She Knows what She Wants


Erotica 9 – She Knows What She Wants

It’s only noon, but she already knows what she wants. It’s all she can think about. Verifying and completing thee fucking reports is driving her nuts! At two-fifteen she takes her break and heads straight to the Lady’s Room and takes the handicapped stall – its extra size is handy sometimes.

She slowly, deliberately unbuttons her blouse. As soon as she has the accessibility, she reaches into and under it and her bra and feels her breasts. Ah, what a relief – even if only that – brings her. She must have it all! The blouse comes off and afterwards, and then her bra. Both hands are at her nipples in the very second the bra is laid across the lift bar next to the commode.

She teases them, traces shapes with her fingertips on the soft sides, and does a figure-eight around and around her tits – each time getting closer to her nipples. Finally, she gets back to her nipples, going round and round the tips gently massaging her areolas. Then comes the crazy part; the squeezing, twisting, tweaking and pulling the nipples. And she takes these actions to the extreme – until the point of pain.

She reaches into her bag and retrieves her three ounce bottle of glycerin oil and small finger vibrator. It is her favorite of all her toys – mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She fits the toy onto her right index finger and applies a small amount of oil to it. The vibrator has two speeds, but she never bothers with the low one, she always goes straight for the high button.

From just below to anus – just barely not touching it, she s Onwin l o w l y runs her vibrating finger up her slit to just under her clit. Yes, she is teasing herself a bit. She does this several times, then goes under the lips and barely into her pussy and runs it all the way to her clit. She is nearing the climax she desperately needs. She circles he clit with the toy over and over again. Then, just as she reaches a mountainous orgasm, she takes the toy and presses it directly on and slightly into her anus. She cums hard – so hard!

Oh my gawd she needed that… unfortunately she must return to her desk and finish those reports. So, on go the panties, then the skirt. She puts on her bra and fits her blouse into place, buttoning it up just high enough to show a bit of cleavage. She dresses light for the very sake of ease. And once at home it is undies and a tee only. She is quite a free spirit, actually, having grown up in the late sixties and seventies. She can’t get it out of her mind. She knows what she wants! She has to have it tonight!!

In the meantime, she fixes a simple dinner of mild-tasting fish, with a small portion of Eastern rice and spinach. She and her husband will share a couple of bottles of fine white wine, over linen napkins, candles at each end of the table, and finish up with a butterscotch-caramel mouse topped with a milk chocolate ganache.

After dinner, she makes it a point to lead her guy directly into the bedroom and strip him down, starting low and going slow. Off come the Bostonian shoes and cotton socks, the belt Onwin giriş and pants off and over the men’s vanity, along with the Oxford shirt, jacket and silk tie. Leading him to the bathroom, she tosses his underwear and undershirt into the hamper.

She tells him to take a nice long shower, clean up nice, and relax. In the meantime, she pulls from under the sink an enema bag that she had prepared earlier. It is mixture of warm water and olive oil. While he showers, she inserts the nozzle into her butt hole and pushes it up and into her anus all the way. She puts the bag on the floor and steps on it to disperse the liquid. She uses about a third of the mixture, which is how she had planned. She holds it in for about three to five minutes and then sits on the latrine to let it go – let it all out. She repeats this process two more times, and in the end, what gushes back out of her is as clear as can be.

She goes to the bedroom, strips, and lays sideways across the bed and waits. Within moments, in walks her husband, drying his hair – otherwise, naked. She wastes no time and commands him to come to her. Little did she know that he had plans and wishes of his own for the night, as well. So, he says to her to put on a blind fold he magically provides. Before she can continue her imperatives, she finds herself putting on the blindfold. Once in place, however, she says to him in a demanding tone to f**k her in the ass. And do it now!

He produces a new toy he bought on his lunch hour that day. It is a dildo attached to a cock ring, to allow DP between couples. He can wear it dildo side up so that the dildo slides into her pussy once he has his cock goes up her ass. Her legs are up over his shoulders, and both orifices are easily accessible – ass on the bottom, pussy at the top. She firmly says again to him, to give it to her. Give it to her now, up her ass. “Baby, I want you in my ass, so bad. Give it to me, please! I have to have it now!” He lubes up her anus real nice and puts the warm-up dildo up her to loosen the muscle some. After just a few times in and out he can tell she is ready.

He takes his cock and nudges it slowly into her anus and she moans “I want it all, please!” The time has come, so he pushes his cock up her ass. What she didn’t know, and wasn’t expecting, but drove her bat crazy mad was when the dildo went up her pussy at the same time! She is full – so fucking full in both places.




She could hardly stand it. It felt like nothing she had felt before. So full! The strokes in and out – in BOTH places! She was almost yelling out with every thrust and didn’t even know it! She felt it coming on and told him so. He began to ram – hard and deep. After a few thrusts, he reached down and diddled with her clit and kept on ramming.

She exploded in the type of orgasm she’d never had. She actually ejaculated and it all squirted out when he withdrew. He had come deep inside her and she knew it, felt it, and that was just another ingredient of her classic and first-time ejaculating orgasm. Her legs were up on his shoulders: she let them down. He slipped off the toy. They both moved to the middle of the bed, and yes, held each other close, to sleep. Nothing else mattered. Love keeps their marriage alive.