Revenge on Frosty Night


Running a club is not easy. You need the right DJ playing the right music, the right lighting and sound systems, the right decoration; all of which will hopefully combine together to attract the punters. What you don’t need is druggies, drunks, troublemakers and gays.

Not that I have anything personal against gays but they tend to take over any club that they go to. First you get a few turning up then a lot, and then their over the top behaviour annoys your straight customers, who then go somewhere else. That is why I have always banned gay guys, who have got enough clubs of their own.

One night I got a call from the bouncers who needed a decision about who to let in. When I went outside there were three guys in their early thirties and three young girls. The guys did not look gay, in fact they looked pretty hard to me. The doorman only knew that they were gay because they went to the same gym as him.

Their leader who was named Rob said to me, “Look I promised to take my little sister clubbing for her eighteenth birthday, and I can hardly take her and her friends to a gay club.” Now, normally I would have felt that was reasonable and let them in, but I was in a bad mood So I said, “Rules are rules, ” and left it to the door staff to deal with the angry guys and tearful girls.

Later that evening I was working in my office at the back of the club, when I heard my car alarm go off. I rushed outside, only to have the barrel of a gun pressed against my temple. The three guys were back and extremely pissed off. “You have spoilt our night,” said Rib, “Now we are going to spoil yours.”

I was forced at gunpoint into the back of a beat up Land Rover, with the gun toting Rob next to me. The black guy Oscar and the Italian Mario sat in the front seats. The Land Rover shot off away from the club and started to drive out into the countryside, I was worried about where we were going, and what would happen to me when we got there.

The off road vehicle drove for about half an hour before arriving at our destination in the middle of nowhere. The other men made me get out of the vehicle, and I realised just how cold it had become. It was just after midnight but already acıbadem escort the ground was covered by a thick frost.

“Please remove your clothing and put it into the back of the vehicle,” said their leader, waving his gun at me. What could I do? Get naked or stop a bullet, the choice was very clear. I started to strip off in front of the leering guys, one of whom had produced a camera and was starting to film my downfall.

As soon as I was naked Rob told me that I had a choice, start walking home naked or play a forfeit and get my clothes back. I was already shivering uncontrollably and realised that I would die from Hypothermia long before I got back to town. As I got back into the Land Rover my kidnappers told I had to suck their cocks, all of their cocks. Knowing that I had no other alternative I pulled Rob’s trousers and jockeys down and took my first look at his cut cock, which was erect at six inches and looked pretty angry. I had never sucked a guy before, but that didn’t matter because Rob gave me step by step instructions. I fondled his balls and kissed his length, before taking his helmet between my lips and lashing his cock head with my tongue, sucking away as if my life depended on it. The camera flashgun reminding me that my exploits were being recorded for posterity.

After a short time his dick started to coat the roof of my mouth with salty tasting pre cum, then without warning he gasped and filled my mouth with spurt after spurt of hot jism. After swallowing the product of his cock, he made me lick it clean before starting on my second dick.

James was a black guy who I was relieved to see had an uncut cock that was only slightly longer than mine. He didn’t give me any instructions but kept making comments like, “Come on you little cock sucking whore get me off now.” He lasted a bit longer than Rob and pulled out before he came, so that he could spray my face and hair with his seed.

The last organ that I had to blow that night belonged to Mario. When I pulled his pants down I was worried because he had been blessed with a veritable monster of a cock, which must have measured a good nine inches in length, and thick with it. I had a atalar escort job getting my lips to stretch round his huge tool, especially as I had to be careful with my teeth. Mario wasn’t satisfied with me sucking him, he had to grab the back of my head and face fuck me. Luckily, this brought him to orgasm very quickly, which was just as well as my jaw muscles were getting very tired.

I had kept my part of the bargain, but whilst my assailants were prepared to let me dress, I still had to walk home which was clearly impossible. I knew what was coming next even before they told me. The three cocks that I had serviced orally were now going up my virgin ass.

Rob returned to the back of the Land Rover with me, whilst the other two guys sat in the front seats. The vehicle must have been used for some off road sport because it was fitted with full harness seat belts. After pulling his trousers off Rob belted himself into the back seat. He made me lube up my own ass, much to the amusement of James and Mario. Then I had to sit on his lap so that his hardened cock was right under my butt crease. Suddenly, he pulled me down so that his dick slid into my ass. I felt a bit of pain as he ordered Mario who was in the driving seat to start up.

As the vehicle moved forward I realised that we were on a very bumpy, pot holed track. Every few yards the wheels would fall into a rut or hole in the road. Rob of course was securely belted in so that he didn’t move, but I was bounced up and down on his rigid pole. The ride continued with my poor stretched out ass being hammered like hell.

Eventually, I started to get turned on by this treatment, which was evident by the fact that my own cock was getting stiff. One of the guys in the front grasped it and started jerking it off, as we continued our way down the unmade road. The other guy was holding the camera and taking pics of my humiliation. Eventually, the excitement got too much for Rob and with a gasp he emptied his cock deep inside me.

Jim was next to be serviced, but the only trouble was that he was only half hard and needed assistance in getting it up. He told me that I had five minutes to get him ready to rock and aydınlı escort roll, or I would have to try something different, like rimming his ass. Needless to say, I set about working his cock with my hot lips, and after only a few minutes he was raring to go. I positioned myself over his waiting dick and allowed him to pull me down onto it. The Land Rover continued on its way and I bounced up and down for about ten minutes before he coated the inside of my bum with his seed.

I was terrified of taking Mario, after all if you have difficulty in getting a guy’s cock in your mouth, it stands to reason that being shagged by him is going to be painful. As he entered me, it felt like someone was driving a truck up my ass. I was really frightened that he would do me some serious damage. However, with a bit of luck and a lot of lubrication he managed to cram all nine inches inside my stretched rectum.

This time it was different, because he was so large I didn’t bounce up and down nearly as much, and therefore my bottom escaped some of the trauma that it would have otherwise been subjected to. The guy seemed to be able to go on forever, and eventually my pain turned to immense pleasure as the Land Rover drove further down that pot holed track.

Somebody noticed that I had gotten hard again, but this time I wanked my own cock until it erupted jism, an act that prompted another flurry of camera flashes. After what seemed like a lifetime Mario pulled me hard down on his enormous cock and shot his load deep into my bowels.

My ordeal had come to an end, they let me get dressed and started to drive me back home. They were all joking about what they had made me do so I said, “You lot will be laughing on the other side of your faces when I tell the police.”

Rob thought this very funny and replied, “I can’t see standing up in court and telling them about how many cocks you sucked, how big they were, what they tasted like, about which we have a number of close up pictures available. Even if you were prepared to do that, how would you explain getting hot n’ horny twice whilst you were being fucked. Basically we have taken a lot of photographs, all of which could be posted on the net, so you could end up famous.”

He was of course absolutely right, and of course my night’s experiences had taught me things about myself that I had never suspected. I would have to consider taking another ride along an unmade road in their in lusty Land Rover.