Driver Ch. 02


Some background to put the House and its folk into their setting. Not much sex, sorry.


The sun was well up in the sky when I drove back through the electric gate. It was another warm and hazy autumn day. I would follow my routine and allow the feelings to sort themselves out over time.

The van went into the left bay of the six-car garage and I spent a few minutes washing and stowing the apparatus in the space beneath the rear seats. I had disconnected it in a rush before the airport pick up, but always made the vehicle ready before I went to bed. This routine had paid off already more than once.

I needed to work my body before I would sleep, so I walked around the side of the big house and across the sloping lawn to the 20 metre pool overlooking the Bay. I stripped and put my clothes on the bench under the canopy. My cock was still semi-erect and I remembered her. Failing to use a condom had already made us complicit.

The salted water felt clean and tasty as I drove through it. Thirty lengths later I felt tired and calm, with my shoulders and legs aching a little. I pulled myself out and lay on the terracotta paving next to the pool. Five minutes on each side and I was dry enough to gather my clothing and walk back to the garage, naked. I climbed the steps to the verandah above the garage doors and noted that both Jackie’s and Natalie’s blinds were still closed.

Once I had closed my own blinds, set the heat pump down to 27° and swallowed half a litre of lemon water, my bed looked irresistible. I was asleep immediately.


My watch showed 2.30pm when I surfaced. I was feeling much revived. I could hear the steady clang of the weights in the sixth bay of the garage beneath me as Fred worked. His huge frame needed a lot of upkeep. Despite his size and fearsome appearance he was a gentle and well-educated man, perfect for the role he served here.

He had charm and good instincts around people which was valuable when trouble developed. “These people are here for therapeutic reasons, Jim. Violence and abuse are their heritage, to play in a safe environment is healing. If they break the boundaries sometimes we need to manage them, not reject them.” He spoke gently as usual. His calm and size had shown their worth at times since I had been working here.

I put on a light shirt and shorts, then made the bed and went down and across to the main house. There was fresh coffee and juice in the staff dining room, plus croissants and a rich selection of fruit. The food was wonderful, the day staff cared for us with generosity. There would be a main meal around 6pm before the working night began.

Natalie said “Ni hao, lover”, as she poured my coffee. “Was there bad traffic around Causeway Bay this morning? Your drop-off took a long time…” My hand swatted her bum with a satisfying slap. She was wearing a light cotton sundress that barely covered her backside, (obviously) no underwear and a coloured dragon tattoo that started on her bare shoulder and ended with its tail wrapped around her upper thigh. She 1080 porno giggled and pouted, “if only you were serious about your spanking.”

She was the antidote to all my preconceptions about Chinese women. Tall and slim with short hair and large dark eyes, she was about 24 years old and the most uninhibited woman of any sort I had ever had the pleasure to meet. She fucked both men and women with vigour and seemed open to any activity, with boundless energy. She had come to my rooms a couple of times and had left me gasping, exhausted. I had seen her come from Jackie’s room once and I know she slept with Colette too.

She was eating a huge breakfast of spicy tofu soup and fried bread sticks- her appetite for food was big too.

Fred came in, coated in sweat and helped himself to the coffee. I asked “what’s on the schedule for tonight? Any long trips for me?”

“We’ll all be busy. Two rooms will be in use and there is a group for dinner as well. Jackie will be taking the other car to collect one couple from the far side of Kowloon. The other three are all from the Island, so should be straightforward enough. You will need to eat early though, the dinner party starts at nine. That group will be staying the night upstairs. Natalie, honey, I want you to give them your full attention- the management want them to be happy.” As he said this he looked at her with his eyebrow raised.

“Any clues about what they like, boss?” She asked, but he shook his head.

“I expect they will like you, so just improvise- I trust your instincts.” His low rumbling voice continued. “Jim, Jackie knows about the driving, and he and Colette will be setting up the rooms later. Only one couple has asked for our help, so they will be on first call. Can you watch the screens?”

“No worries, Fred. Want some juice?” I held out a glass and Natalie grabbed it before he could reach it. I poured him another and gave it to him. She was always trying to arouse him one way or another. I suspect he was the only one who had not fucked her and that made him a challenge for her.

Fred made his way out again towards the cottage where he and Colette lived. None of us lived in the House, it was just our workplace. While they shared the small house, I don’t know if they shared a bed- they were both great at keeping secrets.

My breakfast was welcome and filling, I took the chance to practice some Mandarin with Natalie, while she leaned back on the bar stool opposite me, legs wide and cunt glistening. She was teaching me filthy Mandarin and about perversions the Chinese had enjoyed for centuries. I had only basic skills in the language anyway, so had to be careful when I spoke to others after her lessons. Luckily most Hong Kong folk spoke Cantonese.

The cook came in to clear the dishes away and looked hard at Natalie. The girl stood up and smoothed the dress down, then said “zai tian, Jimmy, it’s been my pleasure, as always.” She walked over to the stairs to look over the upstairs suite. She was hard working and efficient, as well as a total 2 k porno slut.

I asked the cook if she needed to go down to the market for tonight’s meal. She did, and went away to gather her bags and hat. She had a drawer in the kitchen with wads of cash from which she took a sample, to bargain was her best sport. I got my hat and a bag, then backed out the Mercedes limo, which was totally inappropriate for a shopping trip to the market, but it hadn’t been driven for two weeks and the cook loved to travel in the back.

Dropping her by the market, I agreed to pick her up in forty minutes. That gave me just enough time to find a park near the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter. I took my hat and released my rowing skiff, put it in the water and stepped in. Five energetic minutes later I was at my boat, tied on and climbed aboard. She was my luxury, as my other expenses were mostly covered by the House, I had some disposable income. This old yacht helped to use a lot of it. I unlocked the hatch and went below, sniffing for unusual smells.

Raising the floor hatch I started to sponge out the bilge, the water was not too dirty which was pleasing. It had been two weeks since I had been aboard and a storm had hit last weekend. I tipped the bucket over the side, then closed the floor. Going on deck I checked the sail cover (tight) and the warp to the buoy she swung from. I found only minimal wear. I opened the motor box cover under the cockpit steps and disconnected the battery, which I swung up on deck. Locking the hatch again I got down into the skiff, heaved the battery down carefully then rowed back ashore.

The Merc was hot from the sun despite the white paint (just like Marcos’ one), but soon cooled as I drove to collect cook and her bags. The car smelt of fresh vegetables by the time we were back at the House. I put the huge car back in the garage then put the battery on the charger.

Jackie was out on the lawn speaking to his undergardener- the guy who did the actual work. Jackie’s job did not in truth have much to do with spades and mowers, but he did take oversight of the grounds. I walked around by the pool to where I could get a better view of the Bay below. Colette was swimming steady fast lengths in a black one-piece suit with almost no back to it.

Calling to Jackie I suggested he take the BMW for his travel tonight. It had been little used recently. He agreed as he liked to drive it. He waved to the lawn guy, and headed back to the House, pausing to watch Colette do a couple of lengths. She was like a seal in the water, making effortless tumble turns at each end.

Unlike all the others, I had never seen Colette naked, or even nearly so. She was sexually active with the customers when needed, but remained covered. I was intrigued by her and wanted to break into her secret world, yet feared the consequence of prying.

I took a green tea from the kitchen back to my rooms to upload the day’s menu to my tablet. One threesome, one couple and the dinner party of four. No specialist transport requirements-all would 3 k porno be keeping their clothes on while in transit- dull, dull. Jackie would deal with the three, mine were the rest.

Once at the House the trio would be self-entertaining, the couple would be dealt with by Colette and Jackie and I would be helping Natalie and Fred with the dinner group. When I was not needed I would be watching the screens that kept an eye on the rooms. Strong restraints were to be used for the trio and the couple had asked for a frame.

While no return times were specified, I guessed I would have the last of them home well before dawn. A quiet night which would not be very busy would let me think more than was comfortable.

I did the minimal housework my tiny flat needed (pride would not let me use the maid’s help) then showered and laid out my clothes for the night. Mormon-style pale shirt and dark pants, but no tie, thank god. I was still adapting to the tropical climate after the higher latitudes where I had been living. Jackie was wearing a jacket some nights now, not an option for me.

When I had my pants on, but no shirt, I noticed Colette in the driveway. She seemed undecided as to what she should do-very unusual for her. She had a sarong wrapped around her hips, and wore her moist black swimsuit casually with heavy sensuality.

I finished dressing then made my way to the House for my dinner.

The others were there before me, enjoying Cook’s delicious food. There was banter between Natalie and Jackie, with Fred adding a word or two. Colette spoke little, as usual and was now clad in a very ordinary house dress, like the Parisienne femme de menage she might pass for.

The sun had passed behind the hill to the west and dusk was advancing rapidly as I went to the garage again.


The night had not been quite as relaxing as I had hoped. The group using the upper House had been demanding, needing male help with the two submissive women despite Natalie’s best efforts with her strap-on. Both women were used repeatedly by their male companions as well as Fred and I. They were not young, though still attractive, and seemed well-used to such treatment. There were times when each of them had two cocks within her. The table, sofa and floor carpet were all used for fucking. Natalie helped to put them to bed around 3.30am.

My hours were nominally dusk to dawn, but I was going to be late to bed. Dawn was breaking as I walked with the couple to their apartment. I left them at their door and returned to street level in the Central area. I had a ten minute walk to the van, due to the road closures from the Occupy group. Those young people were starting to come to life- dutiful students back to class by breakfast time, but on the barricades each night.

As I crossed De Voeux Road a taxi stopped on the other side and she got out. Despite conservative business attire it could be no other. She walked efficiently to a nearby building and mounted the stairs to the door. I whistled loudly, she turned to look and waved as she spotted me across the street, and then she stepped inside a building that was too high for me to see its top.

When I had opened the van, I opened WeChat and messaged “I’d like to meet you on Monday. Are you available?” Almost immediately she responded with “Yes”.