Dizzy Goes to College


Lisa was always getting into trouble it seemed. Since her earliest childhood memories, she had constantly been at the butt of one practical joke or another, most often at the expense of her pride. She couldn’t count the number of times she had been humiliated over the course of her life, and you would think that by now she would learn, but every month or less it seemed her friends would rope her into some new scheme, designed sometimes at great lengths for their amusement and her discomfort.

Still, they were her friends and she accepted her role in her group and continued along on this course of friendship. She was stunningly beautiful, at 5’6″ tall, long blonde hair, very firm body built from years of physical workout sessions. Her breasts were large at 36 C cups, but quite firm and her nipples were often gawked at with amazement when they would harden in the latest view of some practical joke her friends had worked up to embarrass her.

She had spent all summer with her friends, being exposed almost daily in some obscene way to half the town. She reasoned that it was probably the last time they would all be together and so carefree, as did they while getting their last digs in at her. Finally, it was fall and she was leaving for college. After a farewell party that left her trashed, naked and tied to a tree, she was almost ecstatic to start over again, escaping her nickname of Dizzy Blonde or Dizz.

She chose a school far from home, across the country to escape her years of torture. She still loved her friends and would continue to see some of them on summers and other occasions throughout the year, but she felt that she needed a fresh start. So, a short flight with a long overlay in Chicago and she was there, the University of Pennsylvania, the last place she figured to ever see someone from Southern California.

She hailed a taxi at the airport, and within an hour drive, an hour of leering looks from the taxi driver as he made the fifteen minute ride take as long as possible, she was standing in front of her new home with her suitcases at her sides. She struggled with the four bags, stacking them and wheeling towards the steps. Her mid-thigh skirt rode up a little as she pulled on the cases, walking backwards up the steps and pulling up and over each step. She didn’t notice the eyeful she was providing to a group of ogling college guys that were sitting behind her, watching every sway of her breasts and every movement of her tight ass.

She then, for the first time, noticed a chill and remembered that she was not in California anymore. Lisa made a mental note to get some longer clothing soon. She eventually climbed up the steps, not a soul offering to help her, and into the lobby. There was a line about thirty people long and she exhaled deeply, anticipating a very long wait.

Finally, she worked her way up to the front of the line, received her room key and directions, which she quickly forgot. Eventually, after a number of wrong turns, it dawned upon her that room 637 was probably on the sixth floor and so she found her new roommate for the next year.

Her name was Jenna, a very thin, petite, pretty girl with long brown hair. She stood a full three inches shorter than Lisa. She was very kind and quickly assisted Lisa to getting settled in. They discussed their majors and aspirations and a little bit of where they came from. Jenna started filling her in on the social climate of the campus, how Jenna, as a sophomore, would try to help her get in with the right groups. Jenna was a Tri-Delta-Gamma, one of the sororities on campus and she promised to help Lisa get in.

It didn’t take long for Jenna to confirm what she had heard about her new roommate. In the hour since they had met, Lisa continuously displayed her dizziness. Jenna had to bite her lip several times during the conversation to keep from laughing at her naïve comments and at the plan that had been laid out in advance to welcome Dizz to the University. Jenna was already mentally writing the thank you letter to her cousin Suzie back in California for the 911 on her new roomy. It was going to be a fun year.

“Just leave those bags,” Jenna told her as Lisa threw one of her suitcases on her bed. “We can unpack you later. You must be hungry after that long flight. We can go get a bite at the cafeteria.”

Now that Jenna mentioned it, Lisa did feel a bit hungry. “Okay, but maybe I should change first. I think maybe my clothes are a bit light for the weather.”

“Don’t be silly, you look great.” Jenna answered, standing up in her shorts and T-shirt.

The two walked, chatting the entire time to the cafeteria.

“Do you like the campus so far?” Jenna asked.

“Yes, very much.” Lisa replied, “Though I have to admit, people seem a bit stuffy.” She complained.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt the same way my freshman year, but now I have more friends than I can keep up with. You’ll fit in well.” Jenna figured now was as good a time as any to introduce her plans. “In fact, we are having a mixer at the Sorority House tonight. It would Deneme Bonus be a great time to meet some people, to make some friends, maybe even decide to pledge our house!”

“That sounds great!” Lisa exclaimed, excited to have found such a wonderful and friendly roommate.

During lunch, a lot of people came up to say hello to Jenna. Lisa got the oddest feeling that she was being appraised by everyone she met. It seemed almost like an interview as she met each person that came up. Often they would giggle as they left and Lisa wondered if she had said something to betray her naivety once again.

