Everyone Wins!



“And how do we play this game of yours?” I asked.

“It’s pretty simple.” Sasha replied, “It’s kind of like the basketball game ‘HORSE’ except it’s different moves on your partner. So, when one couple does a move, the other couple has to mimic it to the best of their ability, and then it’s their turn to make a new move.”

“Sounds like a plan babe. So it’s us verse them?” Said Corey.

“HA! HA! Sorry, but there is a slight twist in this game. It’s going to be chicks verse dicks.”

“Woah, this is bullshit! I spent my whole night dancing and talking with Lisa here, only to get cock instead of pussy?!” I was a little disappointed. Although I am bi, I still have a strong attraction to women. Tonight I was set up with Lisa (by Sasha and Corey) and the four of us when out to dinner and then a club. The moment I was introduced to Lisa, I just had to have her.

“You’re a bit conceited.” Sasha giggled.

“Fuck being conceited, why did you sound so nonchalant about getting ‘dick’?” Corey asked rather curiously with a hint of disbelief.

Ah shit, I just stared at him with a slight feeling of embarrassment. But that went away as my eyes checked him out as he turned to look back at the girls. I just met Corey tonight. I work with his girlfriend, Sasha, at the gym. One day I got the guts to ask her out, which she kindly rejected and told me about Corey. A few days later she came up to me and introduced Lisa and then told us to go out with them next weekend. I guess that covers everything up to this point.

As I was checking him out I noticed he had the kind of body and looks I liked in guys. 5’10” slim, muscular enough to know he works out, slightly tan and has a nice, smooth face…Ok, he’ll do. I just hope this game will lead up me getting something from Lisa.

“Stop your crying Jay. Who said I was going to let you touch me?” Lisa gave me that evil grin that all girls make when they feel “naughty.”

“You can’t be serious ladies.” Corey protested.

“Oh shut up Corey, you always talk about how curious you are.” One for Sasha. “Now, let’s get things started.”

Their shoes were already off. Sasha came up from behind Lisa and began to run her hands all over her body, on top of the clothes. Lisa was wearing a tight tube top belly shirt and a tight skirt that wasn’t too short but it was properly above her knees. She was kind of short but her body was well proportioned. Her boobs looked like something in the low ‘C’ area. She was about bursa escort 5’5″ very tan (just came back from vacation), dark hair and a very fit body. She mentioned playing in volleyball tournaments, so I assume that’s why she’s in such good and sexy shape.

Lisa moaned as Sasha massaged her breasts and then slowly worked her hands down to the crotch where Lisa’s hip started to move like when we danced. Then Sasha stopped and looked at Corey and me.

Corey seemed a bit nervous as I went behind him. I told him to close his eyes and he did. I rubbed my hands all over his body. His chest (was more solid than I thought and his abs were quite developed as well). He started breathing hard when my hands slowly rubbed his ass and then around to his hardening dick. I massaged his package for while and liked what I was feeling. I eventually moved my hands to his shirt and ripped it open and then massaged his pecks. I stopped after a few seconds and then stared down the girls. (I think I was playing the game right).

Lisa went behind Sasha, who was wearing a pink tank top that’s was so very tight, and a short denim skirt. Sasha was your average all American college girl. She was the same height as Corey, dirty blonde hair (obviously the blonde was dye…but still sexy looking), she’s on the women’s lacrosse team for her school and has slightly muscular legs and had a big bicep when she flexed.

Lisa did a quick little touch all over Sasha to warm her up but now she had to expose Sasha’s perfect “handful” boobs, play with them and then do something else. Without a problem, Sasha’s tits were out and her tank top was on the floor. Lisa was having a very good time, playing with the nice pair. Sasha moaned and leaned back against Lisa as she was playing with the nipples. Lisa stopped, then came around to the front of Sasha and began kissing and licking her entire upper body all the way up the neck and to the ear, came very close to kissing but stopped, only to turn to us and give us our turn.

He seemed more relaxed now that his dick was at full attention. With a smile he came to my front and took off my shirt. He licked my chest and abs, then all the way up my neck to my ear. He kissed my ear and then my cheek a few times then to my lips where we locked and let our tongues go wild on each other. My arms went around his shoulders as his wrapped around me waist. We were really into it until the girls giggled. We stopped and looked right at them.

They immediately kissed. I have never seen so much tongue being used malatya escort but they made it look so sexy. Sasha’s hands traveled down to Lisa’s skirt and tugged down on them. With little effort her skirt just fell down around the ankles. Lisa stepped out of them and Sasha pushed her up against the wall and kissed her way down, pulling Lisa’s tube top down too. Sasha kissed her way to Lisa’s really wet panties. She just licked and tongued over the thong while one hand was rubbing in between the ass cheeks. She then brought her other hand to the font and pushed up on where the clit is and Lisa let out an “OH.”

Their eyes locked on us…I made my move on Corey with excitement. That kissing really got me going. I don’t care if I get Lisa at all tonight, I just want that throbbing cock that I can’t stop staring at. I licked and I kissed, down to his pants and took them off. He stepped out and I immediately grabbed his hips and pulled him close to me. I was on my knees, one hand on his tight ass and the other massaging his balls while I kissed and licked the outside of his boxer briefs. Oh baby did it smell good.

I stood up, got completely naked and did some more kissing with him and put his hand on my cock. I was so stiff and horney, that only after a few jerks I was letting it out onto his briefs. After the last blast I looked over at the girls.

Lisa unbuttoned Sasha’s skirt and pulled it down, Sasha had nothing on underneath. Lisa kissed and slowly brought her fingers to Sasha’s clit. She slowly rubbed at first. Corey and I watched in amazement at how wet she was getting. It was literally dripping down her leg. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open. Lisa then inserted her middle and ring finger and went to work. Sasha was moaning while she had her hand on top of Lisa’s.

Within a couple of minutes, Sasha’s knees bent and her legs began to shake. She started moving her body in a motion I can only assume she does when riding Corey. Then she stood stiff and cum started trickling down her leg. She held Lisa’s head close and kissed her hard as she climaxed. Eventually she came down from the orgasm and smiled. She took Lisa’s hand and had her lay down on the floor. She removed Lisa’s thong and then laid on top of her in a 69. She went to town on Lisa like a wild animal. She was just going crazy, head moving so fast and her hands were keeping the legs spread apart. Lisa was moaning and concentrating to the best of her ability on fingering Sasha’s asshole while her tongue was cleaning up the cum from the çanakkale escort recent orgasm. They went at it for some time until Lisa closed her legs on Sasha’s head and muffled her scream in the pussy.

Our turn.

Corey laid me down and got on top. He started out licking and kissing around the base of my resurrected boner. He licked up and around my shaft to the tip. When he got to my head he flicked it with his tongue. He used one hand to keep himself up and the other was switching off between massaging my balls and rubbing my hole. I had the best view this whole time. His full dick and hanging balls right above my face. I sucked on his nuts for a while. They tasted great. They were hairless too so I just went all out with giving him a great juggling with my tongue. I would lick and suck his sack, then lick and kiss my way up to his cock, then back down to the balls and then swing over to his ass. He tasted great in all three places. I could have sworn his ass was getting wet, and I don’t mean with my saliva. I thought I had him good with my technique but before I could make him cum, he got up, knelt down between my legs, raised them up to his shoulders and then inserted his beautiful dick into my ass. He somehow had KY jelly near him and got it on before I even knew what he was doing. My mind was completely gone.

“Hey that’s unfair!” Lisa complained. “Sasha doesn’t have a prick!”

“That’s what you think” Sasha came up to Lisa with a strap-on. Lisa looked down at it, laid next to me and spread her legs. She looked at me and smiled.

“Your on.” She said. We kissed while on our backs, being fucked by the couple that set us up. Corey started jerking me off as he pumped harder into me. Sasha began talking dirty to Corey.

“You gonna cum in his ass baby? Get your jizz all inside of him? How about you get it on him, all over his chest and then lick it up. I wanna see you cum baby, I wanna see you cum hard!”

Corey moaned loud and gave one strong push into me. My cock twitched and I shot cum all over my stomach. Corey shot a jet into my ass, pulled out and hosed me down. He must have been saving it up all week because it didn’t seem to stop. He shot his load on my face, chest, stomach and cock. I pulled away from Lisa, sat up and held mine and Corey’s dick together. He licked my chest a little and then kissed me, giving my some of his cum.

I laid back down, he pulled out and he cleaned me up, of course sharing with me. Lisa came all over the dildo around the same time as I came. Sasha un hooked it and gave it to Lisa to suck on.

When all was licked clean we all jumped in Sasha and Corey’s Jacuzzi where we all talked, shared sexual stories and fantasies and of course, played with each other’s body for the rest of the night.

I guess the game ended as a draw.

What did you think?