“Are you ready for this?”

She hovers just in front of my face. My hands held down above my head. Her pussy is wet with sex – both hers and mine.

“Because you’re getting it, whether you are ready. Or not.” She looks down into my eyes and smiled.

An hour before, Rashel was just getting home from work. I had the day off. Most of the day was spent playing video games and surfing the web, but just before she got home I went into action. A few candles in the bedroom, a few in the bathroom. Bath salts and bubbles ready. Toys washed up and sitting beside the bed.

Everything was in place to give Rashel an amazing night.

When I heard her car pulling in the driveway, I started the hot water and stripped to my underwear.

“Hey dear, I’m home!”

I ran over to the top of the stairs. “Toss your stuff down, lock the door, and come on up.”

She caught a brief glance of me before I darted back down the hall to the bathroom. “Uh, okay. Are you in just your undies?”

“Maaaybe. You’ll have to find out.”

I started pouring in the salt as she made her way up the stairs. Then I stepped back into the hallway and wrapped her up in my arms.

“Hey!” I gave her a small kiss on the mouth. “Oh, there’s a new rule. No clothes allowed upstairs.”

“Is that so? Then what are these you’re wearing?” She reached down and grabbed my cock, still clad in underwear. I was already half mast from the anticipation and the little squeeze she gave pushed me even further. She whispered in my ear, “I love feeling you get hard in my hand.”

I grabbed her face and turned it into mine and really laid into her. I shoved my tongue into her mouth and she moaned in response. A little hint of how the night would be going.

Or so I thought.

“Why don’t you take all those heavy clothes off and hop in the tub with me?”

“I could probably do that,” she smirked.

We walked into the bathroom, hand in hand. Exaggerating the motions, I turned away from her, bent over, and pulled my underwear off as slowly as possible. Still bent over, she smacked my ass. This should have been my first hint that the night wouldn’t quite go as planned.

“Hey now! What was that for?”

“That was for being naughty and sending me all those dirty texts while I was trying to work.”

“I tried to get you to play hooky with me and have a sex day, but nooo. You have to go and be responsible.”

She was now down to her underwear. As she slid them down her legs she deliberately turned toward me and covered her butt so I couldn’t smack her in return.

I gave a little fake pouty lip and told her, “that’s no fair.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

I stepped into the tub and sat down, sliding to the back so she had room in front of me.

“Nope,” she said. “Not tonight. My turn to be the big spoon.”

“Alright. Just gives you better access to me.” I slid forward and she stepped in behind me. I tried giving Uzun porno her a quick peck as she climbed over me, which she playfully avoided.

We soaked in the bath for about a half hour as the water went from hot, to warm, to tepid. We chatted about our days. We traded some caresses. She fondled my balls. I reached around and caressed her nipples. She stroked my shaft. I ran my fingers around the outside of her vagina.

She then leaned forward and kissed my ear as her fingers roamed from my chest down to my stomache and beyond. “You about ready to get out of here?”

I played coy. “What would we do then?”

Her fingers traced to my thighs, over to my testicles. She knows that dragging fingernails along them drives me wild. She slid them a little lower, reaching all the way back to my ass and pressing gently on it.

“I was thinking maybe you get out and dry off, then head to the bedroom and wait for me. Maybe lying on your stomach. Maybe with your legs spread open a bit, looking all sexy…”

“Mmm, I could maybe do that. But then what happens?”

“You’ll have to wait and see…”

“That’s what I had planned on telling you.”

“Oh? Too bad… why don’t we turn the shower on and rinse off this soap?”

I kicked open the drain and stood up, then reached a hand back to help her up.

“Oof. You really should have let me pee when I got home.”

This made me grin. “And ruin all the fun?”

“Don’t you dare!”

I pinned her to the wall and started tickling her sides. She squirmed and squeaked. “Stop it!”

She smacked one hand away, so I reached down and started squeezing at her thigh. This spot is even more ticklish.

“Why do you do this to me?”

“Because it’s fun.”

“I’m going to pee all over you.”

I stopped tickling her for the moment and met her gaze. Then I pressed my lips against hers and resumed our forceful kissing from earlier. Her tongue danced back against mine.

“Is that what you want…?” She asked, so quietly I almost couldn’t hear. Her lips still pressed against mine. Just about the most adorable thing in the world.

My answer came in the form of kissing down her body. First her chin. Down her neck. Between her breasts. Across her stomache and her pierced belly button. To the short little patch of hair she keeps. One kiss right on her clit that gets a big moan from her. And then I resume the aggressiveness and stick my tongue right up into her as deep as I can. This gets an even bigger moan.

“Mmmmmm. I love it when you stick your tongue up inside me.”

She is already soaking wet from our playing in the tub. But I can feel her getting wetter as I assault her with my tongue.

“Baby I reaaally have to pee.”

I slide my way back up her body and kiss her lips again. My dick lands between her legs and presses gently against her. “Then pee,” I whisper back into her lips.