When they returned, Lisa noticed that the door to the room was wide open. “Oh my God!” Jenna screamed, running into the dorm room. “We’ve been robbed!” She exclaimed, as Lisa ran in behind her. The first thing Lisa noticed was that her suitcases was all missing. “SHIT!” She yelled, joining the panic set by her roommate. “They took all my clothes! They took everything!”

Jenna rushed through the room, looking in her drawers and in the closet and in the bathroom that was shared through a door on the other side. “Damn!” She exclaimed, “They must have just grabbed your bags because they were so easy to get.”

Lisa instantly berated herself in her head for not unpacking before lunch. Her eyes started to well up with tears and she nearly collapsed before Jenna caught her and helped her to sit down on her bed. She sat down next to her and gently rubbed her shoulders. “Oh come on now Lisa. We will get your stuff back somehow.”

Lisa broke down against Jenna in a flood of tears. Jenna simply held her, letting the tears drip down onto her T-shirt, feeling a tinge of guilt for the plans that were going perfectly. “Lisa, trust me, everything will be okay. Look at it this way. If we don’t find your stuff, we can go on a huge shopping spree and buy you all new clothes!”

Lisa smiled at this, laughing lightly with Jenna.

“Here, have a drink of water and I will call Security.” Jenna poured her a drink of water, which Lisa sat up and accepted. Within a few minutes, a large man in jeans and a black T-shirt with SECURITY across the chest showed up at the door. Jenna was holding Lisa, helping to get the sobs to go away as they explained their plight.

“What is missing exactly Miss? What was in the bags?” The large man asked Lisa.

“Well…” Lisa began, breathing deeply and wiping away a tear. “I had all my clothes in there, my bath products, school supplies, my cell phone, some money.”

The man was making notes on a form on a clipboard. He began nodding his head. “You really shouldn’t leave cash in your bags.” Then noticing how distraught she was, “Okay, well can you describe some of the clothing and maybe someone will be foolish enough to wear it around the campus.”

Lisa began describing all of her outfits, and blushingly, after much prodding, even her undergarments. The man continued to take notes.

“Okay Miss. Please stand up.” The security officer instructed her.

Lisa looked curiously at Jenna, who only nodded, helping her to stand. When Lisa stood, the man approached her and placed his hands on her waist, spinning her around.

“It has been my experience,” the officer began, “that women are shy about their clothing sizes, so I’ll just get the information off your current outfit.”

“Oh!” Lisa exclaimed, feeling him pull back on the top of her blouse to read the tag. He leaned in to read, but only saw laundering instructions, ‘Dry Clean Only’. “That really isn’t necessary!” Lisa said, pulling forward.

Jenna pulled Lisa’s blushing chin up and gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s okay, I’m here.” She said it softly, reassuringly, and yet, Lisa’s little voice was screaming that she had to get out of here.

She reluctantly untucked her blouse in the front and showed the man the tag on the inside. “Size 6. See?” She told him, showing the tag to him.

The man placed his right hand on her hip and leaned in to read the tag, taking the blouse in his left hand and pulling it up, watching Lisa’s cheek turning red as the blouse rose higher, exposing her tight tummy and her back. He barely leaned forward, instead pulling the blouse up until it snagged where it form fitted to her breasts. Lisa felt her breasts bounce, as he pulled up hard, feigning difficulty in reading the number 6. Finally, after several uncomfortable tugs, he confirmed the number 6 and released the blouse.

“Very good, a 6.” He stated and wrote the number down on his form. The next thing he did made her blush a bright crimson as she felt him tug the waist line of her skirt up and over, pulling out against the garment as much as possible to look down inside her skirt from behind. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, leaning in close to look at her bright yellow bikini panties. “I’ll have to loosen this a little to get the tag out.”

Lisa’s eyes popped wide open as she felt him sliding the hip zipper down slowly across her hip. When he showed no signs of slowing his efforts, she grasped at the now loose hanging flaps of Bedava bonusu the skirt or it would have slid right down to the floor! “It’s a 6. It’s an outfit. They came together!” She remarked in disbelief that this man was undressing her.

“It isn’t that I don’t believe you Miss.” The security officer answered. “It is policy. I’m sorry. You can call my supervisor if you want and he can come down and describe the reasons to you, perhaps better than I did.” The man released the skirt and pulled out his radio.

Jenna looked at Lisa with a frown. “Just get it over with.” She whispered.

“Okay, fine.” Lisa sighed, “Just do it quickly please.”

