Office Party


‘Alice are you coming to the pub or not?’

‘Just give me a minute and I’m right with you, I’m getting the keys.’

The pub isn’t that crowded, a lot of the offices haven’t bothered to open for the Monday that is Christmas Eve but we have a boss who, though not here herself, prefers that the customer comes first, however twelve midday is shutting time, the post is gone, the phones are dead and the pub is open.

There’s me Alice, Wendy the temp and her boss Steve, June the office bitch, John from insurance and Bob from accounts – the office groper – who has suggested that we play the old childhood game of truth or dare complete with a forfeits system ‘that will be paid’ for telling a lie or not doing the simple dare. A few drinks along the line and the games’ changed from inquisitive questions through slightly suggestive to openly sexual.

‘Truth or dare Alice?’ asks John


‘Have you ever sucked two cocks at once?’

‘Er no……………?’

I know that I’m in trouble with a few forfeits and Wendy is sitting there looking all polite and innocent and eighteen, not admitting to anything and running up a forfeits total that we are told is getting ruder by her refusal to do any of the slightly wilder ones put her way and I suppose quietly confident nothing will happen.

I have sucked two cocks together but I was sweet sixteen and slightly drunk. In case you were wondering I’m late thirties, dark hair, a size 12, 34d and have managed to keep some semblance of my youthful figure thanks to advice as I was leaving hospital with my one and only child.

‘I think that’s a lie’ says June.

‘And another forfeit’ adds Bob pulling up the piece of paper he has been keeping the list on and writes another against my name checking with June that she agrees.

The game continues and June somewhat tipsy chooses another dare. So far her knickers are in John’s pocket, her bra in Bobs and now she has to flash her nipples. Ha, I think to myself, she will end up on the forfeit list but to my amazement she undoes her blouse and flashes her tits. I see a barmaid look and realise that Bob has too when he suggests that we return to the office with a few bottles of wine. I am about to object until it is pointed out that Wendy and I have a list of forfeits and the paying of must be done today. For the first time I see her confidence slip and she starts to make must be going noises but it’s too late she’s in and signed up, tits, ass and rest of her too.

Back in the office the wine is open and the forfeit list drawn out.

‘Okay’ says Bob once we are settled, ‘this is how we go; the game continues but now there is only truth or forfeit. Alice and Wendy can take forfeits instead of answering questions, but the option remains. If we are not happy with the answer they must take the forfeit on the list.

‘Wendy, truth or forfeit?’ asks Bob.


‘If told too, would you lick Alice’s pussy?’

‘What! You can’t ask me that oh…… yes I suppose so, as it is probably on the forfeit list or will be put there if I say no.’

‘Alice, truth of forfeit?’ says June taking the list from Bob. I’m still shocked by Wendy’s answer and not thinking properly when I answer forfeit.

‘Let’s see, ah this one will be fun and teach you not to volunteer for the water splash and disappoint the guys who were waiting to see you get wet. Take off your bra and stand in the rain for as long as it takes to get your white blouse wet enough to become see through, then come back in and let us see what we missed in the summer.’

I complain but the unwritten law of truth or dare is you have to pay your forfeits and we were reminded by Bob before the game commenced and all agreed, though I think the booze had a little part to play in agreeing to something we thought would be a laugh. June takes great delight in reminding me now.

I turn my back to the others, undo the catch on my bra through my blouse, slip the Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort straps down my arms and remove it, dropping it on the floor as I walk past the others to the door to the back yard. My nipples respond immediately to the cold air and the freezing water that starts to land on the blouse covering them. It only seems like seconds the grey sky has darkened further and the light rain has become a torrent my hair is sticking to my head my blouse becoming translucent quickly and then I can clearly see my nipples and start thinking about going back in.

I hear a chorus of whistles and yells, followed by Junes’ voice followed by more cheering and then the door opens and an almost naked Wendy comes out, shivering slightly as she steps into the cold air her toes covered by the puddle immediately next to the door.

‘What happened to you?’ I ask, trying not to look at her breasts, as the rain lands on them, and failing dramatically. Wendy and I are the same size and have often ‘helped each other out when suddenly having a date and going straight from work. It’s not the first time I have seen her breasts but it is the first time in a while.

‘They’ve changed the rules slightly, it’s double forfeits and I chose ‘forfeit’ and was given ‘taking off my shoes and trousers to show them ‘those lovely long legs they didn’t get to see all of in the summer’ and ‘let Steve run his hands up them.’

‘He was like a dog on heat when he saw my thong and I think it must have been his almost ultimate fantasy come true. Unfortunately he ‘forgot where to stop’ and I trapped his hand, he complained and ‘the bitch’ called another immediate forfeit against me. I objected but……..’