She looks me straight in the Öğrenci porno eyes and we stay that way for a few seconds. Then I feel a warm trickle on the top of my shaft and hear droplets hitting the now empty tub. It’s warm. It trickles down around my cock, down my balls, down my legs as if it’s my own. Some flows back to my ass.

I look down and see it flowing out of her, down her legs. I look back up and whisper again, “that is so fucking hot.” Then I give her a huge, wet, sloppy kiss and she returns it just as greedily.

As the flow stops I quickly slide down her body and shove my tongue back inside of her. She grabs my had and presses it tighter into her.

“Mmm let’s get to the bedroom now, I need you inside of me.”

We both step out of the bath and dry off, the water and soap mostly dry already but our legs both still damp from her pee.

I make it to the bedroom just before her and drop down on my stomach.

“Uh uh. It’s too late for that.” She smacks my ass again and starts to roll me over. By the time I’m on my back she’s already on top of me. Her vagina still wet and ready, my cock still hard and waiting.

I reach down and grab myself. She’s hovering over me. I rub myself against her, front to back. Slap myself gently against her clit. She loves this. Then I slide back, line up with her, and push just barely inside of her.

She’s all ready to go and doesn’t want to take it slow. As soon as the tip of my cock is in her she slams down onto me. We both moan and cry out. She kicks her legs out behind her, lowers her chest to mine, and starts kissing my neck.

Although she’s clearly in a more dominant mood tonight, I can’t help but run my hands down her back all the way to her ass. I grab a handful and squeeze as she is bucking up and down on top of me.

“Is this what you wanted?” she asks. “You wanted to fill me up with your hard cock. Oh you feel so good inside of me!”

I smack her ass twice.

“Hey! I said you couldn’t do that!”

“You liked it.” I slide one hand up to her head and bring her forward to kiss me again. The other stays on her back and pulls her tightly against my body. This also drives her crazy. She loves feeling close during sex, and holding her, pressing her against me always gets her off fast.

I’m already so close from the fondling in the bath, and the play afterward. It was the first time we had done anything like that. And it wouldn’t be our only first tonight.

She can’t keep quiet. She’s moaning into my mouth, her tongue shoving into me. We’re both getting closer and closer.

“Your pussy feels so good on my cock. I love filling you up!”

“Are you going to cum inside of me? Fill me up with your hot, sticky cum.”

I tried kissing her again but she pulled away and screamed softly. She has always been a little self conscious about how vocal she is, despite me telling her how much I love it. I pulled her even tighter, one hand on her back, one on her ass, shoving my cock inside her as she hit her orgasm. Her first of the night.

Her voice trailed off as she came down from it. She reached down and kissed me. “That was so hot. Now it’s your turn.”

“Oh baby I’m so close already.”

She reaches back and grabs both my hands, pinning them against the pillow above my head. We really should get some ropes.

She rides me slowly. She kisses me, forcing her tongue into my mouth again.

As she picks up the pace a little, she whispers into my ear. “Did you like that in the shower? Did you like me peeing all over your cock? I could feel you getting harder as it ran down your balls and down your legs. You loved it.”

She knows I love dirty talk, and as she’s speaking to me I get right up to the edge. “Come inside of me! Fill me up!”

That pushes me over. I start spurting cum deep inside of her. She stops pulling in and out, slamming herself down onto me so I am as deep as I can go. Filling her up with my cock and with my cum. “Ohhh. You feel so good. I love being inside of you.”

I try to free my hands so I can kiss her but she’ll have nothing to do with that. She looks down at me and smiles. She brings her mouth close to mine, but every time I pull up to kiss her she pulls her lips away from me.

“I hate pulling off of you.”

“Then don’t.”

“But I have a surprise for you…”

“Oh? What kind of surprise?”

She doesn’t say anything in response. She pulls slowly off me of. We both savor every inch and give a little sigh in unison when I slide out of her, still a little hard.

She continues to hold down my hands and scoots up my body so she is almost sitting on my chest.

“Are you ready for this?”

She hovers just in front of my face. My hands held down above my head. Her pussy is wet with sex – both hers and mine.

“Because you’re getting it, whether you are ready. Or not.” She looks down into my eyes and smiled.

I lick my lips. She brings herself forward just a little more so she is right on top of my face. I moan, then hesitantly stick my tongue out and lick her clit. She goes wild and screams again.

This is something I’ve wanted. Something I’ve asked for. But after climaxing all the desire fades away. We always dirty talk about her holding me down and climbing up on my face. But she knows I get hesitant about it and doesn’t want to do something I don’t want, despite reassuring her otherwise.

Tonight though, her pussy is right there over my mouth. Covered in my cum and her cum. It smells like sex. It’s soaking wet. Engorged. Slightly open.

I lick at her clit, then as I’m getting turned on again I get bolder. I kiss at the front of her pussy and close my lips on her. I suck on her clit lightly and flick my tongue against it. She’s getting so turned on again.

“Stick your tongue inside of me baby. I love it when you do that!”

Encouraged by her dirty talk, I lick from her clit all the way back. She is so wet… then I do it. I shove my tongue up into her dirty, cum filled pussy.

She screams and moans as she starts to cum again, and I moan right back into her.