“Okay Miss, sorry to make you uncomfortable. Really I do this all the time, it doesn’t impact me one way or the other.” He pulled at the back of the skirt again and leaned in, holding the fabric a good four inches out to gaze at her pantied ass for a while. “I see… 6 again. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Nothing could have prepared Lisa for what happened next. She was pulling the flaps of her skirt together, preparing to zip back up and politely say goodbye to the officer when she felt his hand reach inside her skirt and two fingers dip inside the back band of her panties. Her lower jaw dropped as she felt the man tug up on the back of her panty, wedging the fabric hard against her pussy lips and inside her ass cheeks. She was afraid he would rip them right off her.

He pulled up hard, so the panties were tugged well above the waist of her skirt and pulled back to read the tag. He leaned in, inspecting the ass globes that now were separated by the yellow panties bunched in her ass cheeks. “6 again.” He said, releasing the fabric.

Lisa went to remove the panty from her ass and crotch, but forgot that she had been holding up the skirt. It went sliding down to the floor and she gasped realizing that her ass was now fully on display to the security officer. She quickly bent her knees and squatted down, retrieving the skirt and pulling up fast and zipping it into place. As she sank, Jenna and the ‘security officer’ shared a quick chuckle before straightening their faces when Lisa stood back up.

“Okay, now please unbutton the bottom few buttons of your blouse so I can get your bra size.” Lisa’s eyes pleaded with Jenna in disbelief, but saw no sympathy, only a reassuring smile. So she unbuttoned her blouse up the front to feel the officer pulling the blouse up above her bra strap. Lisa had to hold the blouse down as she felt the man was pulling so high that her bra-covered breasts were coming into view.

The man tugged back with the other hand on the bra strap, holding her back from moving with the tugging of the bra. Lisa’s nipples hardened as they were rubbed back and forth against her bra front as the man seemed to have real problems with his vision. He was pulling the bra strap a full five inches away from her back, tugging back and forth for a full minute before finally flipping the bra strap inside out and reading the ’36C’ clearly inscribed on the tag.

Lisa, meanwhile, was blushing from embarrassment not only at letting this man violate her like this, but also at the fact that she was starting to get tingly from the friction of her nipples. That was when she realized that her panties were still tightly wedged against her pussy lips and inside her ass cheeks. She released the blouse a moment to tuck her panties back in her skirt, resigning herself to pull them out of her crotch later. Suddenly she felt the blouse rising up, displaying her bra-covered breasts, being squished against her chest by the bra. She went to grab at the blouse to pull it back down, but the man had a firm hold on the blouse and she would have to wait until he released it.

Finally, he said “36C” aloud and released the blouse and allowed the bra to snap hard against her back. Lisa squealed a little and he apologized.

“Okay now Miss, just your shoe size and then you can tell me your pantyhose size since you aren’t wearing any and I’ll get this filed with Campus Security and the Police. He knelt down and lifted her left foot up and back so she bent at the knee and was forced suddenly to balance on her right foot. The officer took the opportunity to look up her skirt while slowly removing the shoe.

Lisa’s panties had actually pulled up so tightly that her pussy lips were plainly outlined in the thin material. Her ass was completely bared with the material pulled snugly up into the cleft of her ass cheeks. He held the gaze for awhile, finally reading the size 5 aloud before putting the shoe back on and releasing her foot, all the while looking up at the growing wet spot in Lisa’s panty.

“Okay, we will be in touch again soon.” The officer smiled at Jenna as he stood up. “If you would just sign here please Miss.” The man placed a long, multi-page form in triplicate in front of Lisa, which she signed at Jenna’s silent encouragement. Then he turned to leave. “Meanwhile, if you need anything, you can call me. These thieves probably won’t be back and they will probably just Deneme bonusu veren siteler take your money and throw the rest in a dumpster somewhere. So it is possible that we might retrieve it. In any case, we will stay in touch.”

As Jenna led the tall, good-looking guy from the room, she snuck a wink and a quick pinch on his right ass cheek while Lisa was lost in her distress.

“Well come on!” Jenna cheerfully turned back, closing the door on the ‘security guard’. “Let’s get ready for a party.”

“Oh no. You go on without me.” Lisa said, her sobbing chased away from the ordeal with the security officer. “I don’t feel much like doing anything now.”

“No way.” Jenna replied. “You can’t sit here all night feeling sorry for yourself. It won’t do you a bit of good. You are coming with me and we will see if we can help you forget about this if only for tonight.” Jenna pulled open a drawer and pulled out a pill bottle, opening it and pushing one towards Lisa. “Try this, it’s a Valium, it will help calm your nerves.”

“I don’t really do any drugs. Thank you all the same.” Lisa refused the pill, waving it away and sitting in a heap on her bed.

“This isn’t a drug silly.” Jenna pushed on. “It is just Valium, I do it all the time.”

Lisa slowly allowed herself to take the pill and swallow it down, and sure enough, she was soon feeling calmer. Nearly too calm, as she felt the room slowly drift away until she felt like she was simply floating on air.

Jenna smiled. This pill would pretty much insure that Lisa wouldn’t remember a thing tonight. The perfect opportunity to see how dizzy she really was. It wouldn’t make her do anything she normally wouldn’t, just make it difficult to remember anything she did.

“Hurry!” Jenna yelled, shaking Lisa out of her slumber. “We have to get going or we will miss the party.”

Lisa blinked hard, slowly opening her eyes to see Jenna leaning over her.

She focused on Jenna, but felt a little tipsy, then noticed the frozen strawberry daiquiri in her hand. “I don’t feel very well Jenna. I think I’ll just stay here if that is okay with you.”

“Well it isn’t.” Jenna retorted, taking a sip from her own daiquiri. “Now you are going to have a good time tonight and that is all there is to it.”

“Okay” Lisa finally gave in. “But I need something to wear. I have been in this all day. And I need to borrow some make-up.”

Together, they fixed up each other’s hair, drinking a whole pitcher of daiquiris while perfecting their faces. Finally, Jenna led them both into stripping to their underwear as she laid out an outfit for both of them to wear.

Lisa picked up the tiniest of skirts she had ever seen and shook her head. “You must be kidding.”

“No way.” Jenna replied, helping her lift one foot into the skirt, nearly knocking Lisa down in the process. Lisa was never a big drinker and the three daiquiris were making her quite tipsy. “It is the only thing I have that stretches and your hips are a bit wider than mine. No offence, you look great, but facts are facts.” The skirt was a child’s large, 2 sizes too small for Jenna at a 2, making them about 6 sizes too small for Lisa’s full hips at a 6. They stretched so much you could see clear through the material. Jenna noted this with a disapproving look.

“You’ll have to take off those yellow panties.” Jenna told Lisa as she turned and shuffled through her underwear drawer, withdrawing on her finger a size 2 black thongs. Throwing the panty to Lisa, she added, “Put these on, they won’t show underneath.”

Lisa struggled with the panties, finally working them over her hips where they tightly hugged the material up at her crotch to disappear between her firm ass cheeks and to clearly define the lips of her vagina. Jenna quickly pulled the skirt down before Lisa could take notice of the exposure that these panties offered and started to unclasp her bra. Noting Lisa’s backward glance of disapproval, Jenna smiled. “Don’t worry, I have a top with a built in bra, it will be perfect and you can’t wear a bra with it.”

Once again, the size variance left much to be desired as Lisa’s larger breasts stretched the material of the Lycra bustier-style top, her breasts comically hanging in front of her as if they were leaning on a shelf. Lisa’s nipples were barely covered and she had to pull the top up hard to cover a bit of her areola that was showing at the top. Her entire midriff was exposed from just above her pubic hair and panty line to just below her breasts. The top was really like a strapless bra, nothing much to it at all.

The skirt had to be worn low; down on her hips because there was so little material and she had to wear it low enough to cover her ass and crotch from being on full display. Lisa thought to herself that she would have to be very careful tonight about bending over.

Jenna lifted her left foot and began sliding a black stocking up her leg. It was the thigh band type that clung to her upper thigh. However, Jenna being a full three inches shorter than Lisa, and the micro skirt being six sizes too small, the stocking was a full five inches below her crotch and two and a half inches below the skirt bottom. Lisa bent over to try and hike up the stocking slowly from the bottom. Her mouth flung open in shock when she felt a hand slap her hard on her bare ass.

Cat , Mouse


Waking from my slumber, I feel your member erect against my behind. Your arms are around me, gently holding me in place as we lay on our sides – spooning. Your warmth is radiating all over me, keeping me warmer than any blanket. Looking towards the window, I see the weak light of dawn creeping through the slits of the aged Venetian blinds. I turn my head slowly to see if you are awake, expecting mysterious brown eyes and a devilish grin to meet my own. However, when I turn my head towards you, I see that mop of black hair covering your face, your bushy beard barely peeking out from underneath. I should have known, as I can still feel the silent rising and falling of your chest against my back as you continue to sleep.

I know I should just let you sleep, but your morning wood has aroused me deeply. I begin to grind my ass against your cock, hoping to rouse you from your slumber. I can feel your penis slip between my cheeks, but it seems you are in a deep sleep, and my attempts to wake you are failing. I decide I will have to resort to different means to get your attention.

I move your arm off of my side; your other arm remains in its place, acting as my pillow. Detecting the easing of pressure, your body moves so that you’re lying on your back – still sleeping. Perfect…..just where I want you. I gingerly move across the bed until my mouth is near the head of your penis. I love how your erect penis looks, swollen, standing tall, and waiting for the gift it is about to receive.

I plant a gentle kiss on the tip. Looking towards you, I see no noticeable shift in your izmit escort demeanor. I continue kissing it until I reach the base of your dick. I want to surprise you into wakefulness with my warm mouth, soft lips and long, wet tongue massaging your thick cock.

I begin my assault by lightly tracing my tongue from the base to the tip, making a spiral motion. I glance up at your face and although your eyes are still closed, I can see your breathing has taken on a new pattern: shallow and rapid. I want to make your member even wetter because I know how much you like that. Flattening my wide tongue, I start lapping at it like dogs lap at water, increasing my pressure and urgency. I want to make sure you’re well lubricated for all the fun to come. I don’t think you realize it, but you’ve started bucking your hips slightly. It turns me on even more.

Parting my lips, I decide to take the plunge. I feel your cock filling up most of the space in my small mouth. I know what you want as your thrusting becomes more persistent, but I’m not ready to give it to you, yet. Instead, I tease you, my mouth sliding up and down on your dick, turning my head like a corkscrew, then pulling off completely. Your eyes are still closed, but you’re moaning…deeply.

I’m turned on even more by the sounds you’re making, and my sucking becomes more vigorous, more impassioned. Your hand has found its way to my head, gripping my long, blonde hair, attempting to stabilize my position as you thrust with the same intensity as I suck. I can feel your cock hitting the back of my throat, jabbing madeinizmit.com it quickly and causing it to sting. My eyes are watering and I start to gag, but you don’t stop…nor do I want you to. I am getting just as much pleasure from pleasing you.

The air is hitting my pussy lips, and I long to reach down and touch myself. My pussy is probably soaking wet; my clitoris as sensitive as ever. As though you’ve read my mind, you tug my hair and my head, forcing me to look up at your face. Your eyes, finally open, are frenzied; a feverish look etched upon your face.

Smirking arrogantly, you ask the question, “Are you ready for me to fuck you?” You let go of my head, and I crawl up towards your face, staring down at you.

I am desperately longing for your touch, but I am feeling mighty playful, so I initiate a game of cat and mouse. Oh how I love this game.

“No….” I respond coyly, and turn on my side with my back facing you. You can’t see me, but my face now holds that confident grin I am certain I just wiped off your face.

It takes a second to register, but then you realize the game I’m playing. Prodding once more, you question “You’re sure you don’t want to feel my thick cock fill up every inch of that pussy?”

As you say those words, I feel a pleasant sensation inside my pussy…tingling. The tingling starts small, but it soon takes over and becomes pulsating. You have also started poking your member in my back again, though this time, you’re aware, and I can feel the difference. The urgency and the need are present; the pressure is greater, the pace is faster. Feeling the insistence of your cock, hearing you say those dirty words…it is having a profound effect on my yearning, a yearning that can be felt by the soaked state of my pussy.

I repeat my answer, though I am sure my labored voice, breathless with desire betrays me, my ultimate intentions. “No. I don’t want to,” I respond hollowly as my senses are slowly being overcome with desire. My body is seemingly preparing me for what is going to come next.

So dulled by my insatiable lust, I don’t have enough time to react. You are suddenly above me, and your arm grasps mine as you flip me totally onto my back. You ask me, clearly aroused and ready yourself, “Do you surrender?”

I am just about to say no, but you play a very dirty trick on me indeed. Your lips and tongue have found my kryptonite: my neck, and they are licking, sucking, and kissing it fervently. The sensations are driving me mad. It’s almost too much for my already excited body. I can feel my body bucking, trying to escape the attack on one of my most sensitive regions. It is then that I notice your hands have loosened their grip on my forearms. So, with all my might, I push against you, wrestling with you until I am no longer in your grasp.

I shimmy down the bed as fast as I can, but it is apparently not fast enough. You catch one of my legs and drag me halfway, capturing the other leg. I can feel your body weight adjusting, but I don’t look back. Still holding my legs, you slide me closer. All the while, I can feel my pussy getting wetter, drenching my lips, staining the bed…my body is screaming for you; it wants you so very bad. You are going to have quite the treat once you finally catch me, but I’m not ready to lose this game just yet.