From A Quiet Housewife To A Slut


I’ll tell you a little about myself first, I am a 28 year old married woman. I have been married now for just over 12 months, before my marriage I always worked a little even if it was only a few days a week. Once we were married my husband wanted me to stay home everyday.

Well one day I was reading a newspaper and saw an advertisement asking for women between 18 and 40 to participate in a research project, a few days a week for a few months. It went on to say that we would be paid for our time and gave a number to call for an appointment. Being so bored at home all day I called the number the next day and made an appointment, not yet mentioning it to my husband till I knew more about what was involved. The day came and as I dressed I felt quite excited not knowing what it was at all about.

I arrived at the address I was given to find a rather large new building which seemed to house all manner of medical services and doctors rooms. I found the room I was given and was met by a young receptionist “Mrs Jones I presume take a seat and fill in this form for me if you could“. As I sat there filling in the form with all the standard questions

A woman left. The doctor came out and introduced himself and led me into his rooms.

He introduced himself as Dr Levin and began explaining that they were conducting tests involving Bayan Escort Gaziantep certain drugs that may slightly alter a womans sex drive. However he assured me it was in no way permanent, saying at the same time it would increase memory and certain sensitivity in some areas. He went on to discuss how the payments would work and details involving confidentiality. The payments would come in two lump sums, one straight after my first examination and treatment. The next at the end once I had finished the whole series of treatments, which would be in approximately six to eight weeks.

The doctor went on to tell me the actual amounts of the payments which were $2,500.00 1st and $3,000.00 at the end. I sat there quite socked at the amount, then he went on to explain that some of the treatments were quite invasive. He also said that if I told anyone outside of the center what was actually involved I would lose all the money including the 1st installment. I read most of the form, thinking how much more invasive could it be than a visit to my gyno. Signing all the necessary paper work, I was asked when would I like to begin, the first session takes approximately 2 hours. I asked if I may be able to start tomorrow at say 10.00am. I was told the only thing they ask I do is to completely shave all my legs and my private parts. I left all excited at the thought of being paid so much, and not knowing what really will take place.

The next morning I kissed my husband goodbye running to have my shower and shave myself completely as instructed. I began shaving myself and found I was getting really aroused, I told myself to just relax and get on with it. Having finished my shower, done my makeup and hair I got dressed putting on a nice matching bra and panty set. As I drove across town to my appointment I realized how horny I was feeling. I parked my car and went upstairs to be met by the receptionist, I was lead into a room and given a gown to put on. I must have looked a bit nervous because the young woman said don’t worry you will be fine, would you like to get changed and wait for the doctor he wont be long.

The doctor walked in and gave me a smile, asking how was I feeling. I explained that I was a bit nervous and he said that was to be expected, handing me two pills to take to relax me. He then got me to hop on the examination table as he explained that he had to do a thorough examination before we started. The young nurse came in and began taking notes as the doctor began his examination. He measured my breasts, even noting my nipple size. He then put my feet in the stirrups and began a more in depth examination, he had the nurse take notes on everything including my clitoris, my labia, he then applied some lubricant and inserted a speculum. The nurse then began to put in a intravenous drip in my arm saying it will make me feel a lot more relaxed. I lay there feeling my body being prodded and pulled, yet somehow I could feel myself getting more and more aroused. As I lay there the effects of the drip began to take effect, I felt so relaxed, yet so sensitive to anything touching me. The doctor explained he was about to insert a small micro chip into my cervix, this will hurt for a moment he told me. The nurse came over and applied some suction cups to both my nipples and turned on a machine which sucked my nipples and began pulling them up the tube, I forgot all about the doctor inside me.

The doctor explained that the micro chip worked in two ways, it would release a drug slowly into my system over the next week. The other was to be able to remotely increase my desire for sexual satisfaction. He went on to explain that over the next week, I may feel differences in myself and my desires, and asked that I note them down, trying not to give in to them. As he wanted to see if there were any changes in my body and my mind.

From when I came in this morning, explaining that was why such an in dept examination was required. As I left the office the receptionist gave me a card and said if I needed to call they were on 24 hour stand bye, and was handed an envelope containing my 1st installment.