Friday Night at the Furlongs’ Pt. 02


It was beaut having Uncle Rob’s mate Guy over for the evening. He’s always up for a laugh and it’s great how his no-nonsense way of speaking and brash sense of humour are so at odds with the airs and graces Uncle Rob puts on.

It was especially great, though, because I knew there was a lot more on the cards than just a fun night with my uncle, Guy and my cousin Jake. Uncle Rob had told me earlier that day that after we’d all gone to bed, he and his plumber friend were going to be having sex together.

And not just a bit of dick rubbing or a suck of each other’s cocks like me and Jake were doing!

The two big blokes were going to go the whole way together – proper up-the-butt stuff with one guy’s chopper actually inside the other dude’s arsehole. If you’d seen the two of them – just two normal middle-aged men laughing and joking as they had a few drinks – you wouldn’t have believed they were going to do the deed together doggy-style after light-out.

But in spite of how ordinary they looked together, Uncle Rob had told me they were going to ‘anally copulate’ as he’d dorkishly put it. He’d also let slip – and maybe it was a case of too much information – that Guy is usually the one who gets to play hide the sausage.

We got a takeaway and ate it watching a movie and passing around bottles of beer, and all the time I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how Guy was soon going to be slamming his hips hard and fast against my dad’s brother’s arse. Guy was brandishing a hefty bulge in his jeans and obviously had a fat meaty cock stashed away down the front of them, and for some reason I found it totally fascinating that within just a couple of hours it was going to be pounding in and out of my uncle’s furry gape.

It just seemed so weird that the two of them were boyfriends, if I can call them that. Actually I don’t think they’d like that label – Uncle Rob has only ever described Guy as a ‘friend’ and I really can’t see Guy wanting to be called another dude’s boyfriend.

I guess they were mates who happened to enjoy getting together for sex sometimes, and that was something I was really starting to like the idea of. There were guys back in Brisbane who I could see myself playing around with if they’d be up for some occasional no-strings fun with another dude. We’d maybe go out for a few drinks, perhaps play a couple of rounds of pool or something like that, and then head back for a stopover together the way mates do. Except in our case we’d have some fun with each other on the bed before we went to sleep.

I could now see it was a really cool thing to be able to do with a mate and it was something I could imagine myself getting into if I could find a few other like-minded lads back home. After all, that was pretty much what me and Jake were getting into, and it sure felt great to get sexy with him – so much so I was keen to move things on further.

The previous day, we’d gone over to meet a couple of his friends, had done a few flips at the skateboard park and then spent a couple of hours in front of the XBox. Then the two of us had gone back to his place and had played around with our dicks and done stuff with each other’s butts until we’d spooged off together and then gone downstairs for tea with his dad.

That’s how I wanted sex to be: fun and casual, and with no promises about commitment or any shit like that.

Staying with Jake and Uncle Rob had shown me that I was probably more into guys than I was into girls but, like my cousin and uncle, I wasn’t comfortable about having the word ‘gay’ attached to me. Maybe given time I’d get to accept the label, but it didn’t feel right just yet.

While Uncle Rob was bending over to fill up our drinks during a lull in the movie, I noticed Guy checking out his arse in the back of trousers. Any lingering disbelief I’d had that the two men really were discreet lovers was laid to rest: I could see from the interest in Guy’s eyes how much he was looking forward to having Uncle Rob’s two pudgy butt-cheeks all to himself that night.

And later on, when I was collecting empty bottles to help Uncle Rob out, I saw the same look in Jake’s eyes as peered over at my two bubble buns straining inside the seat of my jeans. It was clear from the way he fixed his gaze on my rear that too was looking forward to having his turn on the tight Aussie tush just a few feet away from him.

I decided that if Uncle Rob was going to give his mate a taste of Furlong butt after bedtime, then I’d do the same favour for his son on the other side of the bedroom wall.

I smiled over at Jake while he was staring so hungrily at my behind, but when he saw that I’d caught him in the act he looked embarrassed that his lust had appeared so obvious. When I grinned broader and nodded as if to say, “It’s all yours for the pluckin’, bud!” he chuckled and winked at me before licking his lips to confirm he was as up for it if I was.

And I did feel I was now up for it. The moment felt pretty right.

Tonight was the sort of opportunity I’d been waiting for when I’d told Jake I Bayan Eskort wanted our first sex to be ‘special’. I hadn’t meant that in any sort of romantic sense – I didn’t have those kinds of feelings for my cousin and couldn’t imagine ever feeling like that about another dude. It was just that since I was still a virgin (in pretty much every sense), I wanted our first proper intimacy together to be more than just a mass of writhing and grunting underneath his doona.

I wanted it to be fun and sexy – two mates who happen to be horny for each other playing around together and having a laugh. So if Uncle Rob was doing pretty much that with his friend Guy, what better time could there be for me and Jake to join in having some fun of our own in the nextdoor bedroom?

When I took the empty beer bottles into the kitchen, Jake surprised me by following me in.

“Did that look you threw me mean what I think it meant?” he asked as I put the bottles by the sink.

I turned to him and smiled. “Depends on what you think it meant!”

He walked over so he was very close to me. When he spoke I could smell the hops and alcohol on his breath. “That maybe… while dad and Guy are doing their thing… you’d be up for doing something similar with me…?”

“It’d be kind of hot, wouldn’t it?” I chuckled, our lips so close we could just crane our necks together and kiss. “The big boys pounding away together… the son and the nephew joining in in the next room…”

“You are talking about going the whole way, aren’t you?” Jake clarified. “I mean, are you saying you’d be up for doing that with me?”

“I reckon so,” I smiled.

Jake smiled back and for a second I thought he really was going to kiss me. But instead he asked, “What about the stuff you said this morning? Being worried about the smell and stuff…?”

I admit that I was still seriously worried about the nuts and bolts of having bum sex with Jake. What if my arse made a stink while my cousin was fucking me? What if I farted or made a mess of his bed? Or what if I went to shag him and found the smell of his butt or the state of my cock when it came out of him so totally gross that I’d end up retching?

It seemed like a total minefield, if I’m honest, but I’d figured that I’d rather venture across it with an experienced guy like Jake who I could trust not to make a big deal if things did go wrong.

I said, “I’d prefer to figure it all out with you, mate, instead of with some guy back in Brissy who might not be so patient…”

He smiled and patted me on the arm. “We can take it as slow as you like, bud. And if you don’t like doing it one way – or you’re embarrassed or whatever – there’s plenty of other stuff we can have fun doing!”

“Aye aye,” called out a deep voice behind us, the amusement in it obvious. “What’s going on in here, then?”

It was Guy, grinning broadly that he’d walked in on us getting up close together in a near-smooch.

Jake stepped away from me and smiled back at the favourite of his dad’s many male callers.

“Just a bit of cousinly affection,” he said. “We haven’t seen each other in like eighteen years or whatever… we’re just making up for lost time!”

“Trust you, Jake,” Guy laughed. Then to me, “I hope you’re not letting him corrupt your Aussie innocence!”

“Too late, mate!” I joked back. “It’s pretty much all gone!”

“There’s just one bit of innocence left for me to corrupt!” Jake smirked at the bigger man. “And you never know… tonight could be the night!”

“Yeah?” Guy chortled.

“I’m hoping!” Jake laughed.

I decided I’d chip in with, “Yeah, me too!”

Guy seemed to like my admission because he grinned broadly at me, perhaps wondering if I was on the verge of losing my virginity to Jake.


Guy kept looking over at me and Jake throughout the rest of the movie, as if trying to figure out if the two of us really were about to have full-on sex together.

While Jake was upstairs taking a pee and I was in the kitchen getting more beers from the fridge, I heard Guy in the living room quietly ask Uncle Rob if I was gay.

“I think Shane is very much like Jake and me,” Uncle Rob replied in a low voice. “He’s curious to explore his sexuality and that’s something which, as you know, I’m very keen to encourage.”

“Are him and Jake… you know… getting it on?”

“Are they?!” I heard my uncle chuckle. “They’re performing oral on each other – very proficiently, actually – and Shane isn’t afraid to let his mouth wander… shall we say… down under!”

Guy laughed at the expression. “He likes giving the brown eye a good licking, does he?”

“He’s certainly a Furlong on that score,” Uncle Rob laughed back.

“But the two of them aren’t playing pokey yet?”

I assumed by that he meant we weren’t fucking each other’s butts. I knew Guy had worked on an oilrig once so maybe that expression had been used as a euphemism among the all-male workforce.

“Shane is intrigued by the idea,” Uncle Rob acknowledged. “I think he’s waiting for the right moment to take his and Jake’s ventures into deeper waters.”

“Well, the way they were talking in the kitchen, I think tonight might be the night!”

“Really?” Uncle Rob asked with interest. “Actually that raises something I’ve been meaning to ask you… something we could do to perhaps help the two of them along…”

In my excitement I accidentally clanked two bottles noisily together and, remembering I was just outside in the kitchen, their conversation abruptly stopped.

I walked back into the living room carrying three bottles of beer along with Uncle Rob’s replenished wine glass, and acted like I hadn’t heard what they were talking about.

Uncle Rob quickly saw through my pretence, though, and decided to continue their chat.

“I was just about to tell Guy, Shane, about our conversation earlier. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

“I guess not,” I shrugged.

“Shane is rather worried about what anal sex will be like,” Uncle Rob told his friend. “So I suggested he could watch us having intercourse by way of reassurance.”

Guy grinned over at me. “You wanna see the two big boys doin’ a bit of butt-banging?!”

I nodded eagerly. “If you’d be up for it…”

“Believe me,” he chuckled, “it’s not a pretty sight, mate!”

“I think it would look awesome!” I smiled back.

“What… seeing your Uncle Rob’s flabby arse with a big prick sliding in and out of it?”

“Hey, less of the flabby,” Uncle Rob chirped in, smiling.

“I’d be stoked if you’d let me see it,” I told Guy wide-eyed. “I’m just kinda worried about the smell and… well, you know… the practicalities of it…”

“The smell’s the best bit,” Guy grinned. “Takes me back to the bunkroom on the rig!”

I realised that working on the oilrig must have been how Guy had developed a taste for sex with men. In every other way he was the definition of straight – he mentioned women a lot and sex with them seemed to play an important part in his life – but desperation in the bunkroom must have driven him to play ‘pokey’ himself and probably to his surprise he’d found that he greatly liked it.

“I really like the smell too,” Uncle Rob agreed. “It gives sex between men its own distinctive quality.”

“Jake said the same thing,” I smiled, “though not quite in those words.”

“Jake said what?” Jake himself called over as he came back into the room from the toilet.

I blushed and Uncle Rob intervened for me. “I’m just reiterating my invitation for Shane to come into my bedroom later on to find out what it looks like – and smells like – when two men are having relations.”

Jake grinned, grabbed a beer and sat back down in the armchair.

“Is it an open invitation?” he leered across at his dad.

“Wanna see how the grown-ups do it?” Guy chuckled at him. “I reckon I could teach the young pup a few tricks…”

“Oh yeah?” Jake laughed. “The young pup’s pretty well trained, I’ll have you know!”

Uncle Rob stepped in again. “Enough with the playground competitiveness, gentlemen! This a serious invitation for Shane to learn from a couple of more experienced men but if you think you could also benefit, Jake, then you’d also be very welcome to watch our intimacy.”

“Yeah, come on in!” Guy grinned. “Let us show you how it’s done!”

“But if you do join us, there are to be strictly no wise-cracks!” Uncle Rob snapped at his son. “And that goes for both of you!” he added, glaring across at Guy.


“You know, it’ll probably be better if we just do our own thing,” Jake said after we’d brushed our teeth and were undressing in his bedroom.

I turned to him in surprise. “I thought you wanted to see your dad and Guy getting intimate…”

“That was just me and Guy having a bit of banter,” he shrugged. “It’d seem kinda weird for us to pitch up while Guy’s ball-deep up my dad’s butt, sitting down on our deckchairs and pulling out our flasks of tea…”

I wasn’t sure what he meant about the deckchairs and flasks of tea, but I really did want to see how the two big blokes shagging together compared with the buffed-up porn studs I’d seen pounding each other’s poopers on the internet.

Would they look just as amazing? Would I get horny from watching them?

But it wasn’t just that.

At the back of my mind, there was this curiosity about what had driven Guy to start hooking up with other men. I could imagine him clambering into the bunk of one of the other labourers on the oilrig and roughly fucking the man’s arse, determined to cum as quickly as his balls would let him.

Would he be like that with Uncle Rob – crudely bumming him without any feeling or passion? Or would their sex reflect the warmth of their friendship – would there be fun and affection the way I wanted it to be between me and Jake?

Before I could even start explaining this to Jake, he went on trying to convince me to stay in his room with him.

“You can try to stick your cock up my bum first,” he pragmatically offered. “That way you’ll see how it works… how I relax my muscles and open my hole right up… then, when you’re happier about what you need to do, we can swap positions and I’ll try doing it to you…”

“Look,” I said, unsure about why he’d had such a sudden change of heart. “Your dad was really sweet to invite me to see something so private… it’d seem rude not to show up…”

“Well fuck off and watch them going at each other,” he snorted huffily. “I’ll just stay here and jerk myself off.”

“What is it with you, Jake?” I asked him, standing up in my t-shirt and boxers. “Why are you acting like this?”

“I just want us to do it, Shane,” he implored. “I’m sick of all this messing around!”

I smiled at him. “I know, mate… and I really want us to do it too…”

“Well, come on, bud,” he said back, looking brighter and nodding. “Get on the bed… let’s me show you how much you’re going to enjoy it!”

“I’ve gotta just pop next door, Jake… literally two minutes… it’ll look really bad if I don’t…”

He rolled his eyes but nodded reluctantly.

“I’ll go and have a quick squiz at whatever it is they’re doing,” I went on. “Then I’ll come right back and we can leave your bedroom door open and let our mattress squeak in time with theirs!”

That made him throw me at least a half-smile back.

Who said that it was girls who could be difficult to handle?

As I padded down the hallway towards Uncle Rob’s bedroom door, it became clear from the low, quiet murmurs from the two men that Guy’s train hadn’t yet entered my uncle’s tunnel. That was a good sign – on the rig I was pretty sure that sex between bunkmates wouldn’t have been preceded by foreplay.

When I reached Uncle Rob’s open door, I saw that he was lying on his back with Guy straddling his chest. The plumber’s thick, serpent dick was sliding in and out of my uncle’s smiling, eager mouth. Guy was thrusting slowly and deliberately, feeding his male lover with every inch of his long, succulent manhood.

The sight of Guy’s big buff body looked so spectacular that the front of my boxers immediately started lifting upwards. He had a huge hairy chest with strong solid pecs and on one of his thick muscular arms there was a faded tattoo stretched across the bulging bicep. His armpits, crotch and undoubtedly his butt-crack all bristled with dense forests of thick black hair, and his huge nutsack heaved with the two straining plums of his fat, over-stocked bollocks.

I fell forwards into the room, captivated by the masculine beauty of Guy’s powerful physique and both men looked across at me, lurching gormlessly in the doorway with my shorts poking outwards. Guy guffawed at how dweeby I must look and Uncle Rob released Guy’s large spit-covered organ to urge me over to join them.

“I’m just getting him warmed up,” my uncle told me with a cheeky grin. “He loves receiving oral pleasure and I’m becoming quite the expert at fellating his… shall we say… abundant organ!”

“Better than first time you did it,” Guy laughed. He showed zero self-consciousness at being naked with his dick raised upright on full erection while I was standing there gawping at him in my underwear. “You were all teeth and slaver…”

“I’d never even thought about having a homosexual experience up until then. So having a big bloke like you squatting over me shoving your huge phallus down my throat was somewhat unsettling I have to admit!”

“How did you end up in that position?” I chuckled, sitting down alongside them and pulling the front of my t-shirt down to cover the lump in my boxers.

“We’d stopped over in some cheap hotel before we took Jake and my kid Simon to a football match,” Guy explained. “We’d both had a couple of bevvies and I was horny – I’m always fuckin’ horny – so your uncle here offered to have a suck on my cock.”

“I hardly offered,” Uncle Rob laughed with Guy’s big cock, now starting to lose its firmness, slapping against his cheek. “It was a case of sucking the thing or having to listen to him masturbate it half the night.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at their easy-going playfulness in talking about their sex as two men. They were like two long-term lovers and the fact they both had women in their lives made their naked horseplay all the more crazy.

“When did this happen?” I asked.

“About four years ago,” Uncle Rob said before turning to Guy’s softening rod and gently licking at the sticky helmet.

“He had this thing about my bush-stink,” Guy recalled. “Kept wantin’ to explore ’round my bits with his nose…”

“That’s right,” Uncle Rob chuckled. “As I was attempting to orally pleasure him – unsuccessfully it now seems – I found his masculine smells unexpectedly arousing.”

He leaned forwards sniff around the base of Guy’s thick shaft, inhaling deeply the savoury musk of his pubic hair. Guy chuckled and moved his crotch towards my uncle’s face, raising himself up so that his two golfball nuts hung down heavily in his sack.

“I wanted more of it… I started exploring both of his large testicles… sniffing and licking at the sweaty odour that had been trapped inside the front of his underpants…”