‘Walk out in to the rain?’ I suggest.

‘Almost,’ she replies. ‘Allow Steve to take off my jumper and bra off then join you standing in the rain in my thong underwear until it’s so wet it starts to fall down my legs. So he pulls my jumper off and then releases my bra catch and pushes the straps off my shoulders from behind, you must have heard the cheers as my tits came into view.’ I decide that perhaps brief hug of solidarity would help and undo my wet blouse before putting my arms round her and give her a quick hug, feeling her tits against mine. I break the hug and telling it won’t take long I go back inside.

I enter the office to find June happily letting the guys run their hands over her naked body and I’m surprised that she hasn’t got somebody fucking her as yet.

‘Ah Alice, nice wet blouse I’m sure the guys appreciate your wet tits’ she says. ‘Hey guys, Alice is back, you can play with her now; by the way Alice it’s your turn and its doubles now; truth or forfeit?’ she says.

What the hell, ‘Forfeit.’

‘Take off your blouse, skirt and all underwear, then let Bob touch you as he pleases,’ she announces quickly, obviously having waited long to give this forfeit out.

I strip off my wet blouse and Bob interrupts me moving onto my skirt by running his hands over my breasts. He offers to help me remove my skirt but I prefer him to watch and tell him so. I take off my skirt and turn away from Bobs’ eyes taking the opportunity to slip my fingers under my panties and touch myself. I can’t believe how wet I am, I almost linger too long and then slide the panties down my legs bending as I do so and giving Bob a view of my arse and cunt. I stand as he comes over to me and I’ll say this for him, he is direct, his hand is straight onto my cunt, a finger pushed between my lips, he turns me to face the rest of the group and the outer door. ‘Look everyone’ he says removing his hand, ‘shaved, wet…’ he puts his finger to his mouth, ‘…..a very wet pussy!’

The door opens and Wendy comes back into the room. Holding her g-string in front of her she shouts out ‘forfeit’ and drops the soaked g-string. Her pussy is bald and I wonder how long she’s been shaving and then realise from the look on her face that she has just Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort discovered that I shave too.

I decide that before this can go any further I should point out the time but I am shouted down as ‘there are still forfeits to pay.’

‘I don’t know about you,’ Wendy says looking at me, ‘but I’ve a mind to pay all my forfeits and get this over with, it is so obvious where it’s going and what’s coming next.’

‘Are you sure?’ I ask.


‘Wendy and I have agreed to pay any outstanding forfeits.’ I announce.

Bob reads the list out loud.

‘French kiss Wendy, go down on Wendy, let Wendy go down on you, suck cock, suck two cocks, be fucked anyway or with anything anyone chooses, do all that is demanded as instructed and finally sign the form; but that’s at the end.’

There isn’t any difference between either list, except the names are swapped. I see Wendy’s eyes begin to fill as she realises she will have to go way beyond what she thought was coming, I cross the room as she starts to say something but I kiss her and the sound is muffled as understanding looms and I feel her tongue push its way into my mouth.

I stroke her body as we kiss feeling her hands doing the same to me as our mouths deepen in the kiss and I feel her getting harder to me in her responses, then she is gone, down to my breasts, licking, flicking, biting gently then harder but not pulling, more kisses across my stomach and her mouth is blowing hot air on my cunt.

‘Sit’ she says pointing at the desk she uses and I do, opening my legs to accommodate her head and that wonderful tongue, playing over my clit, her fingers probing into my puss. I turn to my left as Steve climbs up, his erect cock ready for sucking pushes against my lips. I take him in my mouth. I put up a hand so that he doesn’t gag me, but he knocks my hand away tells me not to touch his cock and begins to fuck my mouth hard, in moments he has cum and I swallow as much as I can but some runs out and almost as though telegraphed Wendy looks up sees the cum on my breast and stretches up to lick it off.

‘Wendy change places with Alice before she comes.’ June’s voice is clear through the haze of sex that is enveloping me and Wendy and we do so. Its’ not the first time I have been near another woman but a little while and I think how Wendy licked me, wondering where she learned to do it so well, as I try to do the same to her; playing my tongue over her clit, smelling her musky scent. I push a finger into her and then a second as I find that she is soaking, I move my tongue to her cunt but she pushes my head away and changes her position slightly, from sitting to lying back across the desk. I lick the juice from my fingers as she moves round enjoying her young taste then put my hands on her thighs pushing her legs wider to take my first taste from her body directly and wonder if I tasted as beautiful to her. I open her lips with my fingers and plunge my mouth against her, inserting my tongue deeply as I try to get every last drop. Wendy moves her legs wider to accommodate my mouth and I feel her moving on the desk as I lick her. In the distance I hear John yelling ‘look at those two bitches go, you’d think they do this every day’ and Junes reply of ‘maybe they do, who fancies filling an arse?’

