amanda sighed and sat back as Raven went to the door. Raven turned the knob and opened it to see Zoe and two other beautiful women by her side.

“Surprise!” Zoe greeted and lifted up a medium size box of Miller’s Light. “We brought treats.”

“It’s about damn time.” Raquel said.

Raven stepped aside to let the three women in.

“Sorry we got here late,” Zoe said putting the cool beer on the table, “I had a geometry assignment to do. Plus, trying to get these two fools ready was a hassle.”

“Hey?” The woman with the deep crimson colored hair said offended.

“Well, it was true.”

Raquel and Amanda stood up to get the rest of the groceries from the women. They had two boxes of Miller Light beers and a big red bag of Doritos chips.

“I’ll put these in the frig.” Amanda volunteered taking the one box of beer and putting it into the refrigerator. Amanda, Raquel, and Raven save up enough money to keep some electricity running through the place miner the lights.

“I guess introductions are in order?” Raven said standing alongside Kartal Şişman Escort her friends. “For the both of you who’ve seen me but don’t know me, my name is Raven. This is Raquel and Amanda.” The two trannies waved and said hi nervously.

Now it was Zoe’s turn to introduce her friends. “Guys these are my friends, Rachel,” She pointed to the pudgy, crimson, red headed girl on the far left, “and this is Nicole.” Zoe pointed to the long haired, shy, blonde in the middle.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Nicole reached out her hand to shake Raquel and then Amanda’s. They can tell by the way she greeted them, that she was the friendly person among the three.

As for Rachel, she just waved and said high. She had a small ring piercing on her bottom lip and she looked like she did not feel like being here. It kind of reminded them of Raquel and her grumpy ways.

“Now that we all know each other, let us sit down and relax.” Raven said pulling out a wooden chair for Zoe while the others just went to find a chair and sit down.

“Are you all comfortable?” Raquel asked.

The girls glanced at each other and back at her. “Yeah.” The girls say in unison.

Raquel lifted up a small bag with what looked like balls of grass inside. “So I guess me and my friends are going to smoke this entire weed ourselves?”

The three women started reconsidering their decision already.

“No don’t do that.” Rachel said.

“Save some for us.” Zoe chimed in.

The three trannies glanced at each other with all smiles. The whole situation was funny.

Raven took out a small, white, sheet and spread it out on the table in front of Raquel. Raquel opened up the Zip lock bag and dug out a small ball of weed. Placing the bag beside her, she crumpled the weed up scattering it all over the sheet. Then she gathered the small ashes of weed in a straight line and rolled it up. She licked along the body of the weed so it would ceil like an envelope. Raquel got a lighter and pressed the small button hard until the small fingernail size flame lit up. With that flame, she lit up the tip of the weed until the end burned and started smoking. The girls could smell the rich scent of the weed permeating through the air. A craving they knew all too well.

“Okay ladies,” Raquel announced holding the weed in the air, “who’s first?”

After an hour of passing the weed around, the group of females was now baked joking and laughing while all of them were drinking and each took a turn smoking the small string of grass.

“So tell us,” Rachel spoke feeling more relaxed since she has ever been, “how did you guys meet and come up with this shin dig?”

“What do you mean?” Amanda asked confused.

“I mean how did you guys meet and how did you pick this spot as your hangout?”

The trannies glanced at each other and back at them.

“We went to middle school together,” Raven started, “we weren’t that close at first, but we had some things in common.”

“Like what?” Nicole asked.

“For starters we were all gay,” Raquel chimed in, “at least for the moment.”

“So all three of you were boys back then?” Rachel asked.

“Yep,” Raven answered, “short hair, small chest, and all.”

“So what happened?” Zoe asked.

Raven started off first. “Well, me and Raquel were friend’s first ever since elementary. When we first met as kids we remembered the time when we both had something in common. We used to sneak in my mom and dad’s room and take out my mom’s makeup kit and put it on each other. We would wash it off before my parents come home.”

“So it started with just the two of you?” Zoe asked. “So when did you come into the picture?” She pointed to Amanda.

“That’s a funny story,” Raquel said, “we met Amanda afterwards after we entered middle school. While Raven and I were hiding, Amanda was letting herself go. What I mean by that is, she let her hair grow, she started dressing feminine, and she wore makeup. I guess you could say she was the bravest out of all of us.” Raquel took a sip of her beer. “Anyway, we have been watching her for awhile, wanting to get to know her and let her know she wasn’t alone, but we didn’t want to put ourselves out there. I guess we were scared or something.”

“So what happened?” Nicole asked getting knee deep into the story.

Raven decided to finish. “We were walking back home one day when we heard noises. I don’t know I guess it was sort of like God’s calling or something.”

“No, I heard, “Faggot”.” Raquel mentioned.

“Well, it was that too. But anyway. Raquel and I went to check it out, so we snuck behind a corner of a building and we saw three jocks from our school holding Amanda up against the wall. They were smacking her, spitting on her, and then they forced her underwear down showing you know what.” The three women looked at Amanda ruefully. They could tell going down memory lane was embarrassing for her. But Raven continued. “We weren’t sure what they were going to do to her, but we know we couldn’t let it happen.”

“So what did you guys do?” Rachel asked also hooked on their story.

Raquel took a last drag of the weed now micro size, and then handed it to Raven to finish. “There were three of them and three of us. Well, two since Amanda was about to get pummeled.”