From behind I feel hands on my arse, my buttocks are parted and someone’s fingers enter my cunt and then start to runs juices from my cunt over my arse and gently rubbed round my arsehole. I feel a cock slide into my cunt and begin to fuck me, as a finger pushes against my arse hole. I wait and then feel the tip of the finger enter my arse pushing against my normal action opening me until the cock is withdrawn and I feel the tip against my hole. I look over Wendy’s body and see June sucking on her tits kneading them as she does so, Bob is at Wendy’s mouth, Steve is stroking himself slowly watching June and I know its John in Bostancı Vip Escort my arse and relax a little, as I do his cock pushes through my hole and his rhythm starts, I join him matching my eating of Wendy’s pussy with his strokes and flicking at her clit with my fingers on every other down stroke. From the desk comes the sound of moaning and I know Wendy is on her way as her cunt starts to jump around as I try to stay with her but it’s a little difficult with John humping me quicker on every push, suddenly there is a moment of madness as she moves violently and then my mouth is filled with her cum as her orgasm shakes her and she slightly deflates. In my arse it was too much for John and I hear him groan as his cock releases into me.

Bob lies down beside me and June sits on his face, facing towards his cock. June points at Bobs cock and tells me that it is time that I took his cock in me. I am pulled away from Wendy’s cunt still leaking cunt and as I straddle Bob, June guides his cock into my cunt. She pulls me to her and kisses me violently, her mouth rough, her teeth clashing against me. She stands and pushes my head towards Bob’s face and I smell her cunt juice on his mouth, it doesn’t attract me like Wendy’s and I try to pull away but June sits astride my head and forces me down. His mouth is on mine and his tongue fills me as June rubs her wet cunt up and down my hair, until she stops, moans and I feel something drip down my back as she cums in my hair.

I hear June’s voice ‘Wendy, come here and lie down. You know Alice’s secrets better than anyone, make her cum, make her cum lots………’

From the corner of my eye I watch Wendy lie down on the floor next to Bob, feet appear either side of Bobs head and my head is lifted to receive Johns cock. I become aware there are feet behind me as my arse is opened again and a cock is pushed into me. Wendy’s hands reach for my nipples and as she begins to yank on them I hear her say ‘sorry’ and then she pulls my nipple out as far as she can and bites, I move rapidly, as the pain shoots through my nipple only to realise that on other side June has joined in, biting harder ……

I cross the line, Wendy knows this will work from many conversations we’ve had, and I change from ‘woman in need of fucking’ to ‘woman in need of extreme animal satisfaction with loud vocalisation.’

‘Oh fuck me, come on you bastards Harder; there’s three of you….. I said HARDER! HARDER! Fuck me, fuck my arse, fuck my cunt, fill my mouth,’ I wank John’s cock with an attack that borders on vicious but I no longer care…… I look at the two women ordering them to abuse my breasts, to stretch my nipples, ‘yes, yes, bite me,’ my breath getting shorter with the physical effort, ‘b…b…bite me bitches,’ June obliges me but Wendy disappoints and I know for us to escape the game I need her to yank my most sensitive nipple and bite hard. I look at her face and see her cower as my hand rises above her body. John pushes my other hand off his cock as I drop my raised hand onto Wendy’s tit, SMACK! SMACK! Not once, nor twice but five smacks left glowing marks on her tit her nipple extended by each blow as I pulled whilst raising my hand back into the air and each time I did she bit me harder, but not enough…..

I watched her body move on the floor and she looked down and I tried to see what she wanted then her legs parted and I knew…… I reached and launched, CRACK! Wendy jerked as my hand landed with all the force I could muster on her cunt, managing briefly to hook a finger into her and then drop her as Junes grip on my breast bit firmly. Bob moaned, ‘I can’t hold on…..’ I heard John gasp ‘yes now, Alice yyyyoooo your mouth!’ I grabbed one of June’s nipples in one hand, the reddened nipple of Wendy in the other and yanked………

I see Bobs eyes shut and feel him fill my cunt, as I look up and open my mouth for John to spray his seed into but Steve has the glory of cumming in my ass at the same moment as I explode thanks to the two women who pull my breasts out and bite my nipples so hard I cum in orgasmic ecstasy. One is the office bitch I hate knowing my secret but need so much at this second and the other is Wendy the temp, my eighteen year old, big breasted, totally shaven, pain loving, sweet tasting cum slut……… Daughter.